Dark Souls : The Festival of the Lemuria & Friday the 13th of May 2022

Lemures or Larvae. The dark souls of the ancestral dead

As if the festival of the Lemuria wasn’t already chalk full of some strange, and often dark mystical energy. The Gods have chosen to make it more bizarre by making the final day of the Lemuria land on a Friday 13th. I have mentioned this holiday before. But I haven’t really gone into full detail about it started or why. So here we delve into the background.

First I need to apologize. The holiday started on Monday. But I couldn’t find the time to write. It’s on May 9, 11, and the final day being the 13th.

Romulus Haunted by Remus?

The Twin Boys destined for greatness, and tragedy sadly. Here with their adopted mother, the She-Wolf Luperca

The story goes back to Romulus and Remus. After they did all of their great heroic deeds, they decided to build a new city. It was their time. They wanted to prove that as with all things in their life, they built everything with their own two hands. They returned to the Seven Hills and went to work on building what would be Rome.

But soon after they began to quarrel. Romulus wanted to build the city on the Palatine Hill. While Remus wanted to build it over the Aventine Hill. When they couldn’t come to an agreement, they decided to let the Gods choose. Remus saw six birds that represented good luck.

But then his brother saw twelve. Which he claimed was proof the Gods choose the Palatine Hill. When he was creating the walls of Rome (some sources say a trench) his brother Remus criticized the work. Then obstructed the project. And finally, he skipped over the walls to mock his brother and the city.

Romulus entered a rage and murdered Remus.

Romulus killing Remus

By the time he realized what he had done it was too late. He buried his brother. But soon after the first Romans began celebrating a holiday called the Remuria. It’s believed that Romulus instituted the festival himself. Probably on the advice of Oracles.

Now I can’t back that up all of the way. That’s just speculation on my part with what I have read. But it makes sense. The whole holiday is about using an exorcism ritual to drive away dark ancestral spirits. He probably feared the return of his brother.

And as you will soon see, it’s also a holiday about removing guilt.

What are the Lemure?

A Lemure or Larvae is the angry spirit of the dead, every family has at least one. Toxic souls that are upset either because of how they died. Lack of proper funerals, burials, and/or rituals. Or lack of offerings by living relatives. They are similar to the Dybbuk of Jewish lore and the Causas (Causes) of Puerto Rican Sanse.

Or the Eggun Buruku of Santeria. Or even the Hungry Ghosts of Buddhism and the Preta of Hinduism. All of these are just names for the dark dead as we commonly call them in Santeria. Souls that go so deep into the darkness that some of them don’t even resemble humans anymore. The Preta for example are cannibalistic.

You can pretty much find a variation of a dark or mutated soul of the dead in every culture. Under different forms, species, and names.

Also being forgotten or unnamed can lead to them achieving this state. Some even due to the lack of funerary rituals. In Catholicism they have something similar called an Anima Sola (lonely soul). This is a person trapped in Purgatory as an unclean soul. Waiting for God to take them to Heaven. But without the proper rituals that could take an eternity.

In Latin American folk magic, these dark souls are called upon in magic. In exchange for prayers and masses done in their names, they will do favors for the humans who pray for them. It’s said that these purgatorial ghosts can tell you the locations of graves. Lost treasures. And they can grant certain wishes.

It’s not uncommon for women to call on female Anima Solas for love spells and magic. While male Anima Solas are usually called upon for financial security. All you have to do is to burn holy candles and do masses for them. This should be done before and after asking for their help. If you don’t, they will retaliate.

But you should always be careful when asking the spirits for help. Only work with spirits you trust. Who will never screw you up.

Some Anima Sola are violent

And spending so much time in Purgatory is enough to drive them insane. Those who do become insane, turn into the darkest and angriest spirits. And to make it worse, Purgatory is a giant oven of purifying fire to make your sins go away. To clean you before God. And it hurts as if you had gone to Hell.

Purification of the Anima Sola

Only special rosaries and masses can soften the purifying flame and eventually set them free so they can enter Heaven. Such a place would be the perfect grounds for an angry or dark spirit to be. And what all of the stories have in common are that these beings live in a dark world between worlds. A dimension where it isn’t exactly what Christians would call hell, but it definitely isn’t a paradise either. In some cases you could end up there if the wrong rituals are performed.

A fellow blogger had once told me a messed up story about how a Buddhist woman was trapped in a limbo like state. Because her Christian daughter gave her a Christian burial instead of a Buddhist one. The daughter had nightmares of her poor mother alone, in the darkness of an endless labyrinth. Until she spoke to a Buddhist Priest and the proper rituals were followed. Then the dreams stopped.

All of this is to give you a hint and a range of what dark souls are like. And how one can be violent while another is peaceful and scared. Sometimes even looking scrawny and hungry. Looking for help. Of course some of them are just evil bastards.

People who enjoyed hurting others and causing problems or sufferings. And they intentionally stay in places similar to a limbo or purgatory to avoid punishment (if you believe in that). Or maybe not punishment. But to avoid being sealed away in the spiritual world so they can keep haunting or bothering the living. Now as I said before, a Lemure is not always an evil spirit.

Just a dark one. Toxic due to its death or from some circumstance that keeps them in such a state. But each Lemure or dark soul or whatever should be judged according to four things :

1) What kind of dark soul they are?

Maybe instead of a Lemure they are a Jewish Dybbuk or a Preta.

2) Their intentions

Are they good or bad? Do they desire peace and help? Or do they want death and destruction?

3) Their culture

What is normally done to the specific dark souls and what do elders of certain traditions say about them?

And finally

4) The country they are in

If it’s a Preta in a country outside of India, chances are it’s connected to a local family or community. Maybe someone who recently passed away. Or someone who is ancient and follows a family where ever they move to. But either way, they’re in another land. There are rules they must abide by under the local spirits.

Indigenous spirits will always have more power than foreign spirits. And therefore the foreign spirit will have to keep their hauntings or activity in line with whatever local spirit rulers command. That being said, you can call on a local spirit for help battling a dark soul. This should help you gain the upper hand.

