St. George’s Eve (Don’t go out tonight)

All manner of Spirits, evil, neutral, and some good wander the night

The feast of Saint George the Dragon Slayer is normally a good Feast. But on the Eve or vespers of a Saint’s day, evil spirits and evil witches gain their strongest powers. It’s their way to mock holiness. But contrary to popular belief it isn’t just evil spirits out tonight. All sorts of beings are out.


Werewolves are out and about on this night. Some of them are good and others are bad. Some of them are shape shifting witches who learned to transform. Some are people who were cursed. And some gained an ability from a relative to enter Wolf form.

Who knows what they’re up to tonight? At least the Romanian version of Werewolves. In North America they’re active on St. Mark’s Eve not St. George’s Eve.

The Blutbad Holly Clark, from the Tv series Grimm. It basically means “big bad Wolf”


A Ghost Orb from Malaysia

Then of course we have Will-O’-the-wisps also known as Ignes Fatui (giddy flames). Also known as Ghost Lights and Corpse Lights. These are spirits that take on the form of the classic ghost orbs you have probably seen or heard of from television. Not only do they exist in European culture. But also in some indigenous American cultures.

But not all Will-O’-the-wisps are ghosts.

In Mexico they are normally Hags or Demon Witches. Practitioners of black magic who delved so deeply into the darkness that they became demons while still alive. In death they get even stronger. This is not to be confused with the title of Hag used by some Covens. This specific hag is not a human witch.

Hags in the form of fiery Will-O’-the-wisps

It refers to a whole class of formally human witches who became demons or demon-human hybrids through sinister practices.

But most of these lights are associated either with Faeries or with deceased human souls. The main belief in Europe, is as follows. When Saint George’s Eve comes around, the dead, and even spirits associated with treasures (which includes a few demons) will appear as flames or lights. These lights will then hover around places where there’s buried treasure. Really brave (or greedy) people will venture out at night hoping to find such spirits.

And then either dig up the treasure then and there. Or mark the place somehow to find it again the next day.

Corpse Lights, spirits of the dead in Orb form

Granted, this is a dangerous practice because the spirit could kill, curse, or even possess the would be treasure hunter. Something I recommend is to never steal treasures from spirits. My Native Shaman had been haunted by a spirit who buried money with her dead father. We never knew how they acquired this money together. But we figured it probably wasn’t legal.

But we let his soul stay with that money. My family had a similar run in with the spirit of a dead land owner from Spanish colonial times. The house they lived in had previously been his property. But the treasure was under some kind of Boulder. And no matter what was done, the rock wouldn’t break.

Not even with drills. My grandmother who practiced magic, correctly concluded that the treasure would never belong to us.

A Faerie creature with its ball of light behind it

Some of these spirits are dead pirates or road thieves who buried their treasures prior to death. Perhaps even being captured and hanged before they could enjoy their stolen bounty. Or sometimes regular people who hid their treasures to feed their families later. But had died before revealing their locations.


Moroi, the human vampire born from two Strigoi

The Moroi are a type of Vampire that falls under two distinct categories. One is a physical psychic vampire that drains the energy of the living. The other is a non-corporeal Ghost Vampire. Much like the Asian Hungry Ghost, feeds on the energy of living creatures. Moroi are often the subjects of debate.

Moroi as a Parasitic Ghost. Image from DeviantArt

In one story they are mortal Vampires. In another a vengeful ghost who feeds off of energy. Sometimes the Moroi are said to be demonic spirits who possess the living. This includes animals such as Bears. Living Vampires also become undead Vampires in death.

This is probably why the Moroi appears as all three types of creatures. In death they may have the option to become a regular parasitic ghost. Or a demon.

Their Parents

Strigoi Mort are a type of witch vampire. In fact the word itself is actually for witches. Simply it has become so associated with these vampires that extra terms have been added to tell the difference. From the Latin word Strix for witch. Italian Strega.

And Slavic Shtriga. In order to differentiate from a human witch or wizard they use different terms. Such as Strigoi viu, or Strigele, living strigoi or living witch. The undead vampire witch are called Strigoi Mort or dead witch. In Romania dead evil witches tend to become vampires.

