Random Links of the Day : Divination of the Day, some Astrology, & Atlas Obscura!

Be very aware today

It’s been a while since we did one of these so here we go.

It’s very strange that they said this at Pandora Astrology because I also received this in my email.

I guess we should all be well grounded and patient for a while. The post from Thistle in Avalon is here.

Now from Atlas Obscura

A Letter from Sherlock Holmes?

The World’s worst sandwich

A Desert Crosswords

Sodom was destroyed by an Asteroid

Iceland’s Ancient Legends

How to build a really tiny home

Scientists finally uncovered the source of the deadly ‘Blob’ that cooked the Pacific

The Catacombs of Washington DC

The Lost Boy’s of Robber’s Cove

A Cheetah’s Emotional Support Dog

A King’s Husband Returns

How to Craft a Horror Comic

Waterfall Restaurants

Hackers and Captain Crunch Whistles

The Gunkanjima Ghost Island

Widows of a Doomed Expedition

Where you can see Mer People

See ya later,

– M

King Charles III is related to Vlad the Impaler

The Game of Thrones-like system of European monarchy throughout the centuries has meant that there are some surprising genealogical connections to be…

King Charles III is related to Vlad the Impaler

I mean, is anyone really surprised? It’s the British royal family. These Colonizing Bastards probably have Ted Buddy in their bloodline somewhere as well.

The Dead Received : St. Mark’s Eve Results 💀

Ghost in a church by Shanta4

This year I did not divine on the Eve of St. Mark. Apollo came to me in a vision clad in black and told me there was no need. They would be revealed to me in a few days. And sadly he was right. Because by the next day (St. Mark’s Day) it was revealed that my uncle’s wife has an aunt who had a massive stroke.

And she’s expected to die. Yesterday I was told by my uncle that my great uncle was also hit by a stroke. We were told he’s expected to die within a matter of hours. Despite all of that, I am not upset. Mostly because I wasn’t too close with either.

But also because after my grandfather’s death predicted by St. Mark’s Eve, I am not scared or shocked anymore. It would have to be someone really close to me. Maybe that’s callous but it also happens to be true.

From Remsphoto

The shadow of death has fallen. In conjunction with Lord Hermès entering his retrograde. And with St. Mark and St. George who I believe are riding the winds in a sort of invisible wild hunt. The energy is changing all around us.

A reaping in Spring is what I call it.

When my relatives pass I might not be able to do readings or magic. It all depends on my emotional or spiritual state. I am also going to ask my high priest what is or isn’t allowed during mourning. For the ancient Greeks, there was a 13 day morning period in which the Gods could not be worshipped. The reason for this is because we are spiritually and energetically unclean during that time.

Not because we are “unworthy” but because death is a powerful negative force. And it leaves a temporary spiritual taint even in people surrounded by death. That lasts at least that long. For the Romans it was 9 days.

Chthonic Hermes (Hermes Khthonios)

I am not sad but I do feel numb. So much death and so fast. Last year there was no one I knew who was going to die at that St. Mark’s Divination. So it’s been at least a year since I didn’t lose anyone. And lately I’ve been thinking about my pain.

And how to make it stop. I keep thinking about going to therapy again. Maybe I should. I think I need to refresh my brain. And truthfully what I really need is a vacation.

A real fucking vacation. Maybe Cuba. Go there and visit the Sierra Maestra mountains and meet the indigenous people there. Get a cleansing done. Visit the other spiritual people there.

Or Haiti. I have dreamed of Haiti since I started practicing Voodoo and Hoodoo. Since I have worshipped the Loa. And even had a strange dream about going there that had a lot of religious significance. I feel like Haiti is as much home as Cuba is.

Write my stories again. Gods know I would love that. If only I could fucking afford it. I just need a day off. A real day off.

At this point the dead have more of a vacation than I do. Hermes is their tour guide. How sad is that?

I have decided to do shadow work again. It’s been a long time since I confronted my shadow self. I need to listen to him again and see what the root of my problems are. And also apologize to him for not being the best caretaker. I care about everyone else but not me.

