INCENDIARY BEHAVIOUR : Taper Burn Marks are actually Apotropaic Magic intended to Protect Buildings

APOTROPAICS: THE ROUGH GUIDE #1: TAPER BURN MARKS For the last 25 years archaeologists have been recording historic taper burn marks on Medieval …


I found this fascinating. And it actually gives us an idea of how to do Apotropaic magic without anyone figuring out what it actually is. It would be hard for anyone to discover it as being magic in the modern day. Really good investigative article on the subject.

From the same blog

History Society Finds: Concealed Shoes, two Witch Bottles & a ‘Witch’s Nail’ from Charing, Kent.

Happy Hallowe’en Everybody! Special Random Links of the Day!

“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Hello everyone! Celebrating the Catholic Feast of All Hallows’ Eve as we approach All Hallowsmastide. November is the time of the holy souls in Purgatory. Remember that the Real Samhain isn’t until two weeks from now in November (you can thank the Gregorian calendar for that). So this is a Catholicised version of the holiday. So we are in the Catholic feast.

Not Samhain. I made a special post for links to everything from articles to Creepy pastas on YouTube and more! Enjoy!

The Demon Cat of Washington DC

Today’s Cars for Halloween : Light a Lamp in Remembrance

The Fear Lab

6 Cursed Objects (One of them is from here in Florida)

Cemeteries for the Stars

The Strange Tale of a Mother’s Love : The Grave with a Staircase (Grave of Florence Irene Ford)

Llyn Barfog and the tale of King Arthur killing the monster Afanc

Conjuring Kesha : The Ghost Tv series starring Kesha

The Hardy Tree of St. Pancras Old Church, London

Atlas Obscura Halloween!

Piglet & the Bacon Ghost! A Winnie the Pooh Halloween Story

The Devil’s Bridge in Spooky Lane, Hertfordshire

LA’s Horror Car Wash (Video)

Creepy Halloween Background sounds
Creepy Halloween Stories
Celtic Pagan Origin of Halloween
The Walt Disney Skeleton Dance
Strangeness in the Countryside
Horror Stories in the Snow

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Triple Goddess in the Land by Eline Kieft

A Modern Pilgrimage to the Isle of Lewis & Harris, Part 1 For a long time, I felt a soft but insistent tug to go to the Isle of Lewis & Harris, on …

Triple Goddess in the Land by Eline Kieft

Ghostwatch: The BBC Mockumentary That Traumatized England (A Special Halloween Blog!)

Airing from Northolt, North London, Ghostwatch alleged to report on the paranormal experiences of the Early family, which had been besieged by the …

Ghostwatch: The BBC Halloween Hoax That Traumatized Viewers

I find this very fascinating. This was a mockumentary before such a thing even existed. It was way ahead of it’s time. Better than the Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity series. Apparently, they wanted to trick people into thinking this was real.

They originally wanted this to be a tv series. But BBC didn’t want to invest too much time in putting all the time episodes little by little. So instead they played the very last episode. It was an amazing work of art. But, a lot of people died or got PTSD as a result of this.

The entire country was traumatized from the mockumentary. One guy died, one woman went into labor, and a few people including children committed suicide. So this TV movie/ show actually caused deaths. One woman complained to the BBC that her husband actually crapped himself from the fear. And she actually had to calm him down.

Unlike the hysteria in North America, when a radio show dramatized H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, this was done on purpose. In fact there’s a really interesting tidbit in here about how the guy behind this, wanted to add a frequency that only animals could hear. So they would be freaked out by the movie when it aired. And in turn freak out the owners of the animals. This was to make it more authentic.

Part of a show that was connected to Ghostwatch

What really sealed the deal was that they used real journalists in the mockumentary. So that it appeared for all intents and purposes to be a real live broadcast. No one knew it was fake. So when the evil ghost haunting the family started blowing up lamps, and trying to kill the family on live tv all hell broke lose (pun intended). In the end it wasn’t just the movie.

It was that the BBC didn’t do anything to warn people it was fake. If people had gone into this knowing it was going to be a tv horror movie the outcome would have been different. Children would not have been allowed to watch it (some of the journalists were known to the kids because they were in children’s programs). People with a health condition or pregnant would probably have either not watched it or at least been better prepared. And ultimately there probably wouldn’t have been a death toll.

Especially amongst the children. This 1992 masterpiece that also caused mass death can still be found today. Though I have heard it’s banned in the U.K. because it remains an object of controversy. But I actually found it in YouTube.

So without further adieu, here is the The Trailer

The Ghostwatch 1992 Movie Full!

Only watch this after you see the movie, these are all the sightings of Pipes you missed in the movie.

The Ted Talk by Stephen Volk the Genius who created this masterpiece

The Missing Link Between Ghostwatch & Haunted.

Ghostwatch : Behind the curtains (2012) this is the behind the scenes making of the documentary. Just beware because this comes from the Putlocker website. And they always have spam. But it was the only version of the documentary I was able to find online.

These are deleted scenes from the Documentary : Ghostwatch, behind the curtains

The official YouTube of Ghostwatch : Behind the Curtains 2012 Documentary

The online Blog for Ghostwatch

The official Ghostwatch site

Viewer Discretion is Advised