Who is Dependable Enough to Sleep On?

The wisdom of IFA

Oyeku Ofun Temple

IFA teaches us who is dependable enough to sleep upon:
Orunmila declares that it is time for rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable enough to sleep upon?
I respond that our parents are dependable enough to sleep upon
I never knew that our parents are not worthy of sleeping upon at all
Orunmila declares that it is time for rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable enough to sleep upon?
I respond that our spouses are dependable enough for us to sleep upon
I never knew that our spouses are not worthy of sleeping upon at all
Orunmila declares that it is time to take a rest
I respond that it is time to sleep on top of someone
Ifa says that who is dependable…

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October Forecast, and Venus Retrograde

The picture here is of the main Orishas or Gods of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This was the religion that Santeria comes from. Here they are depicted ruling each of their territories.
I thought it fitting to use this image since they are the ones who feature the most in this post. Praised be to their Spiritual Energies!
Well, we have a lot to discuss everyone. For one, today Friday Oct 5, 2018, Venus-Aphrodite goes into retrograde. I’m specifically going to set aside offerings for her as Aphrodite of Delphi. This isn’t an actual title, but her cult at Delphi was connected to the dead. This because her lover Adonis had died.

So I will be giving offerings to Lord Adonis as well. I will pray at my Bothros (altar of the dead) for three nights at midnight with an offering. During these three nights I will ask her to shed mercy on me and mind during this turbulent time for love. To help us understand what isn’t working in our lives. And to fix our issues.

I will also be taking this time to work with the dead. I’m going to use this ritual to ask her and Adonis to cross as many souls over as possible. I’ve mentioned in the “Great Reaping” article how one works with a Bothros to do retrograde work. The ritual is pretty identical to whatever God you’re working with who enters retrograde. You can find that post here :


Also, Retrogrades and their meanings. Learn to know what to watch out for.


Venus Retrograde will last strangely, until another Friday, November 16th. And on the same day that Venus leaves Retrograde, Mercury enters retrograde 😮😲😨😱🙀!!!!!!

Someone up there must be having a lot of fun right now. The IFA Sect of the Yoruba Religion says that we need to beware of death this season. The energy of death is everywhere. They also warn us that we must beware of people misleading us from our faith. That only with faith in the higher powers will we be safe.

The prescribed offering is two fish given as a sacrifice in honor of IFA. I fed the animals outside two fish in their honor to be safe. I have noticed that there are malignant entities trying to make us doubt our faith. With the veil starting to open up, bad spirits are already trying to manipulate us. But don’t worry.

Remember that for every bad spirit, there is a good spirit helping us. The veil allows them access to us too. You can read the Divination done by the IFA Temple for yourself here :


Despite this, not everything is bad or bleak. There’s plenty of good. The veil seems to be unleashing positive forces to help us. According to Astrologer Jamie Kahl at Pandora Astrology, there is for this Month :

The Spirit of Tolerance

Open Mindedness and Generosity

Reaping of the old

And introspection

And before Mercury goes retrograde next Month, it’s propelling us to be better people right now. It’s actually moving faster in order for us to do projects and important things right now. So take advantage of Mercury right now before it enters retrograde. Do what you can now in a timely fashion. However, be mindful of :

Your money. You need to save what you can. Be extra cheap this month.

Be balanced in all things. This includes not just money but what you eat. Nothing in excess is what you need to focus on.

And finally, be mature. Admit your own faults without grinding yourself to the dust. And above all, no lying to yourself or to others. Astrologically, it’s when we hit the 23rd of this Month when we truly enter the spiritual darkness. Meditation with the Dub Sidhe (Dark Faeries) and the dark side of nature is good.

We live in a society that demonizes even the color black as evil. Dark Faeries are the spirits of winter. And like the other Faeries, the protectors of nature. Working with them can help you :

Ground and Center

Focus on your own internal struggles and help you in the physical world

Protection from evil spirits and curses

And being one with the Gods and Spirits of Winter time.

The Wild Hunt is only now beginning. Actually that’s not true. It came early this year. Remember Ghost Month came before Mabon. So as far back as two months ago we were dealing with negative entities.

