Imbolc Spring Report and the Year of the Earth Boar

I have preparied the Imbolc Report on what occured in North America on this day. I observed several divinations on this day both personal and general to what was happening in our world. I created a Brideog or Brighid Doll and gave a bed for Briganti to sleep in while I read her poetry all night. I lit seven candles and prepared one very special candle for her. A long candle stick, often referred to as a “legitimate candle of the dead” by old Santeros from Cuba. 

Candle Sticks are apparently the preffered offering for the Dead besides food. I first visited the cemetery I go to and left Oya a nice food offering for her and for Obbá and Yeguá the two Orishas who live inside the cemetery. The reason for this is because one of her festive days is Candlemas. So I asked her to reap all nasty energies. But I also asked her to bless me at the Market place with prosperity and abundance. 

This day is used to chase away the spirits of the dead and dark spirits of winter back to the Underworld. So I gave food at the Cemetery as an incentive for the departed and other more dark entities to leave willingly. I asked Oya to take on the task of chasing away the ones who wouldn’t leave of their own accord. I then made my way home. Once I lit every candle, I took a single large candle stick, placed it in a white basin with a little holy water (to snuff the candle out) and then I began taking shots with my phone. 

I do this as a form of spirit photography and Sciomancy. Sciomancy is Divination by shadows. The blessed candle will reveal things in the dark through the shadows and tell me the answers to my questions. The pictures revealed dark energies and what I can only describe as Shadow beings exposed by the candle. This had never happened before and I have tried to debunk it a few times by replicating the pictures in the same area with the same type of candle. 

The effect could not be replicated. Also, when the candle is snuffed out by the holy water, it’s always gentle. It never makes so much as a hissing noise. This time it made a large pop like a fire cracker. When I took our the left over candle wax to divine, it took on the form of a nasty creature. 
I didn’t bother to take a picture because it felt nasty.

I disposed of the wax and washed the basin out with more holy water. So far things were not looking good this year. Since then, more signs and omens started appearing even yesterday. That’s why it took me this long to post a blog on it. 
So let’s start with the Weather.

On the actual day of Imbolc Eve, it was very sunny and fair. Which of course is bad. Because that means winter will stay longer. I prayed and prayed for bad weather. The same day, the US was marshaling their forces all around Venezuela and I expected to hear of an invasion at any moment. 

But at Sunset when it officially became Imbolc, I felt tiny drops of cold water as a small, temporary, storm was taking place. It barely lasted a minute or two. But I gave a huge sigh of relief. It was enough to give me hope that winter might leave early this year. Not just so that the violence could stop, but so that the Polar Vortex that is afflicting parts of the country would leave.

People have already frozen to death and these poor animals are being afflicted as well. I wondered if colder weather would happen on Imbolc day. But on the actual day when I brought the Brighid Doll to a sacred pond to complete the festival, it was mostly sunny again. With only a little bit more cold rain drops falling at almost full dark. So, what does this mean? The omens state that it is the matter is inconclusive. 

I felt when doing these rituals that the forces of Spring and Winter are still at war with each other. And a clear winner has not been chosen. We know spring will eventually win. But that’s it. Spring might come early, or winter may stay longer.

Only time will tell. This is in line with what the Quimbanderos and Umbanderos have said in this year’s divination. They said that “Fire and Water, Neptune and Mars” would reign this year. A struggle between opposites. I felt that the storm wanted to manifest more.

But something was holding it back. The darker forces of the old year are still holding on. 
And fighting to remain here. That is why it is imperative that we all do whatever new year’s rituals and offerings there are to assure victory for the spring forces. Our collective prayers and offerings will decide whether the positive forces of change will win out or not.

We need to appeal to the Gods first and foremost and then ask them to empower the spirits of nature to give spring victory. When I mean spring and winter I am also speaking figuratively of Light and Dark, Good and Evil. We all need to get on board with helping the Light win this battle. Dark isn’t necessarily evil. But in this context,  based on the divinations, malevolent forces seem to be using the dark of winter to achieve an objective.

And this can have ramifications for us in the future. Better to do our best to prevent this now.
 Magic is only part of the solution though. We need to accompany faith with action. We need to make serious changes in our lives and do better.

 We need to love and be open to getting involved in the world around us. No more hiding in our own little worlds. The good news is, at least those rain drops happened at all. I fully expected the winter to be the clear winner. So we just might kick it’s ass anyway.

