Happy Hallowe’en Everybody! Special Random Links of the Day!

“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Hello everyone! Celebrating the Catholic Feast of All Hallows’ Eve as we approach All Hallowsmastide. November is the time of the holy souls in Purgatory. Remember that the Real Samhain isn’t until two weeks from now in November (you can thank the Gregorian calendar for that). So this is a Catholicised version of the holiday. So we are in the Catholic feast.

Not Samhain. I made a special post for links to everything from articles to Creepy pastas on YouTube and more! Enjoy!

The Demon Cat of Washington DC

Today’s Cars for Halloween : Light a Lamp in Remembrance

The Fear Lab

6 Cursed Objects (One of them is from here in Florida)

Cemeteries for the Stars

The Strange Tale of a Mother’s Love : The Grave with a Staircase (Grave of Florence Irene Ford)

Llyn Barfog and the tale of King Arthur killing the monster Afanc

Conjuring Kesha : The Ghost Tv series starring Kesha

The Hardy Tree of St. Pancras Old Church, London

Atlas Obscura Halloween!

Piglet & the Bacon Ghost! A Winnie the Pooh Halloween Story

The Devil’s Bridge in Spooky Lane, Hertfordshire

LA’s Horror Car Wash (Video)

Creepy Halloween Background sounds
Creepy Halloween Stories
Celtic Pagan Origin of Halloween
The Walt Disney Skeleton Dance
Strangeness in the Countryside
Horror Stories in the Snow

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Random Links of the Day : Halloween Edition

Dracula, Vlad the Impaler

Today is a special edition of Random Links of the day. Filled with creepy goodness! In this edition we take a look at everything from suspected real world Vampires, Jack of the Lanterns, King Charles being related to Vlad the Impaler, Real World Zombie Bunkers and more!

So let’s get to it!

Vampires before Dracula

Five Vampire Stories you have never heard of, and the Indian inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula

King Charles III is related to the Historical Dracula (somehow I’m not surprised I always knew the Monarchy were bloodsuckers)

A female Vampire Skeleton Found with a Sickle over its neck

History’s Real Dracula

Jack of the Lanterns, also known as Jack the Smith and Jack the Sprite (spirit). A man who defied the Devil himself, and was cursed for it

The Lost History of the Jack-o’-Lantern

Halloween Spooky Stories – The Legend of Jack O’Lantern! A story – picture book, printables, worksheets, and a craft

How the Jack-O’-Lantern came to be

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The original Lantern used by Jack was a Turnip, not a Pumpkin

Now the following Ghost Story Anthology comes from an amazing occult writer on here named Neptune’s Dolphins. Neptune’s Dolphins is the best at all the subjects he writes about. And I guarantee if you follow this writer you will not regret it!

A Mesopotamian Ghost Story Part 1

A Mesopotamian Ghost Story Part 2

A Mesopotamian Ghost Story Part 3 (Final)

How Homes in Bali Are Designed for Harmony—and to Keep Demons at Bay

Jews and the occult: 5 myth-busting insights from a NYC museum exhibit proving Judaism is not “anti magic”

Summoning Ghosts During Sukkoth

Casting Lots During Yom Kippur

October when the 3rd Dimension and Spirit World Meets

Dead Man’s Bones : A Sweet Spiritual Tradition to honor the dead

Haunted New Jersey School set to be Demolished

The Ghost Lights of Colorado’s Silver Cliff : What are they?

A Shark, an Aquarium, and a Human Arm : The Murder Mystery that has endured

10 Secure Places to Wait Out the Zombie Apocalypse

Watch Night of the Living Dead in Color here!

