New Year’s Report : 2021

Venus, ruling planet of 2021. Called “The Little Treasure” in Astrology due to it’s benefits and blessings

We have a lot to cover this year. First let’s get the Tai Sui of the Year out of the way. As well as other things :

Although this was the last forecast of 2020, this covers a whole bunch of things. The other thing that catches my attention is that it comes on a Friday. Friday is usually for ending things. Not for starting new projects. This means this next year will more than likely be about finishing projects or taking care of problems that need to be taken care of. 

Not about embarking on new projects. This is about fixing our lives and ending the nastiness of these last few years. If you already did that and think you can manage embarking on new projects, awesome. More power to you. The new year has come on the back of the Long Night’s Moon.

Also called the Full Cold Moon or simply the Cold Moon. The Moon of Midwinter which reaps and destroys negativity. This Moon influences our new year. So again, this year is for ending all of the bad from the last few years. Work with the moon on this.

It does so in the sign of Cancer. This sign belongs to the negative polarity. And it’s a water sign. So it magnifies cleansing. And it’s also a psychic-empathic sign. 

A total cleansing of the soul. So this year is the time for reaping. Killing the dark things that no longer serve you. And planting and preparing for the things you want. For planting in order to harvest later, but before you can do that, you need to kill all the weeds. 

Capricorn Horoscope for 2021

When I was praying to the Gods of the New Year, I had this heaviness hit me from the crown of my head. This was strange because I cleansed. I protected myself well. Followed all the rituals and then some. This new year comes with heavier baggage than the last one I think. 

~ The Letter of the Year from Cuba ~

From Ile Afroboricua on Facebook

The Babalawos from Cuba have a different and more positive take. And in their divination we are going to be ruled by the Orishas (Yoruba Gods) Olokun and Oshun. Olokun is a very mysterious Deity. It’s unknown whether Olokun is male or female. All Gods and especially the Orishas are transexual entities.

The Letter of the year in Spanish. This is the document I did the translation from

They don’t really have a gender because Gods entail all things. Deities do normally have a set gender they like to use as their default. A preferred form they like to use amongst many. But Olokun is unknown. The story goes that this Orisha had taken human form once. 

And was chased away by dogs to the bottom of a river. So Olokun never leaves the water and is hidden so deep within the caves and water ways that he/she is never seen. The main belief is that Olokun represents the mysteries of water. And Oshun is the Goddess of love, prosperity, nature, magic, and many other things. She also rules rivers. 

Ika Fun is the sacred text or Odu (oddun) of the year. The main message is,

“A blessing of firm and safe health on Earth that Orula will provide”

Also, this year’s flag is blue with yellow trims. The colors of Olokun and Oshun.

(Source :

Other information

– A sacrifice must be made to Obatala. One quail. Sixteen slices of bread. And Cacao, Cascarilla (egg shell powder), and two white candles. 

 – In addition to this, we are told to mop the floors of our houses with the Eight herbs of Obatala (This is a recommended house cleaning for the new year.)

– Another sacrifice must be made on behalf of Oshun and Olokun. The sacrifice is one rooster, one river stone, river water, bread crumbs, dirt from sixteen different places, clothing drenched in your own sweat, eight strips of (cloth) of different colors, and other ingredients. 

Phrases of the year :

“He who laughs last, has the best laugh,”

“Sometimes what you don’t like is exactly what you have to do,”

~ Orixa Regente (Ruling Orixa) of 2021 ~

From :

Orixa is the portugese spelling for Orisha. The Candomble religion is similar to Santeria. Only the slaves that went to Brazil preserved other Orishas that the slaves in Cuba didn’t. Their priests also perform a divination to see who rules the year. And in theirs it’s Oxum and Oxalá (Oshun and Obatala). 

In both divinations we see Oshun take a prominent role. And even though Obatala isn’t the reigning Orisha in the Letter of the year, he’s still clearly important. Usually the divinations go in polar opposite points. Different Yoruba Deities and different messages. Which makes sense because each person divines for their own land.

And also because Candomble and Santeria have different traditions mixed with Yoruba religion. But this year it’s interesting to see just how close the divinations were. 

“The ruling Orixás of 2021 are Oxum and Oxalá and, with them, the next year will benefit from protection, unity, learning and patience . Through this co-regency, you will feel the divine blessings of the two entities in different aspects of your life,”

As the first day of the year falls on a Friday, 2021 will be ruled by Oxalá, known as the ‘father of the orixás’. However, he will not be alone in this command, as the ruling planet will be Venus, the planet that represents Oxum, called “mother of the orixás”. In addition, Oxum is represented by Odu (the numerological sum of 2021) with the number 5,”

Therefore, the ruling Orixás of 2021 symbolize the role of mother and father of all human beings. In other words, the energy of family unity, the valorization of the sacred feminine , tranquility and harmony is expected. With Oxalá in charge, you will be blessed by his light and protection. With that, you will feel safe enough to develop personally, professionally and spiritually, as the Orixá brings wisdom and patience as virtues. On the other hand, Oxum indicates that the year will be driven by forces of prosperity, independence and balance. 

In this way, the orixá will act on the self-esteem and confidence of people, especially women. Both Oxalá and Oxum as the 2021 regent Orixás carry the importance of maintaining a good family relationship as a principle. So don’t be surprised if you see that your friends are getting pregnant and raising their own families,”

“In Umbanda and Candomblé, Oxalá is the orixá that aligns the forces that connect people and nature, thus establishing harmony between all living beings. In this way, it brings, in addition to peace and quiet, the peace and calm required to end a cycle. This is because the ruling orixá of 2021 represents the end itself, that is, Oxalá defines the moment of the end of situations, periods and even lives. With the awareness that nothing is eternal, you can understand this orisha as the guardian of the balance of the Universe. Known as the ‘father of the orixás’.

He has two ‘identities’. As a young man, he receives the name of Oxaguiã and adopts paradoxical characteristics, because, while he is calm, he is also quarrelsome; already older, his name is Oxalufã and assumes a calm, patient and fair personality,

What’s interesting here is that this part aligns with what I said in the beginning of the report. My divination with the spirits and Gods told me this year was to finish business. To reap or destroy the things we don’t need anymore. To end cycles. It seems that is what Oxala/Obatala will be doing this year. 