The Ritual

From the Splendid Magazine

When the exorcisms were performed, the Father of the family placed his thumb between his fingers. And washed his hand with pure, clean water (maybe holy water). Then he placed uncooked black beans in his mouth and began spitting them all over the home.

Then in Latin he would chant,

Haec ego mitto; his redimo meque meosque fabis,”

(With these beans I redeem me and mine)

So this ritual was one part expiation of sins and one part exorcism. He would do this nine times without looking back. The belief was the Lemures would take the beans and thus the sins. But they were in the house already and looking back meant they could attack. The next thing he would do is to beat on pots and pans and say,

“Ghosts of my Fathers and Ancestors, be gone!”

This would also be done for nine times which meant the ritual was complete. Only after the ritual was done could he look back.

The use of beans to confuse spirits or force them to count them until dawn is something still done today. And for more than just ghosts. Vampires and even the hag (demon witches) or werewolves of lore are also warded off by them. In some stories even nature spirits. But this ritual actually used them to remove sins as well. To cleanse away any reason the Lemures would have to be angry at the family.

And the use of noise to scare away evil spirits or spirits in general is another ancient practice. And still used today around the world.

Friday the 13th and all it’s rituals and magic

Mickey the Cat

Now, as for Friday the 13th, no one really knows what the origin was. I have written about it maybe once when it coincided when John Dee’s birthday. Since I don’t really have any new information I won’t go into it here.

Plus I have given you an eyeful with this post.

What I will say though, is that many witches consider Friday the 13th to be a day of good luck. And more importantly, a day where our powers are actually stronger. My Godmother in Santeria dedicates this day to prosperity work. As well as to cleansing and removal of curses. I do as well.

Though in my case I do past life healings and other work for clients on this day. My necromancy is also stronger on this day. And I use it as a mini version of Halloween to be able to speak with the dead. And gain information as well as to pass messages on to others. All kinds of magic is done on this day.

I focus on the darker energies of nature for healing. Another great thing to focus on is the use of Magical Oils. Like Lucky Friday the 13th Oil which is used as a talismanic potion for good luck. There’s also Friday the 13th Banish Evil Oil which is used as an amulet against evil. Then of course my favorite : Black Cat Oil.

The ingredients being Black Cat hair, iron fillings, bay leaves, sage, and myrrh. This one is my favorite since it is multi use. And it uses the energy of a black cat for magic. The ingredients are simple. But effective.

Now because the Lemuria falls with Friday the 13th this year, it’s a good time to do karmic cleansing and expiation of sins. The added power of this day will grant an extra kick to all sorts of rituals. But especially to curse removals and negative energy removal. And healing in conjunction with Mercury Retrograde. Which happens for the purposes of correcting problems and mistakes.

Speaking of Astrology, we have some interesting astrological events happening as well.

Super Flower Moon & Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Scorpio ♏️

Sunday May 15th will be the Super Flower Moon of May. The moon will become visibly red. This symbolizes the blood of the Earth. Fertility, sexual energy, birth, and did I mention sex? Yeah be careful. You don’t want to wake up pregnant.

Or find out you’re gonna be someone’s father before you’re ready to. Fertility is at its strongest now. May is always fertile. But this just adds more power to it. I can’t help but think of a woman’s period.

This is a time of both life and death. Negative energy removed so that life can be possible. To make that theme stronger, we have the Eclipse in Scorpio making an appearance. Eclipses reveal hidden things. Either occult secrets or secrets about ourselves.

Combine that with a Retrograde and the remnants of the Lemuria and Friday the 13th energy. And that’s a lot of occult power that may not entirely be controllable. This is a time for Talismanic magic. I mean that in the original Astrological term. Talismans were originally medals with zodiac symbols on them.

Charged with the signs powers through special ceremonies. That’s where the name comes from. From the Arabic tilsam which means “graven image”. Being the image of the zodiac sign. Those were the original talismans.

You can create your own talismans. Not with images but with charms that will absorb the power and energy of these days. That way you can use them for whatever magic you seek to use later. But beware, don’t over do it. Try doing your magic so that you charm specific items for specific days.

Don’t over do it and then get an over powered charm that will blow up in your face when you try to use it. For Friday the 13th and Lemuria I will charm the bones of my dead familiar spirit. From midnight until dawn the 14th it will soak up all that energy. Meanwhile from the 15th to the 16th I will be charming something else for that energy. What I still don’t know yet.

I’ll probably bless an oil or something. Well, letting you all know ahead of time so that you can plan and do your work now. I hope this was useful. I’m sorry it took me so long to write about the Lemuria. But I have been busy doing the rituals myself.

Plus there’s another Roman holiday that is in May and has to do with the dead called the Rosalia for dead soldiers. So yeah, busy as hell. See you all later.

– M

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Violence & Death is in the air (Weird News Links)

In North America, violence is part of our day to day life. But since before and after Ghost Month it’s become worse. Here’s a list of some of the things that happened just yesterday or the day before I think. All of this was in the same Yahoo newsletter :

Couple Investigated after friend’s body parts found in bags


Cops catch a woman trying to feed the body parts of her husband’s ex wife to alligators. The couple both participated in her murder


And this story is just all kinds of weird


It is said that spirits can effect our world. That they can cause humans to become more violent. That they can cause disease and crime and murder and even suicide. I can tell you that there is at least some truth to this. I regularly use necromancy to cross the dead over.

And I can tell you that violence here has lessened with time as the crossings have happened. I think the combination of the Hungry Ghosts, Eclipses, and Retrogrades are making the violence worse. As a matter of fact Eclipses and Retrogrades can make the energy worse. Beware my friends. People are going crazier than usual.

Oh and the picture being used here is Ariana Grande who was sexually assaulted by a preacher on live TV at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. After he made a racist Taco bell joke about her.

Funny how the media isn’t mentioning this and is actually going out of there way to avoid the elephant in the room. The hashtag #RespectAriana is trending on Twitter now. Not that men need Demons to be pigs. Real holy men don’t do this.

