Stull Cemetery: A Hellmouth in the Heart of Kansas (Supernatural’s Devil’s Gate)

Pretty much anyone who grew up in Kansas—or watches the show Supernatural—knows about Stull Cemetery, even if they’ve never seen it. According to legend, this cemetery contains a stairway not to heaven … but straight to hell. It is one of seven reputed places on earth where living people can descend to the realm of the […]

Stull Cemetery: A Hellmouth in the Heart of Kansas

The Green Dead

Abandoned Farm House Under the Milky Way (Reddit Group “Abandoned Porn”)

I’ve always wanted to write about this subject. It’s something I have only ever shared with one or two people. One of them being my Shaman. But yesterday I had a fascinating discussion with a Folklorist from England. On twitter he shared with all of us an image of a gothic cemetery from the Isle of Wight.


And then


So I posited this question


This turned into an interesting discussion where I shared some of my knowledge with him. And that led to an even greater sharing of knowledge.

What are the Green Dead?

In almost every culture, it was believed when you died, you didn’t go to a Heaven or Hell. What you went to was an alternate version of Earth. An Earth were the formless spirits on the other side of the veil dwelled. Now this is an almost Universal belief shared by cultures, most of which hadn’t always had contact with each other. Let me give you some examples.

In the folk religion of Japan’s Ryukyuan islands (interesting religion, especially for women). The Ancestors in that religion, the really Ancient Ancestors do live with the Kami (Gods) in either Heaven, Earth, or the Ocean. They specifically live in the “Ancient Age”. Let me stop right there. This also something common to many religions.

There was once a mystical era where the human and spirit world were the same dimension. The same multiverse. And for some reason it split into the physical multiverse and the spiritual multiverse. It’s believed humans back then were as divine as the Angels. Even Christians refer to this era as the Edenic Era.

They believe that Adam and Eve were immortal once. Similarly, the Aboriginal Nations in Australia speak of the Dreamtime, the era when the human and spirit worlds were one. But this era is so far away from our time that it’s become it’s own dimension. In Alaska that time is called the Taimmani by the Inuit people. It’s an interesting concept, but basically it isn’t just a time or era.

It’s a part of the human and spiritual world at the same time. A type of dimensional bridge or realm. Who knows what it is. But it is believed it’s a place so deep in both worlds that very few magic users ever reach it. I just wanted to take a small break to address that.

It’s fascinating that this period of time is talked about at length in many religions. Even if not specifically named. Some may even refer to it as mythic time. A time even more prehistoric than the dinosaur period (if it could be proven). Ancestors who aren’t primordial, but are still ancient live in the “Middle Age”.

All other relatives live in the “Present Age,” the Ages as you can see are also considered dimensions. Time and space is odd both here and on the other side. But basically, with the exception of the Primordial Ancestors, most ancestors and other relatives live on Earth and in nature. Present Age ancestors actually even live as house spirits for their relatives. House Spirits are normally nature entities.

But in many cultures, the dead co-habitat with the living as protectors. Or as spirits of the hearth and home. Such as (some) of the Lares of the Household in Roman religion. We see other examples. In African religions from the traditional Yoruba and Vodoun Faiths, the dead are a part of nature.

When I mentioned in my post “preparing for death” the Itutu Ceremony, I had mentioned that initiated Santeros or Yoruba practitioners always opt to be buried. Never cremated, because the body is food to nourish the Earth. Even in death, Nature plays a part. Even in Native American cultures, the dead were connected to nature. In fact in many faiths on Turtle Island, there is sometimes very little distinction between a non human entity and one who is human.

The Aztecs for example, believed dead warriors reincarnated as Hummingbirds. So the connection between nature and the dead is there. In fact, it was the prevalent world view for centuries. Only with the coming of Christianity did we see a spirit world that was mostly dark and gloomy. With everything being a fiery dark Hell or a fiery dark Purgatory.

And only in some occasions did we see a Heaven for ‘good’ souls. The Yoruba of Nigeria believe that the realm of humans is Earth. And that it is natural for our souls to be here and to want to reincarnate here. So it makes sense that the Dead are at least in some way connected to nature. Even in monotheistic religions, Adam and Eve were made from the dirt of the Earth.

In a sense we are all related to the fae. So perhaps our souls go back to it’s original form prior to whatever made us mortal in the first place. But then why are so many ghosts messed up then? Why do some go to a Hell and others to a Purgatory? And yet more to a Heaven?

I do have some theories, but nothing conclusive. But anyways I have introduced you to the general concept of the Green Dead. Or at least my personal concept of them. So now I am going to tell all of you a story. A story about a haunted house in the woods of a Southern State.

The Green House

I think it was an investigation that took place in Georgia or Alabama. But the truth is, it’s been so long that I no longer remember. This isn’t a creepy story at all. It’s a beautiful one. It’s what started my interest in studying the Green Dead. Once, I was part of a paranormal organization.

An alliance or coalition of various groups, known as the NPS. We used to have this facebook group. I have no idea if it’s still up. And different groups would share posts of evidence on there. They would post images of locations and information on them.

Well, this one group, decided to investigate a series of abandoned homes out in the sticks somewhere. Places overrun by nature in some cases. And there was this old house in the woods somewhere. And it had a green fungus in some parts. But there was something else about it.

Even in images, it exuded a powerful spiritual aura. It felt……Green. That’s the only way I can explain it. The energy was alive with earthly power. The power it radiated was alive and warm. There were dead people yes.

But goddamn, that power felt more alive than anything I ever felt before in my life. As a necromancer I am used to the dead. I feel their energy like nobody’s business. It’s usually cool or cold or damp. But I’m telling you that ghosts had never felt so alive before.

They seemed to be ghosts who radiated nature energy. And they had powers over nature too. I could feel that they had gifts, things that aid them to rule or control nature. There were other beings there too. Faeries and other Earth based entities.

But they seemed to be a mishmash of various groups living in concert with one another. And yes I use that word un-ironically : they Lived with one another. Now, because of this, different mediums and psychics had various opinions of what types of entities were living there. And the investigators themselves had said the presences they felt and experienced seemed off. And they asked a bunch of us psychically gifted people to look into the evidence they found.

I hadn’t expected to find too much more than had already been explained by others. Still, they decided to sequester us in various individual chats. They asked us to not talk to one another to keep it professional. And not to share our opinions on the forum. To try and stamp out cross contamination.

We all agreed on the terms. I don’t know how many were actually called on to do the remote viewing sessions or divinations. I have no idea the specifics of what the others said. I will only speak of what I saw myself. I saw that many spirits had inhabited that place.

Among them were ghosts, and various species of fae. They were all living in what appeared to be a commune made up of the spirits. It seemed that since the property was so long abandoned, entities of the land took over the house. And they shared it amongst each other. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

After telling them what I saw and felt, they had told me it made sense. Apparently half of the sensitives had said these were ghosts and the other half said they were fae. As far as I know I’m the only one who said both. But for the very first time (but certainly not the last) my concept of the spiritual world changed and was challenged. And from then on, I began to learn all that I could about the Green Dead.

And whether or not this had been explored before in ancient cultures. Later as I learned from such Folklorists as this man on twitter, it turns out that yes. The ancients have talked about this. That for instance the Celtic word Sidhe (pronounced “she”) a word for both faeries and the hills they often inhabit, is used in reference to the dead. Banshee for example, are women who died in child birth.

They arise from their graves to warn others of death. The word shee here is the same as the word Sidhe. In cases such as this, the dead are identified with a type of faerie or spirit of nature. Maybe another time I will revisit this. But for now, I think I shared more than enough of my theories and the folklore and experiences that shape them.

For you to get why I believe in and experience this type of dead. But remember, will-O’-the-wisps are supposedly a type of Faerie in the form of a ball of light. They’re called Ghost Lights. Maybe it’s for a reason. 



Special Edition Random Links of the Day : St. George and St. Mark’s Eve and Divination for those interested


Happy Feast of St. George the Dragonsayer and St. Mark’s Eve! Today we commemorate the Warrior Saint who defeated a wicked Dragon to save the People of the land. Modern Christians say the Dragon is just symbolism for the Devil. I leave you to make your own conclusions. St. Mark the Evangelist is one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. And like George who is shown with a Dragon, he’s shown with a Lion.

This is connected to the story that John Mark was traveling with his Father and two Lions had found them. The Father begged his son to go save himself. He was prepared to die for his son. But Mark told him Christ would save them. He prayed and both Lions fell dead in front of them.

What’s interesting is that he is linked with Pagan iconography where the Lion has wings (a Sphinx). Others say the Winged Lion motif looks a lot like the Shedu or Guardian Spirits from Babylon. The prevailing Christian argument is that it’s an Angel with the head of a Lion. And yes there are Angels like that. But they also seem to be related to these entities.

Now I could go in and make a longer history. But that’s not what I want to talk about now. The best time to do magic of any kind, positive or negative alike is on the Eve of a Saint’s Day. St. George and St. Mark’s Eve are prime examples of that. And all sorts of weird folklore is associated with these days.

For example Werewolves on St. George’s Eve. Or Divination done to know the future on both George and Marks’s Eve. The Eve of John the Baptist is said to be when Werewolves in Louisiana congregate and have a ball on the Bayou. So I am announcing that for those interested I am doing a divination today and tommorow. I will be channeling the awesome powers of these days to divine things even from the past.

The Eve of St. George is said to be a scary time. It’s a time when evil spirits seem to be ready to come out of the woodwork to terrify humanity. Even Bram Stoker, in his novel Dracula, had mentioned it. People also used it to divine. They would venture out at night, knowing the risk of the wicked spirits coming at them to find treasures.

It was believed that Will-O’-the-wisps would appear and hover above lost treasures buried deep within forests and lands. Some say those are the Ghosts themselves of those who buried the riches. Others don’t know what’s going on. My belief is the Veil becomes thin during this time time as it does on Halloween. Which makes it perfect to see things that normally are hidden. That’s why I focus on Divination.

