Unknown Creature Resembling Chupacabra ‘takes A Walk’ In Bolivian City

Residents of Bolivia became witness to what local media termed as an “unusual UFO sighting” recently. The incident happened in the city of Santa Cruz…

Unknown Creature Resembling Chupacabra ‘takes A Walk’ In Bolivian City

Tales from the Continent : The Businessman Pt 1

It’s been a while since I spoke to all of you on here. That’s because over the course of these last two months, I’ve been busy as hell. So here’s the gist of it. Figured I’d regale you with my experience. This one was an extreme one, even for me.

And it happens to fall into my Tales from the Continent series. Now because of the sheer number of things that happened in two months, I needed to divide this post into two parts. Anyone who knows me, knows that like most stereotypical mages, I’m a walking encyclopedia. I can’t help having in-depth conversations about stuff. From history and politics, to ancient cultures and my favorite subject…Food.

It’s why I have all this beautiful whale blubber in real life. Sure I could hide that and pretend I look like the guy in that picture up there. But it would all be Bullshit. And to make it worse, I’m Cuban. We talk a lot of shit.

It’s in our very DNA. That’s why at night we have trouble sleeping if we’re sharing rooms. We’ll keep you up all night with conversations. Unless we’re doing something else. In which case the only conversations we’ll be having is when we climax and speak in tongues.

Whenever I find something interesting on a website or YouTube I talk at length about it. Especially paranormal related videos. I do this in English and in Spanish. And there is a long ass comment on a video called “33 Velas” (33 Candles) that a Spanish para channel called Relatos de la Noche (Tales of the Night) or simply RDLN posted years ago. I posted my explanation of the ritual in the account.

Why the candles were used and why messing with them, removed the protection. Apparently a lot of people enjoyed my comment. Some were offended and told me witchcraft is “evil”. But most started seeking advice. So I got a lot of people asking for my email.

I provided my consultation email and I began to receive a lot of messages from people which I shared with you on here. Hence why I call these stories Tales from the Continent. Because these are stories from people who watch RDLN and they come from the Americas. It’s an homage to them. I used to think I had already gotten the strangest cases from Latin America already.

Turns out I was wrong. Because a businessman who used to work in a government position reached out to me. It was one of the strangest cases I have ever taken on. I’m translating it from the original Spanish. I won’t mention the country because since he had a government position it just bothers me.

He didn’t tell me anything too secret or it wouldn’t even be on my blog. But all names are changed and locations have been removed.

I’d been up all night,

I was busy helping a few of the people from that video comment. And I was exhausted. They all had minor hauntings or some weak hexes. I hadn’t realized just how much more prevalent this stuff is in South and Central America. Everyone and their grandma throws spells at each other.

And for some of the dumbest shit you could imagine. One guy actually got his car bewitched with cemetery dirt because of the way he parked his car. Granted, the man parks like an ass. I’d be pissed too if some idiot parked his car like Rambo and took half of someone else’s parking spot. But leaving a skull candle to burn on the hood of the car with what I can only imagine was cemetery dirt around his car is pretty fucking bad.

I had thought that it was a rival or some enemy. Instead, when I cast the bones, the spirits said he was hexed because his neighbors think he’s an asshole. I thought he was lying at first when he said he had no enemies. Instead I realized that no one has ever told him they find him annoying. And I had to find a way to gently break it to him.

Yeah, that went as well as you can expect. But luckily I had help from the spirits to explain it to him.

The bones said he had some kind of condition. Like a personality disorder that made it hard for him to click with people. Having some issues of my own I can relate. I managed to get him to understand . We got the hex off his car,

And he made a cake for his neighbors to show them his friendly side. I actually felt bad that I was impatient with him. I realized I was acting like an asshole because growing up with my own disabilities, people treated me differently too. Add to that, that I could see things as a child. I had a very lonely childhood and people treated me like shit.

So I learned to be sarcastic and to chew someone out real quick. We’ve become friends. And my cleansing helped change his luck. I’m also happy to report that my pointers and those of my spirits helped him become more social. Trying to get him into therapy next.

A good old fashioned support group goes a long way. I now count him as one of my good friends. So I was trying to sleep the next day because I was drained. And I have the bad habit of being a workaholic. As I was laying in bed to sleep the day away, I decided to check my work email.

