Capricorn New Moon Wednesday January 13th

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The first New Moon of January 2021 will be this Wednesday in the sign of Capricorn ♑. New Moons are good for recharging spells and bindings. And for destroying unwanted and negative energies. Hell it’s even good for both curses and breaking curses. For exorcisms and even for dark spirits.

New Moons have a fascinating duality to them. They seem be used for almost anything. The wild spirits are free on this night. And the dead also. New Moons naturally belong to the dead, so this is a time for honoring one’s ancestors.

A bunch of different feasts align on this day. Including the birthday of Dr. John Dee! The Great Magus and Founder of Enochian Magic. So this is truly a day to do magic. And Dr. John Dee was also an Astrologer. So this is a perfect time to ask the great sage for aid in your astrological work.

The astrologers use new moons to plant intentions for manifestation. Basically making wishes on the new moon which will grow and manifest at the full moon. In astrology, the dark or black moon is known as a “seed moon”. Planting the seeds to grow them like a farmer of dreams. However, this new moon is more for banishing than anything else.

Capricorn is an Earth sign. It’s used for practical things but also for relaxation. It is symbolized by the Sea Goat. This time of the year, it is used for severing and destroying negative connections. What people call cord cutting.

Or cut and clear rituals in Hoodoo. That it takes place on a Wednesday is even better. That’s a day ruled by the Messenger Gods and spirits. Which means this can increase the powers needed for clearing and karmic removal. In my case, I will be calling for Némein (Nemesis) as well as Fortuna to clear my karma.

Today Sunday was Pradosham. In which I did several karmic clearing rituals with Lord Shiva and his family. It seems that this week of the month is very good for such things. The Romans like the Indians, believed that new moons were a time of the dead and of dark spirits.

Némein, the avenger of the weak and exploited

The Romans called the new moons the Nones of a month. In which no God would rule. Which means it was bad luck. But a long time ago, I learned more or less how to circumvent that. I pray to Némein and to the Roman Goddess Fortuna.

And I ask them both for karmic clearings of negative energy. And to reset my destiny so that I can be well blessed in life.

So take the time to meditate, give offerings. Do the required rituals to clear your destiny. In the mean time, here is some other news. Some good news for a change.

“A first look at the 2021 Flying Star chart however induces some optimism. As the center dominant star number is nowhere as hostile as the ruling Loss Star of 2020. The #6 Heaven Star in the center indicates blessings from heaven. And while this is usually read as a good thing, it pays never to forget that one can also incur the wrath of the Gods. The first thing we recommend to do as we near 2021 is to get heaven luck onto your side.

So that it is the benevolent energies of the skies that we acquire. All homes benefit from placing the Celestial Water Dragon in the center, or invite in an image of the 8 Heavenly Immortal,”

So that’s the good news. Though I might add that no matter the religion, any idols of your Gods will bring blessings. I would still try to get the Celestial Water Dragon however. But if not, find a way around it. Now as always, there is always a good and a bad to everything.

“The bogus 5 Yellow star flies to the Southeast this year, bringing danger to the eldest daughter and to those born in years of the Dragon and Snake. Homes that face Southeast or have their main doors located in the Southeast are afflicted. The Illness #2 star is located in the North and because it is strengthened by the Star of the Yin House. This means that if your bedroom or main door is located in the North, or if your house faces North. You must take active steps and place the appropriate remedies.

This star also afflicts the middle son, and those born in the year of the Rat,”

Source : Feng Shui Megamall


Also, and this is my personal touch. I would make an appeal to the Ox Spirit. To give proper offerings and incense for his blessing and protection. More often than not, people seem to not think about appeasing the angry or irritated entity. By giving these offerings, you’ll at least better your own odds.

I do believe that you should follow advice from the Chinese Astrologers. They are elders and know their religion and magic better than all of us. So with this information, do the best that you can. Finally, I want to share with you this amazing work on our holy lady Iset (Isis). This is perfect for the reaping that we are on in this year of 2021.

Beautiful Mourner, Weep with Me

Truly a beautiful and endearing article from Isiopolis. Please follow her too. She’s a Prolific writer.

