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Lately, this is something that fell into my radar. For example, I have been hearing for a few years now from Pastor Robin Swope (The Paranormal Pastor) that Slenderman is real. After Slenderman started going viral, Pastor Swope and other researchers who have radio shows started noticing something was off. Everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers were calling in with experiences. But these experiences were from years back.

I remember that Lon Strickler from Phantoms and Monsters had even posted experiences with people who had seen not one or two but many of them. One person said that when they were a child on a farm, they saw dozens of them traveling as if in a pack. So here I decided to post as many links to what I believe are credible information is possible. Spoiler alert : One debunks the possible theories that it’s a German nature spirit that haunts children. The popular theory that even Pastor Swope believes in, says that it’s a Child Terror. *

However, this story that Slenderman is an entity from Germany called Der Großmann (The Tallman, Greatman) seems largely unproven. Oh you’ll find dozens of internet articles stating this as fact. But we don’t actually have a single folkloric source stating it. Which is why I want to talk to a German Folklorist to see if it can be proven. What I did find where supposedly ancient Cave Paintings that depict a creature that looks suspiciously like the Slenderman. But I don’t know of its authenticity.

So I’ll leave you to judge. Without further ado here are the links :

The Untold Legacy of Slenderman

Cave Painting in Sego Canyon, Utah

The Der Grobmann Myth, and German Folklore


A Fictional Character come to life?

Slenderman : From Fiction to Fact by Pastor Robin Swope (Book Review)

Two Slenderman Encounters

* Child Terrors are malevolent nature spirits. They enjoy tormenting or even hunting and devouring children. Something that all Fae see as repugnant. There are people who say they come mostly from the Dark Fae. But I have bartered with them in the past.

And they may not be the nicest, but neither do they subscribe to this. Spirit cultures seem to universally look down on any being that torments children. This is normally seen as the territory for a demon. But Child Terrors for whatever reason seem to be addicted to causing and feeding off of fear in children. And at least some of the Fae are seen as demonic as well as nature spirits.

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