The one I use for paranormal consultations. And this new email had been sent to me five minutes before. I was bored and figured I would read it and then answer later. This was the email he sent.

“My name is Alvaro and I found your email by reading some comments you made on a YouTube video. The one of the 33 candles of Relatos de la Noche channel. In which I found an interesting addition to the video, your comment. I liked the way you shared your knowledge and gave people your confidence, and your opinion. Among the comments you made, you pointed to a person that sometimes a sudden loss of luck and a lack of energy could be indicators that something was not quite right.

It is thus and for the same reasons that I contact you so that you guide me to know if those issues that I feel I have in my life are of a supernatural nature. Particularly in my professional life. I have suffered from a significant decrease in my income. And I wonder if this is due to some negative energy or simply due to all the changes that have been generated by the pandemic since last year. Which has led to a significant decrease in work for everyone. In advance I appreciate the attention you give to this email and awaiting your valuable response.


I honestly didn’t think this was anything out of the ordinary at first. In the Paranormal, we are trained to be skeptical. But being a witch I am trained to not judge a book by its over. What seems normal and mundane could turn out to be supernatural. Also there was something about his demeanor.

Analyzing him is what made me step back to re-evaluate him. His Spanish didn’t have any slang to it like most modern speakers. In fact he spoke so proper that even the English translation sounds proper. People who speak like that tend to be of the upper crust of their societies. Latin America still has a reigning elite that goes back centuries from the Spanish aristocrats to the land owners.

A lot of countries are like that. I have met wealthy people who are nouveau riche (new rich). They still talk like regular people. The stick hasn’t yet been firmly planted up their anal regions yet. He talks like he’s always had money, or had access to some fancy school.

I’ve had a few run ins with the wealthy before. This tells me two things. One, he’s probably not someone with an open mind. In fact I’d say that he must have had a fairly conservative education. So ideas about the occult or supernatural would be seen as silly.

He’s already tried to debunk his own paranormal experiences. He’s probably still trying to debunk himself. He may even be chastising himself for contacting a random “witch doctor” off YouTube. So he isn’t some overly superstitious person given to fantastical thinking. He’s probably even borderline atheist or at least agnostic.

Which leads to two. Something convinced him to consider the paranormal as being real. Something that’s serious enough that his logical mind can’t account for it. His explanations are falling flat on their face, before actual, tangible evidence. I stood up in my bed debating whether or not I should wait to email him.

My body said,

“Dude, go the fuck to sleep already,”

But my mind said,


So guess which one I listened to? I decided to email him back my opinions, still partially skeptical. And explaining that his loss of luck could be anything. That the world economy was fried. And that bad luck was already in the air due to the Mercury retrograde and the sign of Otura Oyeku which brought bad luck during this season. I’ll save you the long winded explanation.

But I even sent him links and offered to double check with the Gods anyway. I’m finally ready for bed. Because the long ass email with its detailed analysis made me more tired. Then not five fucking minutes passes by when I hear that familiar bing on my phone. No way I said to myself.

No way this guy read all of that and was able to reply so quickly. There must have been five paragraphs in my email. That’s two pages and a half. Only a sociopath reads and understands that fast. So I check thinking no way.

(Fuck me, it is him).

“Dear M,

First of all I want to thank you for the prompt response you gave to my previous email. In relation to the question you ask me about whether I have noticed something strange. I comment that the only thing that has me a little intrigued and uneasy about it is what I will tell you next. Last year I received a proposition to occupy a administrative position in my government that was coveted by a person. His name is Adonis Sanchez (he was named after another Greek God. I just changed the name).

Who did everything possible to get the person who tried to hire me fired. I only held the job in question for barely 15 days. After just 15 days they asked for my resignation. The job that I had and that I am telling you about was in a government office in the Republic of (omitted). Which was plagued with problems and many conflicts, I could even say envy.

I had to watch my back at all times. Many people tried “to trip me,” so that any blame for any problem would fall to me. They did this to preserve their own careers. But for me to get all the blame. Despite all the complicated work, I had the collaboration and support of certain people.

Those who worked in the office who allowed me to solve some of the tasks entrusted to me that seemed impossible to do. Until I accomplished these tasks. It gave me a lot of support and praise. Which was a double edged sword as you might imagine. For although my management was brief, it was very intense because during that period there were particular circumstances in which Adonis and other people were involved.