We are now living in the Year of the Earth Boar in the Chinese Zodiac. A very good Blogger I follow here on WordPress wrote a great article on this  :

He has some good news for this year which is very welcomed at this point. Also, Hobiyee Nisg̱a’a New Year started this month. This refers to a holiday where the Elders of this First Nation look to the skies and divine. They use the Moon to see if we will have a prosperous or poor year. Let’s hope for a prosperous year.

Good night everyone. 

Florida Man in his own version of the Nautilus, tries to go to New York, washes up on shore in Florida instead

As a favorite episode of mine on X Files once said :

“The nuts all roll down to Florida,” and it’s true.

This whole post reminds me of 20,000 Leagues under the sea

Now, this wasn’t a submarine, but it still kinda looks like one and I think it’s freaking cool! So I am calling it the new Nautilus. So sue me. It’s my blog Goddamn it. And here by the authority vested in me by WordPress and the internet, I declare this man the new captain Nemo. So suck it.

We must have a higher percentage of insane or brave people per capita in the United States. I wonder if other countries have their own version of Florida. This has become so common, that people have “Florida man drinking games” where they make up something a Florida man did. And if it happened already, they drink.

(News flash, no matter what you make up, it has probably already been done by a Florida guy.)

But this one is different. I actually like this guy. I’m proud of this Florida Man. He did something really cool and ambitious and wanted to share it with all of you.

From the Flagler county sheriff’s Facebook page

So I’m trying to relax, I have taken some time off from damn near everything. And as it turns out another Florida guy did something crazy! 😂 My first reaction was laughing very hard. My second reaction was face palming myself. My third was thinking “Christ, not another Florida man,”. And I found this on the Guardian Newspaper in the UK of all places.

Even the English know about our fuckery now. The guy’s name is Reza Baluchi,

“A Florida man startled beachgoers when he washed ashore inside a hybrid bubble-running wheel device,”

“The occupant advised he left the St Augustine area yesterday to head to New York,” the sheriff’s office said, “but came across some complications that brought him back to shore”.

“Fox 35 Orlando reported that Baluchi’s aim was to ‘run’ to the northern US or Bermuda. Baluchi instead ended up 30 miles south of his St Augustine start point,”

“A video on Baluchi’s YouTube channel, posted in September 2020, outlined a plan to travel to Bermuda in the bubble vessel. It was unclear if that voyage took place,”

“According to Baluchi’s website, he was preparing for a similar voyage in April 2016,”

Brother, not sure you want to go to the Bermuda Triangle.

In the article he says he did this because he wanted to prove that if you have a dream, you should go for it. And I agree with him 100%. Remember that some of the great visionaries of the world are people everyone thought were crazy. And from imagination comes great things. And let’s be serious, this is freaking cool! I think I’ll add this to my stories!

One question though. Because clearly he did a lot of preparation for this voyage. But how will he take shit in that thing? 🤔 I mean is there a built in toilet not being mentioned there? And how will he clean himself or sleep for that matter? After a few bites of that Tuna he’ll be flushing his insides out. Article on Mr. Baluchi here. Florida people, stay crazy, and keep your mind and your imagination open.

From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Surfside : Florida’s 9/11

The wreckage of the Condo at Surfside, seen at night

I don’t say this lightly mind you. While Terrorists didn’t knock these towers down, the loss of life and the devastation is so horrible that it weighs on us (well some of us). The exile protests have largely drowned out all reporting on Surfside which is shameful to say the least. The pain this left in my heart was so bad that I prayed for something, anything to replace it. I remember when I was a teenager watching the tv when the second airplane crashed into the world trade towers.

I was at school when it happened. I never thought I would witness anything even close to that again. Then, some weeks ago, when I was doing my laundry I saw reports of a condo at Surfside, Florida collapsing.

When the collapse happened, everyone thought it was a Hurricane or an Earthquake

It happened at Champlain Towers in Surfside. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought it was another terror attack. Whole families, and their pets trapped under the rubble. There was so much wreckage that the state of Florida was overwhelmed.

Crews from Mexico had to come here to help us out. I remember laughing bitterly at the silent irony. So many Cuban Exiles in Florida are racist against other Hispanic groups. And they hated President Lopez Obrador for his support of Cuba and Venezuela. Many exiles cheered when it stopped being a sanctuary city.