Others talk about St. Mark’s Eve being even stronger. In the old days, people would hold a Vigil for St. Mark’s Eve. And those who were brave enough, would venture to a Catholic Church and see the Ghosts of people who hadn’t died yet. People who would die before or by the end of the year. There are still Paranormal Groups who do this to try and get evidence.

Technically, St. Mark’s Eve won’t start until the stroke of Midnight on Friday. But, today is the day after the New Moon. This is the original Astrological Nones of this Month. The Nones in Ancient Rome were originally calculated like that rather than having set days. The Nones are considered bad luck because as with other cultures, the New Moon is the time of the dead.

And wicked or dark spirits can be out to play in our world. What makes it worse is that the Nones were not ruled over by any Heavenly Deities. Unlike the Ides and the Kalends of the month. So we have a strong Cthonic Pulse from which to draw from if you know Necromancy. To make it even Stronger, St. George’s Eve was yesterday.

And Saturday which comes right after, is a day ruled by the Dead and Gods of the Dead. There are lots of possibilities for magic here. So for those who wish, I’ll divine for you. In the meantime, please enjoy these links!

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– M


The Friday New Moon in the Sign of Aquarius : The Seed Moon


Hello everyone. So, to the meat of the issue. If you have had issues and problems and things you need to get rid of, now is the time to get rid of them. The Seed Moon is the perfect time to remove bad vibes and even do banishing rituals to drive them all away. The Medium, Cherokee Billie actually talks about how to do a chord removal here :

The term Chord in the New Age, basically means spiritual or other energy based bonds that connect people. Some chords are good and beneficial. Others not so much. In Hoodoo, we do a similar ritual to chord removals. Ours are called Cut and Clear rituals.

I will leave you a link to a very good article that explains what those are as well here :

Another good article for Friday’s new moon is this one from Paradise Found.

New Moon in Aquarius | Friday January 24 at 1:41 p.m. PST

New Moons are a double edged blade. The reason is, that while Astrologers in the West view them as auspicious times for planting intentions and calling good luck that’s not how they are seen elsewhere. In fact, Hindus view them as times of bad luck when evil spirits or lost and angry souls roam the streets. Any person caught out in the open during these times can be cursed by a spirit. Or possessed or oppressed.

(Can be, this doesn’t always mean will).

Conversely, this is a double edged blade for Hindus as well. Because it also happens to be a time to honor one’s ancestors. And the Ancestors can both provide good luck as well as protection on this day. New Moons in India are called Amāvásyā. And the method of calculation is very old.

They go back to the ancient Indian, Greek, and Babylonian Tihi calendars which were special lunar calendars with 30 phases. To add further protection as well as the bringing of Abundance, each Amāvásyā is also influenced by a different God. This Friday is Magh Amāvásyā also known as Krishna Amāvásyā. So make prayers and rituals not only to your ancestors, but to Lord Krishna. Or at least a Krishna-like figure in whatever religion you practice.

Ask for all the blessings God can give you. And ask your ancestors for protection and blessing. Since I am not a fully initiated Hindu, but an outside observer who worships these Gods and studies these spirits, I do things differently. First I give an offering to Ganesha and to the dead Brahmins on a sanctuary I have in my property. I ask for protection against any lost or evil spirits out there.

I also go to a crossroads and I give an offering to the Gods of the Crossroads to attract the wicked or lost souls there instead of in the surrounding neighborhoods. To cross them over and send them where they need to go. I also give a double offering to the Crossroads Gods to similarly protect the people in other areas. When this is done, I go home, I remove negative energy using the Smoke Bowl ritual (smudging). I use (ethically sourced) Sage to remove all unclean energy from the home.

I start from the end of the property until I reach the local roads out my front door. I then spend time praying to the Great Spirit for everything bad to begone. Leaving it in his hands. The deceased Brahmins and Ganesha normally help as well. Then I go to a local river.

It’s some ways away from my new home. But the journey is well worth it. I give an offering to the Land and River spirits. I ask for help in bringing good energy, and then on those same local roads, I burn Sweetgrass. I do this to bring the light of the Earth Mother into my property from the front door till the very back.

I leave it to burn in the bowl I use while I clean everything. I remove every speck of dust that there is. Then I prepare my ancestor altars and my Altars for the Gods. First I serve the Ancestors so they can open up communication with the Gods and myself. Then I serve the Gods and ask them to bless my ancestors.

In this case I will be praying to Lord Krishna.  And I stay home all night. I will not go out. I took a day off today specifically to cleanse and clean. To take my dogs out and have them in bed early.

I will also shower early and cleanse before doing my rituals. By Sunset I will not leave. Nor will I take any clients today. Or even practice magic outside of cleansings, blessings, or prayer magic. I will only pray and give offerings.

Then I will seal all the rituals and sleep. And that’s it everyone. You can do practices such as making holy water with the New Moon or even special cleansings like what I do. Another thing you can do is make wishes to the Ancestors and the God you are praying to on the new moon. Ask for certain things.

Just make sure they will approve of what you ask for. And that you approach them with absolute respect. Also if you are interested in the use of herbs for cleansing or healing or anything else, I recommend Mamabear Mauldin, follow her blog here :

– M




The White Doe

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I view it as propaganda to cover up the genocide of the Native Americans and the theft of their land. But, as this Thanksgiving falls on Folklore Thursday I figured you’d all like some Halloween mixed with the mashed potatoes. A vanishing English colony, the mysterious Croatoan message on a tree, Shamans and shape shifting and curses. And the Ghost of the first English woman born on the continent. 

The Lost Colony and it’s history

The Mystery of the Missing Colony at Roanoke is known far and wide. As is the legends of Virginia Dare. Roanoke was the first true English settlement in Turtle Island (America). It was Founded by Sir Walter Raleigh. The settlement was on an Island off the coast of North Carolina. 

It wasn’t supposed to be there at all. It was supposed to be in Chesapeake Bay. But the Pirate who became their captain, a Portuguese Mercenary*, was in a rush to raid Spanish ships. So he left them stranded on Roanoke Island. Sir Walter Raleigh the man who founded this expedition had previously become friends with two Native Leaders : Manteo and Wanchese. 

In fact, he took them all the way to England and they met the Queen. And Raleigh managed to get Manteo a Lord Title. The only Native who ever received an English title. The Colony was given to the command of Governor John White. There were 115 Colonists under White.

 Among them was his daughter Eleanor and her husband, Ananias Dare. Virginia was the very first child of English blood born on Turtle Island. But little did they know the dangers they were in. Many of the local tribes despised them. You see years before, another mercenary captain had ordered the whole sale slaughter of many native tribes.

Their crime? That one of their chiefs had held the captain’s silver cup in his hand. Natives shared everything in a communal society. But Europeans embraced the capitalist life style. The Captain saw this as theft and decided he would murder as many natives as he saw fit. This left the natives scarred for many years.

And when Europeans had once again appeared in the form of the Roanoke colony, they decided to show the invaders they weren’t welcome. As things began to get dangerous, John White knew they needed help. So he left, presumably just for a few months, to get help and aid from England. He told the colonists that if they had to leave for any reason, to carve the name of their new location on a nearby tree. And if they were forced under pressure to leave, to carve a cross underneath the name.

When Govenor John White left for England, he had no idea that he would never see the people of Roanoke again. In 1787, the country was bracing for an Invasion from the Spanish armadas. Three years had passed before he and his new crew with their supplies made it to Roanoke. And when they got there, they were greeted with an eerie silence. The whole colony, all 115 of them had long gone.

And near the ruins of the settlement was the word “Croatoan” carved in a nearby tree. The disappearance of Virginia Dare and the Colony as well as the mysterious word has been the subject of fiction. From the Buffyverse where Virginia Dare was a past slayer, to “The Immortal Nicholas Flamel” series where she’s a villain. To her being a demon responsible for the disappearance of the colony in an old 80’s show. To the Croatoan virus which is a demonic virus that turns people into savage zombie like monsters.

And recently on the CW series Legacies, a Demonic Monster that hunts and devours those who keep secrets.

Well, it turns out fiction is a long standing tradition with (European) Americans. Because one of the apocryphal stories spread is how many colonists died. And that Virginia’s mother Eleanor bravely carved the word into a tree as a clue. While she had her dead husband at her feet and her baby in her arms. Except that not one of the Roanoke colonists were slaughtered.

 Despite the English repeating stories of how the whole village was butchered, not one body was left behind. The village was abandoned with nothing left behind even for raiders. They just assumed local tribes had killed them all. John White rightly assumed that the word was a misspelling of the word Croatan. The name of Manteo’s tribe. And there was no cross underneath the word.

 Which meant they left of their own volition. But even with the possibility that they survived, he choose to not look for them. He and his crew went off to raid ships. And this is where Colonial history falls silent. Many people have said he wanted to find his family but a storm was coming.

 But other sources say he also wanted to engage in criminal activities and raid the Spanish ships. So it’s more likely that he was more motivated by greed at this point. And since three years had passed since the colony was abandoned, he probably believed they were dead. Although others claim it was the captain and not John White, who wanted to raid ships not him. Depends on who you talk to.

Native History, Legend, and Lore

Chief Manteo

 But Native history picks up after and tells us what happened. Manteo discovered that some of the tribes were planning a raid on the settlement. So he not only warned them, but led them through a tunnel where canoes were waiting for them. He led them to his tribe the Croatan Nation. And once there, the Tribe adopted them. 

~ White Doe ~

The settlers and the natives had become one people. This is how Virginia Dare grew up. Only her name stopped being Virginia Dare. Her Mother was renamed “White Doe”. And Virginia became “Little Fawn”. Little Fawn was beloved by the whole tribe and eventually embodied the principles of the First Nation. 