– M

The Friday New Moon in the Sign of Aquarius : The Seed Moon


Hello everyone. So, to the meat of the issue. If you have had issues and problems and things you need to get rid of, now is the time to get rid of them. The Seed Moon is the perfect time to remove bad vibes and even do banishing rituals to drive them all away. The Medium, Cherokee Billie actually talks about how to do a chord removal here :

The term Chord in the New Age, basically means spiritual or other energy based bonds that connect people. Some chords are good and beneficial. Others not so much. In Hoodoo, we do a similar ritual to chord removals. Ours are called Cut and Clear rituals.

I will leave you a link to a very good article that explains what those are as well here :

Another good article for Friday’s new moon is this one from Paradise Found.

New Moon in Aquarius | Friday January 24 at 1:41 p.m. PST

New Moons are a double edged blade. The reason is, that while Astrologers in the West view them as auspicious times for planting intentions and calling good luck that’s not how they are seen elsewhere. In fact, Hindus view them as times of bad luck when evil spirits or lost and angry souls roam the streets. Any person caught out in the open during these times can be cursed by a spirit. Or possessed or oppressed.

(Can be, this doesn’t always mean will).

Conversely, this is a double edged blade for Hindus as well. Because it also happens to be a time to honor one’s ancestors. And the Ancestors can both provide good luck as well as protection on this day. New Moons in India are called Amāvásyā. And the method of calculation is very old.

They go back to the ancient Indian, Greek, and Babylonian Tihi calendars which were special lunar calendars with 30 phases. To add further protection as well as the bringing of Abundance, each Amāvásyā is also influenced by a different God. This Friday is Magh Amāvásyā also known as Krishna Amāvásyā. So make prayers and rituals not only to your ancestors, but to Lord Krishna. Or at least a Krishna-like figure in whatever religion you practice.

Ask for all the blessings God can give you. And ask your ancestors for protection and blessing. Since I am not a fully initiated Hindu, but an outside observer who worships these Gods and studies these spirits, I do things differently. First I give an offering to Ganesha and to the dead Brahmins on a sanctuary I have in my property. I ask for protection against any lost or evil spirits out there.

I also go to a crossroads and I give an offering to the Gods of the Crossroads to attract the wicked or lost souls there instead of in the surrounding neighborhoods. To cross them over and send them where they need to go. I also give a double offering to the Crossroads Gods to similarly protect the people in other areas. When this is done, I go home, I remove negative energy using the Smoke Bowl ritual (smudging). I use (ethically sourced) Sage to remove all unclean energy from the home.

I start from the end of the property until I reach the local roads out my front door. I then spend time praying to the Great Spirit for everything bad to begone. Leaving it in his hands. The deceased Brahmins and Ganesha normally help as well. Then I go to a local river.

It’s some ways away from my new home. But the journey is well worth it. I give an offering to the Land and River spirits. I ask for help in bringing good energy, and then on those same local roads, I burn Sweetgrass. I do this to bring the light of the Earth Mother into my property from the front door till the very back.

I leave it to burn in the bowl I use while I clean everything. I remove every speck of dust that there is. Then I prepare my ancestor altars and my Altars for the Gods. First I serve the Ancestors so they can open up communication with the Gods and myself. Then I serve the Gods and ask them to bless my ancestors.

In this case I will be praying to Lord Krishna.  And I stay home all night. I will not go out. I took a day off today specifically to cleanse and clean. To take my dogs out and have them in bed early.

I will also shower early and cleanse before doing my rituals. By Sunset I will not leave. Nor will I take any clients today. Or even practice magic outside of cleansings, blessings, or prayer magic. I will only pray and give offerings.

Then I will seal all the rituals and sleep. And that’s it everyone. You can do practices such as making holy water with the New Moon or even special cleansings like what I do. Another thing you can do is make wishes to the Ancestors and the God you are praying to on the new moon. Ask for certain things.

Just make sure they will approve of what you ask for. And that you approach them with absolute respect. Also if you are interested in the use of herbs for cleansing or healing or anything else, I recommend Mamabear Mauldin, follow her blog here :

– M





During the time I had been away, I was entering a dark period in my life, quite literally. But everything seemed to coincide with the predictions of the Babalawos earlier this year. With my strange visions when I was doing my calender, and most of all with Hurricane Dorian. I made the conscious decision to turn my blog into a private diary for my occult experiences as well as a record of the strange things happening in the world.  I may one day actually pass this blog on as a Diary to any apprentices I may have.

That’s why I have privitized my blog. Strangely, a few people seemed to show interest in it and asked to follow me. But now to my observations. Before the panic of Hurricane Dorian, I noticed that a lot of negative energy was being released. 
So much so that I had to sit down to divine what was going on.