“Oxum is the female orixá that governs feelings such as love and affection. Furthermore, it is she who maintains the natural order of the Universe, including fertility. For this reason, Oxum is symbolized as the ‘mother of the orixás’ and intercedes for all human beings as if they were their children. In Umbanda and Candomblé, the orixá is the daughter of Oxalá and her image is represented by her feminine strength and beauty. In this way, Oxum can be found in the calm of the fresh waters of rivers and waterfalls by those who seek to heal their wounds, especially those of love.

Therefore, the 2021 ruling orixá is frequently sought to resolve love issues. But Oxum is also known for bringing peace, stability and balance to distressed lives,”

“Oxalá and Oxum bring the importance of valuing both your spiritual and family side. Under the command of these two orixás, 2021 will be considered a period of closing cycles for the beginning of another, as it will be a year of personal and material growth, hard work and rewards,”

Oxalá and Oxum forecast as ruling orixás of 2021:

Spiritual peace ; Balance; Family union; Stable relationships ; Professional effort; Elimination of the superfluous; And open paths.

 “In addition, with the strengths of Oxum and Oxalá, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a mother, as 2021 promises to be a very fertile year. Knowing the right moon to get pregnant, you guarantee the growth of your family, next year,”

“The last message about the influences of the ruling orixás of 2021 is that Oxalá and Oxum arrive to guide you to cut the bad by the roots. So, learn to listen to them, however difficult it may be, because, by eliminating bad energies, your life will take the right direction,”


And again, they seem to have caught onto the same energy that my spirits and I felt in the divination. Amazing. They also took a very positive stance for this year just as the Babalawos did. 

Ruling Planet of the YearAstrologers from Brazil believe the ruling planet of the year is Venus. A planet love Goddesses such as Oshun rule. They believe this means that contrary to Chinese predictions, we will have peace and mutual respect. With a cool head for negotiations. Honestly, no one force rules it all. 

Maybe we will have some positivity after all. But beware, I doubt we’ll have peace on Earth either. The Sun will enter Aries on March 21st of this year. Supposedly we’ll all be a lot more social and feel lightness. I’ll believe it when I see it though. 

Venus favors rewards and many blessings. And again, it favors peaceful negotiations. 


Hellenic New Year from last July

Strangely enough, when my Hellenic Temple and I celebrated the Athenian New Year just a few months ago, the Priests came to a similar conclusion. For my temple, the year belongs to Herakles and Aphrodite.

Herakles brings stability and strength just like Obatala and General Yang Xin. And Aphrodite is similar to Oshun in bringing love and unity. So it seems we are all tuning into the same frequency. 

And finally, I finish this with a list of various New Year’s traditions

New Year’s Cleansings from Puerto Rican Sancistas

Forecast for this year

And the most important, the list of 2021 Planetary Retrogrades

– M


The ring of fire eclipse we just had on the New Moon in 2020.

Malocchio is Italian for “evil eye”. In Spanish we say “Mal de ojo” which is the same thing. An evil inflicted from a dark gaze. A gaze full of hate directed at someone usually due to jealousy. Now, this has nothing to do with an evil eye, or actually let me take it back.

It does, just not in the traditional way. Another family member has fallen dead. This time my cousin. Her daughter called me in the late hours of the morning to tell me her heart had apparently stopped due to a medication she took. When she and her stepfather found her, she was already purple in the face. After this, I decided enough was enough.

I have written to several of my masters, from my Hellenic Priest, to my Godmother in Santeria, to a Native American Shaman who helped train me. I am also going to consult a Babalawo from Nigeria. Something isn’t right here. Initially, my teachers had all said that I was looking for meaning in what appears as senseless deaths. But all of them are now checking in to see what’s happening.

Another sad reminder that whenever I allow myself to doubt my own instincts, I am always sadly proven right or partially right in the end. I knew something was off when my grandma died. But I didn’t let myself hear my internal voice. And before my cousin died, I saw strange visions.


A week before my cousin died, I saw visions of a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Her image was in the skies, floating in a storm cloud. I saw this for a whole week but I just didn’t feel like going out to divine again. And find out what the hell was happening again. I just didn’t want to.

I’m a necromancer. I work with the dead all of the time. I know and accept that this is a gift. And I do cherish it because it has helped me prepare myself, my loved ones, and others for hard times. In a sense making it easier.

But what I wouldn’t do for the power to stop something from happening for once. So now, to the point, what does all of this have to do with the title? Well I decided to soothsay for myself. And what I got was that the ring of fire new moon was more than just a cthonic time. It was more than that. I was told about ancient times.

How the ancient cultures spoke of evil spirits coming in through new moons and especially eclipses. An eclipse is a sort of astrological death. What happened is a convergence of energy. The new moon combined with the eclipse. It was a very bad sign.

I knew this since I saw all the things that align together in my last post. But this was far worse than I knew. Since I was warned by St. Mary, I did a Spiritualist Mass and called on her and her Angels to speak. I was told to do a Mystical Christian cleansing. A white Christian and Curandero cleansing to remove the energy of death from myself and my family.

It feels as if all the nasties from the other side are coming out. Spirits who bring death and harm. I am going to do further research into the old taboos and what was considered a bad sign by the ancients. I’ll record it both here and in my books and notes. Here’s to hoping I might avoid problems for once.

I am hoping that in the future, if I add a deeper study of these bad signs and omens. Of these things we take for granted as the ramblings of “superstitious and primitive minds,”, of these “wives tales” as they are derogatorily called (because it implies women were not wise). If I can add this to my list of specialities maybe I can save people from harm and pain in the future.

In the meantime, I wrote all of this because all of you should be casting Oracles and protecting and warding yourselves as well. I get the feeling a lot more people will be experiencing untimely deaths soon. And do cleansings as well. And most importantly : when you get a bad feeling, don’t ignore it like I did. Follow your instincts.

– M

Was I wrong? Wisdom of the Orishas

Obatala the White Robed King, and Oshun the Queen of Love and Nature

In my post “Angry with the Gods,” I wrote that the Gods had disappointed me greatly. In the Letter of the Year done by the IFA masters, it was said that Obatala and Ochun would reign. And myself and many others in my community figured that meant this year would be way better than 2019. That 2019 was the worst and that finally, we would see good things. So when 2020 ended up being the worst of the years I have ever lived, I began to grow angry and bitter.

