David Paulides and the Missing 411 Phenomenon

I wanted to talk about something most people haven’t heard of

And that is the Missing 411 Phenomenon. And why it’s important for all of us, no matter what we believe in, to check it out. This story takes place years ago when Mr. Paulides was still a Cop in California. I believe it was back in 2010, he had been successful working everything you can imagine and eventually going into Vice. But one day a group of Forrest officials approached him.

And it changed everything for him. They worked at National Parks and told him that people were vanishing at insane rates. And that worse than that, their superiors were actively hiding it. This had a profound effect on Paulides who began looking into it. He started investigating the Paranormal.

Specifically he started investigating what has come to be known as the Missing 411 Phenomenon. Strange disappearances or deaths that cant be explained through science or other conventional methods. Police investigations have also yielded no results or findings in these deaths. In most cases, when people are found alive, they usually can’t remember anything that happened to them or how they disappeared. He’s written a lot of books with strange cases going back 100’s of years.

And of course he has faced criticism. As well outright slander campaigns even on websites like Wikipedia. Who have tried to paint him as some kind of zany conspiracy theorist. Except there’s a big problem with that. Namely, that he has never created any conspiracy theories.

All of these are also real cases and he only mentions facts. And he has no idea why or how these people are disappearing or dying in strange ways in the first place. He has no clue as to how it’s happening either. His books are all about actual cases, history, as well as facts and statistics. And strange patterns.

Odd things that forensic investigators did find. Like large quantities of a chemical found in some bodies. A chemical that the body naturally produces. And yet there is no puncture mark or anything else indicative as to how such a chemical was introduced into those bodies in the first place.

A hiker finds a strange missing person’s shrine in the middle of the woods in Long Island in 2016. From this article

He also discovered that the places where people were vanishing, and also dying have bizarre histories. Places with strange names like “devils peak” or “death mountain” etc.. to which he believes the older generations must have known something we didn’t about those places. The only thing he is certain about is that he doubts a human presence or animal predation is responsible. He ruled out animal predation or suicide first. And only selected cases in which conventional science and investigation failed to turn up a reason for the deaths or vanishings.

He found patterns which eventually turned up zones or “cloisters” of missing people. People who all had similar things in common. And who vanished in the same way or place. Some of these people even had the same appearance or surnames. And some seemed to belong to a specific nationality or ethnic group.

He ruled out serial killers, because by now some law enforcement agency would have caught wind of it. It would have to be the greatest criminal conspiracy ever to exist. Which would be crazier and more far fetched than what he is suggesting. Not to mention that most serial murders occur in big cities. Not that it’s impossible, but it just isn’t plausible.

And this would have to be a large conspiracy that would go back hundreds of years. Which again is unlikely. He believes an “intelligence” of some sort is at work here. But he doesn’t know what it is. Only that unlike humans, it doesn’t make mistakes.

It doesn’t get caught. And whenever it does leave evidence behind it does so on purpose. His work is impressive. And he has given many good interviews as to what is going on right now. The scary thing is that the vanishings started out happening in the wilderness.

But now he’s been able to identify strange deaths and disappearances in urban settings as well. Things that even have the police unsettled. The strangest thing he has come up with so far are the cloisters. As he explains, as a Police officer he would often put up a board and come up with whatever murder victims had in common. Or he would pin the locations of violent crimes.

Eventually he found patterns and from there motives. He also discovered something peculiar about the locations and that they died in strange ways near bodies of water or granite boulders. He also found that in most cases their bodies were found hundreds of miles away from where they had vanished. And with no explanation as to how they could have traveled that distance. The same applies to ages and health, or intellect.

In some cases, older or disabled people vanished or died strangely. In other cases younger and intellectual people died or vanished in strange ways. And always in places that again bare ominous names, and usually have bodies of water or granite boulders around. As if something was hunting specific people for specific reasons. The most unsettling are the child deaths and vanishings.

It’s because this is something I feel is necessary to talk about that I am writing about this. This is important and a matter of life or death. You never know when this could effect your life. Too many people want to bury this and to discredit Mr. Paulides. Now personally I disagree with Mr. Paulides on politics.

He’s way too conservative for me. And he looks at politics through a police officer’s lens which I guess I should have expected. But in matters of the Paranormal, I can at least put my differences aside to be able to uncover hidden truths. Every time Mr. Paulides has any kind of social media like Twitter, it seems these websites go out of their way to censor him. I have seen that happen with left wing activists on Twitter and social media.