As I sat down to ask the spirits what was going on, I felt a wave of nausea hit me before I could activate my protections. Some dark entity had actually followed me home in broad daylight. How it was able to do so baffled me. But after burning some lavender to tell it to fuck off, and washing my floor’s with cleansing water, I set up all the protections. I used a very special trance to be able to talk to the dead since they are closer to the realm of darkness.

Plus a lot of spirits make the stupid mistake of thinking deceased humans are too weak to bother with. I followed a special formula and spoke to them. They told me that even natural events like storms of this kind, are also spiritual. And that most of the time dark nature entities are behind events like this storm. They informed me that before a natural disaster happens, dark spirits of almost every sort will flood areas to prepare to feast on the Miasma.

They also weaken or erode the will of people. This is to stop them from becoming strong enough to organize or do any of the things they are supposed to do. To make us all lazy and indifferent so that we’re sitting ducks essentially. And the panic set off by all of us during the storm was also attracting them. As well as feeding them.

Making them strong enough to cause us problems. I noticed the streets were rife with extra negativity. The spirits also told me that likewise, storms occur to sweep negativity away. They rip out the miasma from the roots. Like a gardener pulling the weeds out.

Most of the time, storms actually force hidden spirits or sleeping dead spirits out to be dealt with. So this is a form of nature cleansing that we all need no matter what. But they told me that this particular storm was negative in general. That something nasty was coming with it. So I began to send out texts and emails to my friends. 

I told them of my findings and telling them to put up extra wards on their homes. To prepare spiritually to deal with the fall out. And later that day I received a vision when walking home that I needed to feed the idols of the Underworld Gods. This was not only to protect my neighborhood, but for all the people and animals who were going to die as a result of this storm. This damn storm was a thorn in my ass for this whole week.

My sister sent me all the supplies I needed via Amazon. So I was free not only to ward but to organize a meeting with some of the other witches in my neigboorhood. We talked about Weather Conjuration in the hopes of weaking the storm. Or at least deflecting it back to the cold waters to kill it. But it was no use.

Others had been told a powerful force was behind the storm. Something so strong that a thousand weather wizards might not be able to weaken or deflect it. Luckily, it seems nature was deflecting it to the North away from us. But people are still going to get hurt no matter what. 
Later I learned that Santeros all over Florida were doing a state wide conjuration against it.

“Here comes Dorian, be banished damn it!”

The Hurricane memes related to Santeria still haven’t stopped. During the week I called people and we each did group divinations while on the phone. Eventually it was a celtic witch who came up with the idea that the storm was not meant to cleanse us of negativity. But to send negativity everywhere. 
Whatever had sent it, came from Underworld.

From regions beyond those occupied by the dead. This made all of us freeze and go quiet at one point. Finally, I related my story to Sister Morrigan as we nicknamed her, and I asked her why the dead didn’t tell me this before. She said,

“They have their limitations, as all spirits do. Whatever this is, is probably keeping tabs on the grape vine the same way governments phone tap people,”

I should have known this. But I fear I have grown too arrogant and too accustomed to always getting the right answer. It never dawned on me that something could be hidden from me. Or that I would need so many other witches to amp my power up to see. I am usually a solitary practitioner.

I like to be on my own with just the spirits and my Gods. I don’t like hierarchies or power dynamics. But I was reminded of why our ancestors usually practiced together. Why we even have churches and temples in the first place. Besides divine worship and veneration, comradery, and just seeking answers, it’s for the accumulation of energy. 

Like living in a commune and pulling our resources together. Eventually we came up with a plan of action. We started first through private and group prayers, private and group offerings, and then a collective meditation. We waited until we were answered. Sister Morrigan was told she needed to pray to her Matron the Morrigan to stop the storm. 

I was told to pray to Nemesis to wreak vengeance on the spirits of the storm. And a darker practitioner was told to evoke a very dark entity whose name I will not repeat here. But he is a fallen spirit who appears as a Knight. This was to initiate a “wild hunt” on any dark souls that were wandering around. Nemesis and Morrigan would handle souls that were not evil, but who were not at rest. 

Every one else was told what to do with their Gods or spirits. And Dorian went from arriving in Miami on Tuesday to showing up Thursday. Well, Thursday was yesterday and the weather has actually been sunnier. So far, all is well. I heard a rumour that a group of Muslim mystics were conjuring an army of good Jinnis to fight the storm spirits. This is just a rumour.

