Embracing Pride Month: Unleashing LGBTQ+ Supernatural Drama in Catherine Green’s Paranormal Novels

LGBT Fantasy books that explore human sexuality in a supernatural world. As June rolls around, vibrant rainbows flood the streets, symbolizing love, …

Embracing Pride Month: Unleashing LGBTQ+ Supernatural Drama in Catherine Green’s Paranormal Novels

Goddess Lost: How the Downfall of Female Deities Degraded Women’s Status in World Cultures by Rachel S. McCoppin; book review by Margot Van Sluytman

She Who Knows What then is my repentance?If not, by rote this repetition?“Godde is.”“Godde is.”“Godde is.”“Love.”And my face tastesThe beating …

Goddess Lost: How the Downfall of Female Deities Degraded Women’s Status in World Cultures by Rachel S. McCoppin; book review by Margot Van Sluytman

Random Links of the Day & Dracula in May Mashup!

So we are nearing the end of May.

And I figured I should do one last post for Dracula in May! I have quite a few posts to share with all of you.

By author Aspasia S. Bissas

It’s that time of year again when we pay homage to the monster that brought vampires to the masses, the Count himself: Dracula.

As you can imagine, Dracula has sparked imaginations countless time since Bram Stoker’s novel was first published in 1897. The number of onscreen adaptations alone could keep you occupied for a lifetime. But today we’re focusing on a few of the products that have made it to market over the years– apologies if you have the sudden urge to start scouring flea markets and online ads…

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Some awesome Dracula swag. And here we have another post. Celebrating World Dracula Day with Dacre Stoker.



Abraham “Bram” Stoker’s Great grandnephew. Courtesy of Vamp Jenn’s Corner

Every year on May 26th, a marvelous vampiric event occurs annually: World Dracula Day. The occasion marks the date Bram Stoker’s notorious gothic novel, Dracula, was published in 1897. I thought, what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a chat with Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew, Dacre Stoker!

A few months back, I had the pleasure of attending Dacre’s lecture on his great granduncle and meeting him. He has spent the past two decades immersing himself in the history of his ancestor and keeping his legacy alive by hosting presentations, tours to Ireland and Romania, and other events promoting Bram’s life and work. In addition to managing the Bram Stoker Estate, he’s also coauthored a prequel and sequel to Dracula.

His efforts are not only educating audiences about Bram Stoker but also enriching vampire history. And there’s more on the horizon as you’ll soon discover in the following interview. Our conversation runs the gamut from his favorite vampire fiction to burning questions he wishes he could ask his great granduncle.

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Because Dracula also has elements of Ghosts and magic and other things, I have added some random links here as well!

Links :

5 Ghosts in Taoism

The Spirited Histories of Nevada’s Haunted Hotels

The Haunting Ghost Forrests of Maryland’s Eastern Shores (How Global Warming is decimating forests)

St. George’s Eve (Don’t Go Out Tonight)

Count Dracula and the Eve of Saint George

Beware Saint George’s Eve

Dracula Chapters 1-5 Analysis – GradeSaver

Saint George and the powers of Witches and Vampires

St. George’s Eve

A look inside the Abandoned St. George Church filled with Ghosts

The Czech Church is Haunted and here are the photos to prove it

Ghosts that Haunt Windsor Castle

Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker


– M

Strange Noises Across the skies of the US rock North America

This phenomenon has been happening for years. In fact we don’t even know years later what it is exactly. A natural phenomenon we just don’t know about? Covert Military Operations? Aliens? God? Or Gods and other Supernatural Forces? We just don’t know. For a time the strange noises were silent. But not half way into 2023 they seem to have come back.

And we don’t know why. Or what they portend.

The only thing we do know, is that for whatever reason, sometimes these noises are accompanied by lights in the skies. Sudden flashes. Almost like Thunder and lightning. Some of my friends have speculated that these are the Old Gods returning. Others are saying they aren’t Gods.

But instead Primordial Spirits like the Native American Thunder Bird. And true enough a few years ago, something was captured on video. We saw an odd video that seems to show a gigantic bird of some sort. Whatever this creature was, it flapped its wings like a bird. But we have yet to find out what it was.

Imagine it’s the middle of the night. The only thing stirring are the night creatures. And maybe a few burglars. But then something scarier than all of them out together shows up. And it rocks the neighborhood.

And not just the neighborhood either. The whole damn area. People are saying the noises are so loud that their houses are shaking. Some actually thought they were earthquakes. And in every instance, the noise is coming from the skies.

Simply it’s so loud that it makes the ground shake. But what the hell is it? Nobody knows. Because when they look up, there’s nothing there.

My personal opinion is that it’s either interdimensionals or aliens. We have seen enough strange things up there to know it’s possible. Down here too. I truly worry. I have no idea what’s happening.

Regardless, here’s a compilation of news reports on the issue, But first, some last pictures.

A plume of smoke appeared. Which makes some believe an explosion happened up there. So far authorities claim there is no evidence of that. Some thought the military was involved. Perhaps even testing weapons.

But that doesn’t seem likely

What do you think it is?

– M