Yet here the evil commie President of Mexico was sending crews to help the ill equipped Republican Governor of Florida. And to try and save as many families as possible. Many of those families being you guessed it, Cuban immigrants. I hope after this, nobody ever complains about Leftist Presidents or Mexicans ever again.

Unfortunately, when Los Topos Aztecas (The Aztec Moles) crew came from Mexico, the Florida government didn’t allow them to help. Oh they claimed they weren’t allowing international resources to be used (why not?). But they sure allowed Israel to get involved. So a state that violates human rights could get involved in Surfside, but not a country with a Left Wing President who is closer? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Welcome to Dumbfuckistan aka Florida.

Close up of the towers

What really made me angry is that later on, we found out the buildings had structural problems. And that these problems have been around since the 90’s. Inspector after inspector told the owners of Surfside that the buildings weren’t safe. When in what was it, 2016 or 2017? Another inspector said it needed to be fixed quickly. That peoples lives were in danger.

And then rabid Libertarians and Republicans claiming “socialism” is at fault because if Private Inspectors were allowed to do the inspections this wouldn’t have happened. Anyone sent from the government is socialism to them. Anything to distract from the fact that America’s free market system is killing us all. Prices rise but pay stays low. People die, but that’s okay because it’s all part of “democracy”.

Florida and America, I try to love you, but every day I just feel more and more disappointed in you. You are not the “land of the free and home of the brave” where “streets are paved with gold” that my family told me you were. You’re a nightmare and a shitshow. And it’s only getting worse with each generation. I don’t care who I piss off with this.

I’m a Cuban American and enough is enough already. Enough of useless Republican politicians that let the business interests in Florida pervade over us all. Enough of rampant crony capitalism. Enough of snubbing leaders from other countries who want to help us simply because they are leftist. Enough of the bullshit already.

All they do is moan and whine and complain about Castro and Communism. While they support crooked leaders that tell us that they send “prayers and thoughts” when what we need are real leaders like Lopez Obrador who actually send help. I am tired of almost no Democrats getting voted into power here cause they must all be “commies”. I’m tired that events in another country, overshadow the tragedy of Surfside here. Almost no one even remembers now.

I really do love Florida, I just wish it wasn’t in the dark ages.

Astrological Forecast

Jaci Goddess of the Moon, Animals & Nature, Lovers, reproduction, plants, night, moonlight, offerings, and maidens. Indigenous Goddess in Brazil.

Well, this post is all about the astrological events coming in these weeks. Including the full moon that is to come. Remember that Mercury Retrograde ends on the 23rd of this month which is only a week away. And the day before the Full Moon. But Juno Retrograde will be with us until August 2nd.

So we have plenty of reaping and fixing of our affairs to do. On the major changes we are to continue doing I suggest reading Lisa Moon cat’s post on the subject. On Juno Retrograde, Jamie from Pandora Astrology has a great video here. And this is a video on the Full Moon. Tomorrow, we have the Summer Solstice.

And the fine people at Paradise Lost made a special edition of their newsletter for it. The feasts for today are the Feast of Summanus which is a chthonic version of Jupiter, King of the Roman Gods. The Jupiter of the night time thunderstorms. Which strangely enough, thunderstorms are being forecasted for tonight here in Florida. It’s also the final feast of the Roman Rosalia, which is the feasts dedicated to dead Roman soldiers.

And finally, the Egyptian festival of Anpu (Anubis) traveling to every necropolis. So this is truly a day for the dead across the spectrums. It makes sense that before the triumph of the Gods of Light tomorrow, the forces of night and death would be stronger today. So give offerings to all your dead at Sunset and stay in doors after that. Make sure you cleanse and clean your house.

Rather than the typical smudging everyone uses, it’s better to cleanse the house first with Myrrh which is a funerary incense. This is to take away all impure energy from your home. All bad luck, all the stuff you want to get rid of. And finally, bless and charge the house with Frankincense which is a solar incense. Dedicate your home to the Gods of Lights.

Replace and recharge your wards. And place imagery of the Gods of light everywhere in your home. Even a simple cross will do since it’s both Christian and Pagan imagery. It can be used to bring the light and conquer the darkness. I hope you enjoy these links and that they are of some benefit to you.

– M

IFA of the Year 2021-2022

The Orisha Orula, from this article in Spanish on how to prepare his offerings

From the Oyeku Ofun Temple we have the IFA for the rest of this year and halfway to next year. Please check it out, it has good information.