I think things were better when I was selfish. Then I didn’t need to care about anyone else. Just me and whatever I wanted. I look back on my earlier life. And I started thinking : I may not have accomplished much but damn it I had some fun.

More fun than I’m having now. Ever since I became Mr. Save the world I don’t have as much fun. You know there was a funny fortune cookie that once said,

“Nostalgia is realizing things weren’t quiet as bad as we thought before,”

Or something like that. I wonder if I will look at this time with nostalgia. I have a feeling of impending doom almost. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. The waiting is killing me. And what’s worse is thinking I am crazy for waiting for something bad to happen that might not happen at all.

I need a cruise….whoops, sorry Charon not that kind of cruise

Sorry for being Emo. Its annoying as hell I know. But I can feel a mass reaping coming on. Maybe it’s the war in Ukraine or maybe it’s something else. Either way now is the time to prepare and do rituals and prayers to ward it off.

If you are into apotropaic magic now is the time to do special rituals to protect yourself. I would also recommend special cleansings. Since both Saints Mark and George’s feasts passed recently I think I will appeal to them. Well that’s all for now. Take care of yourselves is all I can say.

I have to go Adult and actually treat myself good (damn it)

– M

Random Links of the Day : The March of the Future Dead on St. Mark’s Eve (And a lot of other weird shit)

On this night, starting at midnight the spirits come out

Boy, whoo! My ass is tired. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, then you know I’ve been writing almost non stop from these last two days. For Saint George’s Eve and also for Saint George’s Day. I’m too tired to write an in-depth expose on Saint Mark. But I can do the next best thing. I can do a random links of the day!

I haven’t done one of those in a long time. Essentially, sometimes I would get random information on strange things. The paranormal, or weird history. And I thought to myself that I bet my readers would love it. So what happened is I ended up inventing this type of blog post specifically to share articles.

Or even videos etc..

So today I’m making a random links of the day. All will be about St. Mark’s Eve and it’s Folklore. The main thing to know about Saint Mark’s Eve is that churches will have a parade of future dead people. You will see the Doppelgängers of people still alive marching to the doors of a church. And whoever you recognize from that march will die this year.

Sadly I can tell you this is true. I have observed the vigil myself. In 2020 I couldn’t actually go to a physical church due to COVID. But I performed a divination by casting the bones. And the person I knew who was going to die was my grandfather. And a few days after the divination he died.

So this is very real. The whole thing shocked me to my core. I wasn’t expecting it. The reason I tell you this story is 1) Be careful when doing this. Prepare yourself for the possibility it will be someone you know.

Beware of just sitting anywhere on the Eve of Saint Mark. You might see something you don’t want to see. From DeviantArt

And 2) There is an alternate way to find out who is at the procession. Moving on let’s start with my former articles on St. Mark’s Eve :

The Occult connections of Saint Mark and Saint George

My Divination on St. Mark’s Eve, the one in which I discovered my Grandfather would die

Now for the other links

The Mystery of St. Mark’s Eve | The Book of Days

St. Mark’s Eve by Robert D. Carter

St. Mark’s Eve and the Future Dead

St. Mark’s Eve Article from the Smell of Water WordPress blog!

English Folklore of St. Mark’s Eve

Spells for St. Mark’s Eve

The Wikipedia page of St. Mark’s Eve

Halloween in Spring : St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Eve – Tudor’s Society

The Legends and Mysteries of St. Mark’s Eve

The Doppelgängers of the future dead arise during this time

April 24, 2020 – St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Eve – Stephen Morris, Author

St. Mark’s Eve – Mysterious Britain & Ireland

Folklore : Divining Love & Death on St. Mark’s Eve

The Spooky Traditions behind St. Mark’s Eve

Does Saint Mark’s Eve rival Halloween as the Spookiest Day of the Year?

St. Mark’s Eve – Oxford Reference

When the Soon to be Dead Walk

Why did people spy on Future Ghosts on St. Mark’s Eve?

Watching for the nearly departed on St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Eve I missed it this year

The Saint Mark’s Eve Archives of the Tudor Society

It’s Saint Mark’s Eve! Fabulous Folklore with Icy Sedgwick Podcast!

