Strange and Interesting News (links)

So I call this weird and interesting because these are articles that showed up on my feed recently that I wanted to share with you. Some are science and others are Paranormal in nature. Enjoy!
Giant Harry Creatures discovered in Siberian shores

NASA figures out what the strange foreign object found on Mars is

Stalked by a Skinwalker

Oldest Galaxies in the Universe Discovered

The Grinning Men : Two odd encounters 25 yrs apart

And of course, this bullshit

Nemoralia, Pomonalia and Vertumnalia, plus Feast of Hekate and Ghost Month

So yesterday, began the three day feast of Diana also known as Artemis. Specifically, Diana Nemorensis (Diana of Nemi). She rules over a lake with a sacred grove near the lazio region of the south of Rome. The lake is also known as “Diana’s Mirror”. On this feast, her spirits, the Querquetulanae (oak nymphs) prepare to welcome any human worshippers while celebrating the Deity herself.
Also known as the festival of torches, no one is allowed to hunt and kill animals at this time. Celebrants go to the grove of Nemi carrying torches with small parchments of paper with written requests for her. They tie them in string and leave them near sacred trees at the grove. Others will actually leave statuettes of her or clay formations of body parts that need healing. Or at least this was how it was done in Roman times.Offerings were also made to Hekate. For some reason the Romans seemed to have believed she and Trivia (Hekate) were the same person. This is because Diana had three aspects. In modern times, many Neo Pagan groups have used this day specifically for Hekate.
The Nemoralia was celebrated both from August 13-15 and also on the full moon of August.It depends on where your sources lie. Of course the accounts say the torch light mingled with the moonlight in Nemi’s waters. So it may have been celebrated twice. It is also the feast of Pomona and Vertumnus, the Roman Goddess of fruit and vegetation. And the Roman God of Seasons and Change as well as vegetation.While it was still daylight, I honored them using my Hellenic altar. I gave them the first fruits of the land. Not every Hellenic, or Roman Pagan agrees with these Gods being the same. I’m one of the few that do believe in at least some of them being the same. It makes sense that beings as powerful as Gods or Goddesses would have been known back then to more than one culture.

And they may have even have been given different names. The Yoruba practitioners in North America for instance, have told me they believed  Amphitrite is the same as Yemaya.
Who knows? I’m no one to contradict either group. Now, on the offerings to both Pomona and her husband. What the apartment complex has is what Cubans call Cundeamor. In English, it’s called Bitter Mellon.

A small orange fruit that grows on the vines that grow on fences. It has both medical and magical properties. It’s sacred to Oshun in Santeria as it has properties in love and healing. I’ve used it to make Lustral Waters. The water turns cherry red when I strain the fruit inside it.

Very beautiful. It has a faint nature smell to it I like and you only need to strain one. It makes me think of cleansing. Purification. It is a natural anti inflammatory. And it is a natural cure to potions and powders left behind by witches to curse their enemies.

My Godfather taught me that when strained in water it could be used to heal a person who stepped on the powder or potion. Cundeamor would be strained in water. Once the feet were washed with the Cundeamor water, the person was healed of the black magic. That is a perfect offering to Lady Pomona. Legend has it, that she was originally a wood nymph so beautiful, that woodland Gods had tried to court her.

She told them all where they could go. It was finally the God Vertumnus who tricked her into marriage. He shape shifted into an old woman and talked her into marriage with him. Marrying a God can make a person become a God. So her marriage to him caused her to be deified.

Vertumnus, as an old woman, told her the story of Iphis and Anaxarete. Stressing how it was dangerous to turn down suitors coming to court her. Then later he appeared in his form to offer her marriage. I’m guessing you can figure out the rest from there? I try not to laugh too hard at this because my Lady gets upset. But she knows I love her very much.

She reached out to me back when I had no idea who she was. I had no clue why a nature deity would care if I worshipped her or not. It turns out, just because I don’t know how to garden doesn’t mean I can’t be close to nature. I believed that you had to be good at that because that’s what my ex made me believe. My knowledge of nature was colored with her lense of what it was or wasn’t.

As a necromancer, I find dead animals and give them proper burials. I ask whoever I feel is their God to take them. I also help protect the plants and animals where I live. I feed and water them. The animals feast on the offerings of my outside nature Altars.

And I even have groves around my complex that I use to honor the Gods on special occasions. I also found that I like Vertumnus a lot. He really is a trickster. He always makes her and me feel happy and lightens the mood. She does love him.

She gets angry but not in an actual anger sort of way. She tries to get mad at him whenever I read the story of how he courted her. But she bursts out laughing every time. Her laughter is so strong that at times I feel it on the wind outside. She is one of my favorite Godly relatives.

And my Lady Hekate, was ready for her offerings as well. I gave her a proper feast on the crossroads before going to the river behind my home. It has a Grove of it’s own for Diana of Nemi. Instead of an actual torch I am going to use a flashlight. I debated whether to use my electric lantern or not.

But there are other apartments back there and I really don’t want to attract any attention. I brought offerings for the Native spirits here in Florida as well as offerings for the Querquetulanae. But first, offerings to Hekate. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on Ghost Month, there seems to be many parallels happening all at once. Because now I will be giving offerings to Hekate as well as Diana of Nemi for three straight days.

Feasts of Hekate are always so that the dark dead can move on in peace. Hekate is the Goddess of the triple crossroads. She is a master of witchery in all it’s forms and a guide or psychopomp, to the dead. She’s worshipped not just by Hellenic Pagans but also by Wiccans. Especially Wiccans with a Celtic influence.

They believe that she and the Morrigan are like sisters. Not literal sisters, but friends. They both share the Crossroads. Hekate has many powerful functions in both religions and in magic. Idols of Hekate can be placed outside the home to ward off evil spirits.