Dealing with opened doors and dealing with the conflict of light and dark, summer and winter. So we’ve actually started the yearly reaping and wild hunt earlier than normal. Now, the Peak of Mercury’s light power will be the 30th of October (Tuesday). And the next day on the 31st, Venus starts to come out of the dark, and into the Light. These two days are in preparation both for Mercury to enter the dark and Venus to enter the light.

I’ve also noticed that on the IFA and Orisa Calendar which you can access here :


Almost every other day is ruled by :


What does that mean?

1) Obatala, the King of Heaven, sky king, White Robed King.

He’s the King of the Yoruba Gods (Orishas). A purely Heavenly King. This means Heaven favors this day.

2) Egungun

The word Egun or Eggun is used for Ghosts. So Egungun means the collective dead. All the Ghosts in the land of the dead. Basically this means this day is also ruled by the Ancestors and giving them offerings and asking their advice is a good idea.

3) The Iyaami Priestesses

These were Witch Goddesses brought to Earth to aid humanity. They temporarily became evil and did evil things. Three of the Four sisters repented and returned to the service of the Gods. The fourth sister died unrepentant. Even now that the mystical witches are good, they represent aggressive forces.

They can be destructive. But destruction is also a part of creation. This means the Iyaami Priestesses are bringing with them change.


4) Sanpanna

Also called Shaponna. In Santeria we call him Babalu Aye. The God of Disease and Healing of Disease. He’s mostly associated with smallpox, leprosy, and lame feet.

The combination of these influences is the touch of heaven, the wisdom of the ancestors and the Iyaami Priestesses, and Healing. Which by the way, Obatala is also a Healer Deity. So all of this is for transformation of the greatest kind. The other day paired with this day is ruled by :


1) The Order of IFA

The wise men and women of Orula the God of Divination and Magic.

2) Esu

Also known as Elegua. The Orisha of the Crossroads and Magic.

3) Osun

Also called Oshun the Orisha of Love, Prosperity, Nature, Magic, and Life.

4) Aje

Also known as Ashe, Ache, or Ase. The energy of creation and manifestation. The grace of the Gods.

5) Yemoja

Also called Yemaya, the Orisha of the Ocean. Queen of the Seas. Great Mother.

6) Olokun

The secret Orisha. No one really knows if it is a He or a She. This God serves Yemaya in the bottom of the Ocean. A healer and imparter of wisdom. These are two powerful days for wisdom and magic.

That they appear to be ruling every two days this month, means that we have a lot of wisdom and manifestation. The other two days are being ruled by :

Sango and Oya

Sango was one of the great Yoruba Emperors. He was a God before he lived his human life on Earth. And he became a God again in death. He is the Orisha of Seers, Magic, Warriors, Fire, Lightning, and Masculinity. His Wife Oya is the Orisha of Thunderstorms, Winds, Change, the Market Place and Economies, and she is a Guide to the dead.

She takes them straight to the Front Gates of the burial grounds. She is also a warrior and when she dances in the clouds, thunderstorms manifest. Those are days that are very intense and full of conflict. But they can yield rewards  if one is vigilant. The other days are ruled by :

1) Ogun

The Orisha of Blacksmiths, Nature, and Magic. He is a warrior who fights with a huge sword.

2) Osoosi

Also called Ochossi, is the Orisha of Hunters and Shamanism.

3) Orisa Oko

Is the Orisha of Agriculture and Abundance.

A day for nature, self reflection, and abundance. The pattern of this whole month seems to be a positive one. The IFA Priests divine who rules what day each month. So all this came from them observing the spiritual weather. So we yet have much to enjoy still.

To read the October forecast from Pandora Astrology go here :



More links on Venus Retrograde:



Stay Safe

– M

In need of help? I’m here to guide

Well everybody, I am finally done with my other consultations. Today was the very last one. Did a couple of house and land blessings for prosperity. So I am ready again to help you out with whatever you need. Love readings are $58 dollars for an hour.
Healing of any kind which includes Reiki depends on the amount needed. Now if you need a heavy duty soul healing, That’s about $300. I use Shamanic spirits for this. Sometimes African Spirits, sometimes Celtic or Ukrainian, and sometimes Native American. It usually depends on whoever answers my call for the healing.