– M


P.S. This one showed up today



Graveyard Magic with Mictlantecuhtli : Friday the 17th. 

First, let me just say, Happy late Friday the 17th! Friday the 17th is like Friday the 13th in Eastern Europe and for Italians. Which is awesome for witchcraft. If you want to learn more, my blog post about it is here :
So last night, I was preparing some left overs from dinner for the Hungry Ghost offering. Except that Mictlantecuhtli (Lord of Mictlan) started voicing his annoyance with me. For those who don’t know, Mictlan is the land of the dead in the traditional Aztec religion. He’s the God and King of the dead. Even with all the other scores of Underworld Deities, only his wife is as prominent as he is.

And in modern times she’s become more prominent. Her name you say? Mictecacihuatl, the lady of Mictlan. Also called La Santa Muerte (the holy death). I usually work more with her. But he has voiced that he wanted me to work with him more.


He demanded that this night, I do a Native American ritual for the dead. Not a Hellenic ritual to Hekate. So I obeyed my father. And instead of the Crossroads, I took the time to actually go to a nearby animal cemetery. Because of my work and affinity with animals, this cemetery is the natural blend of my Earth oriented magics with my necromancy.


I created an altar of the dead with a black tree near one of the outside walls. Now let me stop here. I’m sure a bunch of Rootworkers, and other people will say,

“If it ain’t inside the cemetery, it ain’t real cemetery dirt!!!!”

I’ve heard this many of times from the younger generation. Not the older generations. Very few of the old witches and wizards are that strict. Why? Because we have to work with what we got. And no, by wizards I don’t mean old white guys in funny hats.

I mean the Curanderos of Mexican traditions. I mean the Sancistas of Puerto Rico and the Chinese and Vietnamese wizards. I mean the Mages who still practice astrology and pray to older Persian Gods as well as to Ahura Mazda. We come in different flavors. Want to know what we all have in common? We had to adapt our practices.

Our religions have evolved because our cultures have evolved. In ancient days, we read from scrolls (and that was modern for their time). Then we read from books, and right now you’re all reading accounts of magic from my blog. We all had to make changes. If religions don’t adapt, they die out.

And then later generations go through hell trying to reconstruct them. Now, why do I have an altar that is just outside the walls of the cemetery? And why an animal cemetery? Simple. One, I don’t want to go to jail for illegal entry to a cemetery. Too many cemeteries are full of security cameras. In places like the South, they even signs banning people from doing magic at those locations.

Now if I have to, I will jump walls and bribe security guards to get in to do what I need to do. Like I did in the blog post about the Witch Bird. But if that is not the case, and the working isn’t too intense; I compromise. I cast the bones and asked the dead if I can use the areas of dirt just outside their walls. And because of my dedication, they said yes.

I am not claiming it will work for everyone. But it works for me. And witches are first and foremost inventors and innovators. Secondly, I take the time to find a spot outside that resonates with power, and I add more to it with charms. With idols.

With things that blend in the background that most people would never have noticed or care to notice. I pick up the trash, give proper offerings and so forth. I work with animals because I find them to be pure. I personally believe that all that is wrong with our world, is due to humanity. Whether it’s the Garden of Eden or even the Hellenic tale of Pandora and her box, we did this to ourselves.

Animals lost some of their greatest gifts because of us. Because when you are impure, the world around you becomes impure. But they didn’t do anything wrong. They have a closer connection to the Gods, or GOD, than we do. In short, I prefer to work with them because I feel that they’re more holy than we are.

What we call psychic abilities or simply ESP, they don’t need to develope, they just have it. All of them, not just cats. They can walk between worlds better than shamans can. That’s why the use of animal familiars is well documented in most shamanic traditions. Why else do witches of many traditions collect so many bones and other animal parts for? Because they all have their own Ashe or grace to them.

And these energies aid us in our work. The tree has a cement plate which used to be part of someone’s floor. I tend to recycle things a lot. I took the plate and laid it in a deep part of the ground so that it looks like a regular smooth stone. That way, no one will look at it and know what it is.

It’s an offering plate. I had took the time a few years ago to cleanse and imbue the plate with spiritual power. That way it could act as an Idol for the dead creatures and other roaming spirits. So  as I feed the Underworld Gods, I may also feed them. They act as my intermediaries with the Gods.

I also take stones, pebbles mostly, of various shapes and colors. I dedicate them to Gods of the dead. Each one is different so that just by looking at them I know who it is that the stone represents. Before statues and statuettes were made, our ancestors would find smooth or beautiful stones. And they were convinced that they had powers or may even have been sacred to certain Gods.

The original idol of Hestia the hearthe Goddess was such a stone. Then humans decided she and other Deities needed full blown statues. Even in Santeria, there are images of Orishas that look like stones or metals or whatever. You wouldn’t know what they were at first unless you took the time to study them. I follow this tradition.

Each stone was blessed with different magics for a week and a half. Then placed inside one of my altars where I give a three day feast to that Deity. I welcome their Spirit into our world through their idol. Once done, I have even noticed that the grounds the idols are on actually become holy ground. As if some part of this process causes divinity itself to kiss the ground.

Places that were completely desolate, grew with weeds and wild flowers. They grew in months or half a month sometimes. Areas that for years were as barren as deserts suddenly teamed with life. And filled with animals who treat these spots as vacation resorts almost. Even without the food offerings.

That’s how I know my Gods are real. I have seen my altars torn apart on purpose by nasty people. Not only have they regenerated, but the people responsible started having bad luck. That’s how I always know who it is.
Thus, my black tree with the blackest bark I have ever seen, looks more alive now then when I started.

One can argue it’s because of water libations. And that the animals living near or underneath the altars have made an eco system to enrich them. All of that is true. But the offerings are not continuous. I don’t have so much money that I want or need to pile food on top of every altar every day.