And at least once a month, she destroys negative energy and takes away all the nasty ghosts in the area with her. For this reason, I called on Hekate to help me bless the food for the Hungry Ghosts. The reason for this is because the Ullambana Sutra is long as Hell, pun intended. Reading some of the sacred scriptures in all religions is similar to reading the Bible. Long and takes a lot of time.

And as much as I wish I had the time to pray over food with a gigantic sutra three times, I don’t. With Hekate I do a simple prayer. Then in Latin I do a benediction so that the spirits who eat the food are crossed over. I was doing it long before I ever heard of the Hungry Ghost festival. I noticed that crime and bad things in general actually decreased everytime I did this ritual on Hekate’s Deipnon (feast).

This is done once a month. So Hekate is a tried and true ally in not only neutralizing the bad spirits, but crossing them over. I have never met the same bad spirit twice. Eventually, she started bringing new bad spirits to my crossroads shrine to be crossed. The most issues we have here believe it or not actually come from cops.

Usually trying to over-exercise their authority and give out tickets for literally anything and everything. That includes “driving too slow”. But in terms of actual crimes, the one thing that happened was a guy who got drunk once four years ago and had to be arrested. The Catholics often talk about how Mexico is plagued by bad spirits and this is the reason for all the crime there. They have even attempted mass exorcisms to drive away the demons they think are over there.

Sadly, crooked governments don’t need spirits to be crooked. However, I can say that based on my little experiment, negative entities can and do make things worse. So, since either way we need Hekate for her own feast plus the Nemoralia, I called on her to care for the Hungry Ghosts at my Crossroads shrine. There, they are neutralized. Her spirits, the Empusae handle them well.

They take on the form of donkey headed men and women, and keep them in check. None of the entities have caused trouble. I first called on Elegua for help and he and his Eshu spirits on the Crossroads have also helped by protecting us specifically. Her spirits are the most aggressive hands on people here. They even force some of the Hungry Ghosts to come to eat.

They make sure they get booted off. My work on the Crossroads yields great rests. The ever expanding relationship I have with it and it’s spirits turned out to be more practical than I had ever imagined. So now I have other prayers to make for the hungry ghosts. That’s it for now everyone. – M

Ghost Month 2018 (The Hungry Ghost Festival)

So, yesterday was not only a New Moon in the sign of Leo (Hail Zeus!). I heard also that another supermoon was here but don’t know for sure. We have a lot to discuss. For starters, yesterday was the first day of Hungry Ghost Month. It will remain active until Sunday Sept 9th.
It’s not lost on me that it starts on a Saturday and ends on a Sunday. Saturday is a day for the dead to rest. I do my personal ancestral meditations and offerings at 12am if I can. If not just before 12am or even at Sunset of the same day. Sunday is a day of light dedicated to the Sun Gods who chase the dark spirits away.So for it to start on a Saturday and end on a Sunday this year is symbolic to me.
But on top of that it’s also a New Moon. In Hinduism, new moons are very inauspicious times. Dark spirits including the angry dead roam the streets at night. Another Hindu had told me though that it was also a good day to honor one’s ancestors regardless.Now, time to talk about Ghost Month. Ghost Month has it’s origins in Buddha’s disciple Maudgalyāyana, in China his name was changed to Mulian. But they’re the same person. He was the second most important disciple of the Buddha. The story goes that he was so powerful, that he could astral project to heaven and to hell.One day he was listening to a Buddhist lecture on being devoted to one’s parents. He realized in that moment, that he had neglected his mother. Maudgalyāyana came from a wealthy family. And his mother wasn’t too happy when he decided to renounce his life of material pleasures. He became one of Siddhārtha Gautama’s disciples.

Gautama was once a prince from Nepal.
He eventually renounced his throne to become a mystic, eventually a Buddha or “awakened one”. He had recognized Maudgalyāyana’s zeal for wisdom and wanting to lead an upright life. Maudgalyāyana was an advanced student with a vast array of powers. He decided to go back home and visit his mother.

But when he arrived, he discovered that his mother had passed away years ago. He was filled with great sadness. After all, how could he have forgotten his own mother? Something had to be done. He decided that if his parents were no longer able to be with him, he would go to them. He went into Heaven using astral projection.

He was happy to find his father there. But he could not find her. At that moment he was struck with a very bad feeling. In life, his mother was a dominant matriarchal figure who always wanted things done her way. He asked her to use the family fortune to watch over the poor, and any Buddhist monks while he was away.

But she never did. He traveled to Hell on the chance that he might find her there. And to his horror, he did find her. Only it was worse than he had imagined. She wasn’t just a condemned soul, he saw that his mother had become a Hungry Ghost.

Hungry Ghosts are very dark, toxic, ghosts. Either from Hell or Purgatory. Some are people who died badly like murder or suicide and they rise as cursed spirits unable to let go. Others died in accidents. In other cases, people become Hungry Ghosts when their families either forget the or stop giving them offerings.

They normally hang around the outskirts of cities, abandoned places, wastelands, or even the garbage areas of apartments. In Hinduism they’re called Petras. It seems that spending too much time in the lower realms drives human souls to insanity. That’s why many cultures and religions have a very thin line between hell and purgatory. For some, being stuck in the purgatorial realms is like hell.

And some become these creatures when they are selfish,greedy people who treated others with disdain in life. Thus, they damn themselves to Hell through their own sins. But not all of are Hell ghosts. Some of them are just in Purgatory, but a very dark part of purgatory. They’re only a few steps away from becoming Demons.

As a matter of fact they even possess some of the same characteristics at times. There are stories of them shape shifting into human form to fool humans and try to kill or possess them. They take on the forms of animals. Sometimes they shape shift into people you know. Even beautiful women and handsome men could really be Hungry Ghosts.

They can also possess or haunt the homes of victims. In many cases, traditional Chinese Priests, Buddhists, and Taoists have been called to exorcise the dark beings away in time to save the victims. There are several manuscripts depicting the various forms of Hungry Ghosts out there. The only thing they all have in common is extreme hunger and some of the same appearence. They come in various catagories and subcatagories.