This is purely fictiinal. Croatan Native Women didn’t dress like this. From

Upon becoming a woman, she inherited the name White Doe from her mother. She also earned the title of “Beloved Woman” and “Prophet” from the Croatan. She was trained as a Shaman. She also grew up with Wanchese’s son who was also named Wanchese. The young Wanchase loved her, but had never confessed his feelings for her.

We also know that later in Jamestown, some of the other settlers in 1608, reported that they saw survivors from Roanoke. 

“Seven English alive…who escaped the slaughter at Roanoke. Fower men, two boys, and one young mayde,”

 Except nobody died. The massacre was stopped by Manteo. There was never any evidence of a slaughter either. They just assumed they were killed off. Regardless, many suspect the young woman was White Doe/Virginia Dare herself. 

There were also tales of blue eyed natives or people with mixed features in those days. Going back to Croatan accounts, White Doe’s magic became so powerful, that she attracted the attention of a male Shaman named Chico. But Chico was greedy for her power. He believed that if he could marry her, he could gain her powers for himself. Maybe even have a child born of their union with greater powers still. 

But White Doe politely said no. This angered Chico greatly. And he began to plot against her. For if he couldn’t have her power, nobody would. He led White Doe to her birth island.

What pretext he used to lead her there isn’t clear. What is said is that she became a real white doe the moment she stepped foot on the island. And trapped in this form, Chico abandoned her to her fate. When she disappeared, the whole village began to speculate that Chico was behind it somehow. But nothing could be proven.

The Magical Deer of Roanoke Island

When stories from native hunters along the coast spread of a lone white doe on Roanoke island, Wanchese was sure it was his White Doe. Part of the reason was that when tribal hunters shot arrows at the Doe, it went right through her. Taking no effect. And the animal was supernaturally fast as well. Virginia or White Doe had become a powerful Medicine Woman growing up.

 It seems her magic remained even after she was cursed to animal form. He figured out that Chico must have cursed her himself. So he decided to save his love. Wanchese inherited a silver tipped arrow from his father. The arrow was a present that Wanchese Sr. was given by the Queen of England.

It was reputed in the tribe to have special powers to break any enchantment. This makes sense because silver is the metal of the fae. And it’s said to have powers over evil spirits. His plan was to give White Doe a harmless flesh wound. That way the curse would be broken with her life spared. 

But sadly it wasn’t meant to be. The younger Wanchese chased her across the lands and finally cornered her in Kill Devil Hills. And there he fired his arrow. Only to realize he had pierced her heart. She slowly turned back into a human woman. 

She locked eyes with him, breathed her last breath, and died. Then her spirit appeared out of her body in the form of a ghostly white deer which fled into the forrest. Now I have told you this version of the story first. And the reason is because out of all the stories I researched, this one seems to be the most accurate account. It came from one of my paranormal books which I will cite later.

 And it is recited orally for generations by the tribe. But for some reason, everyone either scoffs at the story as a silly fairy tale, or they perverted the Croatan accounts for their own gain. As you’ll see soon by this next part.

Colonial Revisionism, Big Business, and all around Bullshit

As I have mentioned above, there are dozens of distortions to this story. The colonists and their later descendants were for the most part, unruly people. They had a sense of racial superiority about them. And in modern and former times, Virginia Dare was taken as a symbol of white womanhood and racism. She was used by racist white men in the South who didn’t want black women to get the vote. 

And she’s also been used in more recent times by Neo Nazi organizations in the US to protest immigration by non whites. Colonials have taken her story and perverted it for their own agenda for 100’s of years. And one of those agendas was to sell wine during prohibition. In the revised stories, Wanchese was scared of English people. So he turned against the Roanoke colonists and plotted to kill them all.

 In this version Manteo is still the one who saves them. But instead of Wanchese’s son, it’s a warrior named Okisko who is White Doe’s love. And rather than a silver tipped arrow, he uses an oyster tipped arrow with a mother-of-pearl lining. The silver arrow remains with Wanchese. The story says that Wanchese was also hunting her, they make him a stereotypical “evil Indian”.

The reason Wanchese has been vilified by Caucasian historians, is because he broke relations with the English. He began to understand that they were dangerous. And that they had ulterior motives for their “friendliness,”. Wanchese was a noble warrior and leader of his people. And while he was never a Chief, his words held a lot of water.

He specifically tried to warn Chief Manteo about the dangers of being too close to the British Empire. But sadly he didn’t listen. Wanchese broke his ties to the British. Which made Manteo their one ally. So they rewrote him in their history as a villain. Even going as far as to claim that he was the one who plotted with other Tribes to attack Roanoke.

It seems more likely this is a distortion of events from the colonists and England. This is the M.O. of Empires. Just like the fictitious “massacre” that never happened. And despite no one knowing in European accounts what took place, that still didn’t stop writers from claiming that Eleanor White carved the Croatoan message herself. And all with a dead husband at her feet with an arrow sticking out of him and her infant in her arms.

So before we continue with this bastardization of the narrative, you should be aware of what’s actually happening here. She was stalked by both her true love and supposedly Wanchese. I often wondered if Wanchese was purposely made her killer in this story as a form of slander. A way to hurt his son. To hurt their legacy.

Wanchese here is portrayed as a savage macho man who wanted to kill the white doe to prove he was a skilled hunter. And Okisko wanted to save his love. They both found her drinking water at a pond and fired. Both hitting her in the heart. This contradicts the Croatan narrative that has been passed down for generations with attention to detail.

 The Young Wanchese chased her all over the Island finally having her cornered in Kill Devil Hills. But here, she was passively drinking water from a pond between two hunters. We’re led to believe that a Supernaturally fast animal, was unaware of two human hunters and was easily slain. One arrow broke the spell and the other killed her. And “Wanchese” realizing what he did fled after seeing her turn back into a human again. 

So here they paint the great leader as a shameless coward as well as a villain. Then Okisko buried her. He took her to the center of the Roanoke ruins and buried her there. And from her fallen body, the scuppernong, the first of the grapes grown in North Carolina was born. Grapes red as blood. 

You can see where this is going right? Sallie Southall Cotten wrote this poem for a wine brand to sell the grapes. The Okisko version was made famous from the Poem, “The White Doe or the Legend of Virginia Dare,” it was a campaign to sell wine. And other versions of the story were further distorted to say that a hunter from Virginia shot the white doe with a silver bullet and caused her to turn back. It was a massive media campaign to sell wine. And many people seem to think it’s true. 

But it’s BS. So was the version of the story where it’s farmer in Virginia who just happened to have a silver bullet to kill a doe with. 

The Ghost Deer and Paranormal Legacy of White Doe/Virginia Dare

Returning to the realm of the Supernatural for this post, the ghostly white doe is still spotted to this day. Ever since then, even in modern times, she’s been seen. Hunters who go to Roanoke island have seen a pure white female deer. Supernaturally fast, because they all say the same thing. They can only ever get a glimpse of the deer. 

As soon as they see it, it’s gone. Like the blink of an eye if even that. Many skeptics have tried debunking claims that this is her spirit roaming the island. Claiming it’s just a rare breed of albino deer. But that has never been proven. 

Where are all the albino deers? It’s only ever one deer, a female deer who is spotted. And she only comes out at night. And it only gets weirder. In Manteo, North Carolina they have a play showing the founding and vanishing of the Roanoke Colony. The play has been going on since the 1930’s.

In every single play, the actors reported encounters with people dressed in period clothing roaming around backstage. Except these people are not from the cast. And many have claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions of a young blond woman they think is Virginia herself. So many believe that these people, are the ghosts of the colonists. Maybe when they merged with the Croatan Nation, they became local spirits protecting the land.

Even today there are people reporting the mystical white doe. The sightings are regarded as an “urban legend,”. But if that’s the case, then this is the longest running Urban Legend in US History. Or perhaps there is more fact than fiction here. A mystical blend of historical mystery and the Supernatural.

Much like White Doe herself, the Beloved Woman, who even today remains untamed, illusive, and perhaps unknowable.

*Some accounts claim it was a Spanish captain named Simon Fernando. But given the fact that there were serious tensions occuring between Spain and England I find that doubtful. And his name is often used in accounts that to me are less than trustworthy. The Southern author of the book who listened to the Croatan, says it was a Portuguese mercenary who captained the ship. And he had abandoned them on Roanoke to raid Spanish ships.

This account is more in line with the history. And as stated before, they weren’t supposed to be on Roanoke. A fact that is almost left out of every account. I didn’t even know that. The only thing they do agree on is that the name of the ship was Lion.

But even then, popular sources translate it as Lyon which is French for Lion. If it had been Spanish as they claim, it would have been Leon. The Portuguese name would have been Leão and to non speakers of the language it may have sounded like Lyon. What I discovered is that the author was right : the name of the Captain was Simão Fernandes. Usually translated as Simon Fernandes and eventually in apocryphal accounts as Simon Fernando.

Many historians from the West especially England, try to translate the names of other cultures in English. Juan becomes John and so forth. The English museums fo this all the time. So mistranslations are bound to occur. So the Pirate captain’s nationality was changed from Portuguese to Spanish.

Probably because the people doing the translating in future generations may not have been able to tell that his name was Portuguese. There are some minor similarities in both languages and the translators may have translated his name so many times that it no longer looked like his name.

Sources :

1) “Dixie Spirits : Tales of the Strange and the Supernatural in the South,” by Christoper K. Coleman, Chapter 21 (pg 167-172) 

2) North Carolina Ghosts

And on their well researched article on the history of the wine campaign

3) The New York Times (April 22, 1888)

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5) Anti-Immigration in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia by Kathleen R. Arnold

6) America’s First Mystery: What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?


8) “The Lost Colony may now be found” by Erin James, The Virginian Pilot Nov 1st 2010

Shadow People : What are they?