This is their post :

IFA of the Year 2021-2022

Now for those who are new readers and haven’t had the chance to see what this is, IFA is a system of divination and a spiritual order. It’s a priesthood of the Orisha or Yoruba God, Orula. The God of Divination and Magic who was there when the creator Deity Olofi made all things. Fa is the Orisha of Destiny. So IFA is the way of knowing destiny and how to change it via rituals meant to change your fate.

This is the best way to explain it. For instance, there are rituals in IFA that drive away sudden death. And rituals to make a poor person a successful and wealthy person etc.. the IFA of the year is the Prophesy of the Year done by the Babalawos. Orula’s priests. They speak to him and to all the other Yoruba Deities or spirits via the system of divination.

And they tell us what the new year entails and what has to be done to ensure success. These rituals are known as Ebbo. And they range from sacrificial offerings to cleansing rituals. Rituals meant to change our fates. Strict adherence must be given to these rituals.

Screwing them up can have horrible repercussions. And so it’s necessary to go to a good Babalawo and pay him to do the rituals on your behalf the right way. My Babalawo is a Cuban man trained in Nigeria under the Aworenis. Btw this is just me dumbing the explanation down of what IFA is and what the Babalawos are. I am not claiming to be any kind of expert.

This is the best way to explain it. So with that said, happy Yoruba New Year and many blessings for all.

– M

Major Reaping for the Earth this Thursday : Solar Eclipse, New Moon, & Mercury & Juno Retrograde

Remember when I said the Earth was purging him/herself during this period? I knew it was going to more or less end with the New Moon. But damn, I didn’t realize it would die so hard. Eclipses of any kind bring out the shadow self. New Moons do it to lesser degree in comparison. Retrogrades really bring out the shadow.

This is some serious reaping being done. I hadn’t even realized there was a Juno retrograde in progress. Which is actually worse. Because Juno is the Queen of the Roman Gods. Queen of the Universe.

So everything is backwards. The New Moon which is a time for the dead as well as shadow work, is the sign of Gemini. Gemini being the twin already deals with the duality of the soul. So this is perfect time for Shamanism, Introspection, and anything that requires deeper spiritual insight. Those born under this sign will obviously be effected more than usual.

And of course any dark art including necromancy will be at its strongest now. When I say dark art, I don’t mean evil magics or consorting with demons. I mean any energy or magic attuned to the darker spectrums of energy. Whether it’s talking to the dead, using special forms of divination like a scrying, or calling on the Winter Court of the Fae (Dark Fae). That’s what I mean.

I’m not advocating any form of harmful magic. Though you should be forewarned that harmful spirits, energies, and magics will be powered up at this time.

Now this is sort of a weird one. The bloodmoon was still stronger. But a New Moon with an added Solar Eclipse increases the darker energies of nature. Add in the retrogrades and this is a far stronger time for the emergence of our shadow selves than before. I’m beginning to think that the danger I alluded to in my other blog post was the shadow of the bloodmoon and its aftermath effecting us all.

I suspect that this is another time where the veil is thin. And we may yet see deeper into the other side is coming. So do the same as before. Salt all doors and windows after a cleansing and blessing. Use either dark wards or nature based wards for protection.

White wards for lighter energy won’t do it.

If you’re a Christian it doesn’t matter. Because the cross is a multifaceted system. It is a symbol of nature to some, a chthonic symbol of the dead to others, as well as a symbol of spiritual light. You just need to make sure it’s attuned with special prayers against the eclipse. Specifically mention in your prayers the victory of life against death or Christ against original sin etc..

Recite Psalm 91, the Psalm of Protection. And keep a Bible under your pillow after reading the psalm. You might still have the nightmares or undergo whatever was happening when the bloodmoon got here. But it will go away. In addition to this, we have the Phita Khon Festival from Thailand.

It’s a variation of the Ghost Festival of the Chinese, only more positive. Instead of angry ghosts or dark ghosts, this focuses on happy and positive ghosts. Essentially, the Buddha had gone in a journey for a long time. No one knew if he was alive or dead. When he finally returned, everyone became so happy that even the dead rose from the happiness.

So every year the Phita Khon Ghost Festival is celebrated where people rejoice for three days. They wear ghost masks and party. As well as give offerings for the dead. So this adds both light and dark energy to this time. It is a good time to call on the Buddha and his disciples for protection.