I am only going to mention two. The Needle Mouths who have tiny needle like throats. This is so can’t swallow food. Some say they have mouths that literally are as tiny as the head of a needle. And the Flame Mouths, who can’t eat or drink anything because whatever food they try to drink or consume will burst into flame the moment they try to.

Others say that the food and drink doesn’t become fire but turns into coals instead. The huge bellies are so that they are eternally hungry which makes the torture worse. Strangely, Maudgalyāyana’s mother was both. She had a gigantic belly and a needle like throat. And when he offered his left over rice to her, they burst into flames.

I am still studying on the subject. But this is the only time I have heard of a hungry ghost who fell into both catagories. It’s possible her sins were so great that she merited both punishments. He realized that he had no hope of saving her on his own. He went running back to the Buddha for help.

The Buddha told his student that though he was powerful, the weight of his mother’s sins were too great. Even for him. He even said that all the Angels in Heaven, all the Demons in Hell, and the four Kings of Heaven combined could not free his mother. It was only through the Sangha (Buddhist community of monks and nuns) that they could hope to free her. He told Maudgalyāyana that he had to feed the monks and nuns and ask for them to pray for his mother.

This became a sort of Buddhist Mass for the condemned dead. The mass was so successful that legend says he dreamed his mother. She finally to left hell and entered heaven. Eventually, she reincarnated as a dog and lived with a wealthy family who cherished and loved her. And with time Maudgalyāyana was able to transfer enough of his merits to his mother that she was able to reincarnate as a human again.

The premise of this Buddhist Mass is that you transfer your good deeds or merits to the condemned dead.
This allows them to gain enough blessings to leave the lower realms. By lower realms, they don’t just mean hell. This could also be purgatory or life as an animal. Once freed, the soul ascends to the higher realms.

At the same time, the offerings of food to the monks blessed the disciple so that he gained extra blessings. These extra blessings were shared to his mother. In the end, Maudgalyāyana’s love and devotion to this mother was what saved her. As even the Buddha claimed that his cries of anguish for his mother moved not only the spirits of heaven but the spirits on earth. Even the demons in hell were moved.

Now with that, I wanted to add something interesting to this. Some teachings claim Hungry Ghosts actually live in space. Not an actual hell. So a lot of them could be up there as part of their existence. It makes sense.

Space is a dark void after all. What’s interesting about this is that astronauts have had some really weird encounters in space in the past. I’ve heard stories of astronauts claiming they saw giant angels, transparent entities that almost look like snakes, and in one case possible Poltergeist Activity. In 2003, there was a Chinese astronaut named Yang Liwei who entered space as part of the Shenzhou 5 mission. He claimed that something was knocking on the walls of the ship, from the outside.

He was nervous and tried to do what we do in the paranormal community : debunk it. He couldn’t find the source.  He said that it sounded like a hammer on a bucket of some kind. He never found the source of the sound. And it kept happening all throughout his time up there. The word Poltergeist from German “poltern” (to knock) and “geist” (ghost) Knocking Ghost, is a term for trickster spirits including ghosts that like to play jokes on people they haunt.

They make noises like tapping or knocking sounds on the walls of haunted houses. They sometimes take keys and other items and misplace them where people can’t find them. The main theory about Mr. Liwei’s experience is that it was Aliens.

After all, what else could it have been? If it was debris it would be making different noises. And the impact would be harsher than that. Instead it sounded like metal knocking on a bucket. I’ve heard sounds like that when people use door knockers. It sounds like what he’s describing.

Although I am not against the idea of aliens, how could they remain undetected from censors? And why would they be doing that? Some would argue they have cloaking technology that would hide them. They would furthur say it might have been  a psychological experiment. When he came back to earth, he started warning fellow astronauts. He told them to beware of the strange knocking sounds in space.
And sure enough, other astronauts  reported that same odd knocking sound.

They also tried to debunk it. But they also concluded that it came from the outside of the ship. To my knowledge that has only ever happened with China’s astronauts. But what if it wasn’t aliens per say? Or rather yes and no at the same time. Alien means “foreign”.

From a living human’s view, spirits can be alien to our world if they no longer belong to the living. What if the stories that Hungry Ghosts occupying places in space were true? Given all of the strange phenomenon that’s not so big a leap to make. Getting back to the main point, always remember your ancestors. Always love them. Always take care of them. Even if you are a Christian, the Roman church for example does mass to help elevate the human soul into heaven.

The Hungry Ghost mass eventually evolved into rituals where monks and nuns or believers could free the angry ancestors. In the old days, believers would take a plate of food, usually rice, bless the food with a mantra three times, and then dump it onto the grass. The Hungry Ghost will then either possess an animal or shape shift into one in order to eat. This is one of the ways in which a spirit can be freed from the lower realms.
Another of Buddha’s disciples, Sariputta, went through the same thing.

The sacred sutra (text) of Petavatthu (ghost stories) details how Maudgalyāyana not only traveled to hell and spoke to his mother, but had conversations with other hungry ghosts. It’s very interesting to read. Maudgalyāyana often leaves me with the impression that if he wasn’t a Magus, he could have been one. Magi normally look at the spiritual world through an almost scientific lense. No, he didn’t write scientific calculations in the sutra.

But magi tend to be occult scientists. We practice a strange sort of of magical science that on the outside looks like mumbo jumbo. But underneath it all are deep observations of the world around us. He seemed to have developed an advanced understanding of Hell and how it operates. Fascinating stuff there.

I recommend it for Necromancers, Magi, and those interested in the afterlife in general. This will give you a good understanding of the world of the spirits regardless of which aspect of it you explore. The Story of how Maudgalyāyana freed his mother from Hell is here :

I was not able to find a link with the original Indian story. So instead I found the Chinese version where his name is Mulian. But it’s the same story. It’s interesting because his mother is named in this story. Since I haven’t been able to find the original, I don’t know if she’s named in that one or not. In this one her name is Madam Liu.