Especially when controversial topics are being discussed. There’s even an odd bot account on YouTube that went out of its way to make a video to try and paint him, again, as a conspiracy theorist. But he’s not a conspiracy theorist. When people ask him what he thinks is going on, he says he doesn’t know. Because he genuinely doesn’t know.

My own personal point of view on the subject is that the M.O. of the murders and disappearances varies, because the predator is different in each case. Some may be spirits. Others spirits with physical bodies (like the Skinwalker). Some may be Cryptids or Hominds. Some of the cases he has mentioned make me think of UFO’s.

That’s why it’s different. Because different creatures or “intelligences” are responsible for the vanishings. Some may even be creatures that have either been lost to time.

And others things we never considered could exist. Either way, something is out there. And we should all be worried. And all invest time into discovering what it could be. Final thoughts, if Paulides is the typical conspiracy nut, then why are so many different people invested in seeing him fail? No one gives a shit about QAnon.

No one is actively trying to discredit them. Sabotage their profiles on social media. Or even create these insane bot accounts to disprove them. We can’t say the same thing about Mr. Paulides.

His radio interview with Art Bell (YouTube)

I consider the above interview to be the primer for anyone who is new to this and knows very little if anything about it.

David Paulides YouTube channel (The Missing Persons’s Canadian-American Channel)

The Canam Website where you can also order his books

Ridiculous number of Missing Kids in Oregon (News clip, YouTube)

His first Documentary Missing 411 (Free with Ads)

I don’t like the first documentary too much. But it’s still good. I don’t know about the boy who went camping with his family in the woods. But Jaryd Atadero the other little boy? That one really messes with my head. It’s clear his death was not natural.

At the very least it was murder of some sort. So why was it ruled “death by animal predation?”. For fucks sake they claimed a Mountain Lion killed this kid. And yet somehow years after he vanished, part of his skull is found in an area they already searched. His jeans were inside out and folded. And his shoes were there in pristine condition.

No animal does that. Plus what animal takes a skull? This is just one of the many strange cases, and bullshit explanations that law enforcement have used to bury odd deaths and vanishings.

Missing Children (Article on Missing 411. Talking about the weirdest cases of Missing Children who did survive in some cases and recalled strange things).

Missing 411 : The Hunted (Free with Ads)

Now this sequel documents is vastly superior to the first one. Directed by his now deceased son Ben Paulides, this documentary uncovers the strangest deaths and vanishings. Not to mention audio of an animalistic yell that a group of survivalists recorded. And a strange picture taken by an old phone camera that is “impossible and can’t exist” according to the phone company and experts. The image is of something that the person who captured it, said was invisible.

It appears as a weird transparent silhouette. It’s not special effects or a hoax image. Also this documentary is specifically about a recent trend in the Missing 411 phenomenon. Mainly that now Hunters are being targeted. Even weapons don’t seem to be a match for whatever is out there anymore.

The White Doe

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I view it as propaganda to cover up the genocide of the Native Americans and the theft of their land. But as this Thanksgiving falls on Folklore Thursday, I figured you’d all like some Halloween mixed with the turkey. A vanishing English colony, a mysterious message on a tree, Shamans and shape shifting, and a tragic curse. And the Ghost of the first English woman ever born on the continent.

A ghostly English and American fairytale worthy of the Brothers Grimm.

The Lost Colony and it’s history


The Mystery of the Missing Colony at Roanoke is known far and wide. As are the legends of Virginia Dare. Roanoke was the first true English settlement in Turtle Island (America). It was Founded by Sir Walter Raleigh a notoriously brutal colonizer and war criminal. While he committed genocide in Ireland at the behest of Elizabeth, here he used different tactics.

Walter Raleigh, I withheld the “Sir” here on purpose. May he be damned eternally

He decided to “befriend” the indigenous peoples so that he could slowly infiltrate their societies. And learn all that he could about them. Including potential enemies, resources to steal, strengths and weaknesses, and who would be allies of England. This was especially important for when they would stop being friendly and begin forcing submission. Now, Raleigh already has a strange history including a missing head after he died.

But that’s a story for another time. For now we will focus on the strange connection he has to this story. The settlement was on an Island off the coast of North Carolina. It wasn’t supposed to be there at all. It was supposed to be in Chesapeake Bay.

But the Pirate captain they hired to take them, a Portuguese Mercenary*, was in a rush to raid Spanish ships. So he left them stranded on Roanoke Island. Raleigh had previously befriended two indigenous leaders : Manteo and Wanchese. In fact, he took them all the way to England and they met the Queen. And Raleigh managed to get Manteo a Lord Title.