The Cemetery altar, I have not visited in months. Yet there it remains, pristine and beautiful. Even better than the first day I choose it. I have noticed unique animals forming communities in or around my altars. Each with their own systems.

They seem to recognize me. They act as if they have a time table for when I show up. Then they share the food equally. I also have coconut shells to catch rain water for them to drink. Or, if I brought my own libations, I pour it into the shells.

So last night, I walked all the way to this cemetery. I keep a mini flash light in my pocket in case I go on one of my weird little adventures. What can I say about venturing into the night for magic with the dead? Most people get freaked out or think it’s scary. Or that only a homicidal maniac will do such a thing. What could possibly go on in such a person’s mind? I’m sure that’s the question most of my normie friends would ask.

Let me tell you what it’s like. At first it’s a feeling of exceleration. That young, youthful feeling of walking the streets at night for adventure. That delicious crisp night air that you could only get when a good breeze is blowing. I almost hear music in the air. It’s soft, and smooth.

I find that it’s easier to walk at night even with all this damn humidity. Some nights, I find myself wondering if my sleeping pattern is more natural than everyone else’s. The day is so tiring. It seems better to sleep in the day and to live by night. Then, I enter the dark parts of the sidewalk.

Part of me is afraid of some lunatic hiding in the corner waiting to mug me. The fear mixes with the exictement of my little journey. Adrenaline starts pumping. Spirits don’t scare me, crazy people with guns do. It gets too dark to see in front of me.

And I take out the flash light and illuminate the ground before me. I can hear the crickets making their wonderful music. The night is alive with birds that only sing in the dark. And in Miami, there are birds who sing as if it’s dawn in the darkness. Maybe they came to the same conclusion I did about living at night.

I see a cockroach in the ground and part of me is freaked because they scare me.
The other part is fascinated because this makes everything creepier like a camp fire story. Like those old “are you afraid of the dark?” Episodes. And part of me recognizes that animal for what it is : a sign. Roaches are animals of the underworld like maggots, black animals, etc..

The moment I saw it, between the shock and easing off of tension, I felt the energy. I knew that it was a scout or messenger.

It was sent to see where I was and how much longer it would take before I got there. I didn’t hear voices. It was more like a vision mixed with feelings. I call them empathic visions. I could see the cemetery in black and white in it’s mind.

So I knew who had sent it. And I felt what it’s purpose was. Part of being a necromancer is being able to connect to the energies of cthonic animals. I call these odd visions, feelings, moments of Revelation via the dead the Cthonic Pulse. And lately this energy has increased ten fold with Ghost Month.

This isn’t the first time underworld animal guides have appeared. I’ve had night hawks fly over my head when going to the cemetery. Or once, a black cat crossed my path when going to celebrate the feast of Obba. I took that as an excellent sign. A blessing from the wonderful Orisha herself.

So I was happy to see that roach as much as he scared me. As I ventured down the darkened pavement, I prayed to the spirits in the name of Mictlantecuhtli. I told them all my fears and issues and things I wanted them to remove. I’m afraid of cops more than any maniac waiting in a street corner. One wrong move, and I’ll be a hashtag on twitter.

All this caution just to practice my own faith. And it seems so unfair. There are Christians that dance with poisonous snakes. Some won’t allow their kids medical care due to doctrines. No one bothers them.

But I can’t go talk to the dead and leave them offerings. Even if the altar is outside the walls. All this and more is what’s inside of my head while doing this. But I go on, I clear my head and I pray. I have the offerings inside of my bag.

I’m still happy. Still excited. No one will bother me. Finally I reach illumined sidewalks and shut my flashlight off. I feel the relief of the light.

No loonies in the street corners after all. The only thing I hate besides the cameras in this cemetery, is that the animal cemetery is surrounded by houses. And development is everywhere. So I have to be extra careful. Some nights are better than others.

I remember one night when trying to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) these Cubans across the street from the cemetery were having a fucking barbeque at 3am! What’s worse, was that they take up so much space. Parking even on the grass of the cemetery. Add to that, the little road between their houses and the cemetery really is little. Not enough space away from them. So I entered stealth mode.

I remember that I had to move in the shadows of their cars. I tip toed around bushes. Cursing at them in my head in Spanish.

“Only Cubans are this fucking annoying! Having stupid barbeques even when a hurricane is coming!”

(Yes, I’m Cuban too)

They had no idea that some guy was skulking around in the dark behind their cars doing necromancy. Or that one of them had parked next to an altar. I still laugh about that sometimes. I  finally arrived before the tree as once I did all those years ago. I took out the offerings, one by one and laid them on the plate in the ground.

I spoke not with words, but with my mind and said,

“Mictlantecuhtli, these are your offerings, may you share them with the dark, forgotten, and unnamed dead for their peaceful passage, Amen,”

I sat down and meditated in the dark. Careful that no bugs were around, but equally careful that cops or neighbors don’t see me. That’s why I don’t go there all of the time. I have my own indoor altar to work with. This is for special occasions only.

I sat down, and called the dead with my mind. And I went through all of my petition. I let their energy fill me from the inside out. The dead animals took from me all that didn’t belong in my life anymore. I stayed there, half awake and half asleep in a sort of lucid trance.

Of course, I asked for protection. And I carried charms for my safety. My own guides were there to keep me safe. Plus the Guardians of the Cemetery are protecting me. And the Tree altar is holy ground either way.

I took cascarilla or egg sell powder and I made the sign of the cross on the back of my neck. But not the Christian cross. The Cross of Quetzalcoatl.

“Protect me my Lord, by thy precious cross from all evil,”

The final precaution now taken. This is to protect my energy from something getting in. This creates a skin and soul shield to block unwanted possession.
They didn’t begin to cross over the hungry ghosts until after I had left. I visualized and focused on the aspects of my life that weren’t working.

People think of Cemeteries as filthy, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes they can both clean and empower. I felt, rather than saw the Lord of Mictlan there, guiding me through it all.
I felt him, but not possess me. Not like on tv.