The Stranger Things Halloween Decoration that floats : The Floating Max, what is it? It’s not a balloon, doesn’t use magnets, and has no wires. Internet is confounded

Zombie CSU:: The Forensic Science of the Living Dead by Jonathan Maberry is one of the best comprehensive books on what a real Zombie would be like. It goes deep into the Fringe Science of how such a creature could exist. From Folklorist, And Award Winning Novelist and Writer Jonathan Maberry

His novel on Zombies : The Dead of Night Series

Indigenous Australian Monsters

Stephen King’s House

Robert the Haunted Doll

The Gas Station from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now a weekend Vacation Spot

New Zealand is going to Tax Cow Burps for Global Warming? Seriously? Why not do something that ACTUALLY works. Like banning tech that isn’t green?

The Pigeon Tower of Saudi Arabia

Peter Stumpp running amuck in Bedburg, Germany. Serial killer or Lycanthrope?

Beware of the Skinwalker

Peter Stumpp : The Werewolf of Bedburg

The Werewolf of Bedburg

Peter Stumpp | Lycan Foundation

Peter Stumpp | Werewolf.com

Peter Stumpp | Dark Histories

Germany’s brutal Werewolf Belt, and the gut wrenching execution of Peter Stumpp

Peter Stumpp : Werewolf or Political Scapegoat?

Sing for your Halloween Candy in Scotland

The Sin Eaters of England

The 9,000 year old Jericho Skull

Living with the Dead in Madagascar

The York Ghost Merchants


Strange Light Formations in the Sky

12 Forests That Offer Chills and Thrills

The Curse of the Viking Sally

Why do we Bob for Apples on Halloween?

Why are Black and Orange the colors of Halloween?

This is what a Wendigo actually looks like. One of the forms anyway. No they don’t have deer heads.

Beware the Wendigo

Alaska’s Windwalker or Wendigo

The Wendigo

The Wendigo: The Cannibalistic Beast of Native American Folklore

The Wendigo : It’s origin and Legend

The Wendigo a story by Algernon Blackwood. Here I have two different audio readings which I like very much because of the sound effects.

From Nightshade and from Weird Darkness

Have a great October and Hallowmastide everyone!

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Random Links of the Day : Friday the 13th Edition (Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!)

Let’s give a moment of silence for the Knights Templar who on this day were killed in 1307

Little known fact : The Knights Templar who were killed are considered the spiritual and religious ancestors of the Freemasons. My Freemason friend himself views them as holy men who suffered for their beliefs. The main idea is that they saw the crimes against humanity the Catholic Church committed against the people of Palestine. So to make sure no one heard any of the accounts, the King of France and the Pope Clement V had this particular group of Templars executed. In their honor we are going to have a random links of the day all about Friday the 13th!

The most accepted theory is that they were tortured into false confessions of heresy so the King wouldn’t have to pay them. Which is true. But there’s more to it then that.

Why is Friday the 13th Considered unlucky?

This day in history on May 13th

Black hole at the centre of our Galaxy imaged for the first time

Friday The 13th 2022: Why This Day Is A Lot Luckier Than You Might Think

According to Dictionary.com

Friday the 13th & it’s History

13 October 1307,Friday – The day that changed the world

Meaning of Friday the 13th | Gnostic Warrior.com

Honoring The Knights Templar – Friday, October 13th, 1307

Knights Templars and Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar Are Arrested And Executed

Friday 13th – unlucky to be a Templar

Why Is Friday The 13th Unlucky? What Happened On This Day In 1307 To Curse It To Bad Luck

The Knights Templars Were Arrested on Friday 13th in 1307 A.D.


The Origin Of “Friday The 13th” | The Gnostic Dread


The Mystery of Number 13

11 Interesting Theories Historians Have Proposed About The Knights Templar

The English Templar : A novel by Helena P. Schrader

Historic catastrophes on Friday the 13th – Many still believe in the “Dark Powers” of this day

Friday the Thirteenth and the Knights Templar

My article from Yesterday on how this year’s Friday the 13th is mixed with the Roman Feast of the Lemuria

When Friday the 13th was combined with John Dee’s Birthday

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Friday the 13th Movie which is one of the greatest horror movies ever!

Finally, this is Comet Tv which is an awesome Science Fiction channel. And it just so happens there is a Zombie Movie Marathon today!