Hello everyone, please excuse my absence. I’ve been bogged down in autumn rituals. But I decided to write this blog for the more erudite paranormal researchers. The ones who like me, for many years, had our noses in books trying to figure out what the source of certain phenomenon could be. So today we’re going to be talking Shadow People. 

Now over the years I have constantly changed my mind about who or what they are. I had even toyed around with the idea that they could have been beings from another dimension. But after all the experiences I have had with them. After every conflict, after every trap I laid for them, I was able to study them up close. My Godmother in Santeria believed using magic to capture one was dangerous. 

She often counciled me against it. But as I added necromancy to my list of magics, I soon discovered after three years that I could zero in on them. Then it hit me : they were departed spirits. The necromancers who trained me were mixed, but they all trained me the same way. If you want to be a real necromancer, you need to develop a psychic intuition with the dead. 

I learned that in Santeria, and African based magics in general, a great emphasis is placed on people who are psychic.
Some African masters won’t even teach non psychic people. Strangely enough the same is true in Ozark culture. People who are born gifted seem to be the prime recruits. The idea of teaching someone who doesn’t already have the power is seen as a waste of each other’s time. 

But I digress. In Santeria, necromancers are called Muerteros. It roughly translates to “deaders”.  A Muertero is somewhere in between a normal medium and a necromancer. Some use tactics and things that are visibly recognized as necromancy. 

Others use tactics that appear more like Christian Spiritualism and Spiritism than straight out necromancy. Though a person who talks to the dead, in my opinion is at least a first tier necromancer. The point is that their powers seem to be a more inborn ability similar to clairvoyance or empathy. For example, a Muertero can sense the energy of a ghost much the same way some animals can sense the energy of a living body. Now imagine that you have a built in radar and that it allows you to see not heat, but the chill of the grave.

And you don’t always “see” it. You feel it like empathy for the dead. I began to accept the training. To allow myself to use my more common place psychic gifts to do a total 180 and sense the energy of a dead person. And that’s how I realized the reason I was zoning into Shadow People is because they’re actually ghosts.

From there I learned to anticipate their moves. And from there I began to use my gifts in the Paranormal field to aid investigators in finding and removing them. I learned later from different witches, different techniques on taking them out. These are my theories on what they are. I think most of them are dark ghosts. 

People who died nasty deaths and ended up in Purgatory for so long that they have become toxic or as we say in Santeria, without light. In Santeria we call such ghosts, Eggun Buruku. In Judaism they are called Dybbuks. In Puerto Rican Sanse, they’re called Causas, because they are the “cause” of someone’s misfortune.

And in Ancient Rome, they are Lemuers
Not all of them are evil per say, just toxic. Though I will say that a good sized chunk of them definitely are evil. Most are confused and thus aggressive. Like a wild animal wounded and backed into a corner. They’re just scared or wounded.

Although some, I highly suspect are the souls of the damned. We believe even someone who went to Hell can come back. Especially if summoned. I also learned during my time observing them, that they hate light. Even leaving on a lamp usually blocks them out.

Whatever substance they are made of, seems to dissipate in light sources. 
Which opens up an interesting theological and scientific debate. Some are strong and others are weak. And can be banished with the usual spirit banishings. Others are not only strong but have characteristics that seem to differentiate them from the rest of the pack.

The truly powerful have either red eyes, hats, or hoods reminiscent of a monk. 
They also hate the typical stuff. Blessed items, holy imagery, etc.. Salting the corners of a room blocks them out. Windows and doors too. Italians have this root for warding off the evil eye that seems to work good on them.

The Cimaruta (Chi-Ma-Roo-Ta) root. Those seem to terify them, in the same way vampires are frightened by a cross.
 I still haven’t figured out why though. Part of me, the occultist says,

“Duh stupid ass, it’s a holy charm. Of course it will work on something negative,”

But the scientific part of me still hasn’t come to terms with how it works. Garlic warding off evil spirits is easy for me. It’s a purifier. It has medicinal uses. And negative spirits embody spiritual disease for the most part. 

So I am still researching what this root does on a multifaceted level that could bother this kind of spirit. I also noticed the root has different effects on different shadow people. One who is evil or at least violent entities, are terrified or at least put off by it. There was only one time where it didn’t work. And that was an extra strong shadow entity.

But on a non aggressive shadow person, it only made her slightly uneasy. Enough to establish boundaries but not to scare her away. So while I am fairly sure of what they are now, I am still no closer than before to figuring out how they tick. Oh and salt works too. If you use salt, try to get Exorcised sea salt from a Catholic Church.

 If not, Kosher salt does the trick. Though any salt will work. Even the carbonated crap we use in cooking. Or rock salt. Also a person anointed with holy oil is usually safe from them too.

Though in my first confrontation with a Hatman and a Woman in a Black Dress which I also perceived to be a powerful shadow person, the salt only mostly worked. They couldnt touch the ground in my room, but they let me know that they could still walk on the walls and float above me. As if mocking me. But they still feared and hated the salt. Meanwhile, a shadow child, who was negative, but harmless.

A non evil shadow person, walked across the salt with no harm. That’s how I knew he was a good spirit. He also protected my sister. He seemed to be terrified of the man and the woman in the house. That is what I believe them to be after experiences with them.

At one point, my sight sharpened to the point of being able to see what they looked like in life. Underneath all that blackness. It’s easier with some than most. But I can do it. I once identified one as being my grandma’s deceased first husband.

I compared the image in my mind to the picture she kept of him. And I realized it was him. Just that besides being a shadow, he liked taking on a younger form of himself. But I could still tell it was in that picture. I have also learned not all of them have a strong tie to Earth.

Many are just stuck in the veil trying to find a foothold into our world. And those weaker versions seem like thin shadows. Almost partially not there at all. Regardless of what you believe, this is what I have learned from chasing them fot years. And from observing them in bindings and traps.

As well as my initial years as a newbie who never understood much and just loved scary stories. So if you find yourself staring at a shadow in your room blacker than the darkness, or a weaker shadow that seems to be struggling to be there, watch out. It could be that someone just dropped in from the veil. And he or she is angry, or bored and wants to play.

The Male Penanggalan : A Strange Case Study

This is a story I actually told someone else about a few years ago. She posted it on her wordpress site under the same title. The reason I’m not linking back to that site is that I was not a seasoned practitioner of magic then. And I wasn’t a Santero. I made some mistakes in the telling of the story that only now after deep study I know better now. 

I just saw someone’s video about a ghost in the form of a disembodied head. I decided to share my own family’s tale with you. Years before I was born, my mother and her family came to this country. This was when Jimmy Carter negotiated with Castro to allow families of political prisoners to be freed to US custody. My uncle came to this country believing the streets were paved with gold. 

Instead what they encountered was racism, greed, and drugs in America. He took this reality the hardest. He was an honest immigrant before. He became a cop in this country. But after witnessing the corruption in the American police he just became another dirty cop.

He figured there was no reason to even try being a good man. He became rich from drugs sales as a result. People believe in that Tony Montana bs that Cubans were all drug dealers before they got here. The truth is, drugs had already hit Florida hard before our people came here. Simply many Cubans fell into this life to feed their families. 

Now why am I talking about this? Because my uncle was friends with a man who would hit on my mother. And unbeknownst to us and him, he would one day become the subject of this family ghost story. I won’t be mentioning names and I changed my mother’s name. I’m sure people will say this is made up. But hey people will believe what they want to believe. 

This one friend of my uncle started to hang around the house a lot. My mom was a teen then, not that he cared. He was married and had tried to get my mother to become his mistress. When he was rejected again and again he would talk behind her back. He told her brother that she was pursuing him. 

And that it was causing a rift in his marriage. My uncle having believed this, called her a whore and tried to hit her. My grandma intervened and told him that his “friend” was a lying sack of shit. Still he believed this man over his own sister. My grandmother was or Bruja witch in the Santeria practice.

Her Santeria was mixed with other ancestral magics. And my mom had inherited the gift of sight from her. My mother was able to interpret dreams and pass on messages. One night she dreamed that this man crashed his plane in the mountains somewhere. He was thrown out of the cockpit of the plane through the windshield. 

He was instantly impaled by a nearby tree. It took hours until someone found him before he was taken to a hospital. Where he died shortly thereafter. Then right before she woke up, she saw ribbons of many different colors. The dream frightened her and she told my grandmother because she couldn’t interpret it on her own.

 Grandma quickly interpreted the ribbons as being the Necklace of Flags. In Santeria we wear multicolored beaded necklaces. They are magically prepared by a Santero or Santera with special rituals. They embody the energy of the Orishas or Gods of the Yoruba pantheon in Nigeria. To wear these necklaces is to be protected. 

The Necklace of Flags has the beads of every major Orisha. The combined power of the nacklace of flags can protect the wearer from evil. My grandmother told her she had to tell him about the dream. Because if anything happened to him, she would feel guilty afterwards. When she saw him in her home again, she told him the whole story. 

Then the explaination of what the necklace he needed was for. He laughed and accussed her of attempting to bind him with magic.

“¿Me estas tratando de amarrar? (You’re trying to bind me?) You really think you can be rid of me that easily? I know magic and especially the Afro Cuban religion inside and out. Your tricks won’t deceive me little witch,”

At this point, my mother got so mad that my grandma had said her face reddened. She looked him square in the eye and said,

“You know what? You’re an idiot and an asshole. Wear the necklace or don’t. I don’t care what you do. But don’t you ever speak to me again,”

After my grandmother chased him out of their home she hadn’t seen or heard from him for about a week or so. Later another relative answered the phone.

“Rosi, some man says he is so and so and wants to know the color of the beads you mentioned,”

My mom replied,

“Tell him to go to Hell. Don’t answer anymore of his calls,”

The relative explained that he was persona non grata in this home and then hung up on him. Apparently he was supposed to fly a shipment of drugs to another country. As far as I can tell, this is what happened after he was dismissed. He began having engine trouble in the air. He couldn’t just land because he was near the mountains. 