What I felt was his energy rolling inside me. It was like the waves of a dark ocean at night. He was commanding the spirits to do something from within me. I felt the energies of the animals like one huge, pool of cleansing air and water filling my lungs. Detoxing me from the inside out.

I felt the bad parts of myself and my life melting away. Leaving me. When I fully woke up, the power was turned off. The ocean gone. The door closed.

Nothing. Just the sound of crickets. I had felt the rush of his power building slowly. I had heard it like blood in my ears. But now it was all gone.

Like the end of a dream. I had finished with my limpia (cleansing). My personal reaping of bad energy. I felt lighter. I then grounded and cleansed on the spot.

I cleansed with holy water. I drank some of it too. This is to close and clear the channels from within. After I was as clean as I was going to get, I gave a final offering and left. It was after that, that I felt the call go out.

And I knew that they had started calling and crossing over the Hungry Ghosts just after I left. I started walking home. Just shaking it all off. I was enjoying the rest of my night. I saw a young woman waking home from work.

The old traditionalist in me said,

“Ask her if she wants company on her walk home,”

The Feminist in me said,

“She can handle herself. She doesn’t need you to walk with her anywhere,”

And the realist in me said,

“Dude…..you just walked out of a cemetery. You’re covered in tree bark and smell like an ape died. I don’t think she wants your company either way. Unless she has a fetish for Marilyn Manson wannabe’s,”

(Ah, my voice of reason. He wins everytime.)

As I walked past a house I heard someone in the dark of their patio. She talked on the phone in Spanish. It was oddly comforting. In the aftermath of such an intense spiritual experience it was nice to see regular people doing regular things at that hour. Sometimes, being in this supernatural world of ours we need a break.

Magic users are both of the world and yet not of it. We need reminders that we’re are human sometimes. When you work with spirits and Gods often, you forget your own humanity. Oh you know you’ll grow old and die. You know that you can’t fly or whatever.

Not that. I am perfectly aware of my mortality and human limitations. I’m not that bat shit fucking crazy. But sometimes we just need a dose of the normal to be balanced. Go to the movies. Kiss a beautiful woman (and that goes to our LGBT sisters too).

Read a good book cuddled with your animals, enjoy life. Not be so serious. On my way home I am wondered if I should work on my blog. Or organize some meetings with clients. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this blog posted the same night I did all this? Hell yeah.

But I already know the answer : bed. I need to go to sleep. I finally reached home drenched in sweat. I enter the door backwards to stop spirits from following me in. My old master from Trinidad had taught me that.

Things can follow you in a house by trailing you. You break the trail by turning around and entering backwards into the house. I learned that one the hard way. I eat because I’m fucking starving. I remove all my cloths and take the time to cleanse my key chain and other items with blessed white alchohol.

And I use some Hebrew holy water in my bath to wash up and really cleanse.
Refreshing. Then, I lit a candle to the Gods of hearthe and home, and rest. It’s 3am by the time my bath is over. I’m still tired but satisfied.

Thank you Mictlantecuhtli for getting my lazy ass into gear. It was only when going to bed yesterday in the early morning that I realized. I did all of this on the early morning of Friday the 17th. Good for Witchcraft. Not bad.

And on the witching hour too. I guess the Lord of the Dead was keeping me on my toes. Good Night everyone,- M

Nemoralia, Pomonalia and Vertumnalia, plus Feast of Hekate and Ghost Month

So yesterday, began the three day feast of Diana also known as Artemis. Specifically, Diana Nemorensis (Diana of Nemi). She rules over a lake with a sacred grove near the lazio region of the south of Rome. The lake is also known as “Diana’s Mirror”. On this feast, her spirits, the Querquetulanae (oak nymphs) prepare to welcome any human worshippers while celebrating the Deity herself.
Also known as the festival of torches, no one is allowed to hunt and kill animals at this time. Celebrants go to the grove of Nemi carrying torches with small parchments of paper with written requests for her. They tie them in string and leave them near sacred trees at the grove. Others will actually leave statuettes of her or clay formations of body parts that need healing. Or at least this was how it was done in Roman times.Offerings were also made to Hekate. For some reason the Romans seemed to have believed she and Trivia (Hekate) were the same person. This is because Diana had three aspects. In modern times, many Neo Pagan groups have used this day specifically for Hekate.
The Nemoralia was celebrated both from August 13-15 and also on the full moon of August.It depends on where your sources lie. Of course the accounts say the torch light mingled with the moonlight in Nemi’s waters. So it may have been celebrated twice. It is also the feast of Pomona and Vertumnus, the Roman Goddess of fruit and vegetation. And the Roman God of Seasons and Change as well as vegetation.While it was still daylight, I honored them using my Hellenic altar. I gave them the first fruits of the land. Not every Hellenic, or Roman Pagan agrees with these Gods being the same. I’m one of the few that do believe in at least some of them being the same. It makes sense that beings as powerful as Gods or Goddesses would have been known back then to more than one culture.

And they may have even have been given different names. The Yoruba practitioners in North America for instance, have told me they believed  Amphitrite is the same as Yemaya.
Who knows? I’m no one to contradict either group. Now, on the offerings to both Pomona and her husband. What the apartment complex has is what Cubans call Cundeamor. In English, it’s called Bitter Mellon.

A small orange fruit that grows on the vines that grow on fences. It has both medical and magical properties. It’s sacred to Oshun in Santeria as it has properties in love and healing. I’ve used it to make Lustral Waters. The water turns cherry red when I strain the fruit inside it.

Very beautiful. It has a faint nature smell to it I like and you only need to strain one. It makes me think of cleansing. Purification. It is a natural anti inflammatory. And it is a natural cure to potions and powders left behind by witches to curse their enemies.

My Godfather taught me that when strained in water it could be used to heal a person who stepped on the powder or potion. Cundeamor would be strained in water. Once the feet were washed with the Cundeamor water, the person was healed of the black magic. That is a perfect offering to Lady Pomona. Legend has it, that she was originally a wood nymph so beautiful, that woodland Gods had tried to court her.