I have no idea if it’s true or not. Although Jinn like Angels and Faeries and other spirits can command the weather. I know any skeptic or cynic reading this blog will say that it’s a mass delusion brought on by fear and probably self aggrandizement. I couldn’t care less. In ancient times, there was no evidence that electromagnetic energy existed either.

Back then we knew of hidden energies without science to prove it. We know now that these energies and forces exist. And I am sure of this : had so many magic users not done anything against this storm, a lot more damage and loss of life would have happened. I know it probably would have arrived here sooner even than Tuesday.
By Saturday there were already winds knocking the power out in some places.

At the very least there is a correlation here even if not known. That combined human efforts against a disaster and the actual end result. Even if let’s say you don’t believe in magic, it should at least be theorized that maybe human energy can be commanded with other energies against another force. At least those are my thoughts at this moment. We also did a mass cleansing ritual.

I got the idea to do this a few years back. The National Paranormal Society or NPS seemed to be under attack. Everyday I noticed that people were having relationship issues they didn’t have before. Work problems with money, and just general conflict. I spoke to the NPS members on their messaging boards.

And I suggested that a lot of things in the spirit world didnt want this group becoming successful. That they were in fact being attacked. They all began to do personal rituals and talked about the positive effects. Others did public rituals with group members and posted up special prayers. Within a few days all the nasty activity seemed to go away.

People were able to have normal lives again. And all was well. So we started passing an email around exhorting people to do the same things. The negativity is maybe 90% gone. But I still see weird things around my neigboorhood.

So I am going to have to divine some more and maybe work with these fellow magic users to see what’s going on. That’s all I have to report for now. But the next time a storm is brewing, and you see people all around you frightened or even acting strangely. And you feel sick to your stomach, and almost see shadows even darker than the normal shadows, remember. If storms can take things out, they can also bring things in.

Strange things. Occult things. Things that normal practitioners might not be able to see. Things that sometimes only animals can see. And that’s why your favorite dog or cat might growl or hiss.

Why even the insects and birds seem more skittish than usual. Why even the people around you are becoming darker and more angry than before. Beware,

“I could tell that I was at a gateway of a region half-bewitched through the piling-up of unbroken time-accumulations; a region where old, strange things have had a chance to grow and linger because they have never been stirred up,”

– Herbert Philips Lovecraft 


My Charms : How I make them and my decision process for them

~ I dedicate this to one of my favorite bloggers on here, Ferrebeekeeper. Be sure to follow him on here. I reblogged one of his posts before this one titled “Haint Blue” ~

A question that I often get from people (and was asked recently on this blog) is : how do I make or acquire my charms? What kind of charms are they? What functions do they possess? Etc.. I made such a large reply that I decided it would be better as a blog post. I am going to work it out for you here. First, we’re going to cover how it works for a client. I get the request either by email or someone messages me on some other social media for a service. Most of the time, people want Seances, spells done for them, and other services.

My Cunning Bag, I use it for basic sorcery.

But sometimes I get that rare client who shows initiative and actually wants to do the work for themselves. They tell me what they want : a Talisman, an Amulet, or something in between. Talismans (Arabic Tilsam or Tilsamen, “graven image”). This is a charm that attracts a specific power or energy or spirit. Other times they want an Amulet (Latin : Amuletum) .

My Astrological Talismans. I needed something simple for my work with the stars. So I began collecting stones and shells and even red brick pieces. I placed them in a coconut shell. And I blessed them all together. They carry the influences of every major astrological event. And they are always on the window.

An Amulet is a charm that wards off or expels a power, energy, or spirit. They tell me specifically what it is they want. A talisman for success or even peace. Or an amulet to make them “invisible” (energy wise) from an enemy. I do a whole process of asking the person what their religious background is.

What they’re comfortable with.

My door bag. A pure amulet that protects from evil spirits and influences. I took it from behind my door for this picture.

Why they need the charm they need. A lot of times they’ll tell me it’s personal. In which case I inform them that I need to know what to call forth in order to bless the charm. If they still say no, I’ll do a ritual to call an Angel, Faerie, a Ghost or whatever else I sense I need to call. Then I tell them what the client needs and I ask them to connect with the Gods of this person’s ancestors and also the God (or Goddess) the client worships personally.

