Lost Ancient City Underneath Greenland?

Is this already the fabled Lost City of the Star People extraterrestials off the coast of Greenland? Did the melting polar ice caps finally reveal what we have known to exist since World War II? How did the city get under more than 2,200 meters of sea water? Coordinates of structures are indicated in the […]

Lost Ancient City Underneath Greenland?

Special Edition Random Links of the Day : St. George and St. Mark’s Eve and Divination for those interested


Happy Feast of St. George the Dragonsayer and St. Mark’s Eve! Today we commemorate the Warrior Saint who defeated a wicked Dragon to save the People of the land. Modern Christians say the Dragon is just symbolism for the Devil. I leave you to make your own conclusions. St. Mark the Evangelist is one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. And like George who is shown with a Dragon, he’s shown with a Lion.

This is connected to the story that John Mark was traveling with his Father and two Lions had found them. The Father begged his son to go save himself. He was prepared to die for his son. But Mark told him Christ would save them. He prayed and both Lions fell dead in front of them.

What’s interesting is that he is linked with Pagan iconography where the Lion has wings (a Sphinx). Others say the Winged Lion motif looks a lot like the Shedu or Guardian Spirits from Babylon. The prevailing Christian argument is that it’s an Angel with the head of a Lion. And yes there are Angels like that. But they also seem to be related to these entities.

Now I could go in and make a longer history. But that’s not what I want to talk about now. The best time to do magic of any kind, positive or negative alike is on the Eve of a Saint’s Day. St. George and St. Mark’s Eve are prime examples of that. And all sorts of weird folklore is associated with these days.

For example Werewolves on St. George’s Eve. Or Divination done to know the future on both George and Marks’s Eve. The Eve of John the Baptist is said to be when Werewolves in Louisiana congregate and have a ball on the Bayou. So I am announcing that for those interested I am doing a divination today and tommorow. I will be channeling the awesome powers of these days to divine things even from the past.

The Eve of St. George is said to be a scary time. It’s a time when evil spirits seem to be ready to come out of the woodwork to terrify humanity. Even Bram Stoker, in his novel Dracula, had mentioned it. People also used it to divine. They would venture out at night, knowing the risk of the wicked spirits coming at them to find treasures.

It was believed that Will-O’-the-wisps would appear and hover above lost treasures buried deep within forests and lands. Some say those are the Ghosts themselves of those who buried the riches. Others don’t know what’s going on. My belief is the Veil becomes thin during this time time as it does on Halloween. Which makes it perfect to see things that normally are hidden. That’s why I focus on Divination.

Others talk about St. Mark’s Eve being even stronger. In the old days, people would hold a Vigil for St. Mark’s Eve. And those who were brave enough, would venture to a Catholic Church and see the Ghosts of people who hadn’t died yet. People who would die before or by the end of the year. There are still Paranormal Groups who do this to try and get evidence.

Technically, St. Mark’s Eve won’t start until the stroke of Midnight on Friday. But, today is the day after the New Moon. This is the original Astrological Nones of this Month. The Nones in Ancient Rome were originally calculated like that rather than having set days. The Nones are considered bad luck because as with other cultures, the New Moon is the time of the dead.

And wicked or dark spirits can be out to play in our world. What makes it worse is that the Nones were not ruled over by any Heavenly Deities. Unlike the Ides and the Kalends of the month. So we have a strong Cthonic Pulse from which to draw from if you know Necromancy. To make it even Stronger, St. George’s Eve was yesterday.

And Saturday which comes right after, is a day ruled by the Dead and Gods of the Dead. There are lots of possibilities for magic here. So for those who wish, I’ll divine for you. In the meantime, please enjoy these links!

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– M


Babylonian Months: February and March

One of my favorite blogs on here. Figured I’d share it.

Neptune's Dolphins

agriculture barley field beautiful close up Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since the Babylonian year starts at the Spring Equinox, the period starting from the Winter Solstice could contain from three to four months. The lunar months of the Babylonian calendar have to fit within the solar year of equinoxes. The fourth month (intercalary) was usually inserted by a decree from the King.