The sutra that contains the ritual for liberating condemned souls is called the Ullambana Sutra. It focuses on filial piety but has the ritual mentioned within. A really good source on not only this sutra, but Heaven and Hell in general is “Heaven & Hell In Buddhist Perspective” by author B.C. Law. The book goes into the origins of the Ghost Festival, the actual story, and the ritual itself. I’m still reading it though but love the hell out of thus book, pun intended.

You can read it for free here :

The Sutra is here :

If you do this ritual, take the food offerings far from your community. You don’t want to accidentally have something follow you home.
Turn around and whatever you do, do not look back no matter what you hear or feel. If I were you, I’d have something to protect myself with. A religious symbol, a charm bag, a holy item like Palo Santo (holy wood), silver, whatever you can find.

Even just a pocket of salt, and bread in the other pocket for life and death to gain safe passage from the Faeries is recommended. The Faerie folk are everywhere. Even in the land of the Dead. And they can help with all things. Like any good Santero, I spent last night resguardando (safe guarding or warding) not only my home but my neighborhood in general.

I went to my crossroads in the fork in the road where I live. And there I gave Elegua, Hekate, and the other Crossroads Gods their offerings. I felt them create a shield of protection for us all. This way no one will be harmed even if they do not believe. My Godmother went to the outside of her front door and the back balcony and drew crosses using cascarilla (egg shell powder).

This was to block their entry. We both already have several protections, but every little bit helps. The one good thing about yesterday, is that new moons are celebrated in Judaism like the full moons. Sacred to GOD. So I performed my own mystical celebration based on Jewish rites the day before yesterday at sunset.

I asked the Archangels and the Prophet Maryam, sister of Moses and Aaron to shield us. And since it’s also the sign of Leo the Lion, I invoked the protection of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Lion Totem of the Hebrews adds extra power to any household spirits for protecting the home. Which leads me to the next point : honoring the ancestors with offerings will help them strengthen the home in conjunction with the other household entities. So make sure you clean your home Altars.

Give them fresh offerings of fruits. Vegetables, and the first food from dinner. Offer it not only to them but to all household Gods. Ask them to keep you safe. And burn lots of incense.

Also, the more incense you burn for them the better. It brings more fortune and good luck to you. Take the last bits of your food, and use that for the Hungry dead outside. Also offer it to your household Gods (like Elegua or Hestia) and ask them to help cross the dead over. After all, just because you aren’t Buddhist doesn’t mean you can’t call on another holy power.

My Godmother will be invoking the Virgin of Mount Carmel (Spanish La Virgin Del Carmen). She is also reputed in legend to be queen of the dead. She has the power to free any soul from hell or purgatory. She’ll be using the Catholic Prayer for her found here :

Use your own faith. Remember, the dead don’t care what your religion is. That’s a fool’s belief. Any faith that is real has real power. All you need to do is believe.
I’ve known people who crossed the dead over with magical spells instead of prayers and it worked.

I’ve known others who called on their spirit guides to cross people over. And some have simply used meditations, or visualizations to do it. I wouldn’t recommend any of that for the Ghost festival though. Feed them blessed food with the intention that it will cross them over.

It goes without saying, that besides the five planet retrograde and all the supermoons and eclipses we have had; the Reaping I talked about before worse. None of this is by accident. It seems the spiritual world is getting is ready for a few things. But don’t worry, it all leads to change of the needed kind.

Until next time dear readers, M.


So a lot of people seem to be confused. I made a science post the other day and that seems to have thrown everyone off. So I figured I would take the time to talk about this. I make posts about a variety of subjects. This includes and is not limited to : folklore, paranormal phenomenon, archeology, sociology, philosophy, history, and science.

I make the occasional tv show and movie posts as well. I often rage like a nerd about Star Wars. A few days ago on twitter, my feed blew up because my tweets on the scientific discovery of the Whale Dolphin hybrids were featured. My tweets were number three and four on Twitter Moments. I also got harrassed by Christians and Atheists who went ape shit because I said “Mother Nature”.

Just to be clear, I was not referring to a deity. While in my beliefs I do believe that Gaia is the Mother Earth and creator of the Universe that’s not what I meant. When I said mother nature here I was referring to the Gaia Hypothesis. This is a hypothesis that posits that our planet is actually alive. That it is at least a semi sentient being.

Think of the movie “Avatar”. The planet Pandora was actually alive and interacted with nature. That’s what at least some scientists believe about our world. You can read about this here :

Harvard Study (PDF) on the Gaia Hypothesis

Click to access Gaia-hypothesis-wikipedia.pdf

So basically, I was speaking of the planet and it’s eco system in conjunction with Evolution. As a Pagan this study actually supports my own beliefs in animism. There are even some branches of Christianity who agree. The Episcopalian/Anglican Church states that animals have a common soul. And that they can tap into it.

That when they die they go back to their own source animus. It’s similar to Star Wars with “the force”. Pagans can also believe in science. We aren’t threatened by it. You’d be amazed by how many of us started out as Astrophysicists or med students.

And still study these fields. Some of us stay up to date with stuff like this all of the time. For instance, the Socialist native government in Bolivia under Evo Morales has even acknowledged the Earth as a living entity. They passed a law over there where they gave Earth protected rights. You can read about this here :

Even if none of this supported my personal beliefs, I would still share it. I would still write about it. This is how I write. I don’t think that anyone should ever be limited to a category or categories. So don’t be surprised when I randomly post things that don’t fit the blog description. This is my personal space.

And you’re all welcome here. I hope that explains everything. Enjoy,

– M

Post Script

Here is the moment I was featured on

The Radagast Moment

In the Lord of the Rings prequels, we were introduced to Radagast the Brown. An ardent nature lover, he focuses mostly on animals and plants. In the Hobbit, we see him trying to save a hedgehog named Sebastian using medicine. But no matter what he uses or does, it’s not working. “Why isn’t this working? It’s not as if it’s witchcraft,” and there, in that moment he realizes that it is witchcraft.