So that’s all for now. Please take care of yourselves. I am going to observe what happens these days as they follow.

Let the light guide you

The Myths And Legends Of Ireland’s Hound Of Deep, The Dobhar Chu

Although Irish folklore is littered with legendary ghoulish water creatures, few are as scary as Dobhar Chu (pronounced do-war coo). Considered by …

The Myths And Legends Of Ireland’s Hound Of Deep, The Dobhar Chu

Dreams of Blood and Gore

Last night was filled with dreams of blood and gore and zombies

It was almost a fever dream. It was an amazing experience actually. I performed a controlled experiment during the blood moon. I used specialized wards to keep myself safe and protected. I performed apotropaic rituals as well.

I protected myself from all malign influences. I prayed to Hermès Khthonios (Terrestrial Hermès, Hermès of the dead). And I asked that I work with the bloodmoon instead of becoming its victim. So I had a very weird almost 80’s horror movie dream. I dreamt that I was younger than I am now.

And I lived in an alternate version of America. where a Zombie apocalypse had already happened. But we were used to them now. We even had high fences to keep the dead trapped inside of their resting places. They only came out at night.

To make it stranger, the zombies couldn’t abide the light of the sun, almost like vampires.

But at night they reigned supreme

The rich had turned their neighborhoods into secure and fortified cities. But the middle class and poor had shit. I was in Liberty City I think. But a much darker version of it. I mean it’s a rough neighborhood in real life.

But it’s Disneyland in comparison to this place. All they had were a few high fences. Specifically around cemeteries to keep the dead trapped in their own areas. But even then, Zombies still made it out in the open. And people had to be on their guard at night.

But despite the dangers, all these little old ladies were still on the street at night, talking like it was nothing. I even tried warning a few of them not to get too close to the fences. They just looked at me like I was getting excited over nothing. I actually laughed when I woke up from my dream. That definitely sounds like real life.

Not only would we adapt to an apocalypse, but we would treat it like it was nothing. That’s what we did to smallpox, and the bubonic plague. That’s what one day we will do to cancer and to aids. It’s not a dream. Science has produced both horrors and miracles.

It all depends on the level of resources and application applied to it. In Cuba for example, they ended mother to child transmission of aids. And they also developed a skin cancer vaccine. Those interested can read about it here. So it is possible, if the US like Cuba, could use science as the only decision making factor.

(Yes I fully realize that sounds weird coming from a Pagan magician that talks to dead people and spirits. But sometimes religion really does get in the way. And science should have its way).

Instead of religion and personal bias, we could have miracles like this available to us. But I got lost in telling my story. The point is, I could see that even with a zombie apocalypse, we would adapt. We might even make it a part of our class system, with the wealthy being the most fortified. And the rest of us making due with a few silly fences.

That’s what this world was like. I remember that I was some kind of young biker. I broke off with my father and step mother and step sister. I turned against them for some reason. In this world, the poor didn’t have cars anymore.

The aftermath of the zombie apocalypse was still very recent. We had to walk in caravans similar to how the ancients did. It was weird, modern in some ways and in others we were right back to how we started.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor by Studio Décollage

A true nightmare scape

It was like a modern retro version of the ancient societies. I met a girl on the road. I knew her. She worked as a waitress but left due to the apocalypse. I grew up with her I think.

We rekindled an old romance and spent time on the road. Hot nights on the street, hiding under rubble to not be seen. Wondering how my family was. It was strange. I smelled like crap too.

This must have been what it was like to live hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Never taking a bath, or if you did it was with regular water. No soap. Nasty as hell. Now imagine that with rotting corpses walking around.

And the police forces were turned into a small army. They were combined with the national guard to protect to middle class and rich. Of course in this world there is just wealthy and poor. The regular police handle the middle class as a militia. National Guard and private mercenary forces handle the rich.

The politicians are at the top of the totem pole. With cities that have everything. The rest of us are screwed. The homeless are divided into two categories. Those who kill and those who are killed.

Some of the homeless formed their own militias. Others either died or became zombies. Those homeless militia became our protectors. We started merging with them. Gone were the days when the homeless were mistreated or even homeless.

They became our own national guard. Street Killers or Slayers is what we called them. After a while they started looking like the picture of the zombie survivor I put up there. The Gangs were all wiped out because they tried using brute force. They thought they could kill them all.