My faith was shaken. I started to wonder “What the hell is this?” If our Gods love us so much then why are they letting this happen? And then after my grandpa died of the Coronavirus I really questioned the hell out of everything. Then reading someone else’s blog on Santeria I realized something : the Letter of the year never said that this year would be better. That was just the assumption we made because Obatala and Oshun reign. And because this year there wasn’t a laundry list of maladies people were suffering from like the 2019 Letter of the Year.

Instead there was only one malady that was listed : Disease. I had completely overlooked that. I figured it would just be diseases in general being strong this year. It never crossed any of our minds that a pandemic was coming. So the Orishas had indeed warned us.

And then I started to realize something else, the Earth is regenerating during the pandemic. The largest ozone layer in recorded history was sealed shut again by a polar vortex. Water and air is starting to become cleaner too. It was even reported that the air hasn’t been this clean since World War II. I also forgot that the practitioners of Quimbanda had said that while Obatala and Oshun were partially ruling in their system, Xango (Shango) was in charge with others.

And that this year, justice would be done against injustices. That Xango would execute his justice. Humanity has been ruining the Earth for a very long time. And now the Earth is finally fighting back. Simply I didn’t want to hear all of that.

I was and am like everyone else, tired of living in constant stress and conflict. I have even wondered sometimes about just being a hermit and letting the world burn. Then I realized how selfish that would be. Every Santero and indeed everyone who comes from an ancient belief, are supposed to defend and protect the Earth.

You can’t do that if you’re sitting somewhere far away, without a care in the world as to what is happening in the planet or current events. But I am overstimulated. Just like everyone else. And just once I hoped we could be given something on a silver plate. Just once I wished manna would fall from heaven.

But sadly it doesn’t work like that. Everything has a price and a counter balance. And in this case, the price is that humanity needed a major wake up call. Because if we didn’t, we would all march into oblivion in a straight, neat little line. Now I am not sure that this is the work of the Gods.

I personally believe that this is nature in the scientific sense, fighting back. And negative spirits. It’s my belief based on Divination that this plague of death is a result of souls not in rest. But regardless, these lockdowns are a wake up call to what will happen if we do not change. For example, people are reevaluating their lives.

We now know that having a job or a nice car isn’t going to do shit when it comes to a Real Emergency. So all those mid life crisis be damned. You can’t eat money. And having a million degrees and being successful is virtually useless when in the face of something like this. We all need to be more practical.

We are now seeing that we have the means to end pollution. We don’t need advanced technology, we just need common sense. Contrary to that idiotic “Paris accords” which was nothing but politics. All it was, was creating a time table to make a time table o end pollution because by that time we would “have the technology to do it,”. What we needed was to not go out so much.

To not engage in wasteful activities. To stay home more often and at this point, we even have fewer Earthquakes now because of decreased activity. Heck, maybe even the face masks we are wearing are probably decreasing pollution. You never know. So I must once again humble myself before the Creators.

And admit that I was wrong. This is the best of the years….for the Earth. For balance to come, disbalance comes first. Just another version of “things get worse before they get better,”. In my humanity, I did not stop to see how what is good for humans is bad for Earth.

And vice versa. Again I am brought to my senses by the Wisdom of the Gods. And again, as in my last post, I have come to realize the truth. That even with truth presented to my face, I am unable to direct my own steps. And I need the Gods in my life just to be able to walk, let alone run.

Venus has gone retrograde today in Gemini from 13th May to 25th June 2020 affecting our social and l… — Astro Artists

Venus has gone retrograde today in Gemini from 13th May to 25th June 2020 affecting our social and love lives. COVID-19 has already turned the love lives of many upside down as well as other areas. A planet that rules beauty and value, it’s not a good idea to make drastic changes to your appearance…

via Venus has gone retrograde today in Gemini from 13th May to 25th June 2020 affecting our social and l… — Astro Artists

Demons on the loose : An Astrological Warning from a Hindu Astrologer

Demon Rahu Ketu Rahu Dev
Rahu Dev, the Demon Lord in charge of Meteors and Eclipses.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed things getting extra nasty as of late. But I have. Recently I had to help out a client from Siberia of all places, with a negative attachment. This man even had scratches on his back. It turns out he bought a cursed object somewhere and took it home with him.

It took quiet some time before either of us figured THAT one out. I thought, “Hey, maybe it’s just the Mercury Retrograde kicking our ass extra this year,”. It turns out No, it isn’t the damn retrograde. It’s something worse. It is a transit with Rahu Ketu.

Basically, the old stories (Puranas) of the Hindu religion say that during the war between the Devatas (Gods) and the Asuras (Demons), they fought over the treasures of Heaven. Among the treasures was Amrit, the elixir of immortality. And one of the Demons, named Svarbhanu, had shape shifted to look like a Demi God. He drank the elixir and became immortal. And by the time Vishnu had figured it out and chopped his head off it was too late.

His body and head became separate Demonic Twins called Rahu and Ketu. And the Gods ended up allowing them to rule human affairs. Basically he’s a type of Demon God now. Not just a regular Demon. The Amrit bestows Godhood.

They are both the same entity and yet also separate. He is called the King of Meteors and Eclipses. And his influence over humanity is even more baneful than Mercury Retrograde. Retrogrades are natural and ultimately good. Because during these shadow periods, we learn more about ourselves.

We change and become better people. But this just brings out the worst in us. Well to make this even worse we are in Merc Retrograde and a New Moon. New Moon’s in ancient cultures are considered the time of bad luck and evil or dark spirits. Especially the dead.

So we have more than just a cthonic pulse. We have a dark pulse. What I call a wave of bad luck an inauspicious days and energies. And the Parentalia and the Antihesterion which are both times of the dead in Ancient Greece and Rome just finished recently. So something dark and unclean is at work here.

Prayer to Lord Shiva and Lady Parvathi are most recommended right now. It seems like all the bad spirits from last year are pissed because this year is a time of light. They’re throwing temper tantrums where they can it seems. So shield, cleanse, ward, and be aware of your surroundings. Here is the Astrological report

– M

Maha Shivaratri (Great Night of Shiva)

This is a very special night for worshippers of Lord Shiva. It’s the commemoration of Shiva’s Tandava or sacred dance. In his title of Nataraja (lord of the dance), Shiva cleanses away bad karma, brings blessings, and balances the Universe. Screenshot_20200221-104404(1)

It is commemorated on the sixth night of the Phalguna, the lunar-solar month between February and March in India. Usually either on the Full Moon or the New Moon. In this case this New Moon that we will be entering soon (tonight is the celebration). Besides this being the anniversary of when he first did the Tandava, it’s also his wedding anniversary to Lady Parvathi. Because of this, this night is just as important and sacred for Lady Parvathi as it is for anyone else.