Or at least falls under if the person is non-denominational. The spirits then leave and come back within a few minutes or sometimes a few hours with new spirits. These new spirits will tell me what I need and how to bless it. They normally guide me to research and study the culture they are from and specifically how to perform the rituals they like. Sometimes this takes almost a month, with me going online, reading books, or even talking to a folklorist or two for research.

All of this, of course, costs. There’s a lot of work that goes into how I do this.

My Dream Bag. Protection against evil spirits, as well as magic to aid in Dream Walking. This is a perfect example of a Talisman that also acts as an Amulet.

I make sure the ritual remains true to the spirit of the religion and culture it comes from. I of course work with what I have and can do. But the spirits usually don’t care. And for those who do care, I end up having to buy extra stuff just to do it right. When I get what I am blessing it for, I end up knowing what the person wanted anyway.

Of course I start saying in the blessing “for whatever so and so needs” to protect the privacy of the client. It’s a pain because I like to be exact. But it can be done. This was the case with one of my last clients. He never told me what his religion was.

Or what he wanted the charm to do. But he was desperate. I did the ritual and what came back were Jinnis. It turns out he was a student of the Koran. The Jinn and Jiniri (female Jinni) helped me consecrate a stone charm for him.

I had to find a pure black rock from the Earth they said. I was like,

“Am I going to have to buy a shovel? How on Earth am I supposed to find the damn thing?”

They told me I needed to listen to advice. So I did. The next morning when I was walking my dog, there it was. A pure black stone in the ground, just beautiful. I actually wanted to take it for myself.

What’s interesting about the stone, is that there were no markings on it. It didn’t look as if any animal had dug it up. It looked as if the stone was being pushed to the surface from below the dirt. I’ve passed by this same spot dozens of times. There was never a stone there that I could see.

It was said that King Solomon knew spirits who told him where he could find precious gems. Or semi precious stones all over the Earth where no one else could find them. I wonder if that’s what happened here.

The stone I didn’t think I would find. Silly witch, you should never doubt the spirits!

I took the stone. And I blessed it with verses from the Koran, and some other things. Then placed it in a see through charm bag and sent it to the client. At first when I told him it was a stone he was like, “I’m paying for a rock?” I told him about the Jinnis and he suddenly got quiet on the phone. That’s when he told me he has recently converted to Islam.

And that they were told magicians could talk to the Jinn (he didn’t believe that). I then spent the next half hour explaining to this guy that not all Jinnis are Shayateen (Satans, demons). And I asked him why he told me he was agnostic. His answer was that he was too ashamed to admit he was going to a Pagan for help. Whatever the charm was for, it worked well enough for him to give me double what he originally promised to pay.

The finished product

I sometimes make actual charms from whatever I can find. Like bottle caps or stones in my area. Or I get charms from the Romani who own a magic shop down the road from me. The shop is also a folk temple of St. Sarah the Egyptian or as they call her Sara Kali or Sara La Kali (Sara the Black). I bless them for a week and a half using rituals from whatever faith I am working with at the time.

I especially make various forms of charm bags.

My Gris Gris bag in one of my altars.

From Hoodoo Gris Gris bags to European charm bags and even inventions of mine like my Exorcist charm bag. I use that one to drive away malign influences. I also use magic sticks used in Santeria and Palo sometimes as the charm. These are woods that come from Yoruba country in Nigeria which are imported to Cuban magic shops here in the US. Sometimes to African American businesses for Rootwork. At othertimes I will use jewelry to contain a spirit instead.

A close up of my Exorcist bag
My Exorcist Bag laying on the Bible.

It all depends on who I am working for. I also make spirit infused charms. But those are special. And I don’t normally make them because the clients usually don’t need anything that strong. I hope all of you have enjoyed this look into my process.

As always, you can contact me by email at by twitter @MiamiMagus or on Instagram by turtle_island_is_the_land_name

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New Year’s Eve 2018, Osain, Aroni, and St. Sylvester, and my Return from an odd series of cases

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone because I had some clients who have been haunted by some of the strangest things I have ever seen. One of them was my sister’s friend (I did her case and only her case for free). So I’m sorry I haven’t been writing. I fully intend to record some of my strange adventures in the spiritual world for all of you to read at a later date after the New Year. For now I am focusing on several holidays and magical feasts.