Comet Tv

Tomorrow there is a Van Helsing Marathon (it’s a funny Horror Parody tv show from the 70’s) and Sunday is Alien and Alien Resurrection. So enjoy!

Remember to light a candle for the Templars

– M

Halloween in September : The Haunted House That Inspired The Conjuring

In the mid-19th century, as the story goes, a woman named Bathsheba Sherman wreaked some havoc on the townspeople of Burrillville, Rhode Island. This…

For Sale: The Haunted House That Inspired The Conjuring

Slenderman Research

Lately, this is something that fell into my radar. For example, I have been hearing for a few years now from Pastor Robin Swope (The Paranormal Pastor) that Slenderman is real. After Slenderman started going viral, Pastor Swope and other researchers who have radio shows started noticing something was off. Everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers were calling in with experiences. But these experiences were from years back.

I remember that Lon Strickler from Phantoms and Monsters had even posted experiences with people who had seen not one or two but many of them. One person said that when they were a child on a farm, they saw dozens of them traveling as if in a pack. So here I decided to post as many links to what I believe are credible information is possible. Spoiler alert : One debunks the possible theories that it’s a German nature spirit that haunts children. The popular theory that even Pastor Swope believes in, says that it’s a Child Terror. *

However, this story that Slenderman is an entity from Germany called Der Großmann (The Tallman, Greatman) seems largely unproven. Oh you’ll find dozens of internet articles stating this as fact. But we don’t actually have a single folkloric source stating it. Which is why I want to talk to a German Folklorist to see if it can be proven. What I did find where supposedly ancient Cave Paintings that depict a creature that looks suspiciously like the Slenderman. But I don’t know of its authenticity.

So I’ll leave you to judge. Without further ado here are the links :

The Untold Legacy of Slenderman

Cave Painting in Sego Canyon, Utah


The Der Grobmann Myth, and German Folklore




A Fictional Character come to life?

Slenderman : From Fiction to Fact by Pastor Robin Swope (Book Review)


Two Slenderman Encounters


* Child Terrors are malevolent nature spirits. They enjoy tormenting or even hunting and devouring children. Something that all Fae see as repugnant. There are people who say they come mostly from the Dark Fae. But I have bartered with them in the past.

And they may not be the nicest, but neither do they subscribe to this. Spirit cultures seem to universally look down on any being that torments children. This is normally seen as the territory for a demon. But Child Terrors for whatever reason seem to be addicted to causing and feeding off of fear in children. And at least some of the Fae are seen as demonic as well as nature spirits.

The Demon Valek is a transvestite Nun? What the Fuck?

Spoilers for the Nun ahead
The 100th Psalm of Solomon”And the Lord came upon me and spake :

“The Demon Valek was feeling sexually repressed under the patriarchal system of the middle east. Therefore, when the holy church under the Emperor Constantine was established, he decided to defy all sexual conventions by becoming the first male demon transvestite Nun,”

– The Bible according Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams

Oh wait a second! Solomon died before Christ and Constantine. So that means he couldn’t have written this text. I guess that means, this is a crock of shit!  Who would have thought the same people who gave us Force Awakens and the Last Jedi could suck so bad at faking a new text. Specifically when they have the original Cannon to work from? 🤔

Coughs, sorry we got off topic there for a moment. So my buddy Zack and I went to see The Nun this past Saturday. You know I love the Conjuring Universe. It’s creepy and well done in terms of the actors and the lighting and sets. I legit shit myself in the theater.

But these movies keep claiming it’s based on a true story. No they aren’t. None of it is true. Or perhaps that’s only a half way true statement : the cases happened, but if there was any paranormal phenomenon at all, it did not happen the way they’re being portrayed. Now trust me, if you’ve read my blog you know I’ve had some weird Supernatural experiences.

But everything I have written about thus far is mostly about visualizations. Things I can see and feel in my mind’s eye. I would never believe even for a moment that I could prove what I have experienced. In the paranormal community, the Warrens have a shaky reputation. Some of us like them, some of us don’t.

