Imbolc Spring Report and the Year of the Earth Boar

I have preparied the Imbolc Report on what occured in North America on this day. I observed several divinations on this day both personal and general to what was happening in our world. I created a Brideog or Brighid Doll and gave a bed for Briganti to sleep in while I read her poetry all night. I lit seven candles and prepared one very special candle for her. A long candle stick, often referred to as a “legitimate candle of the dead” by old Santeros from Cuba. 

Candle Sticks are apparently the preffered offering for the Dead besides food. I first visited the cemetery I go to and left Oya a nice food offering for her and for Obbá and Yeguá the two Orishas who live inside the cemetery. The reason for this is because one of her festive days is Candlemas. So I asked her to reap all nasty energies. But I also asked her to bless me at the Market place with prosperity and abundance. 

This day is used to chase away the spirits of the dead and dark spirits of winter back to the Underworld. So I gave food at the Cemetery as an incentive for the departed and other more dark entities to leave willingly. I asked Oya to take on the task of chasing away the ones who wouldn’t leave of their own accord. I then made my way home. Once I lit every candle, I took a single large candle stick, placed it in a white basin with a little holy water (to snuff the candle out) and then I began taking shots with my phone. 

I do this as a form of spirit photography and Sciomancy. Sciomancy is Divination by shadows. The blessed candle will reveal things in the dark through the shadows and tell me the answers to my questions. The pictures revealed dark energies and what I can only describe as Shadow beings exposed by the candle. This had never happened before and I have tried to debunk it a few times by replicating the pictures in the same area with the same type of candle. 

The effect could not be replicated. Also, when the candle is snuffed out by the holy water, it’s always gentle. It never makes so much as a hissing noise. This time it made a large pop like a fire cracker. When I took our the left over candle wax to divine, it took on the form of a nasty creature. 
I didn’t bother to take a picture because it felt nasty.

I disposed of the wax and washed the basin out with more holy water. So far things were not looking good this year. Since then, more signs and omens started appearing even yesterday. That’s why it took me this long to post a blog on it. 
So let’s start with the Weather.

On the actual day of Imbolc Eve, it was very sunny and fair. Which of course is bad. Because that means winter will stay longer. I prayed and prayed for bad weather. The same day, the US was marshaling their forces all around Venezuela and I expected to hear of an invasion at any moment. 

But at Sunset when it officially became Imbolc, I felt tiny drops of cold water as a small, temporary, storm was taking place. It barely lasted a minute or two. But I gave a huge sigh of relief. It was enough to give me hope that winter might leave early this year. Not just so that the violence could stop, but so that the Polar Vortex that is afflicting parts of the country would leave.

People have already frozen to death and these poor animals are being afflicted as well. I wondered if colder weather would happen on Imbolc day. But on the actual day when I brought the Brighid Doll to a sacred pond to complete the festival, it was mostly sunny again. With only a little bit more cold rain drops falling at almost full dark. So, what does this mean? The omens state that it is the matter is inconclusive. 

I felt when doing these rituals that the forces of Spring and Winter are still at war with each other. And a clear winner has not been chosen. We know spring will eventually win. But that’s it. Spring might come early, or winter may stay longer.

Only time will tell. This is in line with what the Quimbanderos and Umbanderos have said in this year’s divination. They said that “Fire and Water, Neptune and Mars” would reign this year. A struggle between opposites. I felt that the storm wanted to manifest more.

But something was holding it back. The darker forces of the old year are still holding on. 
And fighting to remain here. That is why it is imperative that we all do whatever new year’s rituals and offerings there are to assure victory for the spring forces. Our collective prayers and offerings will decide whether the positive forces of change will win out or not.

We need to appeal to the Gods first and foremost and then ask them to empower the spirits of nature to give spring victory. When I mean spring and winter I am also speaking figuratively of Light and Dark, Good and Evil. We all need to get on board with helping the Light win this battle. Dark isn’t necessarily evil. But in this context,  based on the divinations, malevolent forces seem to be using the dark of winter to achieve an objective.

And this can have ramifications for us in the future. Better to do our best to prevent this now.
 Magic is only part of the solution though. We need to accompany faith with action. We need to make serious changes in our lives and do better.

 We need to love and be open to getting involved in the world around us. No more hiding in our own little worlds. The good news is, at least those rain drops happened at all. I fully expected the winter to be the clear winner. So we just might kick it’s ass anyway.

We are now living in the Year of the Earth Boar in the Chinese Zodiac. A very good Blogger I follow here on WordPress wrote a great article on this  :

He has some good news for this year which is very welcomed at this point. Also, Hobiyee Nisg̱a’a New Year started this month. This refers to a holiday where the Elders of this First Nation look to the skies and divine. They use the Moon to see if we will have a prosperous or poor year. Let’s hope for a prosperous year.

Good night everyone. 

Super Blood Moon, Flower Moon, and Scorpio Lunar Eclipse!

The Moon becomes full at 9:30pm EST

Tonight is the Blood or Flower Moon. Combined with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Here’s some info for you.

All magic will be stronger during this time. For good and for bad. Good and evil spirits wander the places. So beware. Also, pregnant women and women in their periods should not be outside.

According to my Godmother in Santeria, women who are pregnant and on a period are susceptible to spirits. And indigenous witches in Peru actually state that a woman in such conditions becomes liminal during this time. Like a walking doorway absorbing all energy. Wear red strings to avoid the evil eye and harmful spirits. And only be outside to ask for wishes.

Or to do magical work you know you can handle. This is a lot of power accumulated from just a few days. Don’t let yourself get in over your head.

When will the Eclipse start?

9:32pm EST

When will it peak?


When does it end?

At 12:54am and then the moon should be normal by 2:50am

Now is the time to charge charms and holy waters and oils. Necromancy and Astrological magics will be stronger. So will summonings and vanishings. Another good art to practice is divination. But be careful since a lot of nasty spirits will try to mess with you.

More information from Time and

– M

Random Links of the Day : Friday the 13th Edition (Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!)

Let’s give a moment of silence for the Knights Templar who on this day were killed in 1307

Little known fact : The Knights Templar who were killed are considered the spiritual and religious ancestors of the Freemasons. My Freemason friend himself views them as holy men who suffered for their beliefs. The main idea is that they saw the crimes against humanity the Catholic Church committed against the people of Palestine. So to make sure no one heard any of the accounts, the King of France and the Pope Clement V had this particular group of Templars executed. In their honor we are going to have a random links of the day all about Friday the 13th!