On New Year’s Eve we have one of the feasts of the Orisha Ossain. He is the Orisha (Yoruba God) of the Groves and nature and healing in general. His followers the plant doctors known as Osainistas, in Spanish “Osanists” are experts at working with plants and oils. His Familiar who is also a God, is the dog headed Orisha Aroni. The image I am using for this post is of a man dressed as Aroni in a ritual.


Traditional offerings for Osain include Tree Sap, goats, turtles, herbs etc.. I have seen Hoodoo practitioners give him tobacco, rum, and candles. I actually give those to Aroni as an offering before I approach Osain. To Osain I give herbs as well as honey in place of tree sap. This is my personal practice. Based on my own relationship and intuition with them.


This is not something that I was taught or read in a book to do. Santeros and other worshippers of African Deities each have their own set ways of doing things. Because I observe Osain’s feasts on two seperate days once on New Year’s Eve and another in January, I normally give him and Aroni offerings on the 31st to a ancestral altar I have outside. That way they can use their powerful magic to draw away all the negative vibrations and dark energies out for the old year. And thus welcome positive energies for the New Year.


It’s also Saint Sylvester’s feast tomorrow. So I plan to honor all three of them. Always remembering to give Elegua the first and last offerings (like Hestia in Hellnizmos). I will be recording some of what has been going on at later dates. I’ve decided not to do a Road Opener for Elegua tomorrow because it’s the last monday of the year.


Instead I’ll start it New Year’s day. See you later!


– M


Offering my services to those who need then. I am a charmer, a necromancer, and a practitioner of other crafts. I do dream interpretation. I cast the lots with Runes, cards, bones, sticks etc..I cast both simple and complex spells. Including ritualized spells. I also do work for groups of people such as Paranormal organizations. Contact me at to set up an appointment and tell me what you need done for you.


– M


Beware my friends, Iku (Death) is riding the air it seems.

Oyeku Ofun Temple

Aboru, Aboye. Greetings in OLODUMARE. On this Itadogun, IFA warns us against untimely death. IFA says that our hard work will be rewarded. IFA says that we should seek the advice of both the youth and the elders these coming weeks. On this IFA says we should all make an offering with plenty of palm oil to ESU ODARA. On this IFA says:
Bi e ba ri omo kekere l’ona
E f’oro lo o
Bi e a ri agbalagba l’ona
E f’oro lo o
A o mo eni baba re o kuu
Ti yoo f’eebu s’ile fun
Difa fun Onyagbe
A b’eeni oko tien-rere
Igba ti nr’oko ti ko r’ere je
Ebo ni wo ni ko waa se
O gb’ebo, o ru’bo
Ko pe, ko jinna
E wa ba ni ni jebutu ire gbogbo
If you meet with a youth on the road
Seek his opinion

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On Graveyard Lore

As you probably remember, I won a contest from New World Witchery a few weeks ago. The contest was on who could provide the best Folklore concerning Graveyards. So I decided to share some of that lore with you for Halloween.

In Germany, it’s believed that if you use Graveyard dirt to ward your house, a black witch can’t curse you using necromancy. We do this in Hoodoo because so far it seems a lot of the German stuff got mixed into Rootwork. Of course we have a slight variation of it. Hoodoo men and women go to find soldiers graves. We give offerings for the dead soldier to aid us and protect us in or work.

Dr. E (rest his soul) used to do that. He’d make a circle of dirt from a dead soldier mixed with it with gun powder. Then he would light it to activate the circle. This was to help him dominate dark spirits. He especially used this when binding them to witch bottles.

The soldier’s ghost would rise up and bind the evil spirit inside the bottle. Both I and other Muerteros (Spanish “deaders” or people who handle the dead) have used the graveyard for cleansing or healing. I’ve knew a muertera woman who was initiated into Santeria, Paganism, she works with Gypsies, etc. she would actually take naps on top of graves and woken up refreshed and healed. She taught me that the dead heal necromancers.I can tell you from experience that it’s true.

In ”The Black Toad” by Gemma Gary, it’s stated that the English who remain true to the old ways, will line up at funerals to touch the freshly dead. This is so that they can remove everything from hexes to disease. And that once you do that, if the dead person visits you in your dreams, they won’t be scary. Instead they’ll look as alive as they were before death.

She has done that herself and says it’s true. I can also attest to the healing powers of the dead. As I have gone to cemeteries to meditate and relax. I’ve done spiritual and physical healing there. My Godmother in Santeria had told me that I am a muertero.

