Florida is falling Apart, thank you Governor DeSantis, I guess we really are the freest state : Free of food, quality, work, homes, freedom, and common sense

Empty fields in Florida that once had many workers

So it finally happened : DeSantis racist, anti immigrant agenda, has begone to gut Florida’s economy. Even workers who do have papers, are choosing to leave out of fear. They see the writing on the walls. And it feels like we are going to have a racial explosion in Florida soon. Welcome to “freedom”.

Even Cubans, CUBANS who have always lived here for generations since before the Revolution, don’t feel safe here. And that includes first generations like me. At some point in that video the one man speaking doesn’t even want to have his face shown. Because even though he’s going through the legal process to stay, he’s afraid that ICE will come for him. And of course we know it’s true.

Years ago, ICE ambushed a Mexican man on the day he was finally going to get his green card. His papers were in order and he was going to get the damn card. Only for ICE to illegally intercept him at the government building before he could get to it. So we know that for all their talks of “legality” they’re about as lawful as a street gang. They just have better funding.

Ivan Taylor asks :
“Who will do this work now that they are gone?” Notice the empty field behind him. Certainly no American citizens are doing it.

The same thing was more or less done to another Mexican man who was Gay, El Salvadoran, and Brazilian Man. In those cases they were in the New York and Jersey areas. But those are areas that are way more liberal than Florida. So imagine this place. Florida has been Republican for so long, that war criminals from different countries can openly walk the streets.

Such as Luis Posada Carilles the Cuban Exile Terrorist who bombed an airplane in Cuba. His boss Orlando Bosch who also lives and operates here, said the deaths of the innocent were “necessary,”. Because it was part of the struggle against Castro. That was Florida before DeSantis. It’s a lot worse now.

Before you had all these extremist paramilitary groups in Florida. White Supremacists, crazy survivalist/successionist groups, the Christian Right which includes Anti Abortion terror groups. And of course Cuban Exile Terror groups that operate with America’s funding and blessing to Bomb innocent people in Cuba. In order to “free” them. Because nothing says “win hearts and minds” more than killing random people with Bombs.

Or plotting the Assassination of police officers to “liberate” a country. If anyone did that here the chorus of condemnation would never end. But now it’s worse. Now we have Cops acting as the Gestapo in DeSantis “election police” to go after people based on how they voted. With false allegations of “committing voter fraud.”

Remember this is the same guy who thinks Trump won the election. And that Biden took over from a fraud. Can you imagine someone like that being in charge of a secret police force that investigates fraud? That’s not just a conflict of interest. That’s a Goddamn danger to democracy. But what can we expect from America, a country that out Saudi Arabia on the human rights council once.

And 100’s of thousands of workers are vanishing from Florida. And not just the typical jobs you would expect like working in fields. Even people who wash dogs for a living, roofers, or freaking Lyft and Uber drivers. I have already begone to hear of people complaining that there isn’t enough drivers now. Wait till it hits Amazon.

So for all you imbeciles that said,

“They took all our jobs!”

Those jobs are vacant now. Go do them. For as long as they do them. For the same amount of money. And probably zero benefits in many cases. Do them in the heat that punishes people in Florida.

Welcome to the New and Improved He- I mean Florida


– M

Ron DeSantis Regime in Florida & the “Let them Die Act”

Now that’s not the actual name of the law. But it’s a hell of a lot more honest. And it tells you exactly what it’s meant to do. Basically, if a Doctor doesn’t like a person because they have a “religious objection” to who they are or their life style, or whatever, they and the insurance companies can deny healthcare. Which means that if a person is Gay they can be denied.

If the doctor doesn’t like a patient’s religion, they can deny care to that person. And so on and so on. It can even allow someone to deny healthcare to minorities. I mean think about it : Nazis have their own weird religious views. An undercover fascist can easily say their religion prohibits them from treating a person who is black.

This law is meant to strike fear into non white people. Hispanics are already being forced out of here. I’m just wondering when they decide to strip non whites of American nationality even if they were born here. Like Hitler did to the Jews. God I hate this country.

And I hate that I hate it. But I can’t say that I love America. Not with a straight face at any rate. This regime is insane. I’m expecting people will be leaving Florida and other parts of the country on boats soon.