Offerings of fruits and flowers as well as Bel leaves are given. Veneration of the Shiva Lingham as well is good for today as well as fasting all night. And the Mantras are the (1) “Om Namah Shiva” and the “Maha Mrityunjaya” (especially good for the bringing of blessings).

“Om Namah Shivaya” (ॐ नमः शिवाय) meaning “Adoration to Shiva” or “I bow to Shiva”. That’s the easiest one. The other one is slightly more complex.

Translations in English from the original language,

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat॥


“We concentrate on our third eye which lies behind the two eyes and this gives us the power to feel you and by this we feel happy, satisfied and peace in life. We know immortality is not possible but some extension can be given to our death by your powers Lord Shiva,” (2)


I like to listen to them as religious music when I do my ceremony for them in my home. In my home I give honor to their idols both inside my house and on the outside property. I give not just the usual offerings mentioned above but the first and last portions of the food I eat. Libations of sweet drink and candles and incense. These are the links to some really good musical renditions of these mantras.

I fast as much as I can but eventually I have to eat. I abstain from sexual activity as part of my cast which I do till next morning. I listen to each for an hour long as I do my rituals.



So on this most sacred and holy night, give offerings to both Shiva and Parvatbi and beg their gracious indulgence! May the Lord and Lady watch over you this night and for the rest of the year!



1. For more extensive research on this mantra go here :

Om Namah Shivaya – Meaning and its Significance

2. For more research on this Mantra go here :

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra



Before the Craft

Image from Parisian photographer, Laure Fauvel

I’m sure by now, a lot of you wonder what life was like for me before the Craft. Well let me tell you, it was so different from now that it might as well have been another person. When I was a child I used to get tormented by an entity I think was a demon. It used to shape shift as my father. In my dreams my dad would be in the open door of my room in the dark.

This thing looked and sounded like my father. Except for his red eyes. In my dreams he’d just laugh repeatedly and sinisterly. And that’s all he’d do. Yet somehow it scared the shit out of me.

At the time I just thought it was weird ass nightmares. I had stranger experiences than that. Including this weird bulbous entity that looked like the monster from the Alien movies. I saw it move faster than my eye could blink. I was out of my room at the time. In the living room.

I saw the pale light from the outside come in through the window. And suddenly I saw this black mishappen silhouette. My God I couldn’t believe it. But I saw it as clear as I could see a person. A friend at school told me that it was probably someone outside the window.

And the shadow was just exaggerated in the light. Yeah, because the idea of someone who could cast a shadow like that, outside my window was so much better. Throughout my Christian life I had strange experiences just like that. I remember this one entity would change the channels on the tv. I got it into my head as a kid that someone must have been screwing with me. Maybe changing the channels from far away using a device.

If I saw visions of things then it was my imagination. I remember I spooked my father once. We were at a building and I described a black shadow person there. In detail I told him what kind of clothing the man wore. My dad told me as an adult that the hairs on his arms stood up.

He got me out of that building fast. I didn’t think it was an evil spirit. It didn’t give me that vibe. I think perhaps it was just a ghost. I also had a vivid dream of a Faerie woman.

Now this spirit was positive. I trusted her right away and for some reason felt like I knew her. My grandma slept beside me. And all the adults never stirred as I spoke outloud. I remember knowing that she had bewitched them to remain asleep.

So no one would hear us both. Because she wasn’t a non-corporeal entity. She was physical. I held her in my hand the way I could hold a solid object. She didn’t look like what people assumed Faeries looked like.

She had no butterfly wings. She wasn’t Irish. She was an English woman in her mid 30’s with blond hair. Beautiful lady. Dressed in gray medieval rags like what bar wenches are depicted as.

She was small though. Slightly shorter than a barbie doll. I had believed it was just a dream. I remember telling wild tales of Faeries at school for a while. Saying they’d visit me at night. My teacher thought I was mentally ill.

My parents said it was Disney Cartoons. But the cartoons never portrayed a Fae in that form. And I think my specific details on what she looked like scared my first grade teacher. Years later, when I studied under my first master, she introduced me to a high priestess. I don’t know why I had bothered asking the older woman this question.

But I told her about the Faerie and asked what she thought. And she revealed to me this was a spirit guide bound to me. And she explained that Fae come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and cultures. I knew her because guides follow you across reincarnations. And what I thought was a “dream” had actually happened.

That’s why it’s still so vivid. But the Sidhe (pronounced she) can fog the minds of humans. Make you forget things. That was my first physical, visual encounter with a spirit. Not a dream or a fast silhouette.

But an actual manifestation. I had other such strange encounters all the way till I became a teen. Later I just buried them in my mind. BecauseBecause I was raised in a fringe christian sect we thought God was giving us “special protection”. And that only Angels and Demons exist.

So when weird things did happen, like invisible entities turning off the tv or things vanishing from one spot and be somewhere else, we always had “logical explainations”. Because God is with us so nothing paranormal can touch us right? Wrong. Everyone, even friends said they felt creepy vibes around me all the time for years. Wiccans and Christians sort of treated me as persona non grata. The Wiccans seemed as bad as the Christians.

Things I’d see when eating alone in restaurants. Spirits can be anywhere,

They just assumed I was some malevolent psychic who would hurt people with my gifts. Or some weirdo incel type. But as I wrote on here in another post, it was a Western Mage, a Romani healer, and a Pagan Witch who helped me. It was later when I became a Pagan magician and entered the Paranormal, that a psychic had told me she believed that most of these weird experiences were entities coming to me as a child. The light bulb in my head sort of switched on.

And I suddenly figured out none of these things were my imagination. Nor dreams or whatever. The three I have mentioned met me separately in the same year. Something higher than me had fixed it so that we would meet. Of that I am sure now.

I was a college drop out, had no job, and I whored around with whoever. I was semi atheist even though I was vaguely aware of my gifts and to an extent used them. Because no one was there to guide me, I would instantly absorb negative energy from other people. They felt better and would seem to shine. But I didn’t know I was doing it.