From Den of the Geek

English Residents prepare for the Spookiest Night of the Year

Diving who will die next

PDF’s on Saint Mark’s Eve

Confessions of a Teenage GhostHunter: Keeping the St Marks Eve Vigil and Looking for the Ghost of Sir Walter Calverley

St. Mark’s Eve – Faeries and all that stuff

Happy Saint Mark’s Eve everyone!

– M

Thoughts in the night

Actual picture outside my window right now. Obviously you can’t tell it’s raining. But you can tell by the grey of the skies how the weather is

So it was 2:21am Eastern Time when I began writing this. Now it’s 3Am. And I am consumed by so many thoughts. I was exhausted hours ago and could have slept on the couch and taken a shower in the morning. Can’t do that.

It’s disgusting. So I shower and when I finally come out I’m not sleepy anymore. I lay here in my bed with all this energy. But I don’t want to do anything. I wrote some more of my story.

Got that done. Now what? I don’t know. In the old days I wrote poetry. This weather is perfect for it. I love the rain.

I have loved it since I was a child. I remember my Abuela baby sitting me and I pretended I was under the ocean in a submarine. Like the Nautilus. So many places I want to go.

One of the Roller Ships created by American Inventor Ross Winans. It’s believed by many that this strange ship was the origin of the Nautilus. It’s not a submarine though.

So many things I want to do. But for now, I am where I need to be. And I’m happy. But I have trouble silencing that annoying little voice. That voice that tells me I need to be “on the road” as if Jack Kerouac were rising from the grave to whisper in my ear.

Sorry Jack, I don’t want to die. Omicron is everywhere. I seek, I seek, I seek……something. For once it isn’t food. I had some Cuban pizza and my belly still feels full to bursting.

I am consumed with desire. I’m horny all the time now. Before the pandemic I was anti social but I could still date. Or fuck, as dating implies some level of emotional connection. Now besides fear of STD’s or unplanned pregnancies, I feel like every time someone coughs I have to be baptized in hand sanitizer.


I’m thinking of road trips I never took. Beach days I should have gone to. Even girls who liked me in high school and college that I didn’t like back. And now I’m think : What a dick! You should have given them a chance. There’s more to life than looks. There’s heart.

And when we get old, most of us get ugly anyways. Better to take the time to get to know someone’s heart. And spend your life with someone who will actually care about you and you them. I wish I had done that instead of being so vain. So much I would do differently now.

Youth really is wasted on the young.

Gods what I would give just to meet someone in a mall. And date or have an affair like the old days. No, not a real affair. It wasn’t with anyone who had a man in her life (or woman). I mean keeping it discreet.

When will my unquiet, horny, mind and my bored soul just shut the fuck to let me sleep? To sleep. And to let me dream of my own nautilus. And perhaps some Mermaids beneath the waves,


Prophesy Fullfilled

Skull beneath autumn leaves by Lee Avison

Today I was relaxing with my family. I also meditated and did a few rituals for the Primordial Gods. And suddenly it dawned upon me : You never wrote this blog post you idiot. I’m sure all of you remembered the Prophetic dream I wrote about a few weeks ago. I dreamed of the Wild Hunt and winter coming to Miami early this year.

Well, about a few days later it happened. The weather in Miami started to get less hot. Cooler. And even the news told us a cold front was headed our way. We have also had more showers.

That damned heat isn’t leaving without a fight. But to say that I could already feel the hallowmas season upon us was an understatement. The dream turned out to be true in more than one way. I also see and feel the energy of death all around us. Already the great reaping has begone.

I’m still battling depression. But I took my spirit guide’s advice. And I am facing my issues head on and letting go of things that don’t serve me anymore. Now I know this wasn’t just a weird dream. It was a message.

And I’m happy to report that it was received and did not fall on deaf ears. Praises be to the spirits for their guidance and their love.


Dreams of Blood and Gore

Last night was filled with dreams of blood and gore and zombies

It was almost a fever dream. It was an amazing experience actually. I performed a controlled experiment during the blood moon. I used specialized wards to keep myself safe and protected. I performed apotropaic rituals as well.