The most accepted theory is that they were tortured into false confessions of heresy so the King wouldn’t have to pay them. Which is true. But there’s more to it then that.

Why is Friday the 13th Considered unlucky?

This day in history on May 13th

Black hole at the centre of our Galaxy imaged for the first time

Friday The 13th 2022: Why This Day Is A Lot Luckier Than You Might Think

According to

Friday the 13th & it’s History

13 October 1307,Friday – The day that changed the world

Meaning of Friday the 13th | Gnostic

Honoring The Knights Templar – Friday, October 13th, 1307

Knights Templars and Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar Are Arrested And Executed

Friday 13th – unlucky to be a Templar

Why Is Friday The 13th Unlucky? What Happened On This Day In 1307 To Curse It To Bad Luck

The Knights Templars Were Arrested on Friday 13th in 1307 A.D.


The Origin Of “Friday The 13th” | The Gnostic Dread


The Mystery of Number 13

11 Interesting Theories Historians Have Proposed About The Knights Templar

The English Templar : A novel by Helena P. Schrader

Historic catastrophes on Friday the 13th – Many still believe in the “Dark Powers” of this day

Friday the Thirteenth and the Knights Templar

My article from Yesterday on how this year’s Friday the 13th is mixed with the Roman Feast of the Lemuria

When Friday the 13th was combined with John Dee’s Birthday

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Friday the 13th Movie which is one of the greatest horror movies ever!

Finally, this is Comet Tv which is an awesome Science Fiction channel. And it just so happens there is a Zombie Movie Marathon today!

Comet Tv

Tomorrow there is a Van Helsing Marathon (it’s a funny Horror Parody tv show from the 70’s) and Sunday is Alien and Alien Resurrection. So enjoy!

Remember to light a candle for the Templars

– M

Dark Souls : The Festival of the Lemuria & Friday the 13th of May 2022

Lemures or Larvae. The dark souls of the ancestral dead

As if the festival of the Lemuria wasn’t already chalk full of some strange, and often dark mystical energy. The Gods have chosen to make it more bizarre by making the final day of the Lemuria land on a Friday 13th. I have mentioned this holiday before. But I haven’t really gone into full detail about it started or why. So here we delve into the background.

First I need to apologize. The holiday started on Monday. But I couldn’t find the time to write. It’s on May 9, 11, and the final day being the 13th.

Romulus Haunted by Remus?

The Twin Boys destined for greatness, and tragedy sadly. Here with their adopted mother, the She-Wolf Luperca

The story goes back to Romulus and Remus. After they did all of their great heroic deeds, they decided to build a new city. It was their time. They wanted to prove that as with all things in their life, they built everything with their own two hands. They returned to the Seven Hills and went to work on building what would be Rome.

But soon after they began to quarrel. Romulus wanted to build the city on the Palatine Hill. While Remus wanted to build it over the Aventine Hill. When they couldn’t come to an agreement, they decided to let the Gods choose. Remus saw six birds that represented good luck.

But then his brother saw twelve. Which he claimed was proof the Gods choose the Palatine Hill. When he was creating the walls of Rome (some sources say a trench) his brother Remus criticized the work. Then obstructed the project. And finally, he skipped over the walls to mock his brother and the city.

Romulus entered a rage and murdered Remus.

Romulus killing Remus

By the time he realized what he had done it was too late. He buried his brother. But soon after the first Romans began celebrating a holiday called the Remuria. It’s believed that Romulus instituted the festival himself. Probably on the advice of Oracles.

Now I can’t back that up all of the way. That’s just speculation on my part with what I have read. But it makes sense. The whole holiday is about using an exorcism ritual to drive away dark ancestral spirits. He probably feared the return of his brother.

And as you will soon see, it’s also a holiday about removing guilt.

What are the Lemure?

A Lemure or Larvae is the angry spirit of the dead, every family has at least one. Toxic souls that are upset either because of how they died. Lack of proper funerals, burials, and/or rituals. Or lack of offerings by living relatives. They are similar to the Dybbuk of Jewish lore and the Causas (Causes) of Puerto Rican Sanse.

Or the Eggun Buruku of Santeria. Or even the Hungry Ghosts of Buddhism and the Preta of Hinduism. All of these are just names for the dark dead as we commonly call them in Santeria. Souls that go so deep into the darkness that some of them don’t even resemble humans anymore. The Preta for example are cannibalistic.

You can pretty much find a variation of a dark or mutated soul of the dead in every culture. Under different forms, species, and names.

Also being forgotten or unnamed can lead to them achieving this state. Some even due to the lack of funerary rituals. In Catholicism they have something similar called an Anima Sola (lonely soul). This is a person trapped in Purgatory as an unclean soul. Waiting for God to take them to Heaven. But without the proper rituals that could take an eternity.

In Latin American folk magic, these dark souls are called upon in magic. In exchange for prayers and masses done in their names, they will do favors for the humans who pray for them. It’s said that these purgatorial ghosts can tell you the locations of graves. Lost treasures. And they can grant certain wishes.

It’s not uncommon for women to call on female Anima Solas for love spells and magic. While male Anima Solas are usually called upon for financial security. All you have to do is to burn holy candles and do masses for them. This should be done before and after asking for their help. If you don’t, they will retaliate.

But you should always be careful when asking the spirits for help. Only work with spirits you trust. Who will never screw you up.

Some Anima Sola are violent

And spending so much time in Purgatory is enough to drive them insane. Those who do become insane, turn into the darkest and angriest spirits. And to make it worse, Purgatory is a giant oven of purifying fire to make your sins go away. To clean you before God. And it hurts as if you had gone to Hell.

Purification of the Anima Sola

Only special rosaries and masses can soften the purifying flame and eventually set them free so they can enter Heaven. Such a place would be the perfect grounds for an angry or dark spirit to be. And what all of the stories have in common are that these beings live in a dark world between worlds. A dimension where it isn’t exactly what Christians would call hell, but it definitely isn’t a paradise either. In some cases you could end up there if the wrong rituals are performed.

A fellow blogger had once told me a messed up story about how a Buddhist woman was trapped in a limbo like state. Because her Christian daughter gave her a Christian burial instead of a Buddhist one. The daughter had nightmares of her poor mother alone, in the darkness of an endless labyrinth. Until she spoke to a Buddhist Priest and the proper rituals were followed. Then the dreams stopped.