So the person who was my boss by hierarchy ordered me to report them pointing out the irregularities that they had committed in their job. Since these people also exerted pressure on others with gunmen, despite the fact that this is illegal. Which is why my then boss confessed to me that he feared for his life. So he asked me to make the complaint on the irregularities for him. Even though he had security of his own, he feared Adonis.

The complaint I made led Adonis and his own supporters to request my resignation at a very high level. Which they achieved, but I also learned that Adonis did not manage to get the same administrative position I left behind. Eventually he was pressured to leave the government because his own actions had finally angered enough people to expel him. Even then my departure felt like a relief for many reasons. Since I stopped feeling all that pressure and negativity from the people there.

It allowed me to accompany my wife at the delivery of our first child. With whom I have been throughout this pandemic (which could not have been if I had continued working). In addition to the fact that my departure occurred before one of the most complicated stages of the pandemic began where I live. I do not overlook that there is resentment on the part of Adonis towards me. I comment on the latter, because when it was my birthday, among all the messages I received, there was one from Adonis on my Facebook account.

(He wouldn’t tell me the details of what was said. I got the impression that perhaps there were threats).

When I finished reading, I looked up at a lamp. It’s glass screen inexplicably burst. At such a strange coincidence I blocked him from my contacts on that social network. I had believed that perhaps he hacked me. Maybe a hacker could use some sophisticated form of tech to do that.

But I knew I was fooling myself. I know technology well. No hacker could cause something like that with a few keystrokes. And this was a regular lamp not another computer. What could he have done from a computer to cause that from happening? Somehow I knew it had been him.

What caused it I still don’t know. I eventually convinced myself the event with the screen was a coincidence. Although I still have doubt as I tell you. Sometimes I feel very tired and sometimes without strength, it takes a lot more energy to do my job than usual. Despite this, I can tell you to this day I have not lacked money.

Since I have enough to meet the expenses of the house. I have to buy food and enough to cover the debts, which makes me feel blessed and not feel helpless. It is difficult to have that feeling of uncertainty and feel tense month after month not knowing if I will have enough. Especially for my wife and my baby. I really appreciate your help and the time you have dedicated to me.

As you say, possibly all this that I have told you is only due to the bad times that all of us are experiencing. So I will review the information you shared with me. When you have the opportunity, review my case. If you notice that it is nothing extraordinary, in advance I will appreciate the guidance. And light that you can provide me in these complicated and dark times that everyone is going through.

– Alvaro ,”

“Fuck,” I said to myself. I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep.

A few hours later,

I was getting the specifics of everything from this man. I also asked him to use the signal app. It’s better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now, so the previously private data is probably going to them. Signal was recommended to me by a friend who is always on top of tech privacy.

We began texting back and forth there. I was concerned that Adonis might be surveilling this guy. I didn’t want to find out if this prick could hop on a plane and come after me for helping his enemy. He assured me that he had his house swept for bugs once a week. And he had the means to make sure he was protected.

Alvaro seemed harmless enough. For a guy who knows to have his house swept for bugs. And even though he has “financial problems” he’s got the means to protect himself from someone as dangerous as Adonis Sanchez. I wondered if I should even be helping him. How do I know his story is true and he isn’t the one gunning for Adonis? I’ve had that happen before in the past.

I’ve had clients trick me into thinking they were the victims at first. I refused to be somebody’s pawn again. Instead, I was doing a divination the next few days to see who he was. And I was right. He wasn’t the pure dove he claimed to be.

However, this Adonis guy was way worse than I expected. The spirits I talked to said that Alvaro had understated just how dangerous and messed up Adonis was. I could see an image of someone of mixed indigenous and white ancestry like Alvaro. And he had an aura as black as a void in space. Nothing on Earth is supposed to have an aura like that.

He was frustrated he couldn’t kill off Alvaro. And he did have magic. Lots of magic. Western Hermitic magic I think. Through the divination I felt that Alvaro had a security team keeping tabs on Adonis.

I also felt there was far more to the story then he was letting on. So I tactfully asked him if there were other details I could use for the divination. He emailed me a short background for him and Adonis. A sort of origin story.