I protected myself from all malign influences. I prayed to Hermès Khthonios (Terrestrial Hermès, Hermès of the dead). And I asked that I work with the bloodmoon instead of becoming its victim. So I had a very weird almost 80’s horror movie dream. I dreamt that I was younger than I am now.

And I lived in an alternate version of America. where a Zombie apocalypse had already happened. But we were used to them now. We even had high fences to keep the dead trapped inside of their resting places. They only came out at night.

To make it stranger, the zombies couldn’t abide the light of the sun, almost like vampires.

But at night they reigned supreme

The rich had turned their neighborhoods into secure and fortified cities. But the middle class and poor had shit. I was in Liberty City I think. But a much darker version of it. I mean it’s a rough neighborhood in real life.

But it’s Disneyland in comparison to this place. All they had were a few high fences. Specifically around cemeteries to keep the dead trapped in their own areas. But even then, Zombies still made it out in the open. And people had to be on their guard at night.

But despite the dangers, all these little old ladies were still on the street at night, talking like it was nothing. I even tried warning a few of them not to get too close to the fences. They just looked at me like I was getting excited over nothing. I actually laughed when I woke up from my dream. That definitely sounds like real life.

Not only would we adapt to an apocalypse, but we would treat it like it was nothing. That’s what we did to smallpox, and the bubonic plague. That’s what one day we will do to cancer and to aids. It’s not a dream. Science has produced both horrors and miracles.

It all depends on the level of resources and application applied to it. In Cuba for example, they ended mother to child transmission of aids. And they also developed a skin cancer vaccine. Those interested can read about it here. So it is possible, if the US like Cuba, could use science as the only decision making factor.

(Yes I fully realize that sounds weird coming from a Pagan magician that talks to dead people and spirits. But sometimes religion really does get in the way. And science should have its way).

Instead of religion and personal bias, we could have miracles like this available to us. But I got lost in telling my story. The point is, I could see that even with a zombie apocalypse, we would adapt. We might even make it a part of our class system, with the wealthy being the most fortified. And the rest of us making due with a few silly fences.

That’s what this world was like. I remember that I was some kind of young biker. I broke off with my father and step mother and step sister. I turned against them for some reason. In this world, the poor didn’t have cars anymore.

The aftermath of the zombie apocalypse was still very recent. We had to walk in caravans similar to how the ancients did. It was weird, modern in some ways and in others we were right back to how we started.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor by Studio Décollage

A true nightmare scape

It was like a modern retro version of the ancient societies. I met a girl on the road. I knew her. She worked as a waitress but left due to the apocalypse. I grew up with her I think.

We rekindled an old romance and spent time on the road. Hot nights on the street, hiding under rubble to not be seen. Wondering how my family was. It was strange. I smelled like crap too.

This must have been what it was like to live hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Never taking a bath, or if you did it was with regular water. No soap. Nasty as hell. Now imagine that with rotting corpses walking around.

And the police forces were turned into a small army. They were combined with the national guard to protect to middle class and rich. Of course in this world there is just wealthy and poor. The regular police handle the middle class as a militia. National Guard and private mercenary forces handle the rich.

The politicians are at the top of the totem pole. With cities that have everything. The rest of us are screwed. The homeless are divided into two categories. Those who kill and those who are killed.

Some of the homeless formed their own militias. Others either died or became zombies. Those homeless militia became our protectors. We started merging with them. Gone were the days when the homeless were mistreated or even homeless.

They became our own national guard. Street Killers or Slayers is what we called them. After a while they started looking like the picture of the zombie survivor I put up there. The Gangs were all wiped out because they tried using brute force. They thought they could kill them all.

Instead they lost the battle before anyone else did. Which taught the police and other armed forces and even civilians a valuable lesson : brute force wouldn’t do it. We could only win through proper organization. By making fortified Holmes and restricting the zombies to certain areas. The problem again, was that the poor were left to fend for ourselves.