And some like me don’t know what to believe. My former mentor believed them because she saw videos. Evidence that Lorraine Warren had shown her. My Medicine Woman told me that Lorriane could prove everything she and her deceased husband claimed. But to do so would be unethical they felt.

She won’t release any of the evidence at any point in time. Because she said, they were afraid of outing the families who gave them their trust. Now my healer never lied to me. And she was a pretty stern woman. A Catholic Shaman.

So given that, the jury is still out for me. Even when everything in me wants to scream fraud. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt once. A person I was helping had a generational curse. I wrote an email to the nephew detailing visions I had about the client.

Now they were nasty visions. The man had a demon of high rank who was causing problems for his family. I figured I’d try to enlist outside help instead of trying to act like some occult cowboy.
But, I never got an email back. When I told a friend about it he said he would have warned me.

The Warrens are very religious people. And to them, a magician like me is the same as a satanist. Even though Lorraine Warren is a medium and talks to dead people. So anyways, what can I say about the Conjuring Universe? The first Conjuring painted all witches as being Satanists. The second one basically invented all of these absolutely ridiculous hauntings based on using a quija board and having Valoc somehow be involved.

Both Annabelle movies are flat out lies that didn’t even get the doll’s appearence right. But the Nun takes the bullshit meter to a whole new level. Badass for lovers of horror like myself, but nonsense none the less. Despite all this, I do enjoy these movies. Even watching them on my phone I close my eyes and damn near piss everytime the door creaks. But a lot of people have been online lately asking about Valek the demon.

Even as I typed in Valek to see if it was the same demon I thought it was, Bing already had it as “valek nun”. So I figured I would take a crack at answering some of these questions on who Valek is.
As we know from the Conjuring 2, the Nun is really the Archdemon Valek. He was called “the marquise of snakes,”. Let me stop right there.

First Valek is the most anglicised version of his name. His name is also rendered as Valoc, Valak, Valu, Volach, Valuc, etc..and he is not the marquise of anything. The Key of Solomon calls him a “president of hell”. This is because Hell is run like a Constitutional Monarchy with Lucifer as Emperor. But they can apparently elect their own presidents.

They seem to have a parlimentery democracy. So he’s not marquise.
Second, while he does find snakes and aids the summoner in finding them, it doesn’t say that he necessarily has snakes all over him all the time. Just that he can find and control them.

Also, Mages used codes with double meanings when writing about magic. Christian Mages used biblical language. So “snakes” here may not mean literal snakes but Demons. The Bible uses the term serpents, beasts, scorpions, etc..for them. That might explain why in the Nun, Volac seems to have a host of demons with him.

Perhaps they are his serpents. Third the serpent thing is not his main office. This demon is called upon by magicians to find treasures. There are many demons that promise wealth and power. He’s one of them.

Though if he does this for real or not depends on how bound he is to the conjurer. And fourth, the most important of all :

He’s not a Fucking Nun!

Seriously, what ‘possessed’ these people to take liberties to this level? Valuc actually has a much more interesting, and creepier appearence than that. He takes on the form of a winged boy. Like the stereotypical version of Cupid we have commercialized. And he rides a two headed dragon. Can you imagine what a good director and writer can do with that? A creepy baby Angel telling you to kill your family.

Maybe even make an adult man’s voice pop out of the mouth. Or perhaps even give him a Silent Hill look like Satan when he takes on the form of a child in that movie. Looking like a small child with pitch black eyes. A Demonic baby cherub. That would scare me more than a Nun. And instead of vomiting snakes you could have him riding an actual dragon around.

“Oh but M, that’s crazy! A dragon? No one would believe that’s a true story! No, people will believe more a story of a Demon with a physical body that vomits snakes and possesses corpses! That’s more accurate!’