He crashed just as my mother said he would. He was propelled from the glass of the windshield. He was impaled by a branch of a tree on the mountain. He stayed alive in agonizing pain. Finally, an indigenous man found him and got help. 

But by the time they took him into the town hospital it was too late. He was fatally wounded and died on the operating table. Doctors said he shouldn’t have lasted that long. Hearing this account, I wondered if the family spirits had something to do with this. In the dream he seemed to be cursed to die a slow death.

My grandmother practiced a very strange form of Santeria. It wasn’t pure. There was some necromancy as well as some Spainish witchcraft. Witchcraft from Spain rather than Latin American magic. These spirits were very violent. 

And if you were dumb enough to mock them, they would retaliate. I believe this man was cursed to death by them. They must have been sick of his shit. He probably saw or felt something bad to have called her and asked for the specific necklace. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered calling before his flight. 

Later on my mother started experiencing some stranger than normal paranormal activity. My grandmother brought her to her godfather. He was a Babalawo or priest of the God Orula. The priest told her that the man’s vengeful spirit was around her at all times. He hated her for not talking to him one last time and blamed her for his death.

But he was also obsessed with her. He became an Eggun Buruku or dark ghost. She constantly had to do rituals and prayers to ward him off. Fast forward years later and she was now dating my father. When they would sit on the couch he’d try to put his arm around her.

And something kept pushing his arm off.
 One day he asked,

“Why do you keep pushing my arm away? Are you upset with me?”

My mother nonchalantly replied,

“Oh that’s the spirit of some asshole who tried to date me years ago. Just ignore him like I do,”

My dad almost laughed. He didn’t actually believe in the supernatural back then. But he went along with it. He went from skeptic to believer almost overnight. This thing would follow him to his car and then flip through the radio stations to annoy him. 

Everytime he tried to go to a specific station it would change again by itself. He thought it must have been a glitch. He also told me that it started to follow him home. He had the errie feeling sometimes that someone was in his car with him. Just staring at him with the most profound hatred he had ever felt. 

One day when visiting my mother, he used the bathroom. But as soon as he turned on the light, he saw a disembodied head. It had intestines protruding from the bottom of it. And it screamed in his face. He screamed and fan out to tell my grandmother and mother and he never used the bathroom there again. 

My mother must have been worth it to him. Because he kept on dating her. Eventually my mom got baptised into my dad’s church and the paranormal activity seemingly stopped. A few years later, as I grew into a man I made a conversion of my own. I began to practice magic, study various religions, and apprenticed in Santeria. 

My mother wasn’t thrilled. She went from being a seer to a bible thumper. But just as she found her path in Christianity, I found mine in the old religions. I began reading Jonathan Maberry’s book “Vampire Universe,”. At this time I was helping paranormal groups as a consultant on magical things. 

A traditional female Penanggalan

Or things that were just plain weird. I was researching the book for something else then I saw the word Penanggalan. I found out that this creature is seen in different cultures in Asia. All with different names but it’s the same creature. Penanggalan is the name in South East Asia. 

I read that it is a floating head with intestines. A sort of hybrid of a demon and a ghost. It’s considered a form of vampire. This was the thing my father saw. The legends even state they scream at people when they fly in the air. 

You can get a quick crash course in the lore here :

But, all accounts I have read thus far says they are all women. Men don’t usually turn into these things. And my family is Cuban. The only thing I can think of is that in Cuba there is a large Chinese community. And many Chinese Cubans brought their religion to the island.

So there are people who mix Santeria with other religions. I theorize that some spirits have the ability to control the spiritual politics of certain people or areas. For instance, this country belongs to Native Americans. Now you’d think you would bump into native spirits more than anything else. But a person or community’s beliefs play a role in what kind of spirits are around their homes or areas. 

In Cuba for example, you’ll find indigenous spirits as well as dead slaves and non human African spirits. You’ll also find spirits of the Chinese religion in areas dominated by Chinese Cubans. And they wander those areas as if those were their home continents or countries. Maybe this man practiced a variation of Santeria with another religion. Maybe of Asian origin. 

Or he had aligned himself with evil spirits that came from that culture when he was alive. And maybe one of them was a Penanggalan. The truth is I don’t know. This is all theory. But it’s the only explaination I have as to why this guy who was Latin American turned into a monster from Asian lore. 

What I do know is that my father left his church because he was a skeptic. And he got scared straight to Christianity as soon as he realized that these things were real. He has zero knowledge of Asian religion or culture. And I have never bothered to tell him about this. Why would I? Just telling the story or hearing my mom talk of it upset him. 

Somehow I think saying “it’s a demon ghost vampire from Asia,” won’t put his mind to ease. Especially since it raises more questions than answers. But I often wonder if that entity could still be out there. Waiting to get my mother back. 

Soothsaying for the Month of July 2019 : A time of darkness, a time of light

Karkinos, the Giant Crab given immortality by Poseidon or Hera depending on the Legend. In the more anglicised version, his name is Crios.

Now normally, when July comes around, most people don’t view it as a dark time. Most people think of the scorching heat of the sun. But if you have been reading my studies and my weird little exploits then you know I am not most people. For starters, in the Ryukyuan Islands of Japan, the entire month of July is their version of Ghost Month. If you don’t know the story behind that festival, you can read about it here :

But this Month has started out cthonic even astrologically. Both monday and tuesday start out with a New Moon. New Moon’s are considered the time of the dead and times of bad luck in Hinduism. Tuesday also has a solar eclipse in the sign of cancer. The day after the new moon in the old Roman calendar is the Nones which is dedicated to the dead and considered a bad luck day. 

On the 7th of July (Sunday) we have Mercury going into retrograde which now joins Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in their retrogrades. Then on the 16th of July (Tuesday) we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. Then there’s the feast of the dead saints Saints Cyril and Methodius on Friday July 5th. And if you notice, we end this new month the same way it begins : with a New Moon between the days 30 and 31st with the Feast of Joseph of Arimathea. So either way, it seems we’re bound for a lot of change.

And a lot of dark influences. 

As always, stay in doors during the solar eclipse, any offerings you’ll make to the Sun Gods must be on altars to the dead to their underworld aspects. On Lunar Eclipses, you can stay outside to make wishes. But only for as long as the conjurations last. Then immediately go inside. If you are sick, or a woman who is pregnant or on her period, really not a good idea. 

Liminal times like these will hit you harder than a man. Speak your wishes over the offerings and leave them outside before the actual events. You’ll still get your wishes. And remember : leave offerings blessed with prayer for the dark dead on crossroads or cemeteries, bodies of water like rivers or ponds are also good. They’ll channel themselves into animals in order to eat in most cases.

Also feed your land and house spirits to be safe and protected during this time. Now is the time to do a lot of cleansing and cleaning of the home. Also on Sunday we have the Tanabata Festival of Japan (Qixi in China) the Star Light festival of the two lovers. We have a bunch of holy holidays of light including the Slavic Kupala Night (the final Summer Solstice festival) which also ends Sunday. So we have a balance of light with darkness.

Update : As a matter of fact I may do more updates in the future.

I did my Soothsaying as usual. I did offerings to the Gods and entered a trance. I began to perceive days and weeks as energies. And then I marked my astrological calender with notes. Which I found something odd.

In fact I have never done this before.

Apparently, I pointed out that there is a vortex forming. Almost like a strange weather pattern of the spirit world. It started Monday to Tuesday this week with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

What I learned is that the vortex seems to be connected to the astrological phenomenon. Some kind of doorway in our skies is being opened. What, I have no idea. This could be for karma. This could be due to the Ryukyuan Ghost Month which is every July.

Or it could be something else entirely. I am still doing my research. What I also discovered is that the magic involved is influenced by the power of four. It creates a kind of square or perhaps a cube.

I noticed another phenomenon. Light and Dark seem to be going back to back with each other. We started the month dark. Tomorrow the feast of Cyril and Methodius we begin a light energy. It seems to be solar and rises to prominence from the 6th-7th which is Kupala Night. Then on the 7th Mercury Retrograde we have the Star Festival.

The light changes from solar to starlight. Night reigns but with infusions of holy light. Then around the day 9 to 10 it begins to clear up. A “Dawning” begins. But rather than Sunlight, I spiritually saw a large moon rising to illuninate everything at the 11th. The Full Moon isn’t until Tuesday the 16th, the same time as the Lunar Eclipse which adds a weird power to this.

The Eclipse and everything else sort of creates a spiritual vortex that feels similar to the Bermuda Triangle. Only it’s a square. And then I realized it’s actually a Cube. I just haven’t pinpointed yet where the last two points of the Cube are. Or what they are.

On the 11th the monthly energy is illuminated with lunar energy. That is the Dawning. But by the 17th it darkness till the end of the month. Oh and guess what? The regular Chinese Ghost Month starts next month on the 1st and ends on the 19th. So that means we have two cthonic months.

I wondered if I hadn’t found the other two points of the Cube, because they were for next month. And I was correct. Mercury going direct on the 31st is one point.

The last is Jupiter going direct next month on the 11th which is a master number. And Zeus or Jupiter as the God of Gods is a true master.

I’ll wait to do any other predictions for next month. It almost looks like a Hurricane path. So what I get from all this is :

  • Manifestation
  • Destruction
  • Healing
  • Light Vs. Dark or Light working with the dark.
  • Lots and lots of spirits, light, dark, and neutral but mostly light or dark coming through during this timeframe. Ending sometime after Jupiter goes direct.
  • Possible increase in violence.
    • Potential for peace, though it will be hard.