All of this is to give you a hint and a range of what dark souls are like. And how one can be violent while another is peaceful and scared. Sometimes even looking scrawny and hungry. Looking for help. Of course some of them are just evil bastards.

People who enjoyed hurting others and causing problems or sufferings. And they intentionally stay in places similar to a limbo or purgatory to avoid punishment (if you believe in that). Or maybe not punishment. But to avoid being sealed away in the spiritual world so they can keep haunting or bothering the living. Now as I said before, a Lemure is not always an evil spirit.

Just a dark one. Toxic due to its death or from some circumstance that keeps them in such a state. But each Lemure or dark soul or whatever should be judged according to four things :

1) What kind of dark soul they are?

Maybe instead of a Lemure they are a Jewish Dybbuk or a Preta.

2) Their intentions

Are they good or bad? Do they desire peace and help? Or do they want death and destruction?

3) Their culture

What is normally done to the specific dark souls and what do elders of certain traditions say about them?

And finally

4) The country they are in

If it’s a Preta in a country outside of India, chances are it’s connected to a local family or community. Maybe someone who recently passed away. Or someone who is ancient and follows a family where ever they move to. But either way, they’re in another land. There are rules they must abide by under the local spirits.

Indigenous spirits will always have more power than foreign spirits. And therefore the foreign spirit will have to keep their hauntings or activity in line with whatever local spirit rulers command. That being said, you can call on a local spirit for help battling a dark soul. This should help you gain the upper hand.

The Ritual

From the Splendid Magazine

When the exorcisms were performed, the Father of the family placed his thumb between his fingers. And washed his hand with pure, clean water (maybe holy water). Then he placed uncooked black beans in his mouth and began spitting them all over the home.

Then in Latin he would chant,

Haec ego mitto; his redimo meque meosque fabis,”

(With these beans I redeem me and mine)

So this ritual was one part expiation of sins and one part exorcism. He would do this nine times without looking back. The belief was the Lemures would take the beans and thus the sins. But they were in the house already and looking back meant they could attack. The next thing he would do is to beat on pots and pans and say,

“Ghosts of my Fathers and Ancestors, be gone!”

This would also be done for nine times which meant the ritual was complete. Only after the ritual was done could he look back.

The use of beans to confuse spirits or force them to count them until dawn is something still done today. And for more than just ghosts. Vampires and even the hag (demon witches) or werewolves of lore are also warded off by them. In some stories even nature spirits. But this ritual actually used them to remove sins as well. To cleanse away any reason the Lemures would have to be angry at the family.

And the use of noise to scare away evil spirits or spirits in general is another ancient practice. And still used today around the world.

Friday the 13th and all it’s rituals and magic

Mickey the Cat

Now, as for Friday the 13th, no one really knows what the origin was. I have written about it maybe once when it coincided when John Dee’s birthday. Since I don’t really have any new information I won’t go into it here.

Plus I have given you an eyeful with this post.

What I will say though, is that many witches consider Friday the 13th to be a day of good luck. And more importantly, a day where our powers are actually stronger. My Godmother in Santeria dedicates this day to prosperity work. As well as to cleansing and removal of curses. I do as well.

Though in my case I do past life healings and other work for clients on this day. My necromancy is also stronger on this day. And I use it as a mini version of Halloween to be able to speak with the dead. And gain information as well as to pass messages on to others. All kinds of magic is done on this day.

I focus on the darker energies of nature for healing. Another great thing to focus on is the use of Magical Oils. Like Lucky Friday the 13th Oil which is used as a talismanic potion for good luck. There’s also Friday the 13th Banish Evil Oil which is used as an amulet against evil. Then of course my favorite : Black Cat Oil.

The ingredients being Black Cat hair, iron fillings, bay leaves, sage, and myrrh. This one is my favorite since it is multi use. And it uses the energy of a black cat for magic. The ingredients are simple. But effective.

Now because the Lemuria falls with Friday the 13th this year, it’s a good time to do karmic cleansing and expiation of sins. The added power of this day will grant an extra kick to all sorts of rituals. But especially to curse removals and negative energy removal. And healing in conjunction with Mercury Retrograde. Which happens for the purposes of correcting problems and mistakes.

Speaking of Astrology, we have some interesting astrological events happening as well.

Super Flower Moon & Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Scorpio ♏️

Sunday May 15th will be the Super Flower Moon of May. The moon will become visibly red. This symbolizes the blood of the Earth. Fertility, sexual energy, birth, and did I mention sex? Yeah be careful. You don’t want to wake up pregnant.

Or find out you’re gonna be someone’s father before you’re ready to. Fertility is at its strongest now. May is always fertile. But this just adds more power to it. I can’t help but think of a woman’s period.

This is a time of both life and death. Negative energy removed so that life can be possible. To make that theme stronger, we have the Eclipse in Scorpio making an appearance. Eclipses reveal hidden things. Either occult secrets or secrets about ourselves.

Combine that with a Retrograde and the remnants of the Lemuria and Friday the 13th energy. And that’s a lot of occult power that may not entirely be controllable. This is a time for Talismanic magic. I mean that in the original Astrological term. Talismans were originally medals with zodiac symbols on them.

Charged with the signs powers through special ceremonies. That’s where the name comes from. From the Arabic tilsam which means “graven image”. Being the image of the zodiac sign. Those were the original talismans.

You can create your own talismans. Not with images but with charms that will absorb the power and energy of these days. That way you can use them for whatever magic you seek to use later. But beware, don’t over do it. Try doing your magic so that you charm specific items for specific days.

Don’t over do it and then get an over powered charm that will blow up in your face when you try to use it. For Friday the 13th and Lemuria I will charm the bones of my dead familiar spirit. From midnight until dawn the 14th it will soak up all that energy. Meanwhile from the 15th to the 16th I will be charming something else for that energy. What I still don’t know yet.

I’ll probably bless an oil or something. Well, letting you all know ahead of time so that you can plan and do your work now. I hope this was useful. I’m sorry it took me so long to write about the Lemuria. But I have been busy doing the rituals myself.

Plus there’s another Roman holiday that is in May and has to do with the dead called the Rosalia for dead soldiers. So yeah, busy as hell. See you all later.

– M

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The Dead Received : St. Mark’s Eve Results 💀

Ghost in a church by Shanta4

This year I did not divine on the Eve of St. Mark. Apollo came to me in a vision clad in black and told me there was no need. They would be revealed to me in a few days. And sadly he was right. Because by the next day (St. Mark’s Day) it was revealed that my uncle’s wife has an aunt who had a massive stroke.