Meanwhile my people (Cuban Exiles) are so blind in their faith for this man. Can they really not see he will turn on them too? That he already has? He’s been sending Cubans back. Or putting them in detention centers. I’m just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Gods help us.

We need it.

– M

Welcome to Florida : Aka Dumbfuckistan

I used to wonder how and why a civilization disappears. And after watching Ron DeSantis and his idiotic attacks on education, I know the answer. This moron has opened the way so that now a small minority of these insane “christian” Conservative Parents can tyrannize us all. These abominations who are mostly Karen’s, can get teachers and principals fired just for showing pictures of classical art!!! They should change his book from “the courage to be free” to the “The Way Of The Dictator,”

You can’t make this shit up

I hate these people. I hate that they infest Florida like a plague. I hate that they exist. And I hate that they live here. They have turned Florida from a place that we at least loved to live in some of the time, to this shithole third world dictatorship.

Ron DeSatanis and his followers should move to Waco, Texas and start a compound. They can have their weird little religious cult there. And teach kids to be utterly ignorant of the world around them. Afraid of differences. And to hate that which is different.

How can this country have gone so low? I’m sure they will blame it on Obama. Here we have a group of people who complain about us all being “snowflakes” because we don’t want racism in our society. But they are also the same people who complain about everything else. Soon they will complain about the color of sunsets and say there are only two colors for the day. The night and the blue sky.

Oh wait! But night isn’t day, never mind can’t argue with them.

Oh, and supposedly there’s a new law saying Bloggers who criticize this asshat would have to register with the government. And then say “who is paying them and how much,” which is nonsense. And also against the constitution. To that I say,

– M

Black People, Indians, and other people of Color trapped because the Fascist Government of Ukraine won’t let them leave

Remember how I warned that Ukraine’s government was Fascist? And how Pagans should NOT be supporting them? Well, looks like I was right. The Euro Maidan regime is not allowing black people or Indians, or people of color from leaving the country. In fact, black people inside Ukraine have video tapped the moments where the ultra right wing guards have fired bullets over them.

The first video and article is here. Our brothers and sisters from the Vodoun blog had been among the first to share this. Over here in this article they were prevented from boarding trains. Not even the women or the children. And this is who the Western governments like America are sending their money and weapons to.

An excerpt from one of the articles up there

Sometimes I hate being right.

– M

The Truth about Ukraine : Ukrainian Neo Nazis & why Pagans SHOULD NOT be supporting the Euro Maidan regime in Kiev

Image taken from this article on the Azov Battalion

I was going to be silent in this matter. Because I just didn’t want to fight the endless barrage of my fellow brainwashed American citizens. Those who believe everything they’re spoon-fed. Some by the media, some by 4Chan. But now I’m seeing Pagans writing blogs in support of these fascists in Ukraine who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about.

And that both frustrates and shocks me. Something has to be said, someone has to take a stand. I have had enough. This I cannot abide. This isn’t about some evil mustache twirling villain with a Russian accent from some cartoon series.

Whose threatening to invade a “peaceful democracy”. This isn’t about “sovereignty”. This isn’t even about the usual border issues or regular geopolitics. This is about the legacy of American foreign policy biting the world in the Ass over and over again. And innocent people on both sides suffering because of it.

And our people here in the US, being blind to it. And willfully blind which makes it even worse. How many people bother to actually do research into who America says is the bad guy? How many people question foreign policy? How many people are going around doing investigations into operations and military exercises done by the government? The answer is pretty much the same in all of these cases. None or very little. Or only those who are journalists or left wing.

Or those poor unfortunates who have had a personal, nasty experience with our regime. But how do we begin to assess this situation? Let’s start at the beginning.

“Freedom” loving protesters in paramilitary uniforms, Heiling Hitler, members of the Euromaidan movement that put Zelensky in power

Under Obama and Clinton, the elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich had been overthrown by a Western backed Coup. It came to be called “The Color Revolution”. Which is now a term used for fake revolutions that are being bank rolled by the United States of America or their allies. They said he was corrupt and “Russian influenced” leader. But the truth is, America doesn’t care about corruption.