I would carry the negativity. People saw me as a mirror for their own shadow aspects. And they hated me because they hated that I reflected their darkness back at them. Forced them to see what was inside. Other people would take advantage of me.

They knew I was gifted. So instead of telling me, they tricked me into giving them consultations. I had no idea Itoths a seer or that I could fortell things. They did. I could accurately predict events ahead of time.

All those years I consulted people for free. And I had no idea these lazy bottom feeders were using me as their private crystall ball. In other cases I learned quickly how to turn someone’s negativity against them. These were the more aggressive uses of my powers. The three practitioners who guided me for years taught me to be in balance with darkness and light as well as nature.

And the importance of not letting myself be taken advantage of. As well as how to help myself. I learned that psychic kids, and people in general attract nasty entities. That spirits see who is magical and who isn’t just by our auras alone. We burn brighter than most people.

As well as spirits who need help like ghosts. I also learned from Santeria and IFA that a lot of what I had were evil ancestral spirits. I had ancestors who pacted with dark things. And these things expected me to obey and worship them. Evil spirits hate us unless they can use us.

If they believe a person can’t ever be turned, then they torment them as a child. Scare us away from magic. If you’re greedy they offer you money and whatever else you want in order to corrupt you. But there are also good spirits who will guide and aid you. As soon as I learned how to drive them away I did.

I learned to clean my ancestral bloodline. And to live a happy and balanced life. I’ve used my experience to find people who need help and aid them where I can. Mostly people like me, who are treated like freaks of nature because it’s easier to abandon someone than help them. I do get compensated, but I do this to help people who need the help.

I was trested like I was evil for years. Judged and isolated. So I learned to appreciate the company of the spirits and the Gods. And Elders of various traditions. People say I sound like an old man trapped in a young man’s body.

And it does feel that way sometimes. I don’t feel like I belong here. I feel that I am displaced somehow. Not from reality but from time. Like I took a huge leap forward in eras and I am a confused caveman trying to find my footing.

I don’t know how else to describe it. I think I started blogging here not so much to find clients, but to open up. These are my personal musings. My way of talking to someone about these things because the truth is, I have no one to talk to. My Elders never had experiences like this growing up.

I think it’s because most of them gained power through training. Where as I just had the power on all the time. A natural witch they call it. Or a sensitive. And other Sensitives never experienced things like this either.

Many people think I am crazy or making it up. So I just stopped talking to people about it. Only those who I believe have answers to my questions get to hear this stuff. And now you, random internet people who no doubt think I am crazier than a blind, gay, hipster, Republican. Maybe I just want something left behind for others to use as reference some day.

Maybe one day I’ll find I’m not the only weird one out there. There’s a lot of new agers I think are on acid. People who talk about otherkin, and star seeds, and all this other shit that makes me think of a Jim Jones’s cult. I want to find someone real. And yet I made this damn blog private. I am selective about who reads my inner thoughts.

And this was my life before the Craft. Not before magic. The magic was always around me and in me. But life before the wisdom of teachers. And experience of others to help me find myself and my path.

What better time than the final days of Hallowmas to talk about these things ?

  • M

Looking at the Future with Optimism

Last night I had finished the last of calender alterations. I carefully calculated each of the Sabbats. I had taken the time to place each of the holidays I celebrate in the proper days. Even noting the times they began and ended. And I noticed something : Everything in 2020 looks different. 

I mean okay, I’m sure this orange ass hole will still somehow be President. I am sure the colonial political system of the US will continue to be fucked up. But, a lot of holidays that focus on Spring coming early and the light being empowered are happening sooner. Vasant Panchami which is a Hindu Spring festival was usually in February or even March. It’s going to start this year on the 30th of January 2020. 

I’ve never celebrated one that was that early. It almost seems strange. But it seems that since this year was to remove all the negative energy from last year, we are getting an extra dose of light. There are so many holidays happening sometimes two months earlier than before. At least Astrologically and Astronomically speaking they all seem to be happening faster.

Extra doses of extra light. So as our year comes to a close, I see everything with a great dose of optismism and even being refreshed. The Gods and spirits have done all in their power to give to us these blessings. It’s all up to us now. What do you plan to do with these new year blessings?

– M

Generational Exorcisms and Summonings

Lucifer as a serpent, deceiving Adam and Eve with the Forbidden Fruit

I had the odd feeling when I wrote my last two posts on Generational Curses that I wasn’t done. But I said I was anyway.

“What else is there to say?” 

Apparently a lot more. I have said this before and I will say it again : mages are masters of nothing. We are all students. Constantly learning, constantly upgrading. I was used to doing the Tree of Life deliverance that I showed you before. Or simply doing a seance to be a peace keeper for the spirits.

Up until now, this has always helped me.
But recently when aiding a family that needed my help, I learned it was time to go back to school and dig a little deeper. The problem was : there was nothing in any of my books or in any online articles that could asist me. Nothing that covered something like this. I had to open myself to the Gods and to the spirits to truly understand what I needed to do. 

New Case : Penny and her family

Information :

Premature child who requires healing. The doctors don’t seem to understand her problems.

Final Analysis : 

Disease accompanied by spiritual draining.

Penny isn’t the child’s real name. Her actual name is hidden for her family’s privacy. Penny was born early and suffers from an unknown illness. Even the specialists the parents in Virginia have gone to don’t seem to know. Her Grandmother who is a long time client and friend of mine called me. 

She asked me to use my faith and my prayers to do healing. I do faith healing yes. But I was apprehensive. After all, would I essentially be giving false hope to the family that I could save the child? The spirits almost at once began telling me that the doctors were incompetent bureaucrats who do the bare minimum. I advised her to take the child across statelines for better care. 

She told me that I was correct. She suffered from Lupus for years and the doctors in Virginia claimed she didn’t have it. Now she lives in Tampa. And there she learned from our Florida doctors that she does have lupus. She is playing catch up with treatment now. 

She also informed me that the mother doesn’t wish to take the child anywhere else. She seems to hang on these doctor’s every word like gospel. Blind faith is bad, whether it’s in religion or in science. The mother cannot be swayed. But the father of the child knows what I do.