No, it isn’t. Because this demon was never encountered by the Warrens. And while demons may have had legit physical bodies in Ancient times they don’t now. And they especially don’t go around jumping into corpses. Or rather, in Folklore they can.

But no modern Demonologist has ever seen anything like that. If anything that strong shows up, you’ll need Sam and Dean Winchester. Not a nun with a priest. Heck the French guy had the right idea bringing an ax and a shot gun with him.
Go evil dead on her satanic ass.

That’s like me, with my regular magic during a zombie apocalypse : I’d be Fucking useless! When you have a flesh eater at your door don’t call me. I’ll be busy bolting the doors closed and  trying to make weapons. And doing Cardio like Jesse Eisenberg in “Zombieland”. I don’t  want to die because I can’t out run the Zombies. There’s a pretty awesome article by Vice on this.

“Why are so many Horror films Christian Propaganda?”


After reading it I have to agree. It seems that a large chunk of Supernatural horror films have an agenda. And that agenda seems to be conversion. And they don’t even bother to hide it either. They flagrantly throw it in your face.

A heroic priest battles Satan. And then you have “pagan” cults that have a sinister agenda cause really, we’re all the same right? Every movie that has ever been based off the Warrens or their cases are the worst. Even before the Conjuring. There were tv movies talking about them and showing witchcraft as always being satanic. In this movie the young Nun to be hasn’t taken her vows yet and the Demon seeks to possess her body.

The heroic nuns have all been slaughtered. The heroic priest is a tragic figure. It’s literally the same scripts being recycled with a few things changed. In this movie we had a sadistic Duke who killed people to raise Valek from Hell. And the heroic church with it’s Knights led by a priest stormed the castle! I guess they weren’t burning people to the stake that day.

And the priest has a holy relic that contains the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore it can seal the gateway to Hell. There’s no relic on this planet that anyone claims has the blood of Christ in it. There are relics with the blood of Saints but not the blood of Christ. Finally, she discovers that only prayer can stop Valek. And she takes her vows to become a true Nun there before stopping Valek.

If that isn’t a conversion line, I don’t know what is. Over all, the movie was good in the Gore and horror. But the story is pure BS. Though there is a special twist at the end that you’ll love that connects all three movies. I can’t believe I hadn’t recognized it myself.

It is a good set of movies for what they are, fiction. But they do contain not so hidden messages about being afraid of the occult. And needing to be with God in order to have protection. Now me? I don’t mind God. I’m a Christian Pagan. I worship him/her as I worship everyone else.

But just like I hate liberal SJW propaganda in the new Star Wars, I equally hate all of this conservative fear and hate mongering in my horror movies. And as for getting the details on Volac wrong? I already made peace long ago with shows and movies getting things wrong. Just look at Supernatural. They get 99.9% of everything wrong. But they’re still awesome.

And while the Winchesters are not the most enlightened people on Earth, there are good characters on there. There are Pagan Gods and Witches who from time to time are the good guys. And they do it with Christianity too. Angels are all dicks with wings as Dean calls them. Season 1 episode 12 “Faith”, they meet an evil Christian Bigot who is using black Christian magic.

She kills off people she doesn’t like. Which included feminists and skeptics. Now you see that, I can live with. They do this with religion in general. They don’t play favorites with anyone.

They have even played around with the concept of God having a Goddess sister. One who is just as powerful as he is. They have shown a modern day Inquisition. They delve into all sorts of stuff. So why can’t Hollywood do the same thing? Create characters from other religions who are equally holy and good? And if you’re going to shit on one religion why not shit on your own? It’s different when it’s you suddenly.

Anyway I end this post with an interesting article on Valuc which also talks about the Nun at the very end of it.


Hope all of you looking up this demon understand that you shouldn’t be trying to conjure it even for money. Spirits hate to be slaves. Especially demons. And for those of you who actually thought this was all real : I hope you get it was mostly fake. I leave you with these two awesome videos.

The Nun surprising people at the movies in the Philippines



And this animated short about the Crooked Man from Conjuring 2. Enjoy.