In Sumer, the twelfth month was called “Sekigku,” (The Month of Grain Reaping). This was the time of the barley harvest, which happened everywhere in Mesopotamia. The Festival of Barley Consumption started mid-month and ended at the full moon. The Grain Goddess, Ashnan was given offerings, and the Beer Goddess, Ninkasi was praised. Ninkasi, the Babylonian Goddess of Beer   Modern Sumerian Polytheists will celebrate with bread and beer, giving thanks for both Goddesses.  God of the Month: Ashnan of Babylon

In the Standard Mesopotamian Calendar, the month is called…

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Weird Christmas 2019

Yule Cat Jólakötturinn
This is the Yule Cat or Jólakötturinn. A monstrous Hell Cat that stalks people during the Yuletide Season.

Well, this is a special addition of the Random Links. All complete with creepy Christmas Legends and other links for those interested.

The Monsters of Christmas


8 Legendary Monsters of Christmas


Strange scenes of someone openly shitting in Christmas Scenes (X Mas in Spain)


Krampus, the Christmas Demon


In Nome, Alaska the man who dresses as Santa is a Grave Digger (Awesome!)


Mummering the odd and ghostly tradition long banned in New Foundland


Have fun everyone 😉 💀

– M

The White Doe

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I view it as propaganda to cover up the genocide of the Native Americans and the theft of their land. But, as this Thanksgiving falls on Folklore Thursday I figured you’d all like some Halloween mixed with the mashed potatoes. A vanishing English colony, the mysterious Croatoan message on a tree, Shamans and shape shifting and curses. And the Ghost of the first English woman born on the continent. 

The Lost Colony and it’s history

The Mystery of the Missing Colony at Roanoke is known far and wide. As is the legends of Virginia Dare. Roanoke was the first true English settlement in Turtle Island (America). It was Founded by Sir Walter Raleigh. The settlement was on an Island off the coast of North Carolina. 

It wasn’t supposed to be there at all. It was supposed to be in Chesapeake Bay. But the Pirate who became their captain, a Portuguese Mercenary*, was in a rush to raid Spanish ships. So he left them stranded on Roanoke Island. Sir Walter Raleigh the man who founded this expedition had previously become friends with two Native Leaders : Manteo and Wanchese. 

In fact, he took them all the way to England and they met the Queen. And Raleigh managed to get Manteo a Lord Title. The only Native who ever received an English title. The Colony was given to the command of Governor John White. There were 115 Colonists under White.

 Among them was his daughter Eleanor and her husband, Ananias Dare. Virginia was the very first child of English blood born on Turtle Island. But little did they know the dangers they were in. Many of the local tribes despised them. You see years before, another mercenary captain had ordered the whole sale slaughter of many native tribes.

Their crime? That one of their chiefs had held the captain’s silver cup in his hand. Natives shared everything in a communal society. But Europeans embraced the capitalist life style. The Captain saw this as theft and decided he would murder as many natives as he saw fit. This left the natives scarred for many years.

And when Europeans had once again appeared in the form of the Roanoke colony, they decided to show the invaders they weren’t welcome. As things began to get dangerous, John White knew they needed help. So he left, presumably just for a few months, to get help and aid from England. He told the colonists that if they had to leave for any reason, to carve the name of their new location on a nearby tree. And if they were forced under pressure to leave, to carve a cross underneath the name.

When Govenor John White left for England, he had no idea that he would never see the people of Roanoke again. In 1787, the country was bracing for an Invasion from the Spanish armadas. Three years had passed before he and his new crew with their supplies made it to Roanoke. And when they got there, they were greeted with an eerie silence. The whole colony, all 115 of them had long gone.

And near the ruins of the settlement was the word “Croatoan” carved in a nearby tree. The disappearance of Virginia Dare and the Colony as well as the mysterious word has been the subject of fiction. From the Buffyverse where Virginia Dare was a past slayer, to “The Immortal Nicholas Flamel” series where she’s a villain. To her being a demon responsible for the disappearance of the colony in an old 80’s show. To the Croatoan virus which is a demonic virus that turns people into savage zombie like monsters.

And recently on the CW series Legacies, a Demonic Monster that hunts and devours those who keep secrets.