Becoming the only Native who ever received an English title. The Colony was given to the command of Governor John White. There were 115 Colonists under him. Among them was his daughter Eleanor, and her husband, Ananias Dare.

The Baptism of Virginia Dare at Roanoke Colony, image from the State Archives of North Carolina

Virginia was the very first child of English blood born on Turtle Island. But little did they know the dangers they were in. Many of the local tribes despised them. You see years before, another mercenary captain had ordered the whole sale slaughter of many indigenous tribes. Their crime? That one of their chiefs had held the captain’s silver cup in his hand for a moment.

The Captain believed he was trying to steal the cup. So he decided he make an example of them. Just to prove a point. This left the local tribes permanently traumatized. And when Europeans had once again appeared in the form of the Roanoke colony, they decided to show the invaders they weren’t welcome.

As things began to get dangerous, John White knew they needed help. So he left, presumably just for a few months. Returning to England for aid. He told the colonists that if they had to leave for any reason, to carve the name of their new location on a nearby tree. And if they were forced under pressure to leave, to carve a cross underneath the name.

When John White left for England, he had no idea that he would never see the people of Roanoke again. In 1588, the country was bracing for an Invasion from the Spanish armadas. Three years had passed before he and his new crew with their supplies made it back to Roanoke. And when they got there, they were greeted with an eerie silence. The whole colony, all 115 of them had long gone.

John White and the English soldiers find the colony empty, and a single word carved on a near by tree

And near the ruins of the settlement was the word “Croatoan” carved in a nearby tree. The disappearance of Virginia Dare and the Colony as well as the mysterious word has been the subject of fiction. From the Buffyverse where Virginia Dare was a past slayer, to The Immortal Nicholas Flamelseries where she’s a villain. To her being a demon responsible for the disappearance of the colony in the FreakyLinks tv show. To the Croatoan virus from Supernatural which is a demonic virus that turns people into savage zombie like monsters.

Comic books. And recently on the CW series Legacies, a Demonic Monster that hunts and devours those who keep secrets. Of course all of that is nothing compared to the racist, anti indigenous fiction created later. One of the most famous Apocryphal stories spread is how the colonists died. That Virginia’s mother Eleanor bravely carved the word into a tree as a clue.

While she had her dead husband at her feet and her baby in her arms while savage natives attacked. Except that not one of the Roanoke colonists were killed. Remember, there wasn’t a cross carved under the word. Which means they weren’t forced to leave. There was no conflict.

And despite the English repeating stories of how the whole village was butchered, not one body was found. The village was abandoned with nothing left behind even for raiders. Which means the colonists took the supplies with them. Most of the English assumed local tribes had killed them all. But John White rightly assumed that the word was a misspelling of the word Croatan.

The name of Manteo’s tribe. But even with the possibility that they survived, he choose not to look for them. He and his crew went off to raid ships. And this is where Colonial history falls silent. Many people have said he wanted to find his family but a storm was coming.

Other sources say he also wanted to engage in raiding Spanish ships. Some believe he was more motivated by greed at this point. And since three years had passed since the colony was abandoned, he probably did believe they were dead. Although others claim it was the captain and not John White, who wanted to raid the ships. It depends on who you talk to.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe that there was a storm, he was pressured to leave by the soldiers, and he also thought they were dead. A man isn’t just going to give up on his daughter and granddaughter no matter what. Especially someone who brought an army and supplies even after three years. When anyone else would have assumed they were dead. I can only imagine the anguish he just have felt.

Native History, Legend, and Lore

Chief Manteo

But Native history picks up where colonial history left off. According to the Croatan, Manteo discovered that some of the tribes were planning a raid on the settlement. So he not only warned them, but led them through a tunnel on Roanoke island where canoes were secretly waiting for them on the other side. He brought enough not just for the colonists, but all of their supplies and personal possessions as well. He led them to his tribe the Croatan Nation.

And once there, the Tribe adopted them.

~ White Doe ~

From : KendraKickz0220

Now we explore Virginia Dare’s childhood. Only she stopped being Virginia Dare. Her Mother was renamed “White Doe”. And Virginia became “Little Fawn”. Little Fawn was beloved by the whole tribe.

And was seen as the embodiment the principles of the First Nation. Not as a colonist or settler. But as a native woman. We do know that the new generation of Croatan not only knew native traditions but European traditions as well. Which means there was an equal exchange of cultures between the groups.

This is purely fictiinal. Croatan Native Women didn’t dress like this. From northcarolinaghosts.com

Upon becoming a woman, she inherited the name White Doe from her mother. She also earned the title of “Beloved Woman” and “Prophet”. She was trained as a Shaman. She grew up with Wanchese’s son who was named after his father. The younger Wanchese loved her, but had never confessed his feelings for her.