“Esteemed M

In response to your questions, I will tell you that I held the government position a year ago. I have not had contact in that area of government until then. I began to carry out my profession in the private sector so as not to be near those people. I am only involved in my local government; so I consider that I can speak freely with you on this subject. Regarding this man, Adonis, I can tell you that I met him many years ago around 2004 and 2005, as we were internship companions in an office while we were studying at the university.

At that time he was a very happy man. A very different sort to whom he is now. He was involved in a car accident due to drunk driving. He collided with a tree and his companion, his best friend, died. For this, he was imprisoned for a time until he managed to get out of prison.

I knew that event transformed him. And his time behind bars also transformed him into someone I no longer knew. I stopped having contact with him since then. Until we met again last year, during the job I told you about. I really appreciate the attention you give when reading my messages and I am attentive to anything you may need.



His story didn’t add up. From what he told me, there was zero reason for this guy to be angry with him. And yet reading the story and reading the energy of the past, I could feel so much anger. It had boiled over time into a primal rage. Like Adonis wanted to tear Alvaro apart limb from limb.

He wasn’t telling me everything and probably never would. But whatever. It’s not my battle. If these two want to wipe each other out and then duke it out in the afterlife, that’s their problem. At this point, I’m only interested in two things.

One is getting paid good money. And the other is ensuring that innocent people don’t get caught in the crossfire. I began to have vague impressions about Adonis learning Hermeticism in prison. Someone opened Adonis up to that world. Showed him how to use magic.

And it served him well. Because it opened doors for him in business and in government. You’d think somebody with a record for killing someone while drunk driving would have a hard time getting a position anywhere. So how did he get such a lofty position? I also suspected he learned a lot about the world in there. Kill or be killed.

And something else too. Adonis’ magic should have caused Alvaro’s finances to go to the toilet. Even to cause health problems. So I started asking myself if Alvaro also practices . Or if he just had immunity from magic in his bloodline.

Some people have strong bloodlines from witch ancestors. And those ancestors watch out for them. Make them partially immune to sorcery. Or to bad luck in general. People who seem to have “the golden touch” and can make anything prosper.

A man with the level of magic that I sensed Adonis had, should have been able to take Alvaro out with sorcery. I also saw that Alvaro had spiritual portals all over the place. And lots of dark clouds in the spiritual world around his home. He’d purposely kept all of this out of his emails to me. So what else had he lied about?

I was going to find out.

General Yang Xin & his Lessons in 2021

Han versus Huns

I choose this image not because I view the Han Dynasty as “heroic”. In fact I have a great admiration for the people of Mongolia. I choose it because it’s perfect for this year. Angry people with weapons killing each other. And the darkness of winter.

I can’t say I’m surprised at the lessons of 2021. I knew that the Chinese Astrologers would be right. General Yang Xin, the Tai Sui of this year has removed the mask of hypocrisy from many. My spirits were also correct in telling me this was a year would be for ending the conflicts and problems of the previous year. And finally I realize that I was correct in what I felt on New Year’s Day.

Just moments after midnight. When I felt the intense spiritual pressure on my head. I felt like a walnut that would be cracked. I knew then that this year was going to be shitty as well. Probably worse than last year.

Though I still hope we’ll be proven wrong.

But I have learned hard lessons from the General. I started meditating with him just a few days ago. And I learned to find solace in the darkness of my own soul. No this isn’t a goth thing. The dark doesn’t need to be some twisted and tortured thing.

I haven’t done shadow work in a long time. And the General has been getting me back into it. Shadow Work for those who don’t know, is when you talk to your Doppelgänger. Your spirit double. The thing is there’s more than one double.

And this double is the dark side of every person. It is your literal shadow that you cast when light hits you. So you enter a meditation and basically talk to yourself. Your shadow has all your repressed desires. Your anger and your hate if you don’t meditate with it.

If you ignore your shadow, it becomes unbalanced. Hence stories of malevolent Doppelgängers who seem to hate their living twins. Or people even killed by them. These are angry shadow versions of themselves. The first time I spoke to mine, he hated me.

Because my shadow had become the living embodiment of all my self loathing. And he hated it. He hated that I treated myself like crap. Because he was me, and therefore I was abusing him. So it was more complicated.

But after I began listening to myself, and learning not to hate myself, things changed. He’s still dark because he’s a shadow. His existence is some kind of energy humans can’t comprehend. But he isn’t violent anymore. And by loving him I learned to love myself, because he is me, an aspect of me.