Instead they lost the battle before anyone else did. Which taught the police and other armed forces and even civilians a valuable lesson : brute force wouldn’t do it. We could only win through proper organization. By making fortified Holmes and restricting the zombies to certain areas. The problem again, was that the poor were left to fend for ourselves.

We were the acceptable sacrifice. When we had fortified homes, then we focused on militarization. Slayers wore olive green uniforms or coats. And they made weapons of whatever they could find. Some had smugglers that stole high tech weapons from the official armies and police.

If we were lucky we would bump into slayers. Some were corrupt and others good. But they kept us safe from the zombies. And that had no price.

That girl and I ran away to a Mall that was still operational. It still showed movies and had things. But it had also become a kind of shelter or sanctuary from the zombies outside. Whoever ran this alternate liberty city had ordered the malls and other structures be turned into nighttime sanctuaries. Places of respite for weary travelers.

From Ribbon Around a Bomb

We were excited to be there. She and I were being all romantic. We were in this massive movie theater. About to watch a movie and I was about to slip my hand up her skirt. But I also remember the fear of being there.

Because even in this world, COVID was still a thing. And this place was cramped and filthy. In the end it didn’t matter. Because the girl and I had contracted the Zombie virus. We became the living dead.

Someone had betrayed us. That’s what I was thinking before I completely succumbed to this thing. Someone had actually let these things in. Or maybe even allowed enough of the contagion in here. It was the only thing that made sense.

Maybe they wanted to wipe out as much of the poor as possible. Who knows. I wasn’t even sure who “they” were. I just knew that this was no accident. A few other people got it as well. The last thing I remembered, was seeing a really annoying blond neighbor.

A real Karen. And I said to myself, well I’m a zombie already, I might as well kill her. My mouth opened unnaturally wide. And I took a large chunk out of her flesh. I realized more or less that the virus changes you.

That you can still think. But you aren’t really you anymore. I would never have been so nonchalant about killing someone. I was even worried about old women that were too close to the fences. But now I had no inhibitions.

I didn’t care about killing someone just because I could. Especially if they annoyed me. It was like being drugged. It was all a game to me now. It was some of the strangest feelings I ever had.

A predatory instinct. But not an animal instinct. Animals kill to eat. Zombies didn’t have to eat, they just wanted to. And I felt that we hunted for sport.

We even had a weird telepathic link to one another. Similar to a hive mind but we also had an individual mind. But the hive mind controlled us all. Like a master and we were it’s servants. And with that, the last of my humanity died away.

I ate the still screaming neighbor. I fought hard not to laugh as I was doing it. I now found it funny. And as time passed, I began to lose all of my memories. My loved ones and all whom I cared for.

All of them, gone. My soul was dead and gone.

By Dark Art

And that was it. It was strange. Like seeing an alternate universe. I remember that Shamans used different techniques to attain altered states of consciousness. They would see many strange things and all of it carried a powerful meaning.

Whenever natural phenomena like the bloodmoon happens, we all get a taste of that. I thought it was fascinating. The main take away I get from this is death. The death of the old world of the old life, of a putrid and corrupted society. To be replaced by something else.

I think this was a vision of society as a whole. Not just of myself, but of the world we live in. That’s why it took the form of an altered world. This is how the spirits and Gods view our society. Maybe it wasn’t a mere nightmare vision after all.

But instead a judgement from above of the world we live in now. I don’t know for sure. I plan to do a divination to see if the dream had any practical information for me. Besides the symbolic. So I will be doing a part two of this showing the results of the divination.

But tonight as you close the doors, maybe put some salt on them. You never know what hungry thing could be lurking in the dark. – M

By Dark Zombie

The Superbloodmoon Eclipse Wednesday May 26, 2021

Blood moon by by Megan Duncanson

Tonight is the blood moon of the year 2021. As always, the Blood Moon brings out the shadow side in us all. The dark side of nature. Nightmares, negative thoughts, and even manic depressive behavior goes on the rise. Now scientifically speaking, the gravitational pull of the Moon effects Earth.

The tides rise and fall with the Moon. Some people believe that it causes the water in our blood to change direction, which effects peoples moods. Or even changes how people think during this time. Many believe this is pseudoscience. But there is a correlation between Full Moons and manic behavior.