We were the acceptable sacrifice. When we had fortified homes, then we focused on militarization. Slayers wore olive green uniforms or coats. And they made weapons of whatever they could find. Some had smugglers that stole high tech weapons from the official armies and police.

If we were lucky we would bump into slayers. Some were corrupt and others good. But they kept us safe from the zombies. And that had no price.

That girl and I ran away to a Mall that was still operational. It still showed movies and had things. But it had also become a kind of shelter or sanctuary from the zombies outside. Whoever ran this alternate liberty city had ordered the malls and other structures be turned into nighttime sanctuaries. Places of respite for weary travelers.

From Ribbon Around a Bomb

We were excited to be there. She and I were being all romantic. We were in this massive movie theater. About to watch a movie and I was about to slip my hand up her skirt. But I also remember the fear of being there.

Because even in this world, COVID was still a thing. And this place was cramped and filthy. In the end it didn’t matter. Because the girl and I had contracted the Zombie virus. We became the living dead.

Someone had betrayed us. That’s what I was thinking before I completely succumbed to this thing. Someone had actually let these things in. Or maybe even allowed enough of the contagion in here. It was the only thing that made sense.

Maybe they wanted to wipe out as much of the poor as possible. Who knows. I wasn’t even sure who “they” were. I just knew that this was no accident. A few other people got it as well. The last thing I remembered, was seeing a really annoying blond neighbor.

A real Karen. And I said to myself, well I’m a zombie already, I might as well kill her. My mouth opened unnaturally wide. And I took a large chunk out of her flesh. I realized more or less that the virus changes you.

That you can still think. But you aren’t really you anymore. I would never have been so nonchalant about killing someone. I was even worried about old women that were too close to the fences. But now I had no inhibitions.

I didn’t care about killing someone just because I could. Especially if they annoyed me. It was like being drugged. It was all a game to me now. It was some of the strangest feelings I ever had.

A predatory instinct. But not an animal instinct. Animals kill to eat. Zombies didn’t have to eat, they just wanted to. And I felt that we hunted for sport.

We even had a weird telepathic link to one another. Similar to a hive mind but we also had an individual mind. But the hive mind controlled us all. Like a master and we were it’s servants. And with that, the last of my humanity died away.

I ate the still screaming neighbor. I fought hard not to laugh as I was doing it. I now found it funny. And as time passed, I began to lose all of my memories. My loved ones and all whom I cared for.

All of them, gone. My soul was dead and gone.

By Dark Art

And that was it. It was strange. Like seeing an alternate universe. I remember that Shamans used different techniques to attain altered states of consciousness. They would see many strange things and all of it carried a powerful meaning.

Whenever natural phenomena like the bloodmoon happens, we all get a taste of that. I thought it was fascinating. The main take away I get from this is death. The death of the old world of the old life, of a putrid and corrupted society. To be replaced by something else.

I think this was a vision of society as a whole. Not just of myself, but of the world we live in. That’s why it took the form of an altered world. This is how the spirits and Gods view our society. Maybe it wasn’t a mere nightmare vision after all.

But instead a judgement from above of the world we live in now. I don’t know for sure. I plan to do a divination to see if the dream had any practical information for me. Besides the symbolic. So I will be doing a part two of this showing the results of the divination.

But tonight as you close the doors, maybe put some salt on them. You never know what hungry thing could be lurking in the dark. – M

By Dark Zombie

Random Links of the Day : Nature Addition

In the Last Random Links of the Day, I made it all about the Creepy and Strange. This time I wanted to balance it with something nice. So on this Random Links of the day, I wanted to show you all the slow return of nature (no matter how brief) to power. And the spirituality that many people take for granted. In this case, the Feng Shui of the House.

So I hope all of you will enjoy this edition of the Random Links of the Day. 

Research for buying A New Front Door for your House (Had to do this recently)


The Proper Feng Shui for One’s Own Front Door

Take Care of the Feng Shui of Your Main Door

Fixing Feng Shui for the House


Oldest Houses in the World that are still standing


Nature Returns to Power!