And she’s expected to die. Yesterday I was told by my uncle that my great uncle was also hit by a stroke. We were told he’s expected to die within a matter of hours. Despite all of that, I am not upset. Mostly because I wasn’t too close with either.

But also because after my grandfather’s death predicted by St. Mark’s Eve, I am not scared or shocked anymore. It would have to be someone really close to me. Maybe that’s callous but it also happens to be true.

From Remsphoto

The shadow of death has fallen. In conjunction with Lord Hermès entering his retrograde. And with St. Mark and St. George who I believe are riding the winds in a sort of invisible wild hunt. The energy is changing all around us.

A reaping in Spring is what I call it.

When my relatives pass I might not be able to do readings or magic. It all depends on my emotional or spiritual state. I am also going to ask my high priest what is or isn’t allowed during mourning. For the ancient Greeks, there was a 13 day morning period in which the Gods could not be worshipped. The reason for this is because we are spiritually and energetically unclean during that time.

Not because we are “unworthy” but because death is a powerful negative force. And it leaves a temporary spiritual taint even in people surrounded by death. That lasts at least that long. For the Romans it was 9 days.

Chthonic Hermes (Hermes Khthonios)

I am not sad but I do feel numb. So much death and so fast. Last year there was no one I knew who was going to die at that St. Mark’s Divination. So it’s been at least a year since I didn’t lose anyone. And lately I’ve been thinking about my pain.

And how to make it stop. I keep thinking about going to therapy again. Maybe I should. I think I need to refresh my brain. And truthfully what I really need is a vacation.

A real fucking vacation. Maybe Cuba. Go there and visit the Sierra Maestra mountains and meet the indigenous people there. Get a cleansing done. Visit the other spiritual people there.

Or Haiti. I have dreamed of Haiti since I started practicing Voodoo and Hoodoo. Since I have worshipped the Loa. And even had a strange dream about going there that had a lot of religious significance. I feel like Haiti is as much home as Cuba is.

Write my stories again. Gods know I would love that. If only I could fucking afford it. I just need a day off. A real day off.

At this point the dead have more of a vacation than I do. Hermes is their tour guide. How sad is that?

I have decided to do shadow work again. It’s been a long time since I confronted my shadow self. I need to listen to him again and see what the root of my problems are. And also apologize to him for not being the best caretaker. I care about everyone else but not me.

I think things were better when I was selfish. Then I didn’t need to care about anyone else. Just me and whatever I wanted. I look back on my earlier life. And I started thinking : I may not have accomplished much but damn it I had some fun.

More fun than I’m having now. Ever since I became Mr. Save the world I don’t have as much fun. You know there was a funny fortune cookie that once said,

“Nostalgia is realizing things weren’t quiet as bad as we thought before,”

Or something like that. I wonder if I will look at this time with nostalgia. I have a feeling of impending doom almost. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. The waiting is killing me. And what’s worse is thinking I am crazy for waiting for something bad to happen that might not happen at all.

I need a cruise….whoops, sorry Charon not that kind of cruise

Sorry for being Emo. Its annoying as hell I know. But I can feel a mass reaping coming on. Maybe it’s the war in Ukraine or maybe it’s something else. Either way now is the time to prepare and do rituals and prayers to ward it off.

If you are into apotropaic magic now is the time to do special rituals to protect yourself. I would also recommend special cleansings. Since both Saints Mark and George’s feasts passed recently I think I will appeal to them. Well that’s all for now. Take care of yourselves is all I can say.

I have to go Adult and actually treat myself good (damn it)

– M

Mercury Retrograde coming May 10th – June 3rd & Astrological Chart

Unfortunately yea it’s coming. Though to be fair I have learned to work with it to the point it doesn’t bother me anymore. Since learning that Mercury is when Hermès enters his reaper aspect, I just pray to him as a God of the Dead. And spend most of my time meditating with him for healing. I wasn’t always opened to this idea.

In fact I wanted to strangle anyone who talked to me about it brought needed changes and Blah blah blah (go fuck yourself) blah. But it happens to be the truth. But like most things that are good for you like dieting and exercise, it fucking sucks. Still it doesn’t hurt to share some info and try to get through it the best that you can. I actually started to enjoy and even bask in it.

Since I study and practice necromancy this was the best way to meditate and embrace the shadowy side of the soul. But lately I am burned out. So I am not feeling too chipper right now. I even have a relative who is going to die soon (if she’s lucky). I hope she does because she is totally paralyzed and can only blink now from the stroke.

That’s worse than death. It’s like being buried alive inside your own body. So my typical good mood isn’t on today. Anyways without further rambling around here is the astrological information.

The Black Moon (A Rare Event) this Saturday April 30th

I hope you at least get to enjoy the Black Moon. I believe however that this is going to add to the power of the retrograde.

– M

Hermès idol as a God of the Dead

Random Links of the Day : The March of the Future Dead on St. Mark’s Eve (And a lot of other weird shit)

On this night, starting at midnight the spirits come out

Boy, whoo! My ass is tired. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, then you know I’ve been writing almost non stop from these last two days. For Saint George’s Eve and also for Saint George’s Day. I’m too tired to write an in-depth expose on Saint Mark. But I can do the next best thing. I can do a random links of the day!

I haven’t done one of those in a long time. Essentially, sometimes I would get random information on strange things. The paranormal, or weird history. And I thought to myself that I bet my readers would love it. So what happened is I ended up inventing this type of blog post specifically to share articles.

Or even videos etc..

So today I’m making a random links of the day. All will be about St. Mark’s Eve and it’s Folklore. The main thing to know about Saint Mark’s Eve is that churches will have a parade of future dead people. You will see the Doppelgängers of people still alive marching to the doors of a church. And whoever you recognize from that march will die this year.

Sadly I can tell you this is true. I have observed the vigil myself. In 2020 I couldn’t actually go to a physical church due to COVID. But I performed a divination by casting the bones. And the person I knew who was going to die was my grandfather. And a few days after the divination he died.

So this is very real. The whole thing shocked me to my core. I wasn’t expecting it. The reason I tell you this story is 1) Be careful when doing this. Prepare yourself for the possibility it will be someone you know.