However, it’s all confusing. Because some argue that a Strigele is like a Moroi. That it is unholy and will become a vampire witch in death. But to me that’s just Christian bias. They think witches are all satanic.

Obviously not all Romanian Witches become these creatures. There are several types of benevolent witches that use sorcery to fight these creatures. And even create talismans and amulets for protection. In several legends, Romani people (Gypsies) have played key roles in fighting and defeating vampires and other demons. There are legends of Gypsy vampire hunters as a matter of fact.

But that’s a rabbit hole for another day.

Strigoi Mort are immortal and also have magical powers. They are said to control the Moroi. Some legends state that the Moroi are the living children of two Strigoi who mated. So these vampires are interrelated. Why the immortality isn’t passed on isn’t explained.

Because they are also witches, they have a wide variety of powers. From invisibility to shape shifting. The Strigoi are thought to originally have come from Dacian religion. The belief that these are condemned souls. They were unworthy to enter the heavenly Kingdom of the God Zalmoxis.

And thus spend their eternity as vampires. From the Dacians, the Romanians inherited these creatures.


From LP Bestiary

It’s said that the forces of evil meet at the boundaries of their cities or towns at sunset. These could be vampires, evil human witches, evil werewolves, or straight up fallen spirits from hell. Here they plan and plot what they are going to do to people until next St. George’s Eve. The Vampires steal life essence from people and animals to power themselves up. When doing this, they also steal skills or abilities the animals or human has for themselves.

For instance, if they feed on the energy of a venomous snake, they will produce the same venom. And the poor snake is left with nothing. If they feed on a computer programmer, they will gain his or her knowledge of programming. And the knowledge will vanish from the minds of their victims. And still yet it can be something else too.

Let’s say your talents are something else. Maybe you have a special charisma with someone of the opposite or same sex. This vampire can take away your charm for themselves to mate. And you’ll be as charming as a penny on the road.

“May.—I found that my landlord had got a letter from the Count, directing him to secure the best place on the coach for me; but on making inquiries as to details he seemed somewhat reticent, and pretended that he could not understand my German. This could not be true, because up to then he had understood it perfectly; at least,

He answered my questions exactly as if he did. He and his wife, the old lady who had received me, looked at each other in a frightened sort of way. He mumbled out that the money had been sent in a letter, and that was all he knew. When I asked him if he knew Count Dracula, and could tell me anything of his castle,

Both he and his wife crossed themselves, and, saying that they knew nothing at all, simply refused to speak further. It was so near the time of starting that I had no time to ask any one else, for it was all very mysterious and not by any means comforting.

Just before I was leaving, the old lady came up to my room and said in a very hysterical way:

“Must you go? Oh! young Herr, must you go?” She was in such an excited state that she seemed to have lost her grip of what German she knew, and mixed it all up with some other language which I did not know at all. I was just able to follow her by asking many questions. When I told her that I must go at once, and that I was engaged on important business, she asked again:

“Do you know what day it is?” I answered that it was the fourth of May. She shook her head as she said again:

“Oh, yes! I know that! I know that, but do you know what day it is?” On my saying that I did not understand, she went on:

It is the eve of St. George’s Day. Do you not know that to-night, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway? Do you know where you are going, and what you are going to?” She was in such evident distress that I tried to comfort her, but without effect. Finally she went down on her knees and implored me not to go; at least to wait a day or two before starting.

It was all very ridiculous but I did not feel comfortable. However, there was business to be done, and I could allow nothing to interfere with it. I therefore tried to raise her up, and said, as gravely as I could, that I thanked her, but my duty was imperative, and that I must go. She then rose and dried her eyes, and taking a crucifix from her neck offered it to me.