The darker kind. He then uses a powerful stone from his staff, along with a chant and sucks out the magical poison from Sebastian’s body thus saving him. This is what I call the Radagast Moment. Realizing finally, that sometimes the reasons things go wrong isn’t just because of nature or bad timing. It’s because there are powerful forces hidden in the background where no mortal dare tread.

Now that statement may seem worthy of a tv series than reality. But sadly it isn’t and I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I remembered a few years ago I even told someone that I believed their illness wasn’t just a regular illness. There’s another blog I follow. The man is a modern Beserker.

The beserkers were Norse shamans who could channel animal spirits in order to gain extra strength in battle. Some stories say they were shape shifters. Well, one day this particular beserker, had grown very ill. And the doctors could find nothing wrong with him. He entered mad space, a sort of shamanic state and was able to purge the mystery illness from his body after two days.

The second day he felt like he was dying. I suspected that whatever it was, had been resisting his efforts and fought back. But after two days it was banished from his body. He was well again. He believed that it was just an infection and that his beserker powers allowed him to root it out and expel it.

I do believe in magic helping the body to heal itself. But the doctors didn’t find anything and there was never a rational explanation for what he had. When this happens, sometimes you need to start looking at the more undefined aspects of life. I told him that he may have been suffering from a hex. Or even an entity that had been causing his illness.

Now, give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m not completely nuts. I understand that just because a doctor or scientist hasn’t discovered the source of a problem, doesn’t mean that it’s the supernatural. What I’m saying is, just because we live in a modern society, doesn’t preclude an issue could be supernatural. Things that were once thought of as witchcraft have now been proven real by science. Such as Biofeedback, the method of talking to the body.

But I digress. When you have a disease, you get a second and third opinion right? Sometimes you check with specialists. Doing that with Occultists is no different. When my godfather in Santeria read me the first time, he discovered diseases that none of my doctors had known about. After being examined they discovered a bacteria eating away at the lining of my stomach and a diaphragm hernia.

Before they had insisted all I had was an irritated colon. Shango had told my padrino there was more to it than that. That I needed to insist on them giving me a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Only then did we finally figure it out. Also, my padrino didn’t know me or my disease history back then.

This was my first meeting with him. He knew all of this and other personal details about me after reading me with Shango. If you suspect something is wrong but your mind keeps telling you you’re being paranoid, tell it to shut up. What do you have to lose by listening to your own intuition? Nothing. But what do you have to lose by not following it? A lot more than you realize.

For some weeks now, I had suspected something was wrong and I intentionally ignored my own intuition. I’m used to the Paranormal method of debunking everything and using straight science. It’s a habit I need to start kicking. Just as it’s bad to think everything is the devil or a bad spirit, it’s also bad when you ignore the signs and still don’t follow them. So now we come to my Radagast moment.

When I started doing my Light Restoration, it set a process in motion. Then last Friday the 13th came which was also John Dee’s birthday, I tried to do a session with him. I called his spirit using my necromancy. I invoked Papa Legba to contact his soul and ask if he would meet with me. I felt an energy of manifest.

It told me that it was one of his attendant spirits. That he was too busy most of the time but that he himself would gladly aid me. I asked my own spirits if this was a good entity and they informed me yes and that he was able to aid me. The entity was invisible to my sight and spoke through a strange empathy. I can only call this “heart speech” he spoke to me with emotions and I interpreted them.

He then told me the source of my problems. Besides my own mundane issues, there was also a person close to the family who was causing trouble. Not just for me but for everyone of us. He wanted to be the source of our attention. So he was sabotaging everyone in my family.

I started thinking back to how it started as one person in my family. Then it was another and another and finally me having issues with money, with success and many other things. It revealed the identity of said person. I performed every divination I knew how to make sure. I didn’t want to believe it. I even asked my godmother in Santeria and got the same answer.

And I started planning on how to expose him. So, I prayed to Nemesis the Goddess of divine vengeance to aid me. I did a Hellenic ritual asking for her aid and for her wrath to fall on the source of the problem (I didn’t say the name of the person). Almost immediately that individual started losing weight, having nightmares, and telling us he felt something in his room just starring at him at night.

Soon our problems just stopped. They didn’t go away, but they stopped in their tracks as if paralyzed. And then they started shifting to him instead. Now he’s going through all of our problems all at the same time. On this retrograde and bloodmoon I have used this work with Hermes to purge the negativity in our lives.

I have asked him to send his spirits to help us remove these road blocks and obstacles. It has taken on the form of bad luck. Just like I mentioned in one of the last posts. Except that upon closer inspection, I realized the retrograde was taking away things that weren’t helping us, and putting us on the path to fixing all of our issues. So with the passage of time, we are getting closer to resolving our problems.

Not everything that happened to us was because of his curse work. It was because his work made problems that were already with us worse. I checked in with the same spirit and he said that before any true restoration of light could happen we need a reaping in our lives. So now I’m working with this retrograde to clean house. I’ve also seen that Mars is in retrograde and Uranus will go into it’s own retrograde as well.

So I need to prepare. I’ll let all of you know more about that later. Oh and here is the scene from the movie.

Hybrids of Rough Toothed Dolphins and Melon Headed Whales discovered in Hawaii

Mother Nature is truly fascinating. For the first time in Hawaii specifically Kauai we have seen a new hybrid animal. A mix of a male rough toothed dolphin and a female melon headed whale (actually another species of Dolphin). The result are these new Dolphins you see here. This isn’t the first Dolphin hybrid.

BUT it is the first time these two particular species mated. The video on this news report is here :

The article is here :

New Hybrid Whale-Dolphin Discovered Off Hawaii

And the research paper on this is here :

Click to access Bairdetal2018_Kauai.pdf

The Great Reaping

So, yesterday and the day before we had a Blood Moon in a Mercury Retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse. The longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. The Bloodmoon is a phenomenon that happens this lunation where particles in the atmosphere cause the illussion of a red full moon. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. I haven’t seen one of those in a while even when it’s supposed to be red.