Well, it turns out fiction is a long standing tradition with (European) Americans. Because one of the apocryphal stories spread is how many colonists died. And that Virginia’s mother Eleanor bravely carved the word into a tree as a clue. While she had her dead husband at her feet and her baby in her arms. Except that not one of the Roanoke colonists were slaughtered.

 Despite the English repeating stories of how the whole village was butchered, not one body was left behind. The village was abandoned with nothing left behind even for raiders. They just assumed local tribes had killed them all. John White rightly assumed that the word was a misspelling of the word Croatan. The name of Manteo’s tribe. And there was no cross underneath the word.

 Which meant they left of their own volition. But even with the possibility that they survived, he choose to not look for them. He and his crew went off to raid ships. And this is where Colonial history falls silent. Many people have said he wanted to find his family but a storm was coming.

 But other sources say he also wanted to engage in criminal activities and raid the Spanish ships. So it’s more likely that he was more motivated by greed at this point. And since three years had passed since the colony was abandoned, he probably believed they were dead. Although others claim it was the captain and not John White, who wanted to raid ships not him. Depends on who you talk to.

Native History, Legend, and Lore

Chief Manteo

 But Native history picks up after and tells us what happened. Manteo discovered that some of the tribes were planning a raid on the settlement. So he not only warned them, but led them through a tunnel where canoes were waiting for them. He led them to his tribe the Croatan Nation. And once there, the Tribe adopted them. 

~ White Doe ~

The settlers and the natives had become one people. This is how Virginia Dare grew up. Only her name stopped being Virginia Dare. Her Mother was renamed “White Doe”. And Virginia became “Little Fawn”. Little Fawn was beloved by the whole tribe and eventually embodied the principles of the First Nation. 

This is purely fictiinal. Croatan Native Women didn’t dress like this. From northcarolinaghosts.com

Upon becoming a woman, she inherited the name White Doe from her mother. She also earned the title of “Beloved Woman” and “Prophet” from the Croatan. She was trained as a Shaman. She also grew up with Wanchese’s son who was also named Wanchese. The young Wanchase loved her, but had never confessed his feelings for her.

We also know that later in Jamestown, some of the other settlers in 1608, reported that they saw survivors from Roanoke. 

“Seven English alive…who escaped the slaughter at Roanoke. Fower men, two boys, and one young mayde,”

 Except nobody died. The massacre was stopped by Manteo. There was never any evidence of a slaughter either. They just assumed they were killed off. Regardless, many suspect the young woman was White Doe/Virginia Dare herself. 

There were also tales of blue eyed natives or people with mixed features in those days. Going back to Croatan accounts, White Doe’s magic became so powerful, that she attracted the attention of a male Shaman named Chico. But Chico was greedy for her power. He believed that if he could marry her, he could gain her powers for himself. Maybe even have a child born of their union with greater powers still. 

But White Doe politely said no. This angered Chico greatly. And he began to plot against her. For if he couldn’t have her power, nobody would. He led White Doe to her birth island.

What pretext he used to lead her there isn’t clear. What is said is that she became a real white doe the moment she stepped foot on the island. And trapped in this form, Chico abandoned her to her fate. When she disappeared, the whole village began to speculate that Chico was behind it somehow. But nothing could be proven.

The Magical Deer of Roanoke Island

When stories from native hunters along the coast spread of a lone white doe on Roanoke island, Wanchese was sure it was his White Doe. Part of the reason was that when tribal hunters shot arrows at the Doe, it went right through her. Taking no effect. And the animal was supernaturally fast as well. Virginia or White Doe had become a powerful Medicine Woman growing up.

 It seems her magic remained even after she was cursed to animal form. He figured out that Chico must have cursed her himself. So he decided to save his love. Wanchese inherited a silver tipped arrow from his father. The arrow was a present that Wanchese Sr. was given by the Queen of England.

It was reputed in the tribe to have special powers to break any enchantment. This makes sense because silver is the metal of the fae. And it’s said to have powers over evil spirits. His plan was to give White Doe a harmless flesh wound. That way the curse would be broken with her life spared. 