They frequently align themselves with human rights abusers all over the planet and then call it “democracy.” If you think that’s an exaggeration, then let me remind you that they pushed for Saudi Arabia to be on the U.N. Human rights council. That says it all. Their issue was that Yanukovich was aligning himself with Putin. Since Russia had fallen out of favor with America when Putin refused to support the Iraq war, this was unacceptable.

Which led to Russia deciding it would not be a puppet of the US any longer. Eventually it was decided that Yanukovich had to be taken out. And a more friendly needed to be installed in Ukraine. So NATO began the secret work of training and arming extremist factions in the country. Like the so called Svoboda (Freedom) Party.

This and many other parties like Right Sector became Euromaidan (European Square). Their beliefs are rooted in support for Nazism. It’s ironic Obama would have put these bastards in power. But it’s necessary to protect “American interests” even at the cost of someone else’s democracy or any real sovereignty. Putin originally wasn’t a part of the conflict.

In response to the Coup, part of Ukraine rose up in Rebellion against the Coup government. They decided they would rather go back to being a part of Russia than stand with a fascist regime like Maidan. For a time, they were alone in their war against Maidan. Later, the idea formed that they should ask Russia for help. Something which even the rebels partially regret now. Putin has co-opted the leaderships of the People’s Republics. Saying they are “too left wing” and that he needs to de-radicalize them. But regardless, until the Russian Federation got involved, the Euromaidan regime was shelling them non stop. That’s why he backs the Resistance fighters (to an extent). Maidan began to fly the Nazi Hakenkreuz in public.

Azov Battalion of in Ukraine

And they also publicly praised Stephan Bandera the notorious Nazi sympathizer from WWII. Putin is no saint. He’s an opportunist. But compared to these bastards he’s the lesser evil. Which is more than I can say about our country, backing Fascists who pervert Slavic culture and religion with Neo Nazism is dishonorable.

It dishonors the Slavic Gods and the general spirit and dignity of the Slavic peoples. Especially the people of Ukraine. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the articles below.

Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t
Not acknowledging this threat means that little is being done to guard against it.

The infamous Azov Battalion of Ukraine, filled with Neo Nazis

The Shameful influence of Neo Nazism in the Color Revolution in Ukraine

America backing Extremists

And unfortunately, it’s had the consequence that EuroMaidan extremists are now mentoring American White Supremacist Terror organizations

Both Parties had ties to them. The late John McCain was one of the people praising them

The West who pretended there was no Nazi problem with Ukraine’s regime. Suddenly many of the same people who put them in power are scared. As evidenced in the article below.

Ukraine’s Neo Nazis suddenly a “problem” as their power grows

The same week they took over, they desecrated the graves of Ukrainians who died fighting Hitler in WWII. They had Confederate and SS Banners inside government buildings they took over. And they have initiated ethnic pogroms against Jews, Romani, and Trans people. American media has tried to claim that,

“They just happen to have a few fascists in their ranks but not all of Euromaidan is like that,”

(As if having fascists AT ALL in their ranks isn’t a big deal)

Except yes they are like that. When their violent protest turned into a coup, they were waving pictures of Stephan Bandera.

And of course their endless heiling and waving of white supremacist banners. While professing concern for Ukraine’s “ethnic purity”. This is bigger than Putin or the US. This is a country under a Dictatorship.

A Dictatorship influenced by one of the most heinously ideologies in human history.

And this clearly isn’t about sovereignty. After all, the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by foreign states. All claims of sovereignty are null and void in the face of this. Ukraine is just another American puppet nation.

Like Iraq under Hussein. They serve a purpose. And Western Media will continue to praise them as the good guys until they inevitably bite the hand that feeds them. History repeating itself as always. I know this all too well because of what’s been done in Latin America with American led coups.

Especially in my ancestral homeland of Cuba where they kept generations of dictators in power on the island. So no they don’t care that Castro was a dictator. They only cared he wasn’t working for them. It’s like a Casino, house always wins. You win too much, and there’s consequences.

That’s what this is about. America’s fear of the house “losing” to another contender. They want to be the only superpower on Earth. They don’t give a rat’s ass about who gets hurt or displaced in the process. Period.