In the old days, I would sleep with a girl even if she treated me like crap. Or if she had pretended not to know me before, then showed up wanting a booty call. Now I’d just tell them to fuck off. Or I politely decline. Something that my teenage self would have decried as blasphemy.

Because I learned that I am worth something. I am worth being loved. Truly loved and cared for. Not treated like shit. And believe me, that I can say this now is revolutionary.

Because I was so sad and needy all of the time (which I hid behind my playboy exterior) that I slept with anyone who offered. My shadow forced me to take a hard and good look at myself. Something I never did. I grew up in a cult. And part of all this screwing around was rebellion on my part.

But it was also that I was devalued for most of my life. Even by my family who I’m sure wouldn’t agree with this if they were reading it. They basically taught me not to complain. Because if I dared thought I deserved more then what I got from them, I was just being a pest. Or being spoiled and selfish.

And so it has taken me many years of shadow work to remove this kind of programming. It was first taught to me by my medicine woman when I was being trained in some of the Red Road. Let me tell you, native magic isn’t all fluffy bunnies and crap. I was taught that part of my healing was I needed to meditate inside my own pain. To understand it, learn from it, take power away from it, and heal it away.

Lots of discipline goes into this kind of magic. At the time I hadn’t realized it even had a name. I heard wiccans refer to it as shadow work. Later I did it with different religions. Different Gods or spirits.

And now it’s General Yang Xin calling me back to it. And I have learned a lot about myself. And I have learned new things. And I am trying my best to end bad ideas and programs. Yang Xin is teaching me to stand up for myself.

So I ask all of you reading this, what are you doing this New Year? What are you using it for?

– M

December 2020 : The Shitiest Fucking Month of the Year

The Shitiest Year is about to go out with a bang

Of COURSE the last month of 2020 would be the unluckiest of this entire shitty year. Fuck me with Rompe Saraguei 🤦I was looking over some of my newsletters and saw this report in the “Flying Star” which is an Asian Metaphysics shop dedicated to Feng Shui.

Flying Star Updates for December 2020

“December is a month of doubles. The monthly flying stars sync up with the annual ones to make the lucky sectors luckier and the unlucky ones more lethal. There is thus a need for caution. The dominant star in the center of 2020 is the Loss Star of #7, which gets magnified by a matching month star of #7, making the overriding energies ones of loss. This poses as a warning to be extra careful. Loss can come in different shapes, forms and manifestations,”

We are told to use special Feng Shui Cures to neutralize the negative directions and bring good energy in. And with Disease now worse thanks to Orange Hitler not taking this seriously enough, shit can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. So beware everyone. Add to that, some idiot almost ran me and my dog over as we crossed the street because she was going 30 miles an hour in a residential neighborhood. And that we have been hearing Merry Fucking Christmas since OCTOBER.

Yeah…..I can’t wait for this year to end. I used to love December, but thanks to Corporations looking to fool people into buying more unnecessary shit. To make them richer, Christmas has killed everything. Now I dread December because at least two months in advance I am hearing Merry Christmas. And told it’s about Jesus instead of the Sun and Nature Gods.

So Yeah, Merry Christmas……Fuck You.

The Wayward Sons will carry on no more : Is Supernatural Ending? They say Yes. But not if I can help it.

I’m sad to say that everybody’s favorite show about Monster Hunters and the world around them will be ending soon. It’s been confirmed by the cast and the Cw that season 15 is the end. We always used to joke that SPN ending was a sign of the apocalypse. Given that Trump is President and that everything that can go wrong, has been going wrong this year it definately looks like it. When my friend shared the article with me last night, the pain was palpable.

Ah the good old days right boys?

I’ve been a die hard fan since before the show came out. Back when the commercials were announcing it on the WB. Back when I was reading about it on Tv guide. This show defined generations. It left an impact as great as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The only thing it hasn’t done is spawn a spin off series. Which is the fault of CW executives who didn’t think Wayward Sisters fit the demographic.

They have so many amazing characters they could spawn a whole branch of spinoffs : James Frampton the Witch Detective and his Familiar and lover Portia, Charlie who is played by Felicia Day could have had a series all on her own (and still could now), a Prequel Series on Bobby and Rufus or John and Mary Winchester before the events of this series, a Men of Letters Prequel, or even a prequel on Crowley and Cain or any of the other ancient and powerful characters.