She told them all where they could go. It was finally the God Vertumnus who tricked her into marriage. He shape shifted into an old woman and talked her into marriage with him. Marrying a God can make a person become a God. So her marriage to him caused her to be deified.

Vertumnus, as an old woman, told her the story of Iphis and Anaxarete. Stressing how it was dangerous to turn down suitors coming to court her. Then later he appeared in his form to offer her marriage. I’m guessing you can figure out the rest from there? I try not to laugh too hard at this because my Lady gets upset. But she knows I love her very much.

She reached out to me back when I had no idea who she was. I had no clue why a nature deity would care if I worshipped her or not. It turns out, just because I don’t know how to garden doesn’t mean I can’t be close to nature. I believed that you had to be good at that because that’s what my ex made me believe. My knowledge of nature was colored with her lense of what it was or wasn’t.

As a necromancer, I find dead animals and give them proper burials. I ask whoever I feel is their God to take them. I also help protect the plants and animals where I live. I feed and water them. The animals feast on the offerings of my outside nature Altars.

And I even have groves around my complex that I use to honor the Gods on special occasions. I also found that I like Vertumnus a lot. He really is a trickster. He always makes her and me feel happy and lightens the mood. She does love him.

She gets angry but not in an actual anger sort of way. She tries to get mad at him whenever I read the story of how he courted her. But she bursts out laughing every time. Her laughter is so strong that at times I feel it on the wind outside. She is one of my favorite Godly relatives.

And my Lady Hekate, was ready for her offerings as well. I gave her a proper feast on the crossroads before going to the river behind my home. It has a Grove of it’s own for Diana of Nemi. Instead of an actual torch I am going to use a flashlight. I debated whether to use my electric lantern or not.

But there are other apartments back there and I really don’t want to attract any attention. I brought offerings for the Native spirits here in Florida as well as offerings for the Querquetulanae. But first, offerings to Hekate. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on Ghost Month, there seems to be many parallels happening all at once. Because now I will be giving offerings to Hekate as well as Diana of Nemi for three straight days.

Feasts of Hekate are always so that the dark dead can move on in peace. Hekate is the Goddess of the triple crossroads. She is a master of witchery in all it’s forms and a guide or psychopomp, to the dead. She’s worshipped not just by Hellenic Pagans but also by Wiccans. Especially Wiccans with a Celtic influence.

They believe that she and the Morrigan are like sisters. Not literal sisters, but friends. They both share the Crossroads. Hekate has many powerful functions in both religions and in magic. Idols of Hekate can be placed outside the home to ward off evil spirits.

And at least once a month, she destroys negative energy and takes away all the nasty ghosts in the area with her. For this reason, I called on Hekate to help me bless the food for the Hungry Ghosts. The reason for this is because the Ullambana Sutra is long as Hell, pun intended. Reading some of the sacred scriptures in all religions is similar to reading the Bible. Long and takes a lot of time.

And as much as I wish I had the time to pray over food with a gigantic sutra three times, I don’t. With Hekate I do a simple prayer. Then in Latin I do a benediction so that the spirits who eat the food are crossed over. I was doing it long before I ever heard of the Hungry Ghost festival. I noticed that crime and bad things in general actually decreased everytime I did this ritual on Hekate’s Deipnon (feast).

This is done once a month. So Hekate is a tried and true ally in not only neutralizing the bad spirits, but crossing them over. I have never met the same bad spirit twice. Eventually, she started bringing new bad spirits to my crossroads shrine to be crossed. The most issues we have here believe it or not actually come from cops.

Usually trying to over-exercise their authority and give out tickets for literally anything and everything. That includes “driving too slow”. But in terms of actual crimes, the one thing that happened was a guy who got drunk once four years ago and had to be arrested. The Catholics often talk about how Mexico is plagued by bad spirits and this is the reason for all the crime there. They have even attempted mass exorcisms to drive away the demons they think are over there.

Sadly, crooked governments don’t need spirits to be crooked. However, I can say that based on my little experiment, negative entities can and do make things worse. So, since either way we need Hekate for her own feast plus the Nemoralia, I called on her to care for the Hungry Ghosts at my Crossroads shrine. There, they are neutralized. Her spirits, the Empusae handle them well.

They take on the form of donkey headed men and women, and keep them in check. None of the entities have caused trouble. I first called on Elegua for help and he and his Eshu spirits on the Crossroads have also helped by protecting us specifically. Her spirits are the most aggressive hands on people here. They even force some of the Hungry Ghosts to come to eat.

They make sure they get booted off. My work on the Crossroads yields great rests. The ever expanding relationship I have with it and it’s spirits turned out to be more practical than I had ever imagined. So now I have other prayers to make for the hungry ghosts. That’s it for now everyone. – M

Ghost Month 2018 (The Hungry Ghost Festival)

So, yesterday was not only a New Moon in the sign of Leo (Hail Zeus!). I heard also that another supermoon was here but don’t know for sure. We have a lot to discuss. For starters, yesterday was the first day of Hungry Ghost Month. It will remain active until Sunday Sept 9th.
It’s not lost on me that it starts on a Saturday and ends on a Sunday. Saturday is a day for the dead to rest. I do my personal ancestral meditations and offerings at 12am if I can. If not just before 12am or even at Sunset of the same day. Sunday is a day of light dedicated to the Sun Gods who chase the dark spirits away.So for it to start on a Saturday and end on a Sunday this year is symbolic to me.
But on top of that it’s also a New Moon. In Hinduism, new moons are very inauspicious times. Dark spirits including the angry dead roam the streets at night. Another Hindu had told me though that it was also a good day to honor one’s ancestors regardless.Now, time to talk about Ghost Month. Ghost Month has it’s origins in Buddha’s disciple Maudgalyāyana, in China his name was changed to Mulian. But they’re the same person. He was the second most important disciple of the Buddha. The story goes that he was so powerful, that he could astral project to heaven and to hell.One day he was listening to a Buddhist lecture on being devoted to one’s parents. He realized in that moment, that he had neglected his mother. Maudgalyāyana came from a wealthy family. And his mother wasn’t too happy when he decided to renounce his life of material pleasures. He became one of Siddhārtha Gautama’s disciples.