When the Earth decided to hit back : Covid-19


Earth continues to repair it’s Ozone Layer amid the Lockdown


Earth 2020 : Bad for humans, Great for the Earth!



The Silver Lining in the Lockdown Cloud : We’re waking up to reality.


NASA Satellite Shows how much Cleaner China got during the lockdown


Did NASA actually find Parallel Universe? Or is it all just a Tabloid Headline? (The Actual Research is amazing non the less)


This Mom made a Faerie Tale Garden on her own using things around the house


Something to make you all laugh


The Wetland Wanderer, an amazing woman who fights for Florida to be cleaner and better. Watch episodes of her Podcast (Also look at other things from the Dogwood Alliance)


How Deforestation Actually Makes Pandemics worse (Forrests are a natural shield and barrier against such things)


Protect Okefenokee Swamp!


Treasures of the South : The Hidden Treasures of South Florida


How Florida’s Wetlands are a natural shield for disasters


From Atlas Obscura some amazing things today

The House of Art (Kristeks House)


Another case of Nature Regenerating itself! Mount St. Helen is starting to become Green and Grow Flowers yet again


Secret Places in Hidden Spaces


An Outback Art Gallery!


Pictures of People in London under Quarantine

And finally, one of my favorite additions :


Random Links of the Day : Creepy Quarantine Addition!

Children wearing gas masks in WWII. Original picture and information can be found here :


Lately in my day to day quarantine at home life I have come across a lot of strange phenomenon being reported back to me. Old Spirits returning after having been called and beckoned to by humanity to return. People reporting that paranormal activity that had once been dormant has started back up. Others are experiencing strange dreams and visions (like myself). And still more we now have the odd case of the Coronavirus Plague Doctor!
Yes you heard me, some weirdo is walking around a community in a full plague doctor costume. Putting a panic to the residents. So that being said, here are some of today’s random links of the day.
How to Quarantine in a Ghost Town (With actual Ghosts!) The town of Cerro Gordo.
Note* this is the same place that Zak Baggins and his friends visited in an episode of Ghost Adventures. Of course what makes this man’s account more credible, is that he was a skeptic prior to seeing the activity he has seen there. Even now he is so stubborn that rather than be a believer, he’s shifted to agnostic. The article on Baggin’s at Cerro Negro is here.
Stonehenge will do it’s first ever live Winter Solstice Ceremony
NOW You can buy the Historical Castle Dracula for $66 Million Dollars
Eco-Ramadan : A Traditional Doctor in Indonesia is now quarantining himself in the Forrests in a Tent. How cool is that? He’s also spending time cleaning the river plus building a bridge for people to use and reading the Koran! Kudos to Dr. Abdullah Al-Mabrur.
Stay at Home Project : Record your Family’s history or even your own experiences during the Virus, for future generations.
The Strange Experiments of Doctor John Bumpass Calhoun which inspired “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh” (This one is really creepy. It almost reads like a Creepypasta. But it actually happened).
People ask, “Why are we having weird dreams during the Coronavirus Pandemic?”
The Plague Doctor of Norfolk
Wolfman’ in the Backyard: Cleveland County, North Carolina
Human-Like ‘Lycan’ Encountered in São Paulo, Brazil Eucalyptus Plantation
JPossible Giant Ground Sloth (Mapinguari) Incident in Belize Jungle
‘Skinwalker Valley’: Elder Ute Recalls Evil & Death
‘Skinwalker’ Warnings From the Navajo
The Dark Histories of Hart Island, North Brother island, and some other Islands off the coast of New York
More on Hart Island
Beautiful Pictures of North Brother Island
Only in your State : An Awesome site to learn weird or awesome things about each state!
Website on interesting things
This Alaskan man is making a 14-hour boat trip to supply his small city with groceries amid the pandemic

The Howling Man and other odd things in New Orleans after Katrina
Strange Blair-Witch Style Statues are appearing in England in the Glasgow area
That’s all folks!
– M

Special Edition Random Links of the Day : St. George and St. Mark’s Eve and Divination for those interested


Happy Feast of St. George the Dragonsayer and St. Mark’s Eve! Today we commemorate the Warrior Saint who defeated a wicked Dragon to save the People of the land. Modern Christians say the Dragon is just symbolism for the Devil. I leave you to make your own conclusions. St. Mark the Evangelist is one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. And like George who is shown with a Dragon, he’s shown with a Lion.