I help find the broken pieces of a person’s soul shattered all over the spiritual plane. My spirits help me cleanse the soul shards, heal them, bless them with holy energy, and restore them to the person who is in need. This includes Essence Loss, where a person has gone through some traumatic event. So part of their energy bled through their body like a massive blood loss. That energy stays in the place where the person lost it.

A ritual has to be done where the essence is thoroughly cleaned, treated, and then re-infused into the main soul.
If you need a reorientation, that is about $500. What this means is, a person’s life is out of focus. They need help straightening it out. They need clarity and a plan.

They need advice and pointers on how to fix whatever issues they have. Example, you’re working a dead end job. Your spouse left you. You have a sudden cut off of prosperity. You seem to have bad things happen all of the time and you have no idea why that is.

I use Shamanic rituals to see into your life. Figure out what’s wrong. And help you reorient yourself towards a better path. That doesn’t mean I’m God and I can wipe everything clean with a wand or word. You still have to do part of the work.

But I can help you get there. And know what it is you must do. Often times I also either do rituals myself or have the client do them to help aid and speed up recovery of their life. I can help with some relationship reconciliation. I honestly hate doing this, because most of the time if something isn’t working, you should just let it go.

But because so many people have started asking for it. I’m doing it again. Things you need to know first :

1) I do not use black magic or entities to force anyone to do anything.

If you’re expecting me to use magic to force someone to obey and follow you, don’t bother contacting me. Because you’ll be wasting your breath. What I do is white magic. Sometimes nature magic. With white magic, I appeal to Gods and spirits of light.

I do everything from using oils, to altar and candle work, to prayers, to see if that person still loves you. If they love you, this work is for them to be healed of whatever hurt was done between you both. And to touch their soul (with their guide’s permission) to let them know the feeling is mutual and you want them back. The one draw back with this is it takes time. Like Months.

But on their own, they will come to you. With nature magic it’s similar yet different. How do I begin to describe it? Nature spirits can do soul work. But they prefer to appeal to a person’s nature. If your significant other is still yearning for you in their bed, the green spirits take the inhibitions down.

Basically, we put up barriers to most things in life. Even love. The nature spirits say “Soul work is good, but it’s complicated and it takes time,”. So, their answer is just take the walls down and let nature take it’s coarse. But the person only does what they already want to do.

And unlike soul work, the issues never get worked out before the return. So yeah they’ll come back, but you’ll still be dealing with those same old issues. Of course that’s just with some nature entities. Others do the soul work and let the walls come down at the same time. Others just let you talk to each other in dreams and work the mess out.

It depends on the spirits who appear when I call. Sometimes I just use Reiki for reconciliation work. I never have to worry about free will being violated. Plus, it does the soul healing at the same time. While it gently helps the person’s higher self take down the barriers themselves.

I think that’s a much better way. However, Reiki can either be fast, take it’s time, or be in between.

2) It’s up to that person to Want to return to you.

I can’t and won’t make them come back by force. That is immoral and it is spiritual rape.

3) Because of 1 and 2, it may take time for that other person to return.

If they ever do. So I guarantee nothing. Even Dr. E who did great reconciliation work, took months to get someone to come back. Because again, he didn’t violate free will. He only used white magic.

Or nature magic since he was a rootworker, but you get the deal.

On Prosperity work

I can help with business or general prosperity using my spirits and the Gods I worship. Just how much help you need is what determines the price. I take the person’s finances into account. So I can make the prices cheaper. But, I always ask my spirits if the person is being truthful.

If they have lied, I’ll double the original price. Finally, I do what I call Miscellaneous work. That means that I can do any work specific to your needs. If it isn’t immoral. And if it’s doable.

I get calls from people asking for the impossibe.

“Make my cousin walk again,”

“Make my son straight!”


“Help my daughter beat cancer”

Now on this one, I do not charge. But like I said I am not God. So I can’t honestly say I can help all the way. But, I have had some successes. But it doesn’t always work.

So please keep these things in mind. I also do not charge for Exorcisms and Banishings. Or curses removals either. The only time I will ever charge is if you lied to me about how it came to happen.
Example, you summoned a Demon to hurt your ex.

But it backfired. Or you tried to curse someone for something stupid. And it backfired. Then yes, I will charge. These are my prices and some of what I can do.

As always, contact me at hyoseif13@gmail.com for consultations.

Have a great day!