 He has given permission for me to at least try with magic. Normally, I concentrate on sending healing energy to help a person’s body heal. At other times I give an offering to the family spirits and even to outside spirits for healing. And like any good Santero or Spiritualist, I do a seance asking for deceased healers and doctors to aid the modern living doctors by influencing them. Psychically conveying to them what the problems are. 

But this time, nothing I did worked. It was like hitting a literal brick wall. So I opened myself to the spirits and they told me to use my bones. For those who don’t know, before we had dice, we had bones. Knuckle bones to be precise, each with numbers or symbols on them.

Over time, it dawned on someone, somewhere to use the knuckle bone game for divination. So each number or symbol drawn on the bones meant something to the diviner. Numerology often playing an important part in this form of divination. That’s where our dice comes from. In my case I use any bone I can find. 

I did find Knuckle Bones in one of the places I do my nature worship in. I placed my blanket on the floor. And there I closed my eyes, did my prayers and cast the bones. Something powerful messed with my divination and I had to do an extra powerful vetting against the entity on the other side. When it started working properly, this is what came to me.

1) Inversion of the Tree of Life

2) Have Faith

3) Be Patient

4) The Symbol for an Animistic Force appeared telling me such an entity was at work here

5) Stroke of Luck

6) Good Luck

What this meant was that a powerful force beyond my understanding was holding on to the girl generationally. Have Faith and Be Patient meant I needed to have faith in the Gods. And to be patient with whatever lesson I was learning. Good Luck was them wishing me luck and Stroke of Luck meant they are with me through all of this. Stroke of Luck also meant I finally more or less figured out of the problem.

So now I understood what was going on. I couldn’t see it because even for spirits, Animistic entities are non corporeal. So for a physical being like me, it was damn near invisible. It is within the girl’s genealogy which means it is so rooted inside her body and blood. 

Not just her energy. And that it had to be extracted somehow. But it’s so powerful that my normal methods of extraction weren’t going to work. I began to pray for answers and eventually I saw visions of me performing an Exorcism. Now before we continue remember : exorcism is nothing more than banishing energy.

Whenever you cleanse yourself with anything, that is an exorcism. It’s a ritual for expulsion of negative energy. That’s it. It doesn’t always mean your throwing sacred symbols into someone’s face and going,

“The Power of Christ Compels you!”

Also, for many ancient cultures and their sciences, cleansing a space of negative energy is the same as exorcising a spirit. Because all energy is spirit. And it is all sentient. So those who trained me always told me the that the smoke bowl ritual or “smudging” is about releasing bad spirits or unhappy spirits away from a place or person. Those spirits could be disease or bad luck.

 Spirits aren’t just ghosts or demons. All energy is a collection of spirits assigned a job by the Great Spirit to do something. The energy keeping us alive right now is also a spirit. So is fire or water or electricity. The baby is not “possessed” by a full on entity with a humanoid form.

Someone who doesnt have a fully developed psyche, like a child or a mentally unbalanced person cannot become possessed by anything. 
They can have an attachment and or become oppressed, but not possessed. And even then attachments are rare for children. Down right impossible for a baby. An Exorcism doesn’t have to be for a possessed person.

What is commonly reffered to as a Banishing, where you exorcise an entity that is in a place or thing is what I was being told to do. The entity was ‘possessing’ the bloodline in the same way a virus or bacteria can infect a body. It was half in the spiritual world and half in the physical bodies and genes of the family. Like a parasite being shared between multiple people. I had to fight it in the spirit world on it’s own ground.

The physical component is whatever genetic illness the family has. Faith healing can’t undo that. Only a secular medical doctor can with time find treatment for such an ailment. Once something becomes physical it is bound to the rules of the physical world. But going back to the spiritual, my work wasn’t done yet.

I needed to see what the hell I was fighting. So I did a special Muslim conjuration. It’s a spell that a Muslim Pagan once taught me. It invokes Allah (God) and the Holy Prophets. As well as all good Jinnis to reveal the entity via a black scrying mirror. 

I use a holy white candle for the light. But this thing fought me even there. 

“I command you to show yourself now either in the mirror or by some sign or omen. Obey me by the Prophets and by Allah Almighty,”

I saw a single green eye. And then I realized that whatever it was, must have been so big that only an eye would appear in the mirror. The candle kept swaying by itself and burning my red cup filled with water. It partially melted the cup from the side. I thought I had failed.

 Except that when I started cleansing my instruments which included the Cup. It was then that I noticed something way off. As you can see by these pictures, the candle left a letter “H” through it’s wax. I took a picture and waited till the next day when my mind was fresh. Then I cropped the “H” to see it better. 

That’s when I saw it. Part of the “H” looked like a serpentine dragon. And later I also noticed after showing it to someone else, that part of the wax looked like a human throat. The girl kept choking and vomiting her formula. She has esophagus issues. 
The ritual worked.

The entity had been forced to reveal itself via an incantation as I had been taught. So I began to research, what kind of Dragon entity looks like a snake and it’s name starts with a letter H? I kept going crazy looking it up. Then something did appear in the search. The Hydra, and it clicked with me. A similar entity had haunted the baby’s grandmother before.

Both a dragon and appearing as a throat

I also got the feeling that someone in the family was worshipping this thing. A warlock who uses Greek Magic. But they serve malevolent spirits rather than the Theoi (Gods). As time went by, the spirits revealed more things to me. I began to see that someone not only was working for this creature, but that a pact had been made : power, for a life.

Specifically that the “weakest” in the family would be sacrificed. The girl is a premature baby. That counts as weak for a predator. The entity was trying to kill the baby before her time. And someone else was getting power from this.

Someone in the family who knows about it and actively serves it. Now I knew what I was dealing with. I attempted a banishing first via a summoning or sending as we call it in Santeria. I called upon a powerful spirit. Gave him the appropriate offerings, and off he went.

He destroyed a large force of spirits. And as he did this, the girl got better. She stopped choking as much. Not a huge improvement but at least stable. 
Unfortunately I eventually learned that it wasn’t enough.

I needed to actually exorcise this thing. I didn’t have a choice. So what I had to do first was to fast, pray, meditate, and purify. Several cultures believe in fasting or denying themselves worldly pleasures to become spiritually pure. Even Jesus said that some demons can only be driven out through fasting and prayer.

This could be by becoming hungry or simply not eating rich foods. Eating bland foods instead. And drinking only water. Eating only enough to be full, not over eating. Spending time in spiritual contemplation in a holy place, mine is nature.