But sadly it wasn’t meant to be. The younger Wanchese chased her across the lands and finally cornered her in Kill Devil Hills. And there he fired his arrow. Only to realize he had pierced her heart. She slowly turned back into a human woman. 

She locked eyes with him, breathed her last breath, and died. Then her spirit appeared out of her body in the form of a ghostly white deer which fled into the forrest. Now I have told you this version of the story first. And the reason is because out of all the stories I researched, this one seems to be the most accurate account. It came from one of my paranormal books which I will cite later.

 And it is recited orally for generations by the tribe. But for some reason, everyone either scoffs at the story as a silly fairy tale, or they perverted the Croatan accounts for their own gain. As you’ll see soon by this next part.

Colonial Revisionism, Big Business, and all around Bullshit

As I have mentioned above, there are dozens of distortions to this story. The colonists and their later descendants were for the most part, unruly people. They had a sense of racial superiority about them. And in modern and former times, Virginia Dare was taken as a symbol of white womanhood and racism. She was used by racist white men in the South who didn’t want black women to get the vote. 

And she’s also been used in more recent times by Neo Nazi organizations in the US to protest immigration by non whites. Colonials have taken her story and perverted it for their own agenda for 100’s of years. And one of those agendas was to sell wine during prohibition. In the revised stories, Wanchese was scared of English people. So he turned against the Roanoke colonists and plotted to kill them all.

 In this version Manteo is still the one who saves them. But instead of Wanchese’s son, it’s a warrior named Okisko who is White Doe’s love. And rather than a silver tipped arrow, he uses an oyster tipped arrow with a mother-of-pearl lining. The silver arrow remains with Wanchese. The story says that Wanchese was also hunting her, they make him a stereotypical “evil Indian”.

The reason Wanchese has been vilified by Caucasian historians, is because he broke relations with the English. He began to understand that they were dangerous. And that they had ulterior motives for their “friendliness,”. Wanchese was a noble warrior and leader of his people. And while he was never a Chief, his words held a lot of water.

He specifically tried to warn Chief Manteo about the dangers of being too close to the British Empire. But sadly he didn’t listen. Wanchese broke his ties to the British. Which made Manteo their one ally. So they rewrote him in their history as a villain. Even going as far as to claim that he was the one who plotted with other Tribes to attack Roanoke.

It seems more likely this is a distortion of events from the colonists and England. This is the M.O. of Empires. Just like the fictitious “massacre” that never happened. And despite no one knowing in European accounts what took place, that still didn’t stop writers from claiming that Eleanor White carved the Croatoan message herself. And all with a dead husband at her feet with an arrow sticking out of him and her infant in her arms.

So before we continue with this bastardization of the narrative, you should be aware of what’s actually happening here. She was stalked by both her true love and supposedly Wanchese. I often wondered if Wanchese was purposely made her killer in this story as a form of slander. A way to hurt his son. To hurt their legacy.

Wanchese here is portrayed as a savage macho man who wanted to kill the white doe to prove he was a skilled hunter. And Okisko wanted to save his love. They both found her drinking water at a pond and fired. Both hitting her in the heart. This contradicts the Croatan narrative that has been passed down for generations with attention to detail.

 The Young Wanchese chased her all over the Island finally having her cornered in Kill Devil Hills. But here, she was passively drinking water from a pond between two hunters. We’re led to believe that a Supernaturally fast animal, was unaware of two human hunters and was easily slain. One arrow broke the spell and the other killed her. And “Wanchese” realizing what he did fled after seeing her turn back into a human again. 

So here they paint the great leader as a shameless coward as well as a villain. Then Okisko buried her. He took her to the center of the Roanoke ruins and buried her there. And from her fallen body, the scuppernong, the first of the grapes grown in North Carolina was born. Grapes red as blood. 

You can see where this is going right? Sallie Southall Cotten wrote this poem for a wine brand to sell the grapes. The Okisko version was made famous from the Poem, “The White Doe or the Legend of Virginia Dare,” it was a campaign to sell wine. And other versions of the story were further distorted to say that a hunter from Virginia shot the white doe with a silver bullet and caused her to turn back. It was a massive media campaign to sell wine. And many people seem to think it’s true. 