Later in Jamestown, some of the other settlers in 1608, reported that they saw survivors from Roanoke.

“Seven English alive…who escaped the slaughter at Roanoke. Fower men, two boys, and one young mayde,”

Except nobody died. The massacre was stopped by Manteo. Many suspect the young woman was White Doe/Virginia Dare herself. There were also tales of gray eyed natives or people with mixed features in those days. But going back to Croatan accounts, White Doe’s magic became so powerful, that she attracted the attention of a male shaman named Chico.

Chico was greedy for her power. He believed that if he could marry her, he could gain her powers for himself. Maybe even sire a child with greater powers still. But White Doe politely said no. This angered Chico greatly.

And he began to plot against her. For if he couldn’t have her power, nobody would. He led White Doe to her birth island at Roanoke. What pretext he used to lead her there isn’t clear. What is said is that he cast a powerful spell on the island.

And that she became a real white doe the moment she stepped foot on the cursed land. Trapped in this form, Chico abandoned her to her fate. When she disappeared, the whole village began to speculate that Chico was behind it somehow. But nothing could be proven.

The Magical Doe of Roanoke Island

Stories from the native hunters along the coast started to spread. They told of a lone white doe on Roanoke island. It was said that when tribal hunters shot arrows at the Doe, it went right through her. Taking no effect. And the animal was supernaturally fast as well.

Wanchese was sure it was his White Doe. It seems her magic remained even after she was cursed to animal form. He figured what Chico had done. So he decided to save his love. And he had the tool to do it.

Wanchese inherited a silver tipped arrow from his father. The arrow was a present that Wanchese Sr. was given by the Queen of England. It was reputed in the tribe to have special powers to break any enchantment. This makes sense because silver is the metal of the fae. And it’s said to have powers over evil spirits and magic.

His plan was to give White Doe a harmless flesh wound. That way the curse would be broken with her life spared. I think you can already tell this tale is going to end badly. The younger Wanchese chased her across the lands and finally cornered her in Kill Devil Hills. And there he fired his arrow.

Only to realize he had pierced her heart. She slowly turned back into a human woman.

She locked eyes with him, breathed her last breath, and died. Then her spirit appeared out of her body in the form of a ghostly white doe which fled into the forrest. Now I have told you this version of the story first. And the reason is because out of all the stories I researched, this one seems to be the most accurate account. It came from one of my paranormal books which I will cite later.

And it is recited orally for generations by the tribe. But for some reason, everyone either scoffs at the story as a silly fairy tale. Or they pervert the Croatan accounts for their own gain. As you’ll see soon by this next part.

Big Business, Bullshit, and Bigotry

As I have mentioned above, there are dozens of distortions to this story. The colonists and their later descendants were for the most part, unruly people. They had a sense of racial superiority about them. And in modern and former times, Virginia Dare was taken as a symbol of white womanhood and racism. She was used by racist white men in the South as a banner to rally white women and men to stop black women from voting.

VDare is a White Supremacist organization created by Peter Brimelow, the former Forbes editor and author. He stole the image of the White Doe for his fascist, anti immigration movement which wants to keep America white. To this end, this militia encourages European immigration in order to “purify” the US.

And she’s also been used in more recent times by racial separatist and Neo Nazi organizations. Invoked for different white supremacist agendas. Currently to protest immigration by non whites and “pc culture”. Her story has been perverted for other people’s agendas for hundreds of years. And one of those agendas was to sell wine.

During prohibition, a new take on Virginia Dare arose. One where the native leader Wanchese was scared of English people. In this myth, he turned against the Roanoke colonists and plotted to kill them all. In this version Manteo is still the one who saves them. But instead of Wanchese’s son, it’s a warrior named “Okisko” who is White Doe’s love.

And rather than a silver tipped arrow, he uses an oyster tipped arrow with a mother-of-pearl lining. The silver arrow remains with Wanchese. But story says that Wanchese was also hunting her. They make him into the stereotypical “evil Indian”. The reason Wanchese has been vilified by colonial sources, is because he broke relations with the English.

He saw the English as dangerous. And that they had ulterior motives for their “friendship,”. Wanchese was a noble warrior and leader of his people. And while he was never a Chief, his words held a lot of weight with them. He tried to warn Manteo about the dangers of being too close to the British Empire.

But sadly he didn’t listen. Wanchese broke his ties with the British. Which made Manteo their one ally. History was rewritten Wanchese as a villain. So back to the revised story, here she was supposedly stalked by both her true love and Wanchese.