This month is tricky, good and bad vibes mixed into one. For protection from the Hungry Ghosts (I believe in India they are called Preta) you should have sacred charms with protective blessings or spells. Crosses, Stars of David, images of certain Gods or even holy books placed in corners of the home will shield it. Also place salt all around the outside of the home and salt the doors and windows from both sides. At the same time, you can charge the same charms with good energy from this month.

I would call this a Yin and Yang month.
How will you put these energies to work for you? Oh and by the way. After I finished my update on what appeared to be a spiritual vortex, I saw this over my home in Miami. Sweetwater down the road from FIU to be precise. It’s not there anymore but I saw it.

They were taken with different phones. The originals were mine which is an Android. The lighter ones are from an iPhone 6. Notice that in every snap of the iPhone they seem to change in color. Interesting that this happened after my reading.

Update again

Apparently what I saw, was seen all over Florida. Even by people out to sea. This video shows at 10:13 that it could be seen off the shores of Florida.

Since then, the strange Earthquakes in California have been happening. Quakes that many residents are saying are not the norm for them. Could the “spiritual storm” I foresaw be something major happening?

I will put the remaining updates on this twitter thread

Asking all diviners for their input

  • M

The Healing of the Family Tree for Generational and Karmic Curses

I promised I would share my ritual for breaking Generational Curses. I forgot to mention that this ritual also removes regular karmic curses as well. A generational curse after all is just a mutated form of karmic curse. So long ago, I decided to just make one ritual for both curses. The ritual is divided in five parts :

0. Preparations : Meditating and becoming ritually pure.

1. Bowing to the Infinite by praising the Taijitu and the Ouroboros.

2. Calling the Master of Keys

3. Connecting the Family Tree, to the Tree of life.

3. The Aqua Vita (water of life).

4. Sealing the ritual and leaving it in divine hands.

Long ago I made a pact with a Native American Deity. I won’t say who it is. What I will say is that in exchange for my worship, I asked for the power to break any curse. This Deity accepted and now through them I have learned how to break down even the worst spells. That is my master of keys. 

A gatekeeper from the Srivaikuntanathan Permual Temple

The being I call upon to preside over my rituals. Basically, my master takes control of the ritual before I do anything. As long as this God is in control, nothing and no one can mess with the ritual even if I am compromised. The Deity also keeps me safe and protected. Even guiding my hand during the rituals.

That way I know exactly what to do. This God is the one who taught me this ritual. You’ll think it’s weird because the things in here aren’t native. But this Deity told me that some things trascend cultures, she used what I already knew to do this. So before you do anything, you need to decide who your master of keys will be. Will it be the Buddha? Jesus? Isis? Nemesis? Will it be a Saint perhaps? Or even a regular spirit who is powerful enough to break the hex. 

Sometimes people have Guardian spirits who are powerful enough to break a curse. You can if you wish, add more than one master of keys. Make the ritual your own. For while this is what sas revealed to me, it’s flexiable. When that has been decided, you’ll need a few things.

 For one, you need to know exactly what you are removing. Is it generational or a straight karmic curse? How did it start? Why did it start? Is there an entity or entities involved? If there is, you need the names. While you could just say “remove all curses both generational and karmic” and I am sure it would handle the weaker ones. But the stronger ones will remain. You need to be specific.

Which is why traditional healers always do a divination first. Once you have learned from a specialist why you have such a curse, you can take action. And even then you should ask what action? Because as I mentioned in my last post, full rituals aren’t always needed. If a God or spirit was offended, sometimes you can get information on what to do to appease them. Which will effectively kill the hex.

Other times all you need to do is a simple candle or incense prayer. Then ask whoever you believe in to remove it. Curses are not all equal. If you absolutely need the removal of a curse through this ritual, then and only then should you proceed. This is a Gnostic inspired ritual so it holds elements of various cultures. 

Ingredients :

1) A potted plant or tree, the size doesn’t matter

2) The symbols of the Taijitu or Ouroboros on a plaque or pendant.

Or a pencil or some other tool to draw the symbols. You could use eye liner or a sharpie. The type of writing utensil doesn’t matter. 

3) A vessel for holy water 

4) An offering of some kind. Such as, but not limited to : bread, candies, tea lights, incense sticks, or even a decoration for the tree or plant. 

You can also add anything else you wish to add. You can have a prayer book with you. You can have images of Gods or saints or a spirit that is your friend. You can be as creative as you wish. Once you have all of these things, it will be time to do the ritual.

Part 0 : Becoming pure

Cumdeamor, commonly reffered to as ‘bitter melon’ has magical and medical properties. An example of physical and spiritual Purity.

Now is the time to become cleansed of all negative or old energy. Not only in the physical sense, but in the spiritual. This is important because it will allow you to open a channel with the divine. You must clear your energy by clearing your mind. Connect to the energy of the divine.  

You can do this by meditating with your master of keys. Call to that person and ask for guidance. Close your eyes, sit crossed legged at the foot of a tree somewhere and visualize that being. Ask them to help you prepare. Once you have felt them and heard them, it’s time for confession.

Confess any sins you may have committed. If you haven’t done anything sinful enough to confess, then use a special prayer. You can get your iPod and listen to mantras. You can also just go on YouTube and find a prayer you like and begin visualizing water, or fire, or even air or earth cleansing you of any worldly energy. You will know when you are ready for the ritual. 

If you fall asleep, good for you. That means you achieved a level of spiritual calm. So you were purified through sleep. You should fast and not eat when you do this ritual. Only drink water. 

You can eat two hours before the ritual if you like. But eat light, such as fruit, vegetables, or bread. Drink water and only water. You should not do anything sexual either. Not even kissing someone or masturbation. 

This is meant to be a sacrifice to purify you. Not to mention Jesus who I view as a mighty Magician, said this is very good for rituals. He mentions that some spirits are so powerful that one needs to fast and pray to cast them out. Also, other cultures including the Native Americans point out that fasting and purification allows one to be clean from the inside out. And that the person retains more of their personal energy when doing it. 

Which has the effect that a ritual becomes more powerful. And generational and other karmic entities are very strong. You’ll need all the help you can get to face them. Once you feel that are you ready proceed to the next step.

Part 1 : Bowing to the infinite

The Taijitu or “dark bright” the original version.

Magicians like me are usually seen as masters of witchcraft. However, more often than not, we are just students of the divine. Like other witches, we are constantly in tune with the natural energies around us. So we all bow to the divine or to the infinate. I first learned that term from a Hindu friend.

There are some amazing things in our world. In our universe. So you need to mentally and spiritually prepare for opening up to all of that. Let the Earth and the Universe be your guide. Now, if you are using a tree rooted into the ground, you should have pendants with the Taijitu (yin and yang symbol) and the Ouroboros (the serpent who eats his own tail). 

One is infinity and the other duality. Place the pendants onto the tree roots as a decoration. Or if you are using a small potted plant, draw the symbols on the pot. One in front and the other in the back. Or you can print the symbols out and resize them to be able to fit on the pot. 

What I used, was this candle holder. It’s in the image of an Evergreen Tree for Christmas. The Evergreen has powerful magics within. What it does is purify.
I drew the Taijitu inside the Ouroboros on the bottom of my tree of life idol.

Then you can cut them out and glue them to it. It’s up to you. Be as creative as you want. All that matters is that you believe. Once you have done this, feed the tree holy water that you blessed with your own prayers.

You have to bless it yourself. It can’t be done by a priest. The whole point of this is to connect to the divine through faith. It’s you opening yourself up to whoever you believe in to give you the power to bless the water. You can even bless the bottle itself to automatically bless the water when it is filled.

It’s not you doing the blessing. It’s your master of keys. You are being used as a conduit for the blessing. Once this is done, bow before the tree as a form of acknowledgement. The word “namaste” means “The divine in me bows to the divine in you,” so acknowledge the tree as a divine being.

Not just a decoration in the ground, but your equal in creation. Sense the spirit inside of it. Sense it’s wisdom. And ask it in your own words to become another master of keys and aid you in your ritual. Once that is done, you should feel a strange spark, an invisible energy field connecting you to the tree.

You may even see it in your mind as a green field of energy. This is the life force of the Earth. When the spark finishes or stabilizes you will feel it. And now you are ready. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a potted plant or a tree. What matters is the faith and the love you share with that entity. 

Part 2 : Calling your Master of Keys

At this point I would call my Deity. But in your case you would call in whoever you have chosen to guide you. Sit under the plant or tree or right next to it. Or in front of it by facing that direction and sit cross legged. Now you call out to the master of keys. 

Ask this person to help you remove the hex on yourself personally or on your bloodline. With the information you have, briefly explain to your situation to the master of keys. Obviously, they know already. The point is that in magic you have to request for the help and be specific with what you need or want done. However, if you need help with what to say, here is a guide.

Practice Statement

“Oh holy spirit/God/saint name here I ask for your holy intercession in my affairs. I am suffering from a Generational/Karmic curse. It started when explain the situation here (when you’re done explaining move to the next line).  I have bared myself to you. I have denied myself food and any drink that is not water in your honor. 

 And I have denied myself other pleasures. I pray thee divine master of the keys name here, do not ignore my plea. I need your help to remove this curse. Please drive away from me this horrible pattern/spell,”

If an entity or a witch or God was involved say the next part. 

“The God/Demon/unknown witch if name here has bewitched me and my line. I call on you name of masterto set us all free. To cleanse all of our karmas and energies from highest to lowest. To break these dark patterns and codes in our very being. Even those patterns that have become luck, destiny, disease, or any form of misfortune both worldly and unworldly alike. 

Great name of master I call on you to remove these and all other harmful things from me and mine. Heal us as you see fit. If there is anything I do not know or have forgotten to add, please add it to this ritual. In your name (or in the name of a Deity if you working Amen/Mote it be/Aho/Ashe or Ache etc..