It’s also the Native American Thunder Moon in July. When rainstorms are at their worst. We also have a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Leo. This lends to something that the Blood Moon as well as the Lunar Eclipse is also helping us out with : Reaping. More on that later. So, for those who don’t know, a retrograde is the illussion of a planet going backwards.


When Retrogrades happen, that means that the Gods said planet belongs to; enter their Reaper (God of Death) aspect. Not every God has one, but during a retrograde even one that doesn’t have one is slightly darker. Mercury (Roman) also known as Hermes (Greek) and is the God of business, languages, time and space, trade, and a bunch of other things too. But what he is more famously known for being the Messenger of the Gods. He’s also a God of intellectuals.

So when Mercury enters retrograde all of that goes backwards. It is a time of bad luck for most people. And considered to be the worst of the Retrogrades. You are not supposed to marry during a Retrograde, and do not do any important decisions either. Especially business desicions. You’re supposed to lay low and relax as much as possible.


That’s usually hard to do during a Retrograde. Also, arguments are at their worst. Because speech becomes confusing to people at this time. You think you’re saying one thing but you’re really saying another. Usually things that you’re trying to keep a secret but your subconscious wants it all out.


Or instead of hearing what the person is saying, you’re misunderstanding them. Retrogrades are good for the Shadow side of human beings. The Sasa as the Obeah men and women call it. The fundamental thing you need to know is : Do not start anything new. Retrogrades of any sort are bad for that.

Of course there’s always an exception to the rule. Retrogrades are good for removing mental clutter. For focusing on the things you were trying to do before it happened. In some cases, people find inspiration to get work done. I’m one of those people.

Because I learned how to navigate through retrogrades. How to work with the energy instead of against it. Now I have seen people do some weird shit. Like using curse reversing candles to send the retrograde energy back to the planet (😂). As if the planet gives a fuck. At best you’re just looking like an idiot, at worst you’re insulting the God and spirits of that planet.

That just encourages them to wreak havoc on you. I have seen some creative things however. A Philippine friend uses a Tiger’s Eye, he wears around his neck to absorb or project energy. When Retrogrades show up, he uses a piece of the energy to adapt the crystal to generate an immunity field around him. But, as soon as he takes it off he gets hit.

He solved that issue by placing the same type of stone in his car and home. His house was the only place he didn’t wear it so getting bulkier stones for his home worked out for him. People ask him what the secret to his good luck during Retrogrades are. Little do they know there’s a loud mouth Cuban guy writing about it on his blog. Others use baths or anti retrograde potions.

I do something a little different. I learned it from another Magician who wrote about it on his blog. I do a Cthonic ritual (necromancy) with Hermes through his reaper aspect as guide to the dead. I do this for three nights and I am okay. This allows me to work with Hermes for whatever changes must happen.

Once this is done, I spend the rest of the retrograde in deep meditation and contemplation of my life and where it’s headed. I do meditations and dream work with Herme. I wouldn’t recommend dream work now unless you are ready to see some ugly truths about yourself though. I also carry Hermes guidance and protection with me wherever I go.
After this is done, I always do a Heavenly ritual to welcome Hermes back into Olympus after the retrograde is over.

This is to heal and reverse the after effects. I do like a good spiritual cleaning of my house and animals and myself as well. Not with sage but with holy water. I invoke Lupercus, the Roman Wolf God aspect of Pan for the cleaning. That aspect of Pan drives bad spirits and energies away.

It’s usually done in February (his month) for spring cleaning. But we can call on him whenever. On the Blood Moon : they’re for Reaping. For Shadow Work specifically. For any form of introspection, dark healing, cursing, curse breaking, anything that is of the dark side of nature is what this lunation is for.

That also includes charging really strong charms. Just becareful. I would never charge a love charm under this moon.
You’d either have the worst break up you’ve ever had, or you’ll attract a complete psychopath. Dont use it as an empowerment spell either.

Use this for dark, yet beneficial things. Try to avoid hurting anyone. So what can be done with this?

1) Shadow Work

Shadow work is a really intense and sometimes dangerous Shamanic or semi Shamanic work. In which a person talks to their Shadow self. The dark version of ourselves we all have. This is sort of like a Doppleganger, except it’s only the darkest part. Of course that’s just how it starts out.

Overtime, a witch that knows how to balance their darker self can have a much more balanced shadow. One that isn’t angry at all and that can even be happy.

2) Reaping also known as a Purge. A Shaman once called it a Shamanic Death Purge. What it means is, that you begin consciously and unconsciously destroying everything in your life that isn’t working anymore. Once you do this, you get the dead weight off and you suddenly have room for good and better things. It is an intense and not very pleasant experience at first.

But over time you end up getting better at it. It is a Karmic process of cleansing out the old. So you see karmic shifts in real time. Suddenly people you thought where your friends start leaving you. You get fired from a job.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend leaves it looks a lot like bad luck at first. But then you start to realize things. Those people who left weren’t really your friends. They kept you around for their own agendas. Maybe they were using you for something.

The most obvious reason is probably money. The job you had? Paid you crap. You were busting your hump off and it was destroying you. Or maybe it said good but it was still destroying you. Working who knows how many hours a day. And in the end you are running on steam, possibly having a nervous break down or about to.

You don’t see your family and friends very often and so on. And this could be causing damage to your body already. You just don’t know it yet. Your bf or gf? Is toxic and leading you down a bad road in life. Getting you into drugs that will destroy your life later.

Or maybe they physically and emotionally abuse you. Or they’re just a lying sack of shit who doesn’t know how to keep their pants on. You won’t know till after the fact. But everything happens for a reason. After the first initial shift, you should be able to weather any future storms.