But it’s BS. So was the version of the story where it’s farmer in Virginia who just happened to have a silver bullet to kill a doe with. 

The Ghost Deer and Paranormal Legacy of White Doe/Virginia Dare

Returning to the realm of the Supernatural for this post, the ghostly white doe is still spotted to this day. Ever since then, even in modern times, she’s been seen. Hunters who go to Roanoke island have seen a pure white female deer. Supernaturally fast, because they all say the same thing. They can only ever get a glimpse of the deer. 

As soon as they see it, it’s gone. Like the blink of an eye if even that. Many skeptics have tried debunking claims that this is her spirit roaming the island. Claiming it’s just a rare breed of albino deer. But that has never been proven. 

Where are all the albino deers? It’s only ever one deer, a female deer who is spotted. And she only comes out at night. And it only gets weirder. In Manteo, North Carolina they have a play showing the founding and vanishing of the Roanoke Colony. The play has been going on since the 1930’s.

In every single play, the actors reported encounters with people dressed in period clothing roaming around backstage. Except these people are not from the cast. And many have claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions of a young blond woman they think is Virginia herself. So many believe that these people, are the ghosts of the colonists. Maybe when they merged with the Croatan Nation, they became local spirits protecting the land.

Even today there are people reporting the mystical white doe. The sightings are regarded as an “urban legend,”. But if that’s the case, then this is the longest running Urban Legend in US History. Or perhaps there is more fact than fiction here. A mystical blend of historical mystery and the Supernatural.

Much like White Doe herself, the Beloved Woman, who even today remains untamed, illusive, and perhaps unknowable.

*Some accounts claim it was a Spanish captain named Simon Fernando. But given the fact that there were serious tensions occuring between Spain and England I find that doubtful. And his name is often used in accounts that to me are less than trustworthy. The Southern author of the book who listened to the Croatan, says it was a Portuguese mercenary who captained the ship. And he had abandoned them on Roanoke to raid Spanish ships.

This account is more in line with the history. And as stated before, they weren’t supposed to be on Roanoke. A fact that is almost left out of every account. I didn’t even know that. The only thing they do agree on is that the name of the ship was Lion.

But even then, popular sources translate it as Lyon which is French for Lion. If it had been Spanish as they claim, it would have been Leon. The Portuguese name would have been Leão and to non speakers of the language it may have sounded like Lyon. What I discovered is that the author was right : the name of the Captain was Simão Fernandes. Usually translated as Simon Fernandes and eventually in apocryphal accounts as Simon Fernando.

Many historians from the West especially England, try to translate the names of other cultures in English. Juan becomes John and so forth. The English museums fo this all the time. So mistranslations are bound to occur. So the Pirate captain’s nationality was changed from Portuguese to Spanish.

Probably because the people doing the translating in future generations may not have been able to tell that his name was Portuguese. There are some minor similarities in both languages and the translators may have translated his name so many times that it no longer looked like his name.

Sources :

1) “Dixie Spirits : Tales of the Strange and the Supernatural in the South,” by Christoper K. Coleman, Chapter 21 (pg 167-172) 

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And on their well researched article on the history of the wine campaign


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8) “The Lost Colony may now be found” by Erin James, The Virginian Pilot Nov 1st 2010


Shadow People : What are they?

Hello everyone, please excuse my absence. I’ve been bogged down in autumn rituals. But I decided to write this blog for the more erudite paranormal researchers. The ones who like me, for many years, had our noses in books trying to figure out what the source of certain phenomenon could be. So today we’re going to be talking Shadow People. 

Now over the years I have constantly changed my mind about who or what they are. I had even toyed around with the idea that they could have been beings from another dimension. But after all the experiences I have had with them. After every conflict, after every trap I laid for them, I was able to study them up close. My Godmother in Santeria believed using magic to capture one was dangerous. 

She often counciled me against it. But as I added necromancy to my list of magics, I soon discovered after three years that I could zero in on them. Then it hit me : they were departed spirits. The necromancers who trained me were mixed, but they all trained me the same way. If you want to be a real necromancer, you need to develop a psychic intuition with the dead. 