Gautama was once a prince from Nepal.
He eventually renounced his throne to become a mystic, eventually a Buddha or “awakened one”. He had recognized Maudgalyāyana’s zeal for wisdom and wanting to lead an upright life. Maudgalyāyana was an advanced student with a vast array of powers. He decided to go back home and visit his mother.

But when he arrived, he discovered that his mother had passed away years ago. He was filled with great sadness. After all, how could he have forgotten his own mother? Something had to be done. He decided that if his parents were no longer able to be with him, he would go to them. He went into Heaven using astral projection.

He was happy to find his father there. But he could not find her. At that moment he was struck with a very bad feeling. In life, his mother was a dominant matriarchal figure who always wanted things done her way. He asked her to use the family fortune to watch over the poor, and any Buddhist monks while he was away.

But she never did. He traveled to Hell on the chance that he might find her there. And to his horror, he did find her. Only it was worse than he had imagined. She wasn’t just a condemned soul, he saw that his mother had become a Hungry Ghost.

Hungry Ghosts are very dark, toxic, ghosts. Either from Hell or Purgatory. Some are people who died badly like murder or suicide and they rise as cursed spirits unable to let go. Others died in accidents. In other cases, people become Hungry Ghosts when their families either forget the or stop giving them offerings.

They normally hang around the outskirts of cities, abandoned places, wastelands, or even the garbage areas of apartments. In Hinduism they’re called Petras. It seems that spending too much time in the lower realms drives human souls to insanity. That’s why many cultures and religions have a very thin line between hell and purgatory. For some, being stuck in the purgatorial realms is like hell.

And some become these creatures when they are selfish,greedy people who treated others with disdain in life. Thus, they damn themselves to Hell through their own sins. But not all of are Hell ghosts. Some of them are just in Purgatory, but a very dark part of purgatory. They’re only a few steps away from becoming Demons.

As a matter of fact they even possess some of the same characteristics at times. There are stories of them shape shifting into human form to fool humans and try to kill or possess them. They take on the forms of animals. Sometimes they shape shift into people you know. Even beautiful women and handsome men could really be Hungry Ghosts.

They can also possess or haunt the homes of victims. In many cases, traditional Chinese Priests, Buddhists, and Taoists have been called to exorcise the dark beings away in time to save the victims. There are several manuscripts depicting the various forms of Hungry Ghosts out there. The only thing they all have in common is extreme hunger and some of the same appearence. They come in various catagories and subcatagories.

I am only going to mention two. The Needle Mouths who have tiny needle like throats. This is so can’t swallow food. Some say they have mouths that literally are as tiny as the head of a needle. And the Flame Mouths, who can’t eat or drink anything because whatever food they try to drink or consume will burst into flame the moment they try to.

Others say that the food and drink doesn’t become fire but turns into coals instead. The huge bellies are so that they are eternally hungry which makes the torture worse. Strangely, Maudgalyāyana’s mother was both. She had a gigantic belly and a needle like throat. And when he offered his left over rice to her, they burst into flames.

I am still studying on the subject. But this is the only time I have heard of a hungry ghost who fell into both catagories. It’s possible her sins were so great that she merited both punishments. He realized that he had no hope of saving her on his own. He went running back to the Buddha for help.

The Buddha told his student that though he was powerful, the weight of his mother’s sins were too great. Even for him. He even said that all the Angels in Heaven, all the Demons in Hell, and the four Kings of Heaven combined could not free his mother. It was only through the Sangha (Buddhist community of monks and nuns) that they could hope to free her. He told Maudgalyāyana that he had to feed the monks and nuns and ask for them to pray for his mother.

This became a sort of Buddhist Mass for the condemned dead. The mass was so successful that legend says he dreamed his mother. She finally to left hell and entered heaven. Eventually, she reincarnated as a dog and lived with a wealthy family who cherished and loved her. And with time Maudgalyāyana was able to transfer enough of his merits to his mother that she was able to reincarnate as a human again.

The premise of this Buddhist Mass is that you transfer your good deeds or merits to the condemned dead.
This allows them to gain enough blessings to leave the lower realms. By lower realms, they don’t just mean hell. This could also be purgatory or life as an animal. Once freed, the soul ascends to the higher realms.

At the same time, the offerings of food to the monks blessed the disciple so that he gained extra blessings. These extra blessings were shared to his mother. In the end, Maudgalyāyana’s love and devotion to this mother was what saved her. As even the Buddha claimed that his cries of anguish for his mother moved not only the spirits of heaven but the spirits on earth. Even the demons in hell were moved.

Now with that, I wanted to add something interesting to this. Some teachings claim Hungry Ghosts actually live in space. Not an actual hell. So a lot of them could be up there as part of their existence. It makes sense.

Space is a dark void after all. What’s interesting about this is that astronauts have had some really weird encounters in space in the past. I’ve heard stories of astronauts claiming they saw giant angels, transparent entities that almost look like snakes, and in one case possible Poltergeist Activity. In 2003, there was a Chinese astronaut named Yang Liwei who entered space as part of the Shenzhou 5 mission. He claimed that something was knocking on the walls of the ship, from the outside.

He was nervous and tried to do what we do in the paranormal community : debunk it. He couldn’t find the source.  He said that it sounded like a hammer on a bucket of some kind. He never found the source of the sound. And it kept happening all throughout his time up there. The word Poltergeist from German “poltern” (to knock) and “geist” (ghost) Knocking Ghost, is a term for trickster spirits including ghosts that like to play jokes on people they haunt.

They make noises like tapping or knocking sounds on the walls of haunted houses. They sometimes take keys and other items and misplace them where people can’t find them. The main theory about Mr. Liwei’s experience is that it was Aliens.

