Florida Security Cam Captures Weird Dinosaur-Like Creature

A Florida resident (go figure) reported to Fox 35 Orlando that her home security camera picked up a strange nocturnal visitor at 3:40 am – a creature…

Florida Security Cam Captures Weird Dinosaur-Like Creature

The Everglades Whale is a New Species

A new species. And already endangered.

The whale that was discovered dead on the beach (from chocking from plastic) in 2019 turned out to be an entirely new species. And there’s apparently less than 100 of them. So yay, another species humanity will probably kill. Sorry everyone. It’s just the idea that something so majestic was killed by plastic that was underwater.

The study on this poor creature is here :


The statement from NOAA is here :


It’s called the Rice’s Whale. Let’s all do our part to ensure that this whale species survives.

– M

Capricorn New Moon Wednesday January 13th

Obviously not mine. You can see who took this and where it comes from on the bottom right.

The first New Moon of January 2021 will be this Wednesday in the sign of Capricorn ♑. New Moons are good for recharging spells and bindings. And for destroying unwanted and negative energies. Hell it’s even good for both curses and breaking curses. For exorcisms and even for dark spirits.

New Moons have a fascinating duality to them. They seem be used for almost anything. The wild spirits are free on this night. And the dead also. New Moons naturally belong to the dead, so this is a time for honoring one’s ancestors.

A bunch of different feasts align on this day. Including the birthday of Dr. John Dee! The Great Magus and Founder of Enochian Magic. So this is truly a day to do magic. And Dr. John Dee was also an Astrologer. So this is a perfect time to ask the great sage for aid in your astrological work.

The astrologers use new moons to plant intentions for manifestation. Basically making wishes on the new moon which will grow and manifest at the full moon. In astrology, the dark or black moon is known as a “seed moon”. Planting the seeds to grow them like a farmer of dreams. However, this new moon is more for banishing than anything else.

Capricorn is an Earth sign. It’s used for practical things but also for relaxation. It is symbolized by the Sea Goat. This time of the year, it is used for severing and destroying negative connections. What people call cord cutting.

Or cut and clear rituals in Hoodoo. That it takes place on a Wednesday is even better. That’s a day ruled by the Messenger Gods and spirits. Which means this can increase the powers needed for clearing and karmic removal. In my case, I will be calling for Némein (Nemesis) as well as Fortuna to clear my karma.

Today Sunday was Pradosham. In which I did several karmic clearing rituals with Lord Shiva and his family. It seems that this week of the month is very good for such things. The Romans like the Indians, believed that new moons were a time of the dead and of dark spirits.

Némein, the avenger of the weak and exploited

The Romans called the new moons the Nones of a month. In which no God would rule. Which means it was bad luck. But a long time ago, I learned more or less how to circumvent that. I pray to Némein and to the Roman Goddess Fortuna.

And I ask them both for karmic clearings of negative energy. And to reset my destiny so that I can be well blessed in life.

So take the time to meditate, give offerings. Do the required rituals to clear your destiny. In the mean time, here is some other news. Some good news for a change.

“A first look at the 2021 Flying Star chart however induces some optimism. As the center dominant star number is nowhere as hostile as the ruling Loss Star of 2020. The #6 Heaven Star in the center indicates blessings from heaven. And while this is usually read as a good thing, it pays never to forget that one can also incur the wrath of the Gods. The first thing we recommend to do as we near 2021 is to get heaven luck onto your side.

So that it is the benevolent energies of the skies that we acquire. All homes benefit from placing the Celestial Water Dragon in the center, or invite in an image of the 8 Heavenly Immortal,”

So that’s the good news. Though I might add that no matter the religion, any idols of your Gods will bring blessings. I would still try to get the Celestial Water Dragon however. But if not, find a way around it. Now as always, there is always a good and a bad to everything.

“The bogus 5 Yellow star flies to the Southeast this year, bringing danger to the eldest daughter and to those born in years of the Dragon and Snake. Homes that face Southeast or have their main doors located in the Southeast are afflicted. The Illness #2 star is located in the North and because it is strengthened by the Star of the Yin House. This means that if your bedroom or main door is located in the North, or if your house faces North. You must take active steps and place the appropriate remedies.

This star also afflicts the middle son, and those born in the year of the Rat,”

Source : Feng Shui Megamall


Also, and this is my personal touch. I would make an appeal to the Ox Spirit. To give proper offerings and incense for his blessing and protection. More often than not, people seem to not think about appeasing the angry or irritated entity. By giving these offerings, you’ll at least better your own odds.