I learned that in Santeria, and African based magics in general, a great emphasis is placed on people who are psychic.
Some African masters won’t even teach non psychic people. Strangely enough the same is true in Ozark culture. People who are born gifted seem to be the prime recruits. The idea of teaching someone who doesn’t already have the power is seen as a waste of each other’s time. 

But I digress. In Santeria, necromancers are called Muerteros. It roughly translates to “deaders”.  A Muertero is somewhere in between a normal medium and a necromancer. Some use tactics and things that are visibly recognized as necromancy. 

Others use tactics that appear more like Christian Spiritualism and Spiritism than straight out necromancy. Though a person who talks to the dead, in my opinion is at least a first tier necromancer. The point is that their powers seem to be a more inborn ability similar to clairvoyance or empathy. For example, a Muertero can sense the energy of a ghost much the same way some animals can sense the energy of a living body. Now imagine that you have a built in radar and that it allows you to see not heat, but the chill of the grave.

And you don’t always “see” it. You feel it like empathy for the dead. I began to accept the training. To allow myself to use my more common place psychic gifts to do a total 180 and sense the energy of a dead person. And that’s how I realized the reason I was zoning into Shadow People is because they’re actually ghosts.

From there I learned to anticipate their moves. And from there I began to use my gifts in the Paranormal field to aid investigators in finding and removing them. I learned later from different witches, different techniques on taking them out. These are my theories on what they are. I think most of them are dark ghosts. 

People who died nasty deaths and ended up in Purgatory for so long that they have become toxic or as we say in Santeria, without light. In Santeria we call such ghosts, Eggun Buruku. In Judaism they are called Dybbuks. In Puerto Rican Sanse, they’re called Causas, because they are the “cause” of someone’s misfortune.

And in Ancient Rome, they are Lemuers
Not all of them are evil per say, just toxic. Though I will say that a good sized chunk of them definitely are evil. Most are confused and thus aggressive. Like a wild animal wounded and backed into a corner. They’re just scared or wounded.

Although some, I highly suspect are the souls of the damned. We believe even someone who went to Hell can come back. Especially if summoned. I also learned during my time observing them, that they hate light. Even leaving on a lamp usually blocks them out.

Whatever substance they are made of, seems to dissipate in light sources. 
Which opens up an interesting theological and scientific debate. Some are strong and others are weak. And can be banished with the usual spirit banishings. Others are not only strong but have characteristics that seem to differentiate them from the rest of the pack.

The truly powerful have either red eyes, hats, or hoods reminiscent of a monk. 
They also hate the typical stuff. Blessed items, holy imagery, etc.. Salting the corners of a room blocks them out. Windows and doors too. Italians have this root for warding off the evil eye that seems to work good on them.

The Cimaruta (Chi-Ma-Roo-Ta) root. Those seem to terify them, in the same way vampires are frightened by a cross.
 I still haven’t figured out why though. Part of me, the occultist says,

“Duh stupid ass, it’s a holy charm. Of course it will work on something negative,”

But the scientific part of me still hasn’t come to terms with how it works. Garlic warding off evil spirits is easy for me. It’s a purifier. It has medicinal uses. And negative spirits embody spiritual disease for the most part. 

So I am still researching what this root does on a multifaceted level that could bother this kind of spirit. I also noticed the root has different effects on different shadow people. One who is evil or at least violent entities, are terrified or at least put off by it. There was only one time where it didn’t work. And that was an extra strong shadow entity.

But on a non aggressive shadow person, it only made her slightly uneasy. Enough to establish boundaries but not to scare her away. So while I am fairly sure of what they are now, I am still no closer than before to figuring out how they tick. Oh and salt works too. If you use salt, try to get Exorcised sea salt from a Catholic Church.

 If not, Kosher salt does the trick. Though any salt will work. Even the carbonated crap we use in cooking. Or rock salt. Also a person anointed with holy oil is usually safe from them too.

Though in my first confrontation with a Hatman and a Woman in a Black Dress which I also perceived to be a powerful shadow person, the salt only mostly worked. They couldnt touch the ground in my room, but they let me know that they could still walk on the walls and float above me. As if mocking me. But they still feared and hated the salt. Meanwhile, a shadow child, who was negative, but harmless.

