Happy Friday 13th and Birthday of John Dee!

Friday the 13th. In Cuba and in a few other countries, friday the 13th and tuesday the 13th are Days of mystical power.

Italians believe in Friday the 17th being the bad Friday. The older generation of Santeros I’ve met use this day for magic. Especially charging of resguardos (Spanish “safe guards”) or our version of Wards. Others use it for good luck and still more draw on the negtive side of the magic for hexing their enemies. Or breaking hexes as the day can do both.

Or even the banishing or summoning of dark spirits. Given what is happening the day before, I think I know what I should be focusing on. To add even more power to it, it is the birthday of Dr. John Dee. John Dee was a Magus of great repute during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He as well as his colleague, Edward Kelly, were pioneers in the field of Sorcery.

Their magic earned them an endless chorus of financial backers for years.
Until Kelly grew greedy and split from Dee thinking he could use the powers they had learned to make money. This led to his death. You see Dee was more interested in enlightenment and the betterment of humanity. Kelly just wanted money.

But as powerful as they were separately, together they had amassed a level of occult power that few magi before them had ever gained. The magi had learned how to communicate with Angels and Archangels in Heaven. Kelly was the Angelmancer. It was his ability to speak with them that allowed Dee to take such great strides in his magical experiments. They learned the language of the Angels and their various secrets and powers.

This system of magic was later called Enochian Magic after the Prophet Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, the prophet had gained such divine favor with GOD that he ascended into the skies. He became the Archangel Metatron. This Archangel coincidentally also rules Thursday. Metatron is considered almost equal in rank to Michael.

It was Metatron, Uriel, and a few other Archs who revealed their secrets to the pair of Magicians. So, John Dee on a Friday 13th? Let’s see what would a good Santero (or let’s face it, witch in general) do? Hmm. Sounds like a Spiritualist session is in order.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

– M

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