Beware of just sitting anywhere on the Eve of Saint Mark. You might see something you don’t want to see. From DeviantArt

And 2) There is an alternate way to find out who is at the procession. Moving on let’s start with my former articles on St. Mark’s Eve :

The Occult connections of Saint Mark and Saint George

My Divination on St. Mark’s Eve, the one in which I discovered my Grandfather would die

Now for the other links

The Mystery of St. Mark’s Eve | The Book of Days

St. Mark’s Eve by Robert D. Carter

St. Mark’s Eve and the Future Dead

St. Mark’s Eve Article from the Smell of Water WordPress blog!

English Folklore of St. Mark’s Eve

Spells for St. Mark’s Eve

The Wikipedia page of St. Mark’s Eve

Halloween in Spring : St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Eve – Tudor’s Society

The Legends and Mysteries of St. Mark’s Eve

The Doppelgängers of the future dead arise during this time

April 24, 2020 – St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Eve – Stephen Morris, Author

St. Mark’s Eve – Mysterious Britain & Ireland

Folklore : Divining Love & Death on St. Mark’s Eve

The Spooky Traditions behind St. Mark’s Eve

Does Saint Mark’s Eve rival Halloween as the Spookiest Day of the Year?

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Happy St. Girgus, Jirjis, Mar Jirys, San Giorgio, Saint Geórgios, St George Day!

The Palestinian-Roman Soldier, Saint Girgus Vs. the Dragon

Happy Saint Girgus Day (I know, you must all think I’m a weird Pagan). On this day I honor Girgus the Dragon Slayer. He’s a powerful Saint to work with in the protection of the home and in warding off evil in general. So who was he exactly? Here we find out. And what can be done to work with him.

The basic story was that he was a Roman soldier who was executed for treason by Emperor Diocletian. This was due to his conversion to Christianity. Now, you would think “Agh more propaganda to convert people,” and normally you’d be right. But what’s interesting is that St. George had inspired a cult based on him in countries around the world. Similar to the folk saint cults you would find today of Maximin or La Santa Muerte.

And he was called upon for help. In fact this Saint became the focus of all sorts of occult lore. Which is why he’s perfect for an open minded witch to do magic with. All Saints have a touch of the occult with them. But he’s one of those rare extra special saints one can do magic with.

But first, who was he other than him just being a Roman soldier?

The Life of Girgus (George) of Lydda/Lod/Diospolos

A Roman soldier

Girgus of Lydda was ironically, not a Roman at all. Traditional European sources claimed he was a Greek. And that the region he came from was Cappadocia. His name was even translated into Greek as Geórgios. But that’s where the first contradiction comes in.

That land originally belonged to the Turks. It went back and forth between the Turks and the Greeks. So if we believe this story, he was a Turkish Arab. There are some who say he had a Palestinian mother and a Greek father. And others who say he was of Persian blood.

What we do know is that he came from Diospolis also known as Lydda which became Lod. And that is in Palestine. So it’s more than likely that he’s actually a Palestinian. Perhaps his father was a mix of Greek with Persian or Turk based on the legends. But he is in fact a Palestinian Saint.

His Father died when he was fourteen. And his mother took him back to Palestine to raise him. About four years later his mother died as well. Having no one else in his family and already old enough to enlist, he went to Nicomedia to join Rome’s forces. He more than likely started out as a soldier of lower rank like many who joined the army.

Legend paints him as being of high rank from the beginning. But that isn’t likely. None of the original Christians have said that. What they say is he eventually rose to the level of the Praetorian Guard. That is to say, the Emperor’s personal protection detail.

That should tell you that he was clearly a good soldier. And had a great career in the Roman Army.

Praetorian Guard image from realm of

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the in between years. From his beginnings as a soldier of lower rank, to having been a guard. He was well respected and well liked amongst his peers and Emperor Diocletian. The irony is, his Christian faith probably wouldn’t have got him killed originally. The real reason for his execution was a power struggle against Diocletian and his second in command.

Diocletian and his second were the targets of a potential Coup. And because both were Pagans, he believed that any threat to them; including religious differences had to be addressed and fast. So he began a systematic purge of the Christians as a preemptive strike. Which of course was useless because at the time, the Christians were not the violent bloodthirsty mob they became later. They were still the sweet hippies they originally started out to be.

Well, at least a portion of them. When Girgus heard of this, he had to choose a side. He choose his own people over the Emperor. Therefore he was guilty of sedition and executed. The charges were bogus obviously.

He was a Christian soldier in the army for years. And would not have risen to a rank so close to the Emperor if he had ever been treasonous. It also dispels the Christian myth that no Christian could ever have been a soldier back then. He isn’t even the only one. There’s a whole class of Saints called Military Saints in the Catholic Church.

Before his death, he freed all his slaves and gave all his earthly possessions to the poor. So that he could do one last good thing before his property could be confiscated by Rome. He was imprisoned and tortured. And finally decapitated the day of April 23, 303. Finally, he was buried in Palestine. In his home of Lydda/Diospolis which is now Lod.

Later his Cult began springing up there. In fact most of what we do know about Girgus of Lydda came from his cult. And the Christian ministers who made dedications to him at their churches. By the 4th century he was somewhat of a folk saint as well as a canonized saint in the church. Making him one of the earliest Saints in Catholicism.

The ruins of the Church of St. Girgus in Lod

Today he is seen as a Freedom Fighter by all Palestinians. Especially Christians who hope their homeland will be free of the Zionist regime unlawfully occupying their home. The irony is that racist groups in England use his cross. Which appears as a red ❌ for themselves and their beliefs. So popular is Girgus (renamed George), that even the English monarchy uses his cross on their Union Jack flag.

There are stories which many believed were added later.

Stories of strange journeys or magical deeds performed by Girgus of Lydda. And here is where we enter the Occult. The Saint started to be venerated around the 4th and 5th century. And during this time a story which many say came from Libya, was spread. A story about Girgus having battled a Dragon.

The story of the Dragon wasn’t recorded until the 11th century. If it did come from Libya and if it did happen (since I’m a mystic of course I believe it) it makes sense it took so long. It was something that happened in another country. And it may have taken years before the account of what he did made it’s way to other countries.

Saint George Vs. the Dragon of Libya

The story goes that once a fierce Dragon came to the city of Silene, Libya. The Dragon had killed many and practically destroyed the city. To appease him, the people of the city began sacrificing two sheep everyday. But the creature’s hunger became so great that they had to institute human sacrifices instead. The people of the city would choose the sacrifice by popular vote.