I did not know what to do, for, as an English Churchman, I have been taught to regard such things as in some measure idolatrous, and yet it seemed so ungracious to refuse an old lady meaning so well and in such a state of mind. She saw, I suppose, the doubt in my face, for she put the rosary round my neck, and said,

“For your mother’s sake,” and went out of the room. I am writing up this part of the diary whilst I am waiting for the coach, which is, of course, late; and the crucifix is still round my neck. Whether it is the old lady’s fear, or the many ghostly traditions of this place, or the crucifix itself, I do not know, but I am not feeling nearly as easy in my mind as usual.

– Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Abraham “Bram” Stoker’s Dracula

Things to watch out for

Beware of the things that hide in the deep shadow

There will be an influx of Calling Ghosts or Calling Spirits. This is an umbrella term for paranormal entities across a wide spectrum that are well known for calling out your name. Sometimes they even make themselves sound like people you know, women and children or animals in trouble. This is all to lure you away to a secluded spot for nefarious purposes. Don’t fall for it.

In Cuba we’re even warned to never answer a voice calling your name unless you know who it is. During this time, there are vampires who call out your name to try and get you to answer. Avoid being outside especially on the road or sidewalk. But as stated before, this is a time when evil spirits congregate and plan out what they are going to do for the rest of the year. So watch out.

This is the first Eve of Saint George. But there’s another in May. So be prepared. The best way to protect yourself is with garlic which wards off evil spirits. I use garlic salt.

Best of both worlds. Spirits try to enter homes through every nook and cranny. Vampires for instance can enter through keyholes. So make sure you have warded your home and yourself. If you think all of this is old superstitions and nonsense, then good luck.

– M

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Was it a Hungry Ghost?

The Phantom Cat of Washington seemed appropriate for this blog post

This happened maybe three or four days after my last post

It took me a while to write about it because it’s only now that I have everything under control. But it’s a hell of a weird experience. I waited to write this to see if I could debunk it. But also because I am having trouble accepting this could be paranormal. My skeptical mind keeps jumping in.

It’s also a reminder that even experienced magic users can be dumbasses. I’m the said dumbass this time. So we’re not supposed to go out at night. Because dark spirits are out at night. At Ghost Month it’s even worse.

I’m the first person telling everyone not to step out even for a moment. I warded my house up. Did cleansings before hand. I made some specialized wards. Blessed myself and my family, the works.

I ordered a mini air conditioning unit for this small ass slum apartment I live in. I did it as a surprise for my mother. But whoever delivered it, left it on the porch of my Landlord instead of mine. It was dark already. Not full nightfall, the sun still had one slight streak in the skies.

And the sky was the color of dark blue, about to become true night. It was hot as hell and I figured we were okay. So I lit the porch light on knowing the dark things hate the light. I had recently put wards on the outside of my apartment as well. I salted my welcome mat with raw sea salt.

Blessed by Poseidon via his statue. I was confident that nothing would be able to come near us. So I stepped outside and closed the door.

Then I grabbed the box and entered backwards into my house

As I was taught by some old masters of mine from Trinidad. This is to prevent roaming spirits from following me inside the house. I locked the door and thought it would be fine. But as soon as I turned the light off, something started scratching the door. And my dog began to emit a low growl in response and started sniffing at the door.

His growl got louder and louder until he started barking up a storm. I shouted at him to be quiet and go sleep in his bed. But that weird scratching sound kept on. And the dog kept emitting that belly deep growl. One he only reserves for a person rather than an animal.

Now at first I was trying to ignore it. I did get goosebumps. And almost right away I thought I knew what it was. But I ignored it. I was trained by Paranormal groups in the basics :

1) Debunk everything first

2) Not everything is Paranormal, some is psychological

3) Try to find a logical explanation first

Fine. Got it. But you ever have something really eerie happen? You don’t know why it makes you feel weird. You have no logical reason to be afraid. You don’t know why it freaks you out.

But it does. But I pretended that it was nothing. There’s lots of stray animals out there. Street cats, ducks, and even a few possums. The problem is I also know spirits can possess animals.

Especially the dead or nature spirits. And Hungry Ghosts are notorious for that. I’ve never seen a Hungry Ghost before. I go out of my way to avoid them. I follow the rules, leave the offerings, and stay in.