I would meditate and pray to the Gods asking them for answers. Then finally, I would purify with Zeus Meilichius or Meilichios (easy to be entreated or accessible one). Soldiers in ancient Greece who went to war, came back with miasma (negative energy). To be clean and not to bring conflict home, they needed to purify with Zeus Meilichios. Only then could they enter the city.

Otherwise they could bring pestilence or bad luck, conflict or even dead soldiers with them. I would bathe in holy water with cascarilla and confess my sins to Meilichios. Asking him for forgivesness and sanctity. I would feel lighter and whatever I was feeling guilty about left me. Then and only then would I engage in exorcism.

I would take a Cascarilla chalk and draw a cross to represent both Christianity and Pagan Gods symbolized by the cross. And I would say,

“Protege mi energía,”
(Protect my energy)

This was to shield me from negative attacks. I would invoke my spirits and ancestors and call up a protective force to keep me safe and to aid me. Circles and other such protections power the sorcerer up for magical aid. It isn’t just for protection, but for the wizard or witch to gain power for a ritual. I took a small statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe with a rosary around it.

 I began invoking the queens of heaven in Mary’s name. I also invoked the divine female spirits of all realms. I invoked several different heroes and guardian spirits of the family including my own. Asking Mary to empower them for battle. And night after night, I would feel something, not an energy per say, but a feeling of spiritual righteousness. 

I felt safe, secure, and confident. The entity sent erotic dreams with women who spoke English backwards. It tried to get me to masturbate or become aroused to break my fast. I prayed against it. At other times it tried to get me to eat before the exorcism making my hunger worse. 

I just offered up the hunger to Mary as an offering. They have done all they could to mess with me. But to no avail. It took three nights. I asked for whoever worshipped this thing to be handled by the Gods personally. I was happy that it wasn’t powerful enough to take a month to banish or cast out.

Sometimes it takes two weeks or more. But every once in a while, there are entities that can be banished in just three days. Each time I was given Revelaciones (Revelations). The Gods and holy spirits revealed to me that I needed to heal the girl with an Ebbo. Now, everyone has a different opinion about what an Ebbo is.

 Some say it’s only an animal sacrifice. And that a small food offering is actually an Adimmu. Or an Ebbo is a larger offering with food. But in the end all are a form of Ebbo or sacrifice. Now that the exorcism is over I am going to speak with my Godparents and ask which Ebbo is needed.

Although I have an idea already from divination. I think it will be an Ebo Ti Abo. That’s a special offering where you ask for an Orisha (Yoruba Deity) protection from danger. It’s done for people with life threatening illnesses or jobs that are dangerous. I think I know who among the Orishas is the one needed for this too.

I will ask them if they wish to do the Ebbo or if they believe I should do it. I may be an aleyo but I am no stranger to magic. 
I also have a slight suspicion about something concerning the girl. But for that I need to wait until all rituals are done. I will keep all of you posted.

But I hope this new post also sheds light on how certain generational curses must be removed.

– M

Generational Curses : What they are and how they are created

The Tree of Death. Generational Curses are like a mirror image of the forbidden fruit that condemned Adham and Chava (Adam and Eve) in the Bible. In a sense, all curses stem from this first curse that our common ancestors passed on to us. The curse of old age and mortality.

I’ve been asked by the Gods to write about this. Because it seems there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Mainly, that many religious authorities seem to punish families for curses that were created before they were born. No one is perfect. Not even the Gods most of the time. 
We don’t need to ram ourselves into the mud.

Or call ourselves hopeless sinners and punish ourselves over and over again. That’s not what the Gods want. Now, that also doesn’t mean we should be arrogant or feel too important either. A balance between self love and humility is the key. 
But back to the point :

What is a generational curse? How are they started? What is the cause? What kind of side effects can they bring on?

The Basic Outline of a Generational Curse

DNA and the spirit

Generational Curses are what are commonly known as a family curse. For starters, they are all a type of karmic curse. But a very different type. Normally, karmic curses come from a person’s past lives. Often times, I’ve heard Hindus and even Buddhists engage in a similar dogma.

Where they tell someone they are suffering from bad karma because they were bad in another life. But that’s not always the case. A person can have bad karma in and around them from an ancestor. So rather than a traditional karmic curse, what they suffer from are sins inherited from relatives. Just as parents can pass a disease on to a child, ancestors can pass on their karmic debts to their descendants.

How this works, nobody knows for sure. I have managed to identify five classes of inherited curses during my personal and shared investigations :

1) Curse by Gods
2) Curse by spirits
3) Curse by witches
4) Curse by actions or sins of an Ancestor
5) Curse by a broken contract

Karmic Loops and Spiritual Genetics

Zonar, the Karma symbol

Many Christians believe generational curses are mostly tied to number four. That if for example an adulterer has children, then his children are likely to become adulterers themselves. Like alcholism, the trait is learned first, then it repeats so much that it becomes genetic. And then spiritual as well as genetic. And so it becomes a curse that repeats in a loop. 

However I learned that while that may be a common curse, it’s not the only kind. 

Cursed by the Gods

I had met a young Mexican woman of mixed Spanish and indigenous heritage. Her white ancestors had desecrated a temple to an indigenous Goddess in Mexico. So the result was that her bloodline was cursed. Everything you can imagine happened to her family : Violence which included suicides, Racism within the family, and sexism. All this was passed down to her. 

In this case, I did a sort of ritual where I contacted this deity and asked for the curse to be removed. That this woman was a spiritual healer. Not a colonist or someone who disrespected her ancestors’ Gods. Finally, the deity after having looked deep into her heart, removed the curse from her. And in doing so, all innocent people in the family. 

But those who were sinful by their own natures would continue to suffer. This is the worst and yet easiest generational curse I have encountered. The worst because no spirit or witch can cause a curse of such a magnitude by themselves. The easiest because I learned that when you appeal to the offended deity and give offerings, that deity removes the curse themselves. No need for fancy deliverances nor complicated rituals. 

Just a good old fashion offering and request to not be punished for an ancestors wrong doings. Even an apology on behalf of the family for the person who did wrong, can sometimes be enough.