That person could only be saved if someone else offered to take their place. One day, the King’s daughter was chosen as the sacrifice. But obviously no one was stepping up to be devoted by the Dragon. But fate would soon intervene. For before the Dragon could devour her, Girgus who had arrived in the city days before, struck the beast down with his trusty lance, Ascalon.

This may be the origin of the Damsel in distress saved by a Knight trope we find throughout the Middle Ages.

The name of the Lance was added later on in England. But it’s believed that he named it after the city of Ashkelon in the Levant. So that may be legitimate as well. It’s also possible that the Lance and killing of a dragon was later added to depict Saint Michael the Archangel and Satan. Since his spear and sword was later replaced by a golden lance.

Satan became represented by a Dragon instead of a goat footed man. Though to be fair, in the Bible, Satan is a seven headed red dragon. He has wings, and a single horn with a crown on each head. That’s one of his forms in the Bible. The other being a divine cherub.

So the Dragon was perfect for Lucifer.

Michael vs. Lucifer, at the bottom it says in Latin “Who is like God?” which was the battle cry of the loyal Angels in Heaven. The name Michael also means “Who is like God?”
Apart from the skin color, this is the most realistic portrayal of George before killing the Dragon. Notice he is dressed as a Praetorian Guard not as an medieval knight as in other imagery

The King was so happy that he offered up a reward to Girgus. However, he declined the offer. Instead giving it to the poor of the land. According to the church that caused everyone to convert to Christianity. But that’s unlikely.

In almost every story they claim that saint so and so caused ALL of the people to become Christian. We know from historical research and comparisons that the churches have lied repeatedly. And that even historical events that did take place were often twisted for their own agendas. I have no doubt that some people probably did convert. Christianity was popular back then.

It was a Mystery Religion. And people wanted to learn the secrets of Christ’s powers. There’s a bunch of accounts of sorcerers and sorceresses who have used the name of Jesus for magic. But to be fair, I do believe many people did convert. And given that he did eventually release his own slaves and give up his wealth, the reward being given to the people seems right.

Legends of Islam

Saint Girgus (جرجس) is also a great hero in Islamic legend

In Islam he is seen as a Prophet. It was said that he was living in a commune of Naṣārā (نصارى) (Christians). And this Commune specifically had people who actually knew the last of Jesus living Apostles. That seems like a strange thing to admit in Islamic life. Because it legitimizes the Naṣārā.

But not really. Muslims believe Jesus was a Prophet of God. And that the Naṣārā are technically their spiritual ancestors. They also believe they came from the Jews as well. Simply that the true message of the old Prophets was lost to human doctrines and the Prophet Muhhamed had to reassert the true message.

The story starts out as the typical anti Pagan stuff. A king in Mosul named Dadan was building statues to Apollo. And Girgus opposed it. He claimed Satan was possessing the statues. So he was tortured.

But Angels were always there to help him. And then God becomes angry and burns the whole city of Mosul to the ground. Old Testament style with a fiery rain like a Sodom and Gomorrah.

Saint Girgus also called Jirjis

His name Girgus or Jirjis written in Arabic

But here is where it gets interesting : apparently Muslim lore states that he did die under the Emperor Diocletian. And a bunch of other times too. But he didn’t stay dead. He actually died and was resurrected three more times. But the Muslim historian Muhammad ibn Jarir ibn Yazid also known as Al-Tabari claims he had magical powers.

Al-Tabari had stated that not only was he immortal, but he could raise the dead. Also that he had powers over nature. To cause trees to just sprout from the ground out of no where. And he could make stone pillars bare flowers. When he died in Mosul, the world was shrouded in darkness.

Just like when Jesus died. The light only returns after his resurrection from that death.

It’s said that Jesus original followers had many of his same powers. The Apostle Peter for example, was so magical that his shadow would heal any person it touched. Paul was immune to snake venom. In fact Paul is another magical Saint who has a cult dedicated to him in Malta. Supposedly his mystical powers removed all venom from the poisonous animals on the islands. And according to Biblical scholars, it’s said people started doing Folk Magic where they took items of clothing that had contact with Paul’s skin to be healed. But that’s an article for another time.

It seems the mysteries of the original Naṣārā or Christians had given great occult powers to all of their followers. After rising again, he was able to convert the Queen of Mosul. But when she did, she was executed by her husband.

Girgus was so saddened by her death that he asked God to strip him of his immortality. Allowing him to finally die. And that is when the fiery rain fell upon Mosul. God himself avenging the suffering and death of his Prophet. Muslims believe that he actually lived in Jesus’ era.

Which was way before Diocletian’s time. Since Jesus was alive at the beginning of the Roman Empire.

The Emperor in Jesus’ day was Augustus Caesar (Octavian). The first Emperor. That would mean that this man actually lived from AD 30 or 33 until AD 303. Thousands of years later. He may even have been one of Jesus original disciples. And perhaps learned straight from the Rabbi or Master Yeshua (Jesus) the secret to eternal life. That raises a lot of questions. If the Apostles and presumably other Christians had this secret, why didn’t they remain physically immortal?

Perhaps, they knew there was a price to be had to be immortal in a place like this? If Earth is filled with pain and suffering, would it be hell to stay here? Saint Girgus certainly thought so.

As mentioned before, Islam regards Christianity and Judaism as fore-bearers to their own religion. And I have heard about immortal Saints in Islam as well. Specifically the Immortal Prophet Al-Khadir (the green one) who is considered a spirit of the sea as well.

That may mean that these are occult secrets from Yeshua (Jesus) himself. And they were passed on from the original Naṣārā to their Muslim descendants later on. It’s said that one of the times the King of Mosul tried to have him killed, he ordered that he be starved to death. But a woman brought him a log. And after he touched it, it bore fruits and vegetables which fed him. If that isn’t magic I don’t know what is.

Sorcery, Cryptids, St. George, and England

William of Malmesbury, the English historian who wrote the Gesta Regnum

In the Gesta Regnum, the British historian William of Malmesbury describes a powerful supernatural event. He mentions how the spirit of Saint George the Dragon Slayer, joined a group of Knights in the battle of Antioch in 1098 AD. It’s said that Robert the Duke of Normandy (William the Conqueror’s son) was leading an army against the Turks in Antioch. At first he had the upper hand until they regained control. All looked lost until the spirit of Saint Girgus appeared leading a celestial army from the heavens. The Duke and his men suddenly felt empowered and invincible. And they won the battle. When they returned to England and spread tales of what happened, the Cult of Saint George as his name was now translated, appeared among the soldiers and knights. And from there, it spread throughout Europe.