After all, what else could it have been? If it was debris it would be making different noises. And the impact would be harsher than that. Instead it sounded like metal knocking on a bucket. I’ve heard sounds like that when people use door knockers. It sounds like what he’s describing.

Although I am not against the idea of aliens, how could they remain undetected from censors? And why would they be doing that? Some would argue they have cloaking technology that would hide them. They would furthur say it might have been  a psychological experiment. When he came back to earth, he started warning fellow astronauts. He told them to beware of the strange knocking sounds in space.
And sure enough, other astronauts  reported that same odd knocking sound.

They also tried to debunk it. But they also concluded that it came from the outside of the ship. To my knowledge that has only ever happened with China’s astronauts. But what if it wasn’t aliens per say? Or rather yes and no at the same time. Alien means “foreign”.

From a living human’s view, spirits can be alien to our world if they no longer belong to the living. What if the stories that Hungry Ghosts occupying places in space were true? Given all of the strange phenomenon that’s not so big a leap to make. Getting back to the main point, always remember your ancestors. Always love them. Always take care of them. Even if you are a Christian, the Roman church for example does mass to help elevate the human soul into heaven.

The Hungry Ghost mass eventually evolved into rituals where monks and nuns or believers could free the angry ancestors. In the old days, believers would take a plate of food, usually rice, bless the food with a mantra three times, and then dump it onto the grass. The Hungry Ghost will then either possess an animal or shape shift into one in order to eat. This is one of the ways in which a spirit can be freed from the lower realms.
Another of Buddha’s disciples, Sariputta, went through the same thing.

The sacred sutra (text) of Petavatthu (ghost stories) details how Maudgalyāyana not only traveled to hell and spoke to his mother, but had conversations with other hungry ghosts. It’s very interesting to read. Maudgalyāyana often leaves me with the impression that if he wasn’t a Magus, he could have been one. Magi normally look at the spiritual world through an almost scientific lense. No, he didn’t write scientific calculations in the sutra.

But magi tend to be occult scientists. We practice a strange sort of of magical science that on the outside looks like mumbo jumbo. But underneath it all are deep observations of the world around us. He seemed to have developed an advanced understanding of Hell and how it operates. Fascinating stuff there.

I recommend it for Necromancers, Magi, and those interested in the afterlife in general. This will give you a good understanding of the world of the spirits regardless of which aspect of it you explore. The Story of how Maudgalyāyana freed his mother from Hell is here :


I was not able to find a link with the original Indian story. So instead I found the Chinese version where his name is Mulian. But it’s the same story. It’s interesting because his mother is named in this story. Since I haven’t been able to find the original, I don’t know if she’s named in that one or not. In this one her name is Madam Liu.

The sutra that contains the ritual for liberating condemned souls is called the Ullambana Sutra. It focuses on filial piety but has the ritual mentioned within. A really good source on not only this sutra, but Heaven and Hell in general is “Heaven & Hell In Buddhist Perspective” by author B.C. Law. The book goes into the origins of the Ghost Festival, the actual story, and the ritual itself. I’m still reading it though but love the hell out of thus book, pun intended.

You can read it for free here :


The Sutra is here :


If you do this ritual, take the food offerings far from your community. You don’t want to accidentally have something follow you home.
Turn around and whatever you do, do not look back no matter what you hear or feel. If I were you, I’d have something to protect myself with. A religious symbol, a charm bag, a holy item like Palo Santo (holy wood), silver, whatever you can find.

Even just a pocket of salt, and bread in the other pocket for life and death to gain safe passage from the Faeries is recommended. The Faerie folk are everywhere. Even in the land of the Dead. And they can help with all things. Like any good Santero, I spent last night resguardando (safe guarding or warding) not only my home but my neighborhood in general.

I went to my crossroads in the fork in the road where I live. And there I gave Elegua, Hekate, and the other Crossroads Gods their offerings. I felt them create a shield of protection for us all. This way no one will be harmed even if they do not believe. My Godmother went to the outside of her front door and the back balcony and drew crosses using cascarilla (egg shell powder).

This was to block their entry. We both already have several protections, but every little bit helps. The one good thing about yesterday, is that new moons are celebrated in Judaism like the full moons. Sacred to GOD. So I performed my own mystical celebration based on Jewish rites the day before yesterday at sunset.

I asked the Archangels and the Prophet Maryam, sister of Moses and Aaron to shield us. And since it’s also the sign of Leo the Lion, I invoked the protection of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Lion Totem of the Hebrews adds extra power to any household spirits for protecting the home. Which leads me to the next point : honoring the ancestors with offerings will help them strengthen the home in conjunction with the other household entities. So make sure you clean your home Altars.

Give them fresh offerings of fruits. Vegetables, and the first food from dinner. Offer it not only to them but to all household Gods. Ask them to keep you safe. And burn lots of incense.

Also, the more incense you burn for them the better. It brings more fortune and good luck to you. Take the last bits of your food, and use that for the Hungry dead outside. Also offer it to your household Gods (like Elegua or Hestia) and ask them to help cross the dead over. After all, just because you aren’t Buddhist doesn’t mean you can’t call on another holy power.

My Godmother will be invoking the Virgin of Mount Carmel (Spanish La Virgin Del Carmen). She is also reputed in legend to be queen of the dead. She has the power to free any soul from hell or purgatory. She’ll be using the Catholic Prayer for her found here :


Use your own faith. Remember, the dead don’t care what your religion is. That’s a fool’s belief. Any faith that is real has real power. All you need to do is believe.
I’ve known people who crossed the dead over with magical spells instead of prayers and it worked.

I’ve known others who called on their spirit guides to cross people over. And some have simply used meditations, or visualizations to do it. I wouldn’t recommend any of that for the Ghost festival though. Feed them blessed food with the intention that it will cross them over.

It goes without saying, that besides the five planet retrograde and all the supermoons and eclipses we have had; the Reaping I talked about before worse. None of this is by accident. It seems the spiritual world is getting is ready for a few things. But don’t worry, it all leads to change of the needed kind.

Until next time dear readers, M.