You can even say Namaste or whatever other word you wish to use as a prayer seal to remove the curse. If it is just a karmic curse also add,

“And as my karma is cleared, may it not pass down to my relatives. Free them as well,”

That prevents it from becoming generational to someone else. You should feel the powers working on your behalf now. Something strong aiding you. When you feel that it’s done, move on. 

Part 3 : Reconnecting the family tree, to the tree of life

Now this is a very interesting concept. I was taught by a Kabbalist once that each of us carries a part of the tree of life. Similar to the concept of namaste. But we can become disconnected from it sometimes. By our actions or by sins or baleful energies that head our way. 

A Christian spirit once told me that we all carry a piece of the tree of death too. Also known as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But this tree is parasitic. It binds us to past sins and the curse of death. When a person has a generational or karmic curse, that tree grows powerful in the person’s karma or line. Basically, imagine a weed growing near a tree or a garden. 

Like a dead vine and weed piercing each ancestor and descendant and spreading suffering to new generations. To kill the tree of death, one needs the tree of life. Each bloodline has it”s own trees and rivers and other things. In the world of the dead I have seen ancestral spirits with lands they created for themselves.
I have seen beautiful afterlifes that people’s ancestors live in.

Not just a heaven in the skies but in many ways a Heaven on Earth. And likewise, I have seen people on the other side live in the spiritual equivalent of a waste land. 
Like a broken down neigboorhood. Or a third world country or even a frozen cold mountain. People huddled together in caves for warmth.

But I digress, every family has a main power center. A Tree that is a small clone of the original tree from the beginning of time. You must call on your master of keys to guide your soul to the lost lands of your ancestors. Sit down and visualize the master of keys and say,

“Master name here, I ask you to show me where my original ancestral tree is. Not the one full of sin, but the one full of grace.”

Then wait for the master of keys to show you that place in your mind. They will be guiding your spirit to that place. At first you may have trouble finding it or seeing it. Particularly if something negative is in your way. Pray against the negative energy and your way should be free again. 

Once you finally see it, you may see it not as dead but in a state of disrepair. It may need special care. So now sit crossed legged beneath this tree and pray to your master of keys. 

“Oh good spirit/saint/God name here, I pray for you to please show me how to reconnect this poor seedling to it’s mother tree once more. May those abandoned and scattered seeds find their way home again, Amen,”  

You should feel strange rush of energy. As if something within you has awakened. When it stops, you should know within your own heart what you need to do. Then just do it. Reconnect your tree to the Tree of life in a visualization however you have been told it need to be done.

If it’s a karmic curse on you, imagine your Karma as a large tree and do similar prayers.

Part 3 : The Aqua Vita

Depictions of the Alchemical child are numerous in ancient texts. This image reminded me of that.

Soon you will feel the power of the Tree of Life flowing inside your bloodline. Once this is done, it’s time for the mass purification using the water of life. In the world of the dead, visualize empty river beds that became dry long ago and pray to the master of keys.

“O divine name of master please intercede on our/my behalf with the Goddess Ganga Devi. Let the Living Waters flow through these empty river beds. Make them all teem with life eternal. And may the dead, even those sleeping in death or those in torment for sins be awakened and free. Let them be bathed in holy water and washed clean.

Let them partake of the waters of life and be refreshed. May the past be forever washed away. May all pacts and promises, may all guilt and crime, may all the mistakes we/I have made or harm sent against us/me by others be washed away now. May all the bad karmas be washed away. May everything impure be now made to leave.

And may all bad spirits also be washed in the water of life and put to rest in the mother trees roots. May anything negative be forever removed from us body and soul amen.”

Even ancestors trapped somewhere nasty will be set free. Unless they committed sins that were too great or some other circumstance that is beyond our control. If that is the case you may want to do a consultation with me. Ganga Devi is the Goddess of the River Ganges in India. She has the power to free even the most evil souls from Hell.

Part 4 : Sealing the Ritual

To end everything, you should have some kind of offering ready to serve the master of keys. Both of them since the plant or tree is a part of this as well. For the tree/plant you are using the holy water you blessed to feed it. Once that is done, give the other offering (candles, food etc..) to the master of keys you choose at the beginning.

Then say

“Holy Masters, thank you for this great work you have done with me and for me. I ask you now to take control of the rest of this ritual. I now leave it in your hands and as I feed you both this offering, may you both now feed my ancestors and guides on the other side, Amen,”

If it’s actual food leave it outside somewhere in nature. And it’s done. Even if you made a mistake, the masters of the keys will handle it all. In many cases the loss of negativity will cause a “healing crisis” where things get worse before they get better. This could be a flu like sickness, “bad luck” which is actually your karma reforming etc..

If it does happen to become too intense, give another offering to the master of keys. Explain that it’s too much and you need help baring the load. They will help everything slow down and things should improve. However, if that’s not the case, contact me for a consultation. If you have any questions contact me. 

– M

Graveyard Magic with Mictlantecuhtli : Friday the 17th. 

First, let me just say, Happy late Friday the 17th! Friday the 17th is like Friday the 13th in Eastern Europe and for Italians. Which is awesome for witchcraft. If you want to learn more, my blog post about it is here :
So last night, I was preparing some left overs from dinner for the Hungry Ghost offering. Except that Mictlantecuhtli (Lord of Mictlan) started voicing his annoyance with me. For those who don’t know, Mictlan is the land of the dead in the traditional Aztec religion. He’s the God and King of the dead. Even with all the other scores of Underworld Deities, only his wife is as prominent as he is.

And in modern times she’s become more prominent. Her name you say? Mictecacihuatl, the lady of Mictlan. Also called La Santa Muerte (the holy death). I usually work more with her. But he has voiced that he wanted me to work with him more.


He demanded that this night, I do a Native American ritual for the dead. Not a Hellenic ritual to Hekate. So I obeyed my father. And instead of the Crossroads, I took the time to actually go to a nearby animal cemetery. Because of my work and affinity with animals, this cemetery is the natural blend of my Earth oriented magics with my necromancy.


I created an altar of the dead with a black tree near one of the outside walls. Now let me stop here. I’m sure a bunch of Rootworkers, and other people will say,

“If it ain’t inside the cemetery, it ain’t real cemetery dirt!!!!”

I’ve heard this many of times from the younger generation. Not the older generations. Very few of the old witches and wizards are that strict. Why? Because we have to work with what we got. And no, by wizards I don’t mean old white guys in funny hats.

I mean the Curanderos of Mexican traditions. I mean the Sancistas of Puerto Rico and the Chinese and Vietnamese wizards. I mean the Mages who still practice astrology and pray to older Persian Gods as well as to Ahura Mazda. We come in different flavors. Want to know what we all have in common? We had to adapt our practices.

Our religions have evolved because our cultures have evolved. In ancient days, we read from scrolls (and that was modern for their time). Then we read from books, and right now you’re all reading accounts of magic from my blog. We all had to make changes. If religions don’t adapt, they die out.

And then later generations go through hell trying to reconstruct them. Now, why do I have an altar that is just outside the walls of the cemetery? And why an animal cemetery? Simple. One, I don’t want to go to jail for illegal entry to a cemetery. Too many cemeteries are full of security cameras. In places like the South, they even signs banning people from doing magic at those locations.

Now if I have to, I will jump walls and bribe security guards to get in to do what I need to do. Like I did in the blog post about the Witch Bird. But if that is not the case, and the working isn’t too intense; I compromise. I cast the bones and asked the dead if I can use the areas of dirt just outside their walls. And because of my dedication, they said yes.

I am not claiming it will work for everyone. But it works for me. And witches are first and foremost inventors and innovators. Secondly, I take the time to find a spot outside that resonates with power, and I add more to it with charms. With idols.

With things that blend in the background that most people would never have noticed or care to notice. I pick up the trash, give proper offerings and so forth. I work with animals because I find them to be pure. I personally believe that all that is wrong with our world, is due to humanity. Whether it’s the Garden of Eden or even the Hellenic tale of Pandora and her box, we did this to ourselves.

Animals lost some of their greatest gifts because of us. Because when you are impure, the world around you becomes impure. But they didn’t do anything wrong. They have a closer connection to the Gods, or GOD, than we do. In short, I prefer to work with them because I feel that they’re more holy than we are.

What we call psychic abilities or simply ESP, they don’t need to develope, they just have it. All of them, not just cats. They can walk between worlds better than shamans can. That’s why the use of animal familiars is well documented in most shamanic traditions. Why else do witches of many traditions collect so many bones and other animal parts for? Because they all have their own Ashe or grace to them.

And these energies aid us in our work. The tree has a cement plate which used to be part of someone’s floor. I tend to recycle things a lot. I took the plate and laid it in a deep part of the ground so that it looks like a regular smooth stone. That way, no one will look at it and know what it is.

It’s an offering plate. I had took the time a few years ago to cleanse and imbue the plate with spiritual power. That way it could act as an Idol for the dead creatures and other roaming spirits. So  as I feed the Underworld Gods, I may also feed them. They act as my intermediaries with the Gods.

I also take stones, pebbles mostly, of various shapes and colors. I dedicate them to Gods of the dead. Each one is different so that just by looking at them I know who it is that the stone represents. Before statues and statuettes were made, our ancestors would find smooth or beautiful stones. And they were convinced that they had powers or may even have been sacred to certain Gods.

The original idol of Hestia the hearthe Goddess was such a stone. Then humans decided she and other Deities needed full blown statues. Even in Santeria, there are images of Orishas that look like stones or metals or whatever. You wouldn’t know what they were at first unless you took the time to study them. I follow this tradition.

Each stone was blessed with different magics for a week and a half. Then placed inside one of my altars where I give a three day feast to that Deity. I welcome their Spirit into our world through their idol. Once done, I have even noticed that the grounds the idols are on actually become holy ground. As if some part of this process causes divinity itself to kiss the ground.