Wanchese is portrayed here as a macho man who wanted to kill the white doe to prove he was a skilled hunter.

And Okisko wanted to save his love. They both found her drinking water at a pond and fired. Both hitting her in the heart at the same time. When she becomes human, Wanchese realizes what he did and flees. So here they paint the great leader as a shameless coward as well as a killer.

Okisko buries her.

He took her to the center of the Roanoke ruins and buried her there. And from her fallen body, came the scuppernong. The first of the grapes grown in North Carolina was born. Grapes as red as blood. And this was how they sold the wine in North Carolina.

From : Chronicles of our history

Sallie Southall Cotten wrote this poem for a wine brand to sell the grapes. This version of the story was made famous from the Poem, “The White Doe or the Legend of Virginia Dare,” it was a campaign to sell wine. And other versions of the story were further distorted. A famous NY Times article actually claimed that a hunter from Virginia shot the white doe with a silver bullet. Causing her death.

But it was all a massive media campaign to sell wine. And there are still people who view it as true to this day.

The Ghost Deer of Roanoke Island

From : Southeastern Ghosts and Hauntings

The ghostly white doe is still spotted to this day. Ever since her death at Kill Devil Hills, she’s been seen. Hunters who go to Roanoke island have seen a pure white female deer. Supernaturally fast, because they all say the same thing. They can only ever get a glimpse of the deer.

As soon as they see it, it’s gone. As in the blink of an eye. Many skeptics have tried debunking claims that this is her spirit roaming the island. Claiming it’s just a rare breed of albino deer. But that has never been proven.

Where are all the albino deers? It’s only ever one deer, a female deer who is spotted. And it’s been spotted since colonial times. Albinos would have to appear once in every generation. Maybe it’s an immortal deer. She only comes out at night.

Even today there are people reporting the mystical white doe. The sightings are regarded as an “urban legend,”. But if that’s the case, then this is the longest running Urban Legend in US History. Or perhaps there is more fact than fiction here. A mystical blend of historical mystery and the Supernatural.

And it only gets weirder. In Manteo, North Carolina they have a play showing the founding and vanishing of the Roanoke Colony. The play has been going on since the 1930’s. In every single play, the actors reported encounters with people dressed in period clothing roaming around backstage. Except these people are not from the cast.

And many have claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions of a young blond maiden they think is Virginia herself. Are these the ghosts of the colonists? Could it be that what happened to Virginia has caused them to remain in limbo? Stuck between realms. Much like White Doe herself, Little Fawn, the Beloved Woman, who even today remains untamed, illusive, and perhaps….unknowable.

*Some accounts claim it was a Spanish captain named Simon Fernando. But given the fact that there were serious tensions occuring between Spain and England I find that doubtful. And his name is often used in accounts that to me are less than trustworthy. The Southern author of the book who listened to the Croatan, says it was a Portuguese mercenary who captained the ship. And he had abandoned them on Roanoke to raid Spanish ships.

This account is more in line with the history. And as stated before, they weren’t supposed to be on Roanoke. A fact that is almost left out of every account. I didn’t even know that. The only thing they do agree on is that the name of the ship was Lion.

But even then, popular sources translate it as Lyon which is French for Lion. If it had been Spanish as they claim, it would have been Leon. The Portuguese name would have been Leão and to non speakers of the language it may have sounded like Lyon. What I discovered is that the author was right : the name of the Captain was Simão Fernandes. Usually translated as Simon Fernandes and eventually in apocryphal accounts as Simon Fernando.

Many historians from the West especially England, try to translate the names of other cultures in English. Juan becomes John and so forth. English museums do this all the time. So mistranslations are bound to occur. So the Pirate captain’s nationality was changed from Portuguese to Spanish.

Probably because the people doing the translating in future generations may not have been able to tell that his name was Portuguese. There are some minor similarities in both languages and the translators may have translated his name so many times that it no longer looked like his name.

Sources :

1) Dixie Spirits : Tales of the Strange and the Supernatural in the South,” by Christoper K. Coleman, Chapter 21 (pg 167-172)

Amazon has it for $19, but you can buy it on Thrift Books for $5.29 and that includes the hardcover edition

⬆️ This book had some of the most accurate information. There were a few things that were wrong but mostly correct. Also, the colonial ghosts at the play since the 1930’s comes from this book as well. This author has thoroughly researched the South. And while I don’t always agree with his opinions, he does have good information.

And he has tried to verify as much as possible. Also the report from Jamestown comes from this book.

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