I do believe that you should follow advice from the Chinese Astrologers. They are elders and know their religion and magic better than all of us. So with this information, do the best that you can. Finally, I want to share with you this amazing work on our holy lady Iset (Isis). This is perfect for the reaping that we are on in this year of 2021.

Beautiful Mourner, Weep with Me

Truly a beautiful and endearing article from Isiopolis. Please follow her too. She’s a Prolific writer.

– M

The Murder of Andy the Footless Goose, and the Sheriffs who protect the Killer’s identity

This poor little Animal, was one of the greatest sensations of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was just a child when he was making the small town of Hastings, Nebraska famous. He was a sweet, disabled goose born without feet. And his owner, a Shriner named Gene Fleming had saved him. And given him baby shoes as a prosthesis.

I am always on the look out for stories about Animals. I am passionate about Animal Rights and Liberation. And I loved reading about this little animal in my teenage years. Then one day I found out how Andy really died. His head cut off and skinned.

His body left behind in the mud. The family distraught. Hell the whole community distraught. Everybody loved Andy. Children kept asking their parents why would someone do something like that? I can only imagine the trauma this must have left them with.

When I was a child, my Cats were murdered as well. My own family had to lie to me so that I wouldn’t find out that someone had smashed my Cat’s brains out with a hard object. Another Cat was killed and he tried to walk to our door before just dying there. It’s honestly why many Vegan and Animal Rights people hate humanity so much. I don’t hate people to the extremes many of these people do.

But I get it. Man do I understand it. Yet even what happened to my Cats pales in comparison to poor Andy. There are other historical animals I research. Like Andre the Seal for example.

And for years it’s been a mystery. So imagine my nasty surprise when I read this article from Atlas Obscura where it says the Sheriffs had discovered the identity of Andy’s killer. And then buried it.

Article is here :


“A recent call to former Chamber of Commerce president Don Reynolds confirmed this:

“About two years [after the murder], someone from the sheriff’s department called and said, well, we found out who did it, but we can’t tell you, and we don’t want to have any news release about it,” he said over the phone yesterday.

The department, he said, had told him that Andy’s killer was “somebody that was not responsible”—suggesting that they were perhaps mentally disabled, or otherwise not in control of their actions. (Sheriff Magee did not respond to a request for comment.)”

That statement is utter bullshit. Somebody not responsible, doesn’t mean they were mentally incompetent. It doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s vague as hell. It’s a statement that attempts to absolve the killer of all responsibility.

Killing or hurting an animal (especially like that) is the kind of thing a serial killer does. Hiding this person’s identity places the entire community at risk. And it isn’t the Police job to hide criminals or excusing them. It’s their job to arrest the offender or at least report who it was. So enough already.

To me, this just indicates that the individual or group who did this were probably from a well to do family. Or even the family of a Cop. And rather than expose a fellow Cop’s relative or feel the ire of a wealthy and powerful family in the community, they covered it up. That’s what gets me about this country. They have plenty of resources to stalk and arrest young people of color.

They got plenty of time and resources to harass Animal Rights Activists. But God forbid they should go after actual criminals. You know? The kind who skin animals alive and cut their heads off? I mean, if there were serial murders or weird disappearances in that state, what if they were connected to this person or group? How could they say no? Are we supposed to just take their word for it?

I know I’m getting emotional, but I think of my own Animals. And what I would do and say if someone, especially a Cop tells me.”I know who did it but they aren’t responsible, and we don’t want to say who,” Fuck You. You don’t get to play God and screw people around like that for whatever reason. I don’t know.

I know this hit me hard today. After years of reading about Andy, this just shot through me like a bullet. It hurts like Hell. And it brings me nasty memories of my childhood. And after my own personal losses this year, this just really hurts.

This person needs to be charged. The Cops if they are still working, need to be fired and charged with obstruction of justice. And an explanation needs to be given about why this lunatic killed Andy and in such a gruesome way. And now, I leave you this memorial Video for Andy.

Oh and this poor man ended up developing Alzheimer’s almost immediately after Andy’s death. He seemed to age faster. Likely the shock of not only loosing an animal that he raised like a baby. But losing him in such a horrible and brutal way. They didn’t just take Andy’s life, they took his too.

If this person or persons are innocent or not should be up to a court. Not a group of Cops who break the law by hiding a criminal.

Some links on Andy

Andy, the Footless Goose

Andy’s YouTube Memorial Video

The Unsolved and Senseless Murder of Andy the Goose


A Goose with Shoes (Andy’s Debut in Farm Show Magazine)


Rest in Peace Andy, we love you little one 💘