This is connected to the story that John Mark was traveling with his Father and two Lions had found them. The Father begged his son to go save himself. He was prepared to die for his son. But Mark told him Christ would save them. He prayed and both Lions fell dead in front of them.

What’s interesting is that he is linked with Pagan iconography where the Lion has wings (a Sphinx). Others say the Winged Lion motif looks a lot like the Shedu or Guardian Spirits from Babylon. The prevailing Christian argument is that it’s an Angel with the head of a Lion. And yes there are Angels like that. But they also seem to be related to these entities.

Now I could go in and make a longer history. But that’s not what I want to talk about now. The best time to do magic of any kind, positive or negative alike is on the Eve of a Saint’s Day. St. George and St. Mark’s Eve are prime examples of that. And all sorts of weird folklore is associated with these days.

For example Werewolves on St. George’s Eve. Or Divination done to know the future on both George and Marks’s Eve. The Eve of John the Baptist is said to be when Werewolves in Louisiana congregate and have a ball on the Bayou. So I am announcing that for those interested I am doing a divination today and tommorow. I will be channeling the awesome powers of these days to divine things even from the past.

The Eve of St. George is said to be a scary time. It’s a time when evil spirits seem to be ready to come out of the woodwork to terrify humanity. Even Bram Stoker, in his novel Dracula, had mentioned it. People also used it to divine. They would venture out at night, knowing the risk of the wicked spirits coming at them to find treasures.

It was believed that Will-O’-the-wisps would appear and hover above lost treasures buried deep within forests and lands. Some say those are the Ghosts themselves of those who buried the riches. Others don’t know what’s going on. My belief is the Veil becomes thin during this time time as it does on Halloween. Which makes it perfect to see things that normally are hidden. That’s why I focus on Divination.

Others talk about St. Mark’s Eve being even stronger. In the old days, people would hold a Vigil for St. Mark’s Eve. And those who were brave enough, would venture to a Catholic Church and see the Ghosts of people who hadn’t died yet. People who would die before or by the end of the year. There are still Paranormal Groups who do this to try and get evidence.

Technically, St. Mark’s Eve won’t start until the stroke of Midnight on Friday. But, today is the day after the New Moon. This is the original Astrological Nones of this Month. The Nones in Ancient Rome were originally calculated like that rather than having set days. The Nones are considered bad luck because as with other cultures, the New Moon is the time of the dead.

And wicked or dark spirits can be out to play in our world. What makes it worse is that the Nones were not ruled over by any Heavenly Deities. Unlike the Ides and the Kalends of the month. So we have a strong Cthonic Pulse from which to draw from if you know Necromancy. To make it even Stronger, St. George’s Eve was yesterday.

And Saturday which comes right after, is a day ruled by the Dead and Gods of the Dead. There are lots of possibilities for magic here. So for those who wish, I’ll divine for you. In the meantime, please enjoy these links!

St. George’s Eve and the Master of Wolves

Beware St. George’s Eve


Count Dracula and The Eve of St George at The Great Hall in Toronto

St. Mark’s Vigils and Werewolves


Divination on St. Mark’s Eve


The Mystery of St. Mark’s Eve

St. Mark’s Vigil : Waiting to see the Ghosts of those who will die in the coming year

St Marks Eve – 24th April – The Old Forgotten Tradition

Halloween In Spring: Saint Mark’s Eve Is A Day You Can See Ghosts


The Legends & Mysteries of St. Mark’s Eve

The Mysterious Vigil of St. Mark

Does St. Mark’s Eve Rival Halloween as the Spookiest Day of the Year?


Again, the Mystery of St. Mark’s Eve


Night of Mystery : St. Mark’s Eve


Divinations and other things on St. Mark’s Eve


The St Marks Eve Ghost – St Mary’s Church, Scarborough- The Forgotten Tradition


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