She stressed the need to start talking to the dead more. I was used to working with the Gods for everything. But I wasn’t use to working with spirits. Eventually I started going to grave yards with petitions to the ghosts there to help out with problems. A friend of mine from Afghanistan told me that as a child her grandmother had a way to curse enemies.

She would take a slip of paper with a verse from the Qur’an and ask her to go to a grave to bury the slip inside the grave. That the dead person would do whatever they were commanded to do by her grandma and the verse. Coffin nails are also good for cursing. But most people don’t realize they have other uses. They’re also good for carving sigils on a candle stick to “work it” or enchant it.

Coffin nails can also be used to bind a spirit to a place. Or even to ward or protect an area. You bless it, bind it with good spirits who use the nail as an extension of themselves. Then, you stick the nail into the ground in reverse. So that the pointy part faces up.

One does this with more than one nail to create a sort of “electric fence” spiritually. For binding a nasty entity, you could bind it to the nail to trap it. So that the nail acts as a chain. Then you would go someplace holy and stick the pointy end in the ground. And bury it so it could never be disturbed.

Of course I only do this if I am asking the spirits of a church or cemetery or Crossroads or where to get rid of the entity once it is bound. I never just leave it there to haunt a place. Finally, there is power grabbing from the dead. There are necromancers out there from different traditions who dig up the dead to take bones from witches.

The dead witches are said to carry all manner of powers left in their remains. They’re taken up as relics or even talismans and amulets for living witches. The first time I saw this was from a Mexican sorcerer who worshipped the native Gods of his ancestors. He took a shin bone from a grave. I believe that he used it in some pretty strong rituals.

Later, I met a Palero who took a bone to exorcise a possessed Puerto Rican girl.
She used a cemetery over there as a short cut. She was warned that bad witches like to use places like that for rituals in Puerto Rico. But she did it anyway. When she went there, two men dressed in white were doing something strange, she never did tell him what she saw.

But when they saw her, they chased after her. He asked for my help and I deduced along with my friend Harisbet, that they actually conjured a watcher to spy on her for them. After he knew what he was dealing with, he used a bone to cleanse her and force it out of her and into the bone. This was the first time I realized you could cleanse a spirit out. I was used to doing exorcisms the old fashioned way calling on Gods and using holy images.

He explained that he formed an alliance with the dead man who’s bone that was. And that he called on the man’s spirit to bind the entity inside her body. The Ghost rises from the bone during the Exorcism. And he forces the invading spirit to return to the bone with him. Then he cleanses the bone a final time to drive out the entity for good.

There are charismatic Christians out there that use a similar type of necromancy to gain spiritual powers. This is known as Grave Sucking and Mantle Grabbing. They go to the grave of a dead Christian healer or prophet. Then they lay on the grave to absorb the Holy Spirit still in that person’s bones.

They then gain the same powers of healing or prophesy that the dead anointed person had in life. Then the cycle repeats when the new person dies. They argue that this is supported by scripture. The last person the prophet Elijah raised from death, was a dead person who was in the same grave as Elijah.

2 Kings 13:21

“And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulcher of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet,”

It’s not known whether this person gained Elijah’s powers. But based on this reading, there is a biblical basis to believe that the holy spirit is an energy. Perhaps more than just an energy, it may be Ether. Ether is spirit made flesh, like the Philosopher’s Stone. Or blood or tree sap which is the blood of trees.

This energy can actually remain within the remains of a healer or witch. And while we don’t know if the gift of prophesy entered the dead man, witches know powers can enter the living. That it can be transferred. Sometimes for an Exorcism. Sometimes for healing.

And other times, for powers to be gifted a new. I finish this entry by stating something which should be obvious : do not attempt any of these rituals. Unless you know what you’re doing. Or it will backfire.

Who is Dependable Enough to Sleep On?

The wisdom of IFA

Oyeku Ofun Temple

IFA teaches us who is dependable enough to sleep upon:
Orunmila declares that it is time for rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable enough to sleep upon?
I respond that our parents are dependable enough to sleep upon
I never knew that our parents are not worthy of sleeping upon at all
Orunmila declares that it is time for rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable enough to sleep upon?
I respond that our spouses are dependable enough for us to sleep upon
I never knew that our spouses are not worthy of sleeping upon at all
Orunmila declares that it is time to take a rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable…

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