So much so that the ancient Romans correlated them in their language. Both the words “moon” and “lunacy” come from the name Luna, the Roman Goddess of the Moon. Even today, the name Luna is now a word in Spanish we use for the moon. There’s been a correlation with the rise of violence and crime with the full moons as well. But no clear scientific evidence to explain why there is a correlation in the first place.

There’s an interesting article on this called Does the Full Moon actually affect people’s behavior? Where it explains all of this further. While science may still be exploring the reasons why, the supernatural offers some ideas. Astrological events cause the world to become liminal, that is to say that everything is in between spaces. All realities bleed into each other a little bit. And this is even more true for sensitives.

Psychics, practicing witches, any kind of magic user from any culture is effected. And women are even more effected. Specifically women who are pregnant or on their period. The full moon is a time of fertility for both men and women. But because women can actually give birth, they are more tied to the forces of reproductive nature than men are.

This isn’t some weird “woke” feminist jive. This is ancient knowledge that goes back thousands of years. My Godmother in Santeria was the one who taught me this. And then later on indigenous shamans from Peru and even some wiccans told me similar things. Witches in Peru actually use tobacco in a red draw string bags for the protection of a woman during her period.

Because women become semi liminal during this time. They are so full of life that negative entities could try to latch on to them. Well, the blood moon is even worse. In essence it’s nature itself going through a type of menstrual cycle. It’s as if Mother Nature herself is purging herself of all negative toxins and essences.

Earth on her period…..and she’s pissed

Blood Gods and Goddesses and their spirits are at their strongest at this time. Both good and evil kinds of Gods and spirits. And because Earth is a mighty super organism, everything connected to it is also effected. Imagine that the Earth is a being that has an umbilical chord connected to all of us. That chord is what is known as the root chakra.

It’s known as Mūlādhāra or “the root of existence”. This is the chord that connects us to our mother. It feeds us life force energy. It makes sense when you think about it. According to world religions, whether the Norse faith or the Christian religion, humans were made from the Earth.

The Norse Gods carved the first man and woman from a tree they found on a beach. And the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all claim God formed humanity out of mud. No matter the religion, we were all created from the Earth. So we have a natural psychic connection to it. The root chakra has us in constant contact with Earth’s energy.

We cannot exist without the Earth. We cannot be independent from it. Even the demons, ghosts, and other spirits are subject to the power of the Earth. To it’s laws and decrees. Demons for all of their arrogance, get scared when confronted with simple herbs and roots or stones of the Earth.

Even certain metals like silver and iron can take power away from them. The same can be said about any spirit that decides to come down here. Even earthly salt can be used to dispel the power of evil. So if even a non human entity, or an entity that was formally a living human, is effected that way, we can only come to one conclusion. And that is that all of us, spirit, animal, trees and plants, minerals, the various entities in between are effected by our parent, the Earth.

And whatever effects the Earth, will inevitably effect all of us. Imagine the Earth having a panic attack, and because we are all connected to it, we manifest that attack down to the animal level. So Earth will endure this nightmare state while the blood moon is in the sky. The blood moon is created by an eclipse. This is another expression of the shadow side of nature.

From Myths, Stories and Historical References of Total Solar Eclipses

There are many legends of creatures who cause eclipses by means of “swallowing the moon”. This was seen as an attempt by negative spiritual forces to extinguish the light. The Dragon Rahu being the Chinese version of the story. In other stories it’s a cosmic Toad who eats the moon or the sun. But regardless there is a tradition of negative forces tied to eclipses.

There are positive forces tied to them as well. For many, these are just natural cycles playing out. So that the world can be cleansed of the toxic crap we have going on down here. But it also makes us vulnerable to attack from dark spiritual forces. It’s like an open door for such entities.

Fight Fire with Fire

I’ve been told my mentors that the regular protections don’t work during this time. Instead of using the typical white magic or nature magic protections, we should see things a little differently. We need to act as if we are in winter time. In winter, we finely attune our wards and protective rituals for the time of the dead. Using ancestral magic or nature magic associated with the dark fae is the way to go.


Salting the doors of course. But using black candles or white candles that are specially prepared will also work. The black because they symbolize the dark and will use a sympathetic energy that won’t conflict with the eclipse. Plus black candles are used for destruction of negativity and curses. The white because it symbolizes pure light even in the darkness.

Avoid being too close to doors and windows or anything else considered an entrance. Also specifically blessing your charms for the blood moon is a good idea. Charge them with holy water and pray for them to be attuned to the blood moon. This will make sure they don’t flake out on you. And be sure to feed your guardians good offerings prior to the blood moon.