A non evil shadow person, walked across the salt with no harm. That’s how I knew he was a good spirit. He also protected my sister. He seemed to be terrified of the man and the woman in the house. That is what I believe them to be after experiences with them.

At one point, my sight sharpened to the point of being able to see what they looked like in life. Underneath all that blackness. It’s easier with some than most. But I can do it. I once identified one as being my grandma’s deceased first husband.

I compared the image in my mind to the picture she kept of him. And I realized it was him. Just that besides being a shadow, he liked taking on a younger form of himself. But I could still tell it was in that picture. I have also learned not all of them have a strong tie to Earth.

Many are just stuck in the veil trying to find a foothold into our world. And those weaker versions seem like thin shadows. Almost partially not there at all. Regardless of what you believe, this is what I have learned from chasing them fot years. And from observing them in bindings and traps.

As well as my initial years as a newbie who never understood much and just loved scary stories. So if you find yourself staring at a shadow in your room blacker than the darkness, or a weaker shadow that seems to be struggling to be there, watch out. It could be that someone just dropped in from the veil. And he or she is angry, or bored and wants to play.

Werewolf by Ed and Lorraine Warren (Book Review)

While listening to the Phantom of the Opera, I also decided to listen to this book. I finished this one first as it’s shorter. My thoughts as both a book lover and Paranormal Researcher.

The Pros of this book.

For those who enjoy shorter books, you’ll love this. It isn’t quite as long as the others. It took me two days (two hours each) to finish. I listened to it rather than read it. Off the bat, what I like the most is that this story is way more believable than most of their cases.

The Werewolf spirit that possessed William David Ramsey (Bill Ramsey) has basis in Folklore and Pagan magic. Originally, the first Werewolves were people that didn’t transform into wolves physically. They did so mentally and spiritually by channeling the souls of dead wolves or other animals. Or channeling the residual energies of the animals in question to cause a practitioner of shape shifting, to spiritually shape shift into the animal. Which thus causes a mental transformation in the practitioner.

 The final tranformation is the adrenalin rush and the way the person moves and behaves. This fits in with Mr. Ramsey’s possesion. This man was not a practitioner of Were Wolfism. He became entangled with this entity at a young age. I don’t believe he was possessed as a child, because a child can’t get possessed.

But I do believe Mr. Ramsey was Oppressed by this entity when he was a child. That it attached itself to him. And then later entered a possession into adulthood. There are are way more facts and eye witness testimony from Cops he attacked and other people. Including staff in the mental hospital he was in.

So many credible people couldn’t be wrong. He was tested up the wazzo for a “logical explanation” and none of these attempted debunkings ever worked. At one point, some quack doctor tried to say his condition was Alcoholism. Despite the fact that he only occasionally drank and became possessed while he was sober. Bill himself didn’t actually believe that he was possessed by a supernatural force or entity and he tried to get his family away from the media.

So that shows that he wasn’t looking for fame. It wasn’t until Ed Warren told him he was possessed that he first pondered that it could have been Supernatural. So that tells me that he was not a hysterical man given to strange flights of fancy. He was a well grounded individual and so were the members of his family. When Ed Warren first told him he was possessed by a wolf spirit, he and his Wife thought the Warrens were nuts.

But because they had reached the end of their rope, they allowed the exorcism by Traditionalist Catholic Bishop, Robert McKenna. Which proved successful and put a definate end to the phenomenon. 


I am DEFINATELY one of those people who love big books to read. After Satan’s Harvest which was a much longer and complex read, I was left hungry for more of this. Something I found very distasteful, was the beginning of the book. It was laden with all sorts of stereotypes you would expect from people of the Warren’s era. The racist belief of Gypsies having beliefs in Werewolves (Romani people have beliefs about many supernatural entities, but this seemed more based on Hollywood than anything else. 

Part of the book read as publicity for the Warren’s (an issue I find in every book of theres). I get it : they are down to Earth people and look at how amazing their work is blah, blah, blah. But that kind of shameless self promotion leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Imagine me, self promoting myself like that in this blog? Would you bother to read anything that I wrote? I know these were quotes from people who interviewed them. But they could have simply left that out. 