Of course Wayward Sisters was something we all wanted. We still want to see the Women of Supernatural kick ass. Especially with another Charlie and a resurrected Mary Winchester and Rowena. Though at this point Mary and Rowena may not survive. If they’re ending the series that means Rowena’s final death may be upon us.

And I saw Misha Collins dressed as Castiel in a cemetery. And Mary outliving one of her kids? Someone mentioned something about Dean possibly dying. I shudder to think that. But it’s a possibility.

Despite this I am doing all I can to try and save Supernatural. Even with a hashtag #SaveSupernaturalNOW. I only just started last night. Supernatural is such a vast metaphysical universe. Questions that are mysteries even to actual witches today like myself, were fictiously answered on the show with great fervour and imagination.

Even with 15 Seasons there are still so many mysteries they could yet explore. I don’t want to see this show end. This is a show that has literally stopped people from suicide. And I’m being serious. The SPN family as we call ourselves, are a community as tight knit as the Buffy and Angel fandom.

We take care of one another. And while we do have toxic fans, most are good people. I refuse to write a eulogy for the show as Chuck did for the Winchesters when the apocalypse season ended. Instead I choose to focus on a possible resurrection of the show. Will all of you help me?

Spread the word :#SaveSupernaturalNOW

Hell, I’ve watched it since before I became a Pagan or a witch or even an exorcist and Paranormal writer for that matter. This show actually helped me accept those roles. When I was watching the Apocalypse season, I was dealing with a violent paranormal haunting in my own home. I wrote about that last year. This haunting defined my life and helped pave the way for me to become an Occultist and do the work I am doing today.

Supernatural actually taught me some things. Of course most of it is made up. But the use of Salt to ward off evil spirits (and break hexes) is very real. So this show has actually been around since before my career as a witch. Since before I was even a paranormal researcher.

It helped inspire me to become the most authentic and positive version of myself. But most importantly, watching Sam Winchester being scrutinised for powers he had, hit a nerve with me. My own family didn’t like my magic. And they thought it was “Satan’s influence” on me. Despite the fact that a child can’t control seeing entities anymore than they can control breathing.

And so, I feel that I must do something to save a show that has had such a large impact on my life. My own life right now, is largely due to the lesson SPN taught : not to fear the unknown. But to embrace who I am and help other people. Right now I am helping a family cross over a relative who committed suicide. Without Supernatural, I would never have helped the people I have helped since starting my journey.

Go to your social media, email the people of the CW, post petitions etc… We need this done. I refuse to let one more good thing die on this crappy year. This is where the buck stops.

  • M

PS : Yes I recognize how absurd and even fanatical I must sound. I’m a real life exorcist. I work with a Paranormal group and a Shaman from Virginia. I have been working with activists against a war in Venezuela and urging people not to kowtow to tyrants. Yet this is my last straw.

It should tell you the impact this show has. Adios.

Aliens near the Sun?

So, I realize that Ghost Month ended Sunday the 9th. And I haven’t been active in writing about the changes in energy. Or that this Saturday will be the autumn equinox/Mabon/Alban Elfed/ Descent of Persephone etc.. plus Venus is in Retrograde (Another fucking retrograde? Come on! Even I’m overwhelmed). But that’s because I’m focused on the incredibly life changing event happening right now. A strange Disk Shaped UFO with smaller UFO’s are near the Sun right now.

The FBI has shut down a bunch of solar observatories. And to top it off, so have a few other countries.

Even the International Space station was put on lockdown. On the first observatory shut down :

You can read about the other observatories here :


More strange info


So suffice it to say, I am praying to every God I know this isn’t an invasion. And it just had to happen when Fucking Trump was President! – M

The Demon Valek is a transvestite Nun? What the Fuck?

Spoilers for the Nun ahead
The 100th Psalm of Solomon”And the Lord came upon me and spake :

“The Demon Valek was feeling sexually repressed under the patriarchal system of the middle east. Therefore, when the holy church under the Emperor Constantine was established, he decided to defy all sexual conventions by becoming the first male demon transvestite Nun,”

– The Bible according Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams

Oh wait a second! Solomon died before Christ and Constantine. So that means he couldn’t have written this text. I guess that means, this is a crock of shit!  Who would have thought the same people who gave us Force Awakens and the Last Jedi could suck so bad at faking a new text. Specifically when they have the original Cannon to work from? 🤔

Coughs, sorry we got off topic there for a moment. So my buddy Zack and I went to see The Nun this past Saturday. You know I love the Conjuring Universe. It’s creepy and well done in terms of the actors and the lighting and sets. I legit shit myself in the theater.