That way they will be empowered to protect you. You can even offer the protection candle to them as food to power them up. And ask them to help you flush all the bad energy out as painlessly as possible. And to send it somewhere else.


Then when you are safe and warded up, begin praying to your God. Or working with your guardians and asking for advice. Ask for you to be gently purged of all the bad stuff you need to let go of. Just go with it.

It will feel like your psyche is throwing up everything it has. With luck even some of your karma will get an overhaul. But it is necessary. Also remember that this Saturday, Mercury goes into Retrograde. And retrogrades are times when a God who rules a planet enters their chthonic or death God aspect. They say we feel a retrograde ahead of time.

Like three days or so before the actual day. Maybe the blood moon is an early indicator of the retrograde. If so that means this is one hell of a retrograde. Which I had already felt coming a month ago. Since last month the effects of a retrograde have been felt by people I know.

And even by me. It looks like Lord Hermès is getting ready to kick some serious ass. Still I wish he was more gentle. It feels more like a kick in the crotch than an ass kicking. Some serious shit is going down.

You should probably use these methods even after the bloodmoon. Since a retrograde is a chthonic time as well. Also be sure to give Hermès a crossroads offering. And to pray to him with a black candle using the Orphic hymn to Terrestrial Hermès (Hermès Khthonios). Just remember to cleanse yourself with blessed water before any offering to a Greek God.

Even if you are not an initiate and don’t know all the prayers and ways of doing the rituals it doesn’t matter. You can leave the food offerings to him on a crossroads and say the special prayer,

“HERMES I call, whom Fate decrees to dwell
In the dire path which leads to deepest Hades
O Bacchic Hermes, progeny divine
Of Dionysius, parent of the vine,

And of celestial Venus Paphian queen, 5
Dark eye-lash’d Goddess of a lovely mien:
Who constant wand’rest thro’ the sacred feats
Where Hades’ dread empress, Persephone, retreats;

To wretched souls the leader of thc way
When Fate decrees, to regions void of day: 10
Thine is the wand which causes sleep to fly,
Or lulls to slumb’rous rest the weary eye;
For Persephone thro’ Tart’rus dark and wide
Gave thee forever flowing souls to guide.
Come, blessed pow’r the sacrifice attend, 15
And grant our mystic works a happy end,”

The original English translation called her “Hell’s dread empress” and changed her name to “Prosperine”. So this is Greek magic I changed the name and words back to what they actually are. Persephone and Hades. Then after reciting the prayer, ask Hermès by his name of Terrestrial Hermès to guide you on the retrograde. To not allow it to be so violent.

And to empower you, your ancestors, and other guides to help you on your path. Also meditate with him. Imagine him dressed in black and you alone in a cave with him. Or imagine that you are there with your relatives who have passed away. Even with your pets.

And ask for guidance. This doesn’t have to be scary at all. Relax and when you feel like you are freaking out, remind yourself the Earth is having a panic attack. That’s all it is. And meditate. Quiet your mind.

Cleaning out the gutters

under a waterfall in the rain forest in the Pico Bonito National Park in Honduras

You can also purge by means of cleansings. A sort of spring cleaning. Remove all that causes you harm by washing with holy water. And throwing out what you don’t need anymore. Only keep what you want or have to use.

Everything else is just junk that collects spiderwebs and dust. When you shower, you can imagine a golden tube entering your third eye. You are under a waterfall, and sacred heavenly water enters your body from that tube, and washes out the bad energy from the inside out. Your root chakras will release the unwanted energy. And the water outside your body will cleanse your body of outside negative energy.

You can pray to whoever you believe in and confess things you want to get off your chest. Ask for the water to cleanse your soul. Ask for a karmic cleanse. There are many things you can ask that way. You can do this with your guardians as well.

Although they can’t absolve you. For that you need a God or higher divine being like a Saint to hear your prayers and help release old baggage from you. Whether it’s something bad you did or that someone else did to you. Some bad karma isn’t due to anything you did. But it’s due to negative actions done against you.

Like a wound that never healed by instead festered. You need to clean the wound and sterilize it. And finally heal it with the proper medicine. That’s what this time is all about. So while there are things to be cautious about during the bloodmoon and retrograde, there are also good things that can be found and experienced.

Don’t let it freak you out.

– M

From Ruby Artwork