David Paulides and the Missing 411 Phenomenon

I wanted to talk about something most people haven’t heard of

And that is the Missing 411 Phenomenon. And why it’s important for all of us, no matter what we believe in, to check it out. This story takes place years ago when Mr. Paulides was still a Cop in California. I believe it was back in 2010, he had been successful working everything you can imagine and eventually going into Vice. But one day a group of Forrest officials approached him.

And it changed everything for him. They worked at National Parks and told him that people were vanishing at insane rates. And that worse than that, their superiors were actively hiding it. This had a profound effect on Paulides who began looking into it. He started investigating the Paranormal.

Specifically he started investigating what has come to be known as the Missing 411 Phenomenon. Strange disappearances or deaths that cant be explained through science or other conventional methods. Police investigations have also yielded no results or findings in these deaths. In most cases, when people are found alive, they usually can’t remember anything that happened to them or how they disappeared. He’s written a lot of books with strange cases going back 100’s of years.

And of course he has faced criticism. As well outright slander campaigns even on websites like Wikipedia. Who have tried to paint him as some kind of zany conspiracy theorist. Except there’s a big problem with that. Namely, that he has never created any conspiracy theories.

All of these are also real cases and he only mentions facts. And he has no idea why or how these people are disappearing or dying in strange ways in the first place. He has no clue as to how it’s happening either. His books are all about actual cases, history, as well as facts and statistics. And strange patterns.

Odd things that forensic investigators did find. Like large quantities of a chemical found in some bodies. A chemical that the body naturally produces. And yet there is no puncture mark or anything else indicative as to how such a chemical was introduced into those bodies in the first place.

A hiker finds a strange missing person’s shrine in the middle of the woods in Long Island in 2016. From this article

He also discovered that the places where people were vanishing, and also dying have bizarre histories. Places with strange names like “devils peak” or “death mountain” etc.. to which he believes the older generations must have known something we didn’t about those places. The only thing he is certain about is that he doubts a human presence or animal predation is responsible. He ruled out animal predation or suicide first. And only selected cases in which conventional science and investigation failed to turn up a reason for the deaths or vanishings.

He found patterns which eventually turned up zones or “cloisters” of missing people. People who all had similar things in common. And who vanished in the same way or place. Some of these people even had the same appearance or surnames. And some seemed to belong to a specific nationality or ethnic group.

He ruled out serial killers, because by now some law enforcement agency would have caught wind of it. It would have to be the greatest criminal conspiracy ever to exist. Which would be crazier and more far fetched than what he is suggesting. Not to mention that most serial murders occur in big cities. Not that it’s impossible, but it just isn’t plausible.

And this would have to be a large conspiracy that would go back hundreds of years. Which again is unlikely. He believes an “intelligence” of some sort is at work here. But he doesn’t know what it is. Only that unlike humans, it doesn’t make mistakes.

It doesn’t get caught. And whenever it does leave evidence behind it does so on purpose. His work is impressive. And he has given many good interviews as to what is going on right now. The scary thing is that the vanishings started out happening in the wilderness.

But now he’s been able to identify strange deaths and disappearances in urban settings as well. Things that even have the police unsettled. The strangest thing he has come up with so far are the cloisters. As he explains, as a Police officer he would often put up a board and come up with whatever murder victims had in common. Or he would pin the locations of violent crimes.

Eventually he found patterns and from there motives. He also discovered something peculiar about the locations and that they died in strange ways near bodies of water or granite boulders. He also found that in most cases their bodies were found hundreds of miles away from where they had vanished. And with no explanation as to how they could have traveled that distance. The same applies to ages and health, or intellect.

In some cases, older or disabled people vanished or died strangely. In other cases younger and intellectual people died or vanished in strange ways. And always in places that again bare ominous names, and usually have bodies of water or granite boulders around. As if something was hunting specific people for specific reasons. The most unsettling are the child deaths and vanishings.

It’s because this is something I feel is necessary to talk about that I am writing about this. This is important and a matter of life or death. You never know when this could effect your life. Too many people want to bury this and to discredit Mr. Paulides. Now personally I disagree with Mr. Paulides on politics.

He’s way too conservative for me. And he looks at politics through a police officer’s lens which I guess I should have expected. But in matters of the Paranormal, I can at least put my differences aside to be able to uncover hidden truths. Every time Mr. Paulides has any kind of social media like Twitter, it seems these websites go out of their way to censor him. I have seen that happen with left wing activists on Twitter and social media.

Especially when controversial topics are being discussed. There’s even an odd bot account on YouTube that went out of its way to make a video to try and paint him, again, as a conspiracy theorist. But he’s not a conspiracy theorist. When people ask him what he thinks is going on, he says he doesn’t know. Because he genuinely doesn’t know.

My own personal point of view on the subject is that the M.O. of the murders and disappearances varies, because the predator is different in each case. Some may be spirits. Others spirits with physical bodies (like the Skinwalker). Some may be Cryptids or Hominds. Some of the cases he has mentioned make me think of UFO’s.

That’s why it’s different. Because different creatures or “intelligences” are responsible for the vanishings. Some may even be creatures that have either been lost to time.

And others things we never considered could exist. Either way, something is out there. And we should all be worried. And all invest time into discovering what it could be. Final thoughts, if Paulides is the typical conspiracy nut, then why are so many different people invested in seeing him fail? No one gives a shit about QAnon.

No one is actively trying to discredit them. Sabotage their profiles on social media. Or even create these insane bot accounts to disprove them. We can’t say the same thing about Mr. Paulides.

His radio interview with Art Bell (YouTube)

I consider the above interview to be the primer for anyone who is new to this and knows very little if anything about it.

David Paulides YouTube channel (The Missing Persons’s Canadian-American Channel)

The Canam Website where you can also order his books

Ridiculous number of Missing Kids in Oregon (News clip, YouTube)

His first Documentary Missing 411 (Free with Ads)

I don’t like the first documentary too much. But it’s still good. I don’t know about the boy who went camping with his family in the woods. But Jaryd Atadero the other little boy? That one really messes with my head. It’s clear his death was not natural.

At the very least it was murder of some sort. So why was it ruled “death by animal predation?”. For fucks sake they claimed a Mountain Lion killed this kid. And yet somehow years after he vanished, part of his skull is found in an area they already searched. His jeans were inside out and folded. And his shoes were there in pristine condition.

No animal does that. Plus what animal takes a skull? This is just one of the many strange cases, and bullshit explanations that law enforcement have used to bury odd deaths and vanishings.

Missing Children (Article on Missing 411. Talking about the weirdest cases of Missing Children who did survive in some cases and recalled strange things).

Missing 411 : The Hunted (Free with Ads)

Now this sequel documents is vastly superior to the first one. Directed by his now deceased son Ben Paulides, this documentary uncovers the strangest deaths and vanishings. Not to mention audio of an animalistic yell that a group of survivalists recorded. And a strange picture taken by an old phone camera that is “impossible and can’t exist” according to the phone company and experts. The image is of something that the person who captured it, said was invisible.

It appears as a weird transparent silhouette. It’s not special effects or a hoax image. Also this documentary is specifically about a recent trend in the Missing 411 phenomenon. Mainly that now Hunters are being targeted. Even weapons don’t seem to be a match for whatever is out there anymore.

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