But these movies keep claiming it’s based on a true story. No they aren’t. None of it is true. Or perhaps that’s only a half way true statement : the cases happened, but if there was any paranormal phenomenon at all, it did not happen the way they’re being portrayed. Now trust me, if you’ve read my blog you know I’ve had some weird Supernatural experiences.

But everything I have written about thus far is mostly about visualizations. Things I can see and feel in my mind’s eye. I would never believe even for a moment that I could prove what I have experienced. In the paranormal community, the Warrens have a shaky reputation. Some of us like them, some of us don’t.

And some like me don’t know what to believe. My former mentor believed them because she saw videos. Evidence that Lorraine Warren had shown her. My Medicine Woman told me that Lorriane could prove everything she and her deceased husband claimed. But to do so would be unethical they felt.

She won’t release any of the evidence at any point in time. Because she said, they were afraid of outing the families who gave them their trust. Now my healer never lied to me. And she was a pretty stern woman. A Catholic Shaman.

So given that, the jury is still out for me. Even when everything in me wants to scream fraud. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt once. A person I was helping had a generational curse. I wrote an email to the nephew detailing visions I had about the client.

Now they were nasty visions. The man had a demon of high rank who was causing problems for his family. I figured I’d try to enlist outside help instead of trying to act like some occult cowboy.
But, I never got an email back. When I told a friend about it he said he would have warned me.

The Warrens are very religious people. And to them, a magician like me is the same as a satanist. Even though Lorraine Warren is a medium and talks to dead people. So anyways, what can I say about the Conjuring Universe? The first Conjuring painted all witches as being Satanists. The second one basically invented all of these absolutely ridiculous hauntings based on using a quija board and having Valoc somehow be involved.

Both Annabelle movies are flat out lies that didn’t even get the doll’s appearence right. But the Nun takes the bullshit meter to a whole new level. Badass for lovers of horror like myself, but nonsense none the less. Despite all this, I do enjoy these movies. Even watching them on my phone I close my eyes and damn near piss everytime the door creaks. But a lot of people have been online lately asking about Valek the demon.

Even as I typed in Valek to see if it was the same demon I thought it was, Bing already had it as “valek nun”. So I figured I would take a crack at answering some of these questions on who Valek is.
As we know from the Conjuring 2, the Nun is really the Archdemon Valek. He was called “the marquise of snakes,”. Let me stop right there.

First Valek is the most anglicised version of his name. His name is also rendered as Valoc, Valak, Valu, Volach, Valuc, etc..and he is not the marquise of anything. The Key of Solomon calls him a “president of hell”. This is because Hell is run like a Constitutional Monarchy with Lucifer as Emperor. But they can apparently elect their own presidents.

They seem to have a parlimentery democracy. So he’s not marquise.
Second, while he does find snakes and aids the summoner in finding them, it doesn’t say that he necessarily has snakes all over him all the time. Just that he can find and control them.

Also, Mages used codes with double meanings when writing about magic. Christian Mages used biblical language. So “snakes” here may not mean literal snakes but Demons. The Bible uses the term serpents, beasts, scorpions, etc..for them. That might explain why in the Nun, Volac seems to have a host of demons with him.

Perhaps they are his serpents. Third the serpent thing is not his main office. This demon is called upon by magicians to find treasures. There are many demons that promise wealth and power. He’s one of them.

Though if he does this for real or not depends on how bound he is to the conjurer. And fourth, the most important of all :

He’s not a Fucking Nun!

Seriously, what ‘possessed’ these people to take liberties to this level? Valuc actually has a much more interesting, and creepier appearence than that. He takes on the form of a winged boy. Like the stereotypical version of Cupid we have commercialized. And he rides a two headed dragon. Can you imagine what a good director and writer can do with that? A creepy baby Angel telling you to kill your family.

Maybe even make an adult man’s voice pop out of the mouth. Or perhaps even give him a Silent Hill look like Satan when he takes on the form of a child in that movie. Looking like a small child with pitch black eyes. A Demonic baby cherub. That would scare me more than a Nun. And instead of vomiting snakes you could have him riding an actual dragon around.