What’s also interesting is the account of the Dragon itself. In some accounts it’s a hydra-like creature that came from the sea. Horribly mutated.

Conrad Gesner gives a picture in his Historia Animalium of a hydra in the form of a serpent,

‘the heads like those of lions and as it were ornamented with crowns, two feet in the front of the body, the tail twisted inwards.’

He relates that this hideous, aquatic creature was brought from Turkey to Venice in the year 1530, exposed to public view, and afterward sent to the king of France. The Italian compiler Aldrovandus, a contemporary, illustrates in his book about serpents a seven-headed dragon; and in the Encyclopaedia Londonensis, issued in 1755, may be seen a large coloured plate of a dreadful, seven-headed creature credited to Seba, an author who published a Thesaurus of natural history about 1750, with an extensive account of it,”

“It is perhaps to this figure that Dr. Hanauer refers in relating this bit of folklore current in Palestine. A fountain (Gihon?) in the outskirts of Jerusalem was formerly a part of the water-supply of the city, but a big dragon took possession of it and demanded a youth or maid every time anyone came for water; until at last, as usual, only the king’s daughter was left.

When she was about to be sent, Mar Jirys (St. George) appeared in golden panoply mounted on a white steed, and riding full tilt at the dragon, he pierced it dead between the eyes,”

The returning crusaders, reporting this supernatural assistance in full faith, made a very deep impression on the credulous populace of England, who at once proclaimed this White Knight military protector of the kingdom; and in 1222 the Council of Oxford ordained that the feast day of St. George (April 23) should be observed as a minor holy day in the English Church.

In 1330 he was formally adopted as the patron-saint of the Order of the Garter just then instituted by Edward III, which was equivalent to an ascription for the whole country, and he became that indeed when the Royal Chapel at Windsor was dedicated to him in 1348. He was invoked by Henry V at Agincourt (1415), where the English swept forward to victory with the inspiring battle-cry of his name.

Saint George he was for England,
Saint Denis was for France,
rings out the old song!

Dragons and Dragon Lore, by Ernest Ingersoll, [1928]

As I mentioned before, the Biblical imagery of Lucifer who is described as a seven headed red dragon is applied here. Now at the time I thought this was the church applying something to Saint Michael that originally came from Saint George. Except that here we see that this is folklore. The lore of the people. Originally, the Bible was in Latin and not just anyone could read it. Which means these could be actual accounts of the dragon passed down for hundreds of years. If that’s the case, the Dragon may not have been a normal dragon at all. It could have been a demon. Aquatic devils abound in religion and lore.

This makes sense because the lance Ascalon is said to be magical and divine. Perhaps the reason no one could stop the Dragon is because they didn’t have the weapon needed. For magical creatures, you need magical weapons.

The Dragon of Revelations, Deviant Art

Now we have talked about the mystical aspects of St. Girgus and his cults. Now it’s time to talk about his magic in Latin America. He has a similar cult in Latin America to La Santa Muerte and other Folk Saints. Spiritualists and Spiritists as well as people from mystical religions call on him for a wide variety of things. These are some magical spells and workings that can be done with him.

Mostly these are done with candles and tobacco with the same prayers as would be done in the church. So these are prayer spells.

Prayer to get employment

From this blog

Translation :


Dear St. George today I come to you with this humble prayer that you help me get a job with the hands of our Lord help me to maintain a firm motivation to move forward and be able to get this job that I need so much, together with St. Jude Thaddeus I ask you.

(see article: Prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus for work)

You who are merciful and very good faithful battler of all pure causes help me to get this right, I need you, I need you to take pity on me. Keep me from bosses who treat people with pure evil help me away because I want to be a good person a fighter like you.

Do not allow multitudes of mistakes to be born in me, on the contrary, help me avoid them, help me with your healing, I want to get a noble job, I do not need to volunteer for the bad to have things, I do not want to be a sinner who does the unjust, that is why I ask with the Prayer to San Jorge and San Martín Caballero for work. (see article: Prayer to St. Martin Knight for work)

I know that the world is becoming more and more competitive, I know that things are going to be difficult, but I know that if you help me I will overcome all expectations and I will show that if I can get that job I will be expected because I know that in your Blessing there is also the Blessing of our Lord.

Get away from bad vibes, bad energies, envy, bad people who want me not to progress and not be someone in the future. I beg you with all my heart, with eagerness I ask you, with will I ask you, with motivation I ask you through this Prayer to St. George for work.

Praise, let us all be, St. George first of all I thank you for all that you have thanked me. Well I know that you put tests and take something away to give us something better, I ask you to ask you to give me the source of work that I need so much, you know that I am the sustenance of this home, I appreciate your blessings and the path that you have prepared for me.

Remember that you have to be very grateful for all the good that the Prayer to St. George offers you for work, since he helps you, provides and protects you, sending solutions that will help you get the job you need so much. Pray an Our Father always at the end of the Prayer by lighting a candle to the Saint.

From this blog


(A chord cutting ritual with Saint George)

Start on a Tuesday or Friday after 6 p.m.

Elements (ingredients) : 7 candles

7 swords

7 knots

7 inches

7 keys

You should always be accompanied with a glass of water and cones. Cleansing soaps should be used throughout the ritual. A candle will be lit per day, until the end of the whole ritual Dispatch the keys in water or grass.

Now, glasses of water are used as spiritual conduits by Spiritists and Spiritualists. They act as invitations for the spirits or the Gods to manifest their presence in these rituals. There are also special soaps created by witches or psychics. These have herbs inside them for special cleansings. The swords are obviously for the symbolic cutting of the chords.

And the keys are to make the bad energy or the person you want out of your life leave. That’s why they are disposed of. Now the puño is a word for fist. But it can also double as a word for “inch”. So the knots are done in 7 inches.

Each knot must be 7 inches apart from each other. So you need a long piece of rope, cloth, or chord for this.

I imagine this means there’s an actual rope or chord to make the knots with. This person didn’t specify. Though I think it’s obvious that to make a knot you need rope or some kind of cloth at least. I would recommend red rope or string. To symbolize the umbilical chord of nature.