Cursed by spirits

From the book “Yurei Attack!: The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide”

 I encountered a Native American shaman who was under a curse. Her father was Cherokee (an actual Cherokee, not a white person pretending to be one) and her mother a white woman. But her mother was descended from a ‘witch hunter’. He condemned whole families to be hanged in England as witches. So the ghosts of all those wronged people inflicted a curse on his blood line. 

I interceded on my medicine woman’s behalf and convinced them that she is different. She would have been killed too just because of her physical appearence and her faith. So they set her free from their ghostly curse. And she never suffered it again since. The curse seemed to not have a specific side effect.

Just negativity and health problems and the occasional bad luck. 

Cursed by Witchcraft

I met another young woman who carried a hex down her bloodline. In her case, it was because one of her ancestors had seduced a man away from a young witch. And that witch cursed her to have abusive men come into her life. I had to bind the spirit of the angry witch and force her to release the bloodline. Then I prayed to Krishna to free her soul and send her into the light. 

Cursed by an ancestor’s sins or deeds

This one is a lot more mundane and it can take on any form. One guy was a compulsive gambler and came from a long line of compulsive gamblers. So it became a spiritual trait as well as a learned behavior. A mundane family curse. In his case he needed not just a karmic clearing for his family and a blessing but also therapy for his gambling addiction. 

Another person with a more mundane curse had a heart disease since birth.
He was a Hindu and believed it was some kind of divine punishment due to past life sins. But it didn’t seem very likely. This man was almost as pure as snow. And his life reflected it.

He came from a loving family. They never wanted for anything, never did anything negative seem to happen. A person with a run of the mill karmic curse normally has a lot of negativity in their life. So I did a reading for him and learned that his ancestor suffered some form of grief in his life. While this man was wealthy, his ancestor was poor and died believing he was forsaken by the Gods.

He actually cursed himself with his own sadness and transmitted that sadness into his bloodline. Which led to the physical manifestation of heart disease. 
Now this wasn’t really a sin. It was a negative emotion. But it was enough to become a curse. 

The same thing can happen where people are “cursed” in love. Because an ancestor left unfinished business with a loved one at the time of death. Or some other tragedy. The effects are many and can take any number of forms. 

Cursed for a broken contract

Pacts with Demons

In many ways this is worse than a God curse. It acts as an extension of curse by spirit as well as cursed by witchcraft. I have met people who’s ancestors were warlocks or black witches. Black witches have various names in different cultures. To Wiccans or people of English heritage these are Warlocks or “oath breakers,” also known as enemies, decievers, and devils. 

Warlock is translated differently according to each person in the UK area. In Haiti these are Bokors (sorcerers). Navajo natives call them witches. Because natives inherited the European Christian stereotype that all witches are evil. So even though medicine men and women are magic users, they hate the term witch.
 To them it’s synonymous with demonism and unholy practices.

The same stereotype exists in Mexico where curandero shamans or “curers” healers etc… are considered the good white practitioners. And witch is reserved for a European satanist or an evil indigenous shaman who serves a malevolent entity or God. Regardless of what you call them, they also factor into generational curses. I have met many people who had demonic spirit guides and who’s powers did not come from the divine. They came to me to figure out why this was the case.

And what I learned was that somewhere in their bloodlines, they had an ancestor who was a malevolent or unethical user of magic. Sometimes they pacted for pure magical powers. Other times they pacted for lands and titles, and some foolishly did rituals for love. Regardless of the reason, these demons demand that the human descendant carries on the worship and practices of their ancestors. Demons seek human worshippers.

And they usually desire the first born or male child who is not baptised to be given to them as a high priest. When the person’s descendants refuse, the demons or other type of bad spirit become angry. They feel cheated out of their deal. The reactions are different depending on the negative spirits involved. Some of them allow the person to keep their powers and the demonic familiars assigned to them.

While being tormented of course. Others strip them of everything and torment them. And others lie in wait for a descendant they feel is worthy of their power. Usually someone they groom from their childhood till their adulthood. 
Spirits are unpredictable by nature.

But spirits like this are even worse. 

Effects of a Curse

The effects can vary from the mundane to the poetic. The woman cursed by a Goddess, was condemned to live her family life like her conquered ancestors. Just as the colonists brought death and suffering to the natives, her family would experience it as well. The man with heart disease came from someone who died in an extreme state of sadness. The effects can be bad luck or certain illnesses. 

Even negative behaviours can be inherited. 

How are they dealt with?

Nature Magic

In the cases of normal spirits, I do a seance and figure out what they want and what must be done. In cases of a person who accidentally hexed their bloodline, I appeal to spirits or Gods of medicine. Sometimes even priestly spirits or Gods who can issue an absolution and a karmic clearing. In cases of learned behaviours that become a curse, a combination of Reiki or some other form of healing and sending the person to a therapist. In extreme cases, special rituals for abolishing a generational curse are called upon.

 The one I used for years invoked the Archangel Raphael. It had elements of Catholicism and Protestantism in it as well. I would give it to clients to use for years. But after a while it just seemed to be empty and flat. It basically blames everything on the victim of the curse.

And it asks the person to commit to Jesus (conversion) in order to stay clean of the curse. This just seemed like another scare tactic for ramping up a church’s numbers. And if the person is only free if they convert, it’s basically a protection racket. But instead of paying the mafia for protection, you’re paying the church. So it became repugnant to me.

And it was only a matter of time before it became repugnant to several of my clients as well. A young Wiccan who was also a Catholic found it to be disrespectful. It urged her to pray and admit that her own sins allowed the demons in. Even though the things tormenting her were harrassing her since childhood. So that was the first time we had to start editing the ritual to be more respectful of other people’s beliefs and cultures. 

Nemesis, the Greek Goddess of Divine Retribution. She is one Goddess I call upon for everything from exorcisms to breaking hexes.

God is not a divine rapist. He doesn’t need you to serve him. And constantly destroying a person’s self esteem for worship is what an abuser does with their victims. So I decided enough was enough. I began to work closely with other Gods who offered the same type of generational healing without needing to trash someone.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t work with Raphael or with Jesus Christ. It means that I simply won’t use that ritual anymore. And that I won’t always exclusively go to them for the removals. I have called upon Thor, Sophia the Goddess of Wisdom, I have called upon Kuan Yin, upon Osiris, Nemesis, Skyholder, etc..In my next article I will outline the rituals and what it requires. I hope this has been simple to understand for those of you researching the topic.

Have a good day,

– M