It’s like Mercury Retrograde on speed. But it’s personally for you. I’ve noticed the presence of underworld animals around me when it happens. Cockroaches, black flies, toads, certain types of lizards can all be agents of the underworld. This means that the Divine is working on your behalf to remove this negativity through these animals.

Let’s say that it isn’t an animal you normally think of as dark. Let’s say it’s a duck or. If you suspect it’s a reaping, you need to research the folklore and legends associated with the animal.
For instance, one client kept getting flocks of robins in her front and backward all of the time. I’ve heard people say that these are departed loved ones.

I cast the bones for her, and the spirits told me that her sister who died recently. She was protecting her all the way from the ancestral lands. Because her other sister was hexing her. And that the birds were also signaling a Reaping in her life assisted by her and the animals she used as her Messengers.So a wonderful little creature I would normally associate with Spring and Life in her case was an animal that signaled a Reaping event.

Later I did some more research and discovered that every animal has a shadow side like us. My first thought was duh! Why hadn’t I thought of that? The shadow side of the animal can be a Shadow Totem. Shadow Totems are darker totem guides for a person. Usually an animal you’re scared of. When you see visions of them they’re trying to tell you something.

Sometimes warn you of something. Even nice looking “light animals” have a shadow side. So when doing a Reaping, keep your eyes peeled for a common animal that seems to appear during your purge. It could be anything from the common house fly to a bird or a butterfly. Or even a squirrel or a bee.

Just because you are purging doesn’t mean that you going to have a shadow totem appear.

3) Charging powerful charms or potions.

Specifically those that would feed on this type of magic. You can even make some really powerful holy water using black sea salt. Powders too.

4) Cursing or Curse removal.

Now this, I would save unless I absolutely had to do. Unless it’s someone really bad who needs a hex or a hex that is really strong that must be removed, leave it alone. Because it could go either way. Remember that hexes will grow stronger around this time. Don’t push it.

Now, remember my last posts about Light Restoration and my spiritualist session with John Dee on Friday 13th? It turns out that it aligns with this post very well. I will be writing on this soon. Because all of this has connected. See you soon. Also, here is the Cthonic ritual I do for Hermes.


Except that I don’t cover his image at all. I rather just work with him than shield myself from him.

Recollection in its Proper Time


Beginning of my Light Restoration

So the day after my last post about the need to ask for more from the Gods and spirits; I began my light restoration work. I seek to reclaim the Ashe or Divine Grace that I have given away to others. I was originally going to do something complicated. But as my ex girlfriend; and first true teacher once taught me be simple. Work with nature.

With Earth. I started to think of how best to do this and then I remembered my Asherah Pole. The ancient Hebrews were Pagan once upon a time. They worshiped the Elohim (powerful ones, the Gods). Until they were conquered by the Persians who at the time had converted to Zoroastrianism.

Judaism was co opted by the faith of the Persians; which while it did not deny the existence of other Gods did indeed worship only one Deity. But before this corruption of the faith, they worshiped many Gods and practiced witchcraft. You’ll even read a few passages in the Bible with Pagan Jews who worshiped Astarte for a time. Even in modern day Occupied Palestine, there are Jewish Pagans that still practice the older faith. They believe that Yahweh has a female incarnation known as Asherah or Ashirat.

This is the Mother GODDESS of all creation. While Yahweh created the spiritual realm, it was Ashirat who created the corporeal one.

Her idol used to be right next to Yahweh’s idol in the temples. His main icon was the Ark the Covenant. But hers was a wooden pole that was dressed up to look like a palm tree.

Palms are sacred to her. Instead of making an Asherah Pole, I found mine. One day, I was walking my dog and I had seen this beautiful plant was tipped over on it’s side. I felt so bad for her (feels like a she) that I decided to take care of her. Tied her up to the fence to prevent her from falling and placed stones around the base.

Then later I started to place special idols of Gods and Goddesses around her. Finally it dawned on me that she was an Asherah Pole. I began to worship Asherah daily there. I have a stone plate in which I leave food offerings and I give libations of water or milk and cream also. I have begone asking the GODDESS to give me back my Ashe.

I feel a change has begone. Though what I do not know yet. Stay tuned.

– M

Happy Friday 13th and Birthday of John Dee!

Friday the 13th. In Cuba and in a few other countries, friday the 13th and tuesday the 13th are Days of mystical power.

Italians believe in Friday the 17th being the bad Friday. The older generation of Santeros I’ve met use this day for magic. Especially charging of resguardos (Spanish “safe guards”) or our version of Wards. Others use it for good luck and still more draw on the negtive side of the magic for hexing their enemies. Or breaking hexes as the day can do both.

Or even the banishing or summoning of dark spirits. Given what is happening the day before, I think I know what I should be focusing on. To add even more power to it, it is the birthday of Dr. John Dee. John Dee was a Magus of great repute during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He as well as his colleague, Edward Kelly, were pioneers in the field of Sorcery.

Their magic earned them an endless chorus of financial backers for years.
Until Kelly grew greedy and split from Dee thinking he could use the powers they had learned to make money. This led to his death. You see Dee was more interested in enlightenment and the betterment of humanity. Kelly just wanted money.

But as powerful as they were separately, together they had amassed a level of occult power that few magi before them had ever gained. The magi had learned how to communicate with Angels and Archangels in Heaven. Kelly was the Angelmancer. It was his ability to speak with them that allowed Dee to take such great strides in his magical experiments. They learned the language of the Angels and their various secrets and powers.

This system of magic was later called Enochian Magic after the Prophet Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, the prophet had gained such divine favor with GOD that he ascended into the skies. He became the Archangel Metatron. This Archangel coincidentally also rules Thursday. Metatron is considered almost equal in rank to Michael.