This would also symbolize our connection to each other. I assume you cut off a 1 knot every day for 7 days. That would make sense. The interesting thing is that the magic is done in the form of a Deliverance. Which is a ritual asking God to free you from something.

Usually this is done in cases of demonic possessions or curses. Here they are using it to remove the negative energy associated with a person.

Ritual of San Jorge to Cut Black Magic

For this ritual we will need the following materials

3 white candles

A green and a red candle

A black pencil and a paper

A plate where to light the candles

Matches or phosphorus

And a knife without teeth

Well to start we will take the white candles and with the knife we will write these words, one on each candle:

“Deliverance, Purification, Victory,”

Next, we will take 2 candles I place them on the plate and one with the candle wax from the Green Candle up from the middle up and with the red one from the middle down, after this I do the same with the third candle, then, you place 7 drops of spelt on each candle with the color red and green.

(This one is a little confusing. It seems that you are supposed to anoint the candles with the wax of a specific candle. This is a technique used in candle magic. But it’s normally used by anointing the candle with a magic oil. I assume it’s the third candle).

“Now on a piece of paper we write the names of the people we want to help, so that St. George will cut off all curses and witchcraft. Once we have the candle ready, we leave it next to the plate and say

‘O blessed Saint George warrior listen to my call and come to my aid and rescue. I ask you for help and help, bring deliverance for (name of person you want to help),’

Now we are ready to make the next prayer.

‘Blessed St. George Warrior of God!, look favorably on the people who call you, listen with mercy and kindness to our request Mighty St. George, defend us in this battle, May your mighty sword give us victory, Free and purify us at this time, of hatred, revenge and betrayal, of envy, injustice and resentment, of jealousy, intrigue and defamation, destroy sorcery, spells and curses rid us of witchcraft and evil spirits, and of all negative energy. Listen to us at this moment St. George, You who defeated the dragon and the evil one. I know that your sword and spear can Free me from all curses and spells Saint George warrior in you I trust So be it,”

What’s interesting here is that the prayer states he defeated the evil one or Satan. So it looks like there is more mixing between him and Saint Michael.

Road Opener Ritual to get ahead with San Jorge

(Now road opener rituals are done a lot in Vodoun and Santeria. There is a distinct cultural overlap here. Essentially this is a ritual to open the roads of destiny so that good luck will come to you).

“To perform this ritual we will need some materials that are quite simple to get, in addition to them we will have to pray the prayer to St. George which I will show you below. Opening the paths is fundamental to achieve happiness in our lives, and with it achieve both personal and spiritual success.

It is important that you perform this road opener ritual with all your FAITH and fully believe that St. George will help you eliminate all the bad energies from your life, otherwise it will have no effect at all.

Materials to make the road opener to San Jorge

● White 7-day candle

● Photograph of San Jorge

● Small laurel branch

● White paper

● Black cloth bag

“Once we have the materials we will be ready to perform the road openers to St. George, to ask to eliminate all obstacles and reach our goals more easily. We will have to locate a quiet room in your home, once we have decided in which room we are going to make this road opener, we will do a cleansing to scare away all the bad vibes that could interrupt the ritual.

We will light the candle of 7 days and we will sit in front of it, once this is done we will meditate a little, we will think of the situations that produce discomfort or prevent us from moving forward. Now you will write on the white paper what you want St. George to eliminate from your life, for example “Debts” but you must write it negatively, that is, you can not write

‘I want to have more money

you must write

‘I want to eliminate my debts

When you finish the list fold the paper twice, and place it on top of the photograph of St. George You will begin to do the prayer of St. George to eliminate the bad while burning the paper on the candle with great care. Collect the ashes and keep them in the black cloth bag, inside the bag you will have to put the photograph of St. George and the laurel branch. Close the bag and take it with you for 15 days, you will notice how your life begins to get on track and you achieve your goals.

You will notice little by little how everything improves, if even doing the ritual to San Jorge everything remains the same, I recommend you perform a cleansing since you do not surely have bad vibes and not the blocked roads. The 7-day candle is a very powerful object with which we can ask that our most important wishes be fulfilled,

(What this means is, that the Road Opener should have opened up everything to you. So a failure to get things done means something not normal is blocking you. And you require a cleansing.)

It is also the most important artifact of the ritual next to the photograph of San Jorge. The Prayer to St. George to eliminate evil must be done at the exact moment that we are burning our list of things that we ask to be eliminated from our lives, it cannot be done before or after,”


Saint George a faithful warrior, who protected your beloved Cappadocia, when fighting with your powerful spear against the dangerous dragon, I humbly implore you that you come to my aid and remove from my path all the dangers, the difficulties, the afflictions. Hide me under your mantle, mighty and admirable saint, hide me from my persecutors, from enemy envy, dark magic, spells and curses. Place me under your mantle of protection,

I will walk in search of my success and goals, night and day, week after week, month by month, my enemies will not see me, they will not be able to block my path again. I will be protected under your mantle holding you before me, armed with your spear and your shield, that will be me before the problems that come, I will reach my goals and fight for them.


Now this one is very interesting

Dreaming with San Jorge what does it mean?


Dreaming of St. George means that you take pride in your work, even if it is small or of little importance. You’re not going anywhere in your work, relationship, or other situation. You are keeping your subconscious suppressed.

It is important to keep hope alive. You don’t accept yourself as you are. Dreaming of St. George symbolizes that it is about uniting their interests to yours and sharing resources.


Dreaming of St. George means that the wisdom of someone older than you will give you many good keys. With little money you can do it and enjoy details that do not unbalance your budget. Everything you fought for and did in the past will be more than rewarded. In addition, the closest ones will help you finish them without protesting. There are changes in the workplace and that can mean a new location or a new task.

More about San Jorge


You need to advance at the level of personal growth. Take advantage of that strength to do things and to organize for the rest of the week.


Don’t force things or it will end up being much worse. Take away from you everything that has to do with vanity, no one is perfect.

In Conclusion

This Saint rocks! He’s a tried and true friend. I love him to death. I have worked with him and am trying to get him a proper statue for my protection altars. He has helped me in my magic. And because he’s a mystic I can assure you he doesn’t care if you are a Pagan.

Heck I have done protection work with both him and Saint Michael using fiery wall of protection oils and candles. From my own experience, his version of Christianity and Islam is very Occultic. There is more than enough room in his theology to work with other traditions. So now you know why he is an amazing saint. Of course I’m more than a little biased.

As I consider him my friend. Cheers!

– M


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