“Oh but M, that’s crazy! A dragon? No one would believe that’s a true story! No, people will believe more a story of a Demon with a physical body that vomits snakes and possesses corpses! That’s more accurate!’

No, it isn’t. Because this demon was never encountered by the Warrens. And while demons may have had legit physical bodies in Ancient times they don’t now. And they especially don’t go around jumping into corpses. Or rather, in Folklore they can.

But no modern Demonologist has ever seen anything like that. If anything that strong shows up, you’ll need Sam and Dean Winchester. Not a nun with a priest. Heck the French guy had the right idea bringing an ax and a shot gun with him.
Go evil dead on her satanic ass.

That’s like me, with my regular magic during a zombie apocalypse : I’d be Fucking useless! When you have a flesh eater at your door don’t call me. I’ll be busy bolting the doors closed and  trying to make weapons. And doing Cardio like Jesse Eisenberg in “Zombieland”. I don’t  want to die because I can’t out run the Zombies. There’s a pretty awesome article by Vice on this.

“Why are so many Horror films Christian Propaganda?”


After reading it I have to agree. It seems that a large chunk of Supernatural horror films have an agenda. And that agenda seems to be conversion. And they don’t even bother to hide it either. They flagrantly throw it in your face.

A heroic priest battles Satan. And then you have “pagan” cults that have a sinister agenda cause really, we’re all the same right? Every movie that has ever been based off the Warrens or their cases are the worst. Even before the Conjuring. There were tv movies talking about them and showing witchcraft as always being satanic. In this movie the young Nun to be hasn’t taken her vows yet and the Demon seeks to possess her body.

The heroic nuns have all been slaughtered. The heroic priest is a tragic figure. It’s literally the same scripts being recycled with a few things changed. In this movie we had a sadistic Duke who killed people to raise Valek from Hell. And the heroic church with it’s Knights led by a priest stormed the castle! I guess they weren’t burning people to the stake that day.

And the priest has a holy relic that contains the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore it can seal the gateway to Hell. There’s no relic on this planet that anyone claims has the blood of Christ in it. There are relics with the blood of Saints but not the blood of Christ. Finally, she discovers that only prayer can stop Valek. And she takes her vows to become a true Nun there before stopping Valek.

If that isn’t a conversion line, I don’t know what is. Over all, the movie was good in the Gore and horror. But the story is pure BS. Though there is a special twist at the end that you’ll love that connects all three movies. I can’t believe I hadn’t recognized it myself.

It is a good set of movies for what they are, fiction. But they do contain not so hidden messages about being afraid of the occult. And needing to be with God in order to have protection. Now me? I don’t mind God. I’m a Christian Pagan. I worship him/her as I worship everyone else.

But just like I hate liberal SJW propaganda in the new Star Wars, I equally hate all of this conservative fear and hate mongering in my horror movies. And as for getting the details on Volac wrong? I already made peace long ago with shows and movies getting things wrong. Just look at Supernatural. They get 99.9% of everything wrong. But they’re still awesome.

And while the Winchesters are not the most enlightened people on Earth, there are good characters on there. There are Pagan Gods and Witches who from time to time are the good guys. And they do it with Christianity too. Angels are all dicks with wings as Dean calls them. Season 1 episode 12 “Faith”, they meet an evil Christian Bigot who is using black Christian magic.

She kills off people she doesn’t like. Which included feminists and skeptics. Now you see that, I can live with. They do this with religion in general. They don’t play favorites with anyone.

They have even played around with the concept of God having a Goddess sister. One who is just as powerful as he is. They have shown a modern day Inquisition. They delve into all sorts of stuff. So why can’t Hollywood do the same thing? Create characters from other religions who are equally holy and good? And if you’re going to shit on one religion why not shit on your own? It’s different when it’s you suddenly.

Anyway I end this post with an interesting article on Valuc which also talks about the Nun at the very end of it.


Hope all of you looking up this demon understand that you shouldn’t be trying to conjure it even for money. Spirits hate to be slaves. Especially demons. And for those of you who actually thought this was all real : I hope you get it was mostly fake. I leave you with these two awesome videos.

The Nun surprising people at the movies in the Philippines



And this animated short about the Crooked Man from Conjuring 2. Enjoy.