Places that were completely desolate, grew with weeds and wild flowers. They grew in months or half a month sometimes. Areas that for years were as barren as deserts suddenly teamed with life. And filled with animals who treat these spots as vacation resorts almost. Even without the food offerings.

That’s how I know my Gods are real. I have seen my altars torn apart on purpose by nasty people. Not only have they regenerated, but the people responsible started having bad luck. That’s how I always know who it is.
Thus, my black tree with the blackest bark I have ever seen, looks more alive now then when I started.

One can argue it’s because of water libations. And that the animals living near or underneath the altars have made an eco system to enrich them. All of that is true. But the offerings are not continuous. I don’t have so much money that I want or need to pile food on top of every altar every day.

The Cemetery altar, I have not visited in months. Yet there it remains, pristine and beautiful. Even better than the first day I choose it. I have noticed unique animals forming communities in or around my altars. Each with their own systems.

They seem to recognize me. They act as if they have a time table for when I show up. Then they share the food equally. I also have coconut shells to catch rain water for them to drink. Or, if I brought my own libations, I pour it into the shells.

So last night, I walked all the way to this cemetery. I keep a mini flash light in my pocket in case I go on one of my weird little adventures. What can I say about venturing into the night for magic with the dead? Most people get freaked out or think it’s scary. Or that only a homicidal maniac will do such a thing. What could possibly go on in such a person’s mind? I’m sure that’s the question most of my normie friends would ask.

Let me tell you what it’s like. At first it’s a feeling of exceleration. That young, youthful feeling of walking the streets at night for adventure. That delicious crisp night air that you could only get when a good breeze is blowing. I almost hear music in the air. It’s soft, and smooth.

I find that it’s easier to walk at night even with all this damn humidity. Some nights, I find myself wondering if my sleeping pattern is more natural than everyone else’s. The day is so tiring. It seems better to sleep in the day and to live by night. Then, I enter the dark parts of the sidewalk.

Part of me is afraid of some lunatic hiding in the corner waiting to mug me. The fear mixes with the exictement of my little journey. Adrenaline starts pumping. Spirits don’t scare me, crazy people with guns do. It gets too dark to see in front of me.

And I take out the flash light and illuminate the ground before me. I can hear the crickets making their wonderful music. The night is alive with birds that only sing in the dark. And in Miami, there are birds who sing as if it’s dawn in the darkness. Maybe they came to the same conclusion I did about living at night.

I see a cockroach in the ground and part of me is freaked because they scare me.
The other part is fascinated because this makes everything creepier like a camp fire story. Like those old “are you afraid of the dark?” Episodes. And part of me recognizes that animal for what it is : a sign. Roaches are animals of the underworld like maggots, black animals, etc..

The moment I saw it, between the shock and easing off of tension, I felt the energy. I knew that it was a scout or messenger.

It was sent to see where I was and how much longer it would take before I got there. I didn’t hear voices. It was more like a vision mixed with feelings. I call them empathic visions. I could see the cemetery in black and white in it’s mind.

So I knew who had sent it. And I felt what it’s purpose was. Part of being a necromancer is being able to connect to the energies of cthonic animals. I call these odd visions, feelings, moments of Revelation via the dead the Cthonic Pulse. And lately this energy has increased ten fold with Ghost Month.

This isn’t the first time underworld animal guides have appeared. I’ve had night hawks fly over my head when going to the cemetery. Or once, a black cat crossed my path when going to celebrate the feast of Obba. I took that as an excellent sign. A blessing from the wonderful Orisha herself.

So I was happy to see that roach as much as he scared me. As I ventured down the darkened pavement, I prayed to the spirits in the name of Mictlantecuhtli. I told them all my fears and issues and things I wanted them to remove. I’m afraid of cops more than any maniac waiting in a street corner. One wrong move, and I’ll be a hashtag on twitter.

All this caution just to practice my own faith. And it seems so unfair. There are Christians that dance with poisonous snakes. Some won’t allow their kids medical care due to doctrines. No one bothers them.

But I can’t go talk to the dead and leave them offerings. Even if the altar is outside the walls. All this and more is what’s inside of my head while doing this. But I go on, I clear my head and I pray. I have the offerings inside of my bag.

I’m still happy. Still excited. No one will bother me. Finally I reach illumined sidewalks and shut my flashlight off. I feel the relief of the light.

No loonies in the street corners after all. The only thing I hate besides the cameras in this cemetery, is that the animal cemetery is surrounded by houses. And development is everywhere. So I have to be extra careful. Some nights are better than others.

I remember one night when trying to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) these Cubans across the street from the cemetery were having a fucking barbeque at 3am! What’s worse, was that they take up so much space. Parking even on the grass of the cemetery. Add to that, the little road between their houses and the cemetery really is little. Not enough space away from them. So I entered stealth mode.

I remember that I had to move in the shadows of their cars. I tip toed around bushes. Cursing at them in my head in Spanish.

“Only Cubans are this fucking annoying! Having stupid barbeques even when a hurricane is coming!”

(Yes, I’m Cuban too)

They had no idea that some guy was skulking around in the dark behind their cars doing necromancy. Or that one of them had parked next to an altar. I still laugh about that sometimes. I  finally arrived before the tree as once I did all those years ago. I took out the offerings, one by one and laid them on the plate in the ground.

I spoke not with words, but with my mind and said,

“Mictlantecuhtli, these are your offerings, may you share them with the dark, forgotten, and unnamed dead for their peaceful passage, Amen,”

I sat down and meditated in the dark. Careful that no bugs were around, but equally careful that cops or neighbors don’t see me. That’s why I don’t go there all of the time. I have my own indoor altar to work with. This is for special occasions only.

I sat down, and called the dead with my mind. And I went through all of my petition. I let their energy fill me from the inside out. The dead animals took from me all that didn’t belong in my life anymore. I stayed there, half awake and half asleep in a sort of lucid trance.

Of course, I asked for protection. And I carried charms for my safety. My own guides were there to keep me safe. Plus the Guardians of the Cemetery are protecting me. And the Tree altar is holy ground either way.

I took cascarilla or egg sell powder and I made the sign of the cross on the back of my neck. But not the Christian cross. The Cross of Quetzalcoatl.

“Protect me my Lord, by thy precious cross from all evil,”

The final precaution now taken. This is to protect my energy from something getting in. This creates a skin and soul shield to block unwanted possession.
They didn’t begin to cross over the hungry ghosts until after I had left. I visualized and focused on the aspects of my life that weren’t working.

People think of Cemeteries as filthy, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes they can both clean and empower. I felt, rather than saw the Lord of Mictlan there, guiding me through it all.
I felt him, but not possess me. Not like on tv.

What I felt was his energy rolling inside me. It was like the waves of a dark ocean at night. He was commanding the spirits to do something from within me. I felt the energies of the animals like one huge, pool of cleansing air and water filling my lungs. Detoxing me from the inside out.

I felt the bad parts of myself and my life melting away. Leaving me. When I fully woke up, the power was turned off. The ocean gone. The door closed.

Nothing. Just the sound of crickets. I had felt the rush of his power building slowly. I had heard it like blood in my ears. But now it was all gone.

Like the end of a dream. I had finished with my limpia (cleansing). My personal reaping of bad energy. I felt lighter. I then grounded and cleansed on the spot.

I cleansed with holy water. I drank some of it too. This is to close and clear the channels from within. After I was as clean as I was going to get, I gave a final offering and left. It was after that, that I felt the call go out.

And I knew that they had started calling and crossing over the Hungry Ghosts just after I left. I started walking home. Just shaking it all off. I was enjoying the rest of my night. I saw a young woman waking home from work.

The old traditionalist in me said,

“Ask her if she wants company on her walk home,”

The Feminist in me said,

“She can handle herself. She doesn’t need you to walk with her anywhere,”

And the realist in me said,

“Dude… just walked out of a cemetery. You’re covered in tree bark and smell like an ape died. I don’t think she wants your company either way. Unless she has a fetish for Marilyn Manson wannabe’s,”

(Ah, my voice of reason. He wins everytime.)

As I walked past a house I heard someone in the dark of their patio. She talked on the phone in Spanish. It was oddly comforting. In the aftermath of such an intense spiritual experience it was nice to see regular people doing regular things at that hour. Sometimes, being in this supernatural world of ours we need a break.

Magic users are both of the world and yet not of it. We need reminders that we’re are human sometimes. When you work with spirits and Gods often, you forget your own humanity. Oh you know you’ll grow old and die. You know that you can’t fly or whatever.

Not that. I am perfectly aware of my mortality and human limitations. I’m not that bat shit fucking crazy. But sometimes we just need a dose of the normal to be balanced. Go to the movies. Kiss a beautiful woman (and that goes to our LGBT sisters too).

Read a good book cuddled with your animals, enjoy life. Not be so serious. On my way home I am wondered if I should work on my blog. Or organize some meetings with clients. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this blog posted the same night I did all this? Hell yeah.

But I already know the answer : bed. I need to go to sleep. I finally reached home drenched in sweat. I enter the door backwards to stop spirits from following me in. My old master from Trinidad had taught me that.

Things can follow you in a house by trailing you. You break the trail by turning around and entering backwards into the house. I learned that one the hard way. I eat because I’m fucking starving. I remove all my cloths and take the time to cleanse my key chain and other items with blessed white alchohol.

And I use some Hebrew holy water in my bath to wash up and really cleanse.
Refreshing. Then, I lit a candle to the Gods of hearthe and home, and rest. It’s 3am by the time my bath is over. I’m still tired but satisfied.

Thank you Mictlantecuhtli for getting my lazy ass into gear. It was only when going to bed yesterday in the early morning that I realized. I did all of this on the early morning of Friday the 17th. Good for Witchcraft. Not bad.

And on the witching hour too. I guess the Lord of the Dead was keeping me on my toes. Good Night everyone,- M