It was Metatron, Uriel, and a few other Archs who revealed their secrets to the pair of Magicians. So, John Dee on a Friday 13th? Let’s see what would a good Santero (or let’s face it, witch in general) do? Hmm. Sounds like a Spiritualist session is in order.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

– M

Astrology, Reaping, Seeding, and Heavy Acitvity this week

As a magician, I like to study from different sources. All Magi originally were Astrologers. But I confess that I am unable to tell from the stars and seasons by myself. What I can do though, is play to my strengths. Namely I can see patterns in various forms of information.

My favorite Astrologer Ben Collins has entered semi retirement this month. He’s only taking private clients now. But there are other sources that I draw from. And I noticed one or two very interesting things. For one thing, Thursday of this week has a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse on the same day.


And apart from it being a day of wealth and prosperity*, it’s also joined to two other holidays as well. It is Yom Kippur Katan, a minor day of atonement in Judaism. One can clean away negative karma through a sin offering (1). New Moons are particularly conducive to cleaning up karma and destroying negative energy. Solar eclipses magnify this even more.

Add to that, the fact that it’s happening on Thor’s Day, and you have a cocktail of energy working on your behalf for a deep cleanse. But hold on, we have more. The IFA Calendar for this week gives us something else. This Thursday is ruled by Sango and Oya. Sango is the Yoruba Orisha (Deity) of magic, masculine sexuality, fire, thunder and lightning, and sorcery of all kinds.

He carries a double bladed axe and dresses in red. In life, he was the fourth Alafin of the Oyo empire of the Yoruba people. His human name was Jakuta. He died in battle and rose as a God after his death. Though many like myself, believe the Orishas reincarnated as humans to live for a time on Earth.

Death causing the Gods to regain their powers once more. His Wife, Oya also lived a human existence. So both are not only Gods, but historical figures (much like Jesus himself). Oya is the Orisha of storms, the market Place (2), wind, and the door of the cemetery (3) to name just a few things she represents. So imagine a God who used to be an Emperor in life, and his wife embodies wealth.

Then, both of them are warriors. Oya even rides into battle alongside her husband to destroy their enemies. So the reaping (4) is also accompanied by prosperity. In some forms of Wicca and in Astrology, New Moons are used to make wishes or sow seeds of intent. I had a spell in my book of shadows somewhere that mentions burning a candle for 13 days to get wishes.

I think I’ll have to bust it out for this week.

Even for Thursdays, a lot of luck will be concentrated here. But everything seems to align here. Even the IFA calendar; which is not set in stone but is carefully created by IFA Priests with Divination is aligning with it. This is synchronicity at it’s best. On Solar Eclipses amulets and other powerful charms are cleansed and recharged.

New moons can do it too but not as good as the eclipse can. The combined energy with so many powerful Gods and the ancestors makes this an interesting event. All this has just been one day. The next day is a Friday the 13th. In Cuba and in a few other countries, friday the 13th and tuesday the 13th are Days of mystical power.

Italians believe in Friday the 17th being the bad Friday. The older generation of Santeros I’ve met use this day for magic. Especially charging of resguardos (Spanish “safe guards”) or our version of Wards. Others use it for good luck and still more draw on the negtive side of the magic for hexing their enemies. Or breaking hexes as the day can do both.

Or even the banishing or summoning of dark spirits. Given what is happening the day before, I think I know what I should be focusing on. To add even more power to it, it is the birthday of Dr. John Dee. John Dee was a Magus of great repute during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He as well as his colleague, Edward Kelly, were pioneers in the field of Sorcery.

Their magic earned them an endless chorus of financial backers for years.
Until Kelly grew greedy and split from Dee thinking he could use the powers they had learned to make money. This led to his death. You see Dee was more interested in enlightenment and the betterment of humanity. Kelly just wanted money.

But as powerful as they were separately, together they had amassed a level of occult power that few magi before them had ever gained. The magi had learned how to communicate with Angels and Archangels in Heaven. Kelly was the Angelmancer. It was his ability to speak with them that allowed Dee to take such great strides in his magical experiments. They learned the language of the Angels and their various secrets and powers.

This system of magic was later called Enochian Magic after the Prophet Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, the prophet had gained such divine favor with GOD that he ascended into the skies. He became the Archangel Metatron. This Archangel coincidentally also rules Thursday. Metatron is considered almost equal in rank to Michael.

It was Metatron, Uriel, and a few other Archs who revealed their secrets to the pair of Magicians. So, John Dee on a Friday 13th? Let’s see what would a good Santero (or let’s face it, witch in general) do? Hmm. Sounds like a Spiritualist session is in order. I know what I will be doing these next few days. Now, the power of a New or Full Moon is felt for three days. The day before the actual day, the day of the Moon, and the day after it.

So today (Wednesday) we should already be feeling the power. And Jupiter went direct yesterday I forgot to mention that. I think I will stop here, because there are a few other days to look at but I have already written about these two days to fill a whole post. What I will do though is finish off with my new Astrologer’s link here :

This is Jamie Kahl, her forecast for the Month of July. Check out her website Pandora Astrology. I love her work as much as I loved Ben’s!

Also forgot to mention that this New Moon is in Cancer. Here is another website I like to use for Astrology :

What Life takes away, it also replaces.

So if you’re a practitioner like myself, you’ll be busy for a while. Have a great day everybody.

– M


* Thursday, literally, Thor’s Day, Color of this day is purple. It is a day normally used for Prosperity magic. Especially finances.

(1) The offering need not be an animal sacrifice. Modern Jews sacrifice other things like candles. You offer up a candle or incense to Yahweh and say “This is sacrifice, this is my payment,” and then light it as a modern version of a Burnt Offering. As Yahweh takes away the Sins and bad energy, his holy energy fills the void. But the day before (in this case Wednesday) Fasting is needed before hand.

(2) Oya embodies business. She literally lives in the Market Place.

(3) Oya does not live in the cemetery contrary to popular belief. She is a Psychopomp, leading the dead to their place of rest.

(4) Reaping is when a person’s old life dies away to make room for the new.


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