They did have power to remove certain things. All in all, my biggest con beside the shortness of the book is the inclusion of the stereotypes on Werewolves mentioned before. And I felt that more detail could have been added to the book via the perspectives of his children and friends. Perhaps they simply didn’t wish to be interviewed. But I am sure at least a few would have.

That would have enriched this book more. I am also critical of how they handled this case.

1) They assume it was a Demon

Yes it could have been. Wolf-like demons in Folklore abound. However, it’s also possible that this was a Beserker Spirit (human practitioners of shape shifting) or even an actual dead wolf spirit. And it may have been appeased by something less confrontational and violent than an Exorcism. A simply cleansing or a spiritual mass by a medium using certain rites (normally Christian) could have been done to gain more information on what or who was involved in this and why.

The issue could have been solved in England this way. Or one of the many Druids and other spiritual people still practicing there could have handled it in England. Taking the time to get him to America was very dangerous. The entity could have killed him or his wife now that it knew what was going to happen. 


2) With Lorraine’s psychic gifts, she could have asked her Angels and Saints why this spirit choose Mr. Ramsey. So why didn’t she?

She’s admitted to having seen divine beings like Padre Pio before. Why didn’t she pray and ask for answers? To go after a child like that is out of character for most entities. It brings up the question of whether or not the streets he was living in had a nasty history. Or even a generational curse linked to his family. To me, an investigation is not an investigation unless you find a skilled reader to figure out the why of a haunting. Otherwise it could simply stop for years and restart again. 

Or worse yet, jump to someone else. I get they believed things like this are common place because of their belief that “satanic forces operate in our lives everyday”.  But him being targetted as a child is a huge red flag. It was an interesting read. Although sometimes, I found myself a little bored with certain details to really pay attention. 

A good book all in all. It wasn’t as sensational as I would have expected. Satan’s Harvest was packed with some stuff I wouldn’t have believed unless I’d seen it first hand. This book at least was believable. My heart goes out to poor Mr. Ramsey and his family. 

He seems like an okay man. And what the news papers in England did to him and his family is no short of criminal. They should have sued. The only other thing that bothers me is that this exorcism was way too easy. So either it was a weak spirit.

Or, it abandoned Ramsey because the jig was up and it went to someone else. Or perhaps it’s a generational spirit. An entity waiting for a new generation to haunt or cause harm to. 

Christmas in January

Many don’t realize that Yuletide at least for some of us, doesn’t end on the 25th of December. Sometimes it carries on to the New Year. For example, we have Orthodox Christmas and Orthodox New Year. We have several Winter Holidays still in January. And technically it doesn’t really end till Spring. 

For me, it’s a special time because I get to commune with my ancestors. I enjoy seeing Christmas lights still up in January evenings, much like the one in this picture. This is the mail room for my complex. I still revere the Winter Gods, Saints, and the Dub Sidhe (dark fae) who rule the Winter. And the Cailleach Buer (blue crone) one of the Deities of Winter still provides us wisdom and a chance to reap all dark energies.

 This is also the time of the Three Kings, the Pagan Magi who visited a young Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph). Cubans in Miami and elsewhere have parades dedicated to them. I personally added them and La Befana their Witch friend from the Roman Empire. As well as the Fourth Magus King, Artaban. Here is a small bio dedicated to this great Pagan Saint,


Christians mostly try to claim they all converted to Christianity. And while some say the Magi were most likely Zoroaustrian, others claimed they still held on to their sacred ancestral teachings. Either way, they were Magicians. Which puts Christians in an akward position. The point is, January is a month of mysticism and miracles.

One need only be patient enough to see these things happen. Are you enjoying a January Christmas? If not, you should. And while you’re at it you should enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Do something at home to relax. Or make an everyday vacation after work. 

Something to relax you. That’s what I’m doing. Or if not, enjoy a little adventure in your time. There must be something you have always wanted to do. Also, enjoy this wonderful post from an English blogger :

January – A Month Out of Time

– M

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