The Everglades Whale is a New Species

A new species. And already endangered.

The whale that was discovered dead on the beach (from chocking from plastic) in 2019 turned out to be an entirely new species. And there’s apparently less than 100 of them. So yay, another species humanity will probably kill. Sorry everyone. It’s just the idea that something so majestic was killed by plastic that was underwater.

The study on this poor creature is here :

The statement from NOAA is here :

It’s called the Rice’s Whale. Let’s all do our part to ensure that this whale species survives.

– M

Hybrids of Rough Toothed Dolphins and Melon Headed Whales discovered in Hawaii

Mother Nature is truly fascinating. For the first time in Hawaii specifically Kauai we have seen a new hybrid animal. A mix of a male rough toothed dolphin and a female melon headed whale (actually another species of Dolphin). The result are these new Dolphins you see here. This isn’t the first Dolphin hybrid.

BUT it is the first time these two particular species mated. The video on this news report is here :

The article is here :

New Hybrid Whale-Dolphin Discovered Off Hawaii

And the research paper on this is here :

Click to access Bairdetal2018_Kauai.pdf