I won’t even take my dog out at night anymore. This thing kept scratching in a sequence. One scratch, then silence. A second scratch, then silence. And a third scratch.

Then it would wait a few minutes and return to the same pattern. I kept thinking that’s weird for a cat.

“Hijo, ¿que es eso?”

(Son, what is that?)

“Es solo un animal,”

(It’s just an animal)

¿Un animal que hace eso como si estuviera enviando código morse?

(An animal that does that as if it’s sending morse code?)

I was hoping she didn’t notice the pattern. One because she’s more skeptical than I am. She won’t just believe something is magic or paranormal. And she’s noticing it’s weird. And two because I didn’t want her to be freaked out.

But even she felt something was off.

“That’s very strange,” she finally said.

She hit the door a few times, hard, to try and frighten it away. It didn’t have any effect. The scratches kept coming louder and seemed to be deeper upon the door. She wondered if someone had broken into the property and was playing a prank. But the scratches happened the moment I shut the lights off when I was inside.

Hungry Ghost from the Tibetan Buddhist Dictionary

No one is that fast. No one is out there. Plus the Gates were shut, my landlord is an ex cop so she has security cameras everywhere. And she’s nosy as hell. She would have seen a stranger coming and brought her gun out to meet them by now.

I wanted to text her anyway but my mom stopped me.

“What happens if no one is there? If there is no animal? What are we going to tell her?”

She was right. And it also seemed by how she phrased it, that she came to the conclusion this was paranormal. Without me having told her anything. After about six minutes of this I was like Why am I trying to debunk this? I’m not investigating anyone so I have nothing to prove. I began playing some Buddhist music and reading a few sutras out loud.

And that was it. It just stopped as suddenly as it had begone. My dog also calmed down afterwards. Even now I’m trying to debunk it. Maybe the music and the sound of my voice scared the animal off.

But my voice level was just as loud when my mother and I were speaking. And the Facebook videos she was watching before were way louder than the music I played. Hell hitting the door should have frightened it away. Not attracted it more. But it kept scratching the door uninterrupted.

Why would Buddhist music and Buddhist texts be enough to scare a random animal away? I was going to do a divination on it but my spirits stopped me. They asked not with words but with feelings Why ask when you know the answer already? Confirming that it was a Hungry Ghost. Not just my imagination or superstition. A nasty roaming soul. Drawn by the activity of a person opening their front door.

Venturing out like a fool when they should not. I should have known better. When will I learn that even magic and prayers are not 100% full proof? I don’t know. After that for a few weeks we both dreamed of the dead. Specifically of decomposing corpses that were not zombies.

But they could still walk around. I didn’t tell my mother about what a Hungry Ghost is. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness, she doesn’t believe in them. But she still dreamed of them. And she knows something strange happened that night.

I finally asked my spirits what was up. And they told me that this thing sniffed us both out. And it was trying to find a way in. So I had to do a far more powerful banishing to get rid of it for good. The dreams stopped for the both of us.

I didn’t tell her about the banishing ritual to see if she noticed a difference. I did a whole new cleansing, re-blessed everything and her and myself. Then I re-salted everything from the inside and out. Final thought, the morning after the strange scratching, I was sure that the landlord was going to complain about the marks. I wanted to be ready in case she tried to blame my dog.

Except there were none. I took 15 mins and even asked my mother to look. Short of a magnifying glass, I’m fairly confident that no animal scratched the door. She thought it was weird too. I started doing research online to see if it was possible for an animal like a cat to scratch something without leaving a mark.

I found nothing. If anything I found evidence to the contrary. That even a common house cat can scratch up the metal of a car given the right circumstances. This door is made of wood. There’s no way those loud ass scratching sounds happened and nothing was left behind.

Not even so much as a faint outline. Believe me or don’t. I don’t care. I didn’t see it. But I felt it.

Both of us did. Even my dog did. And I mean really felt it. It was the sensation of a wicked, child like mentality. Something nasty that has nothing better to do than fuck with people.

I can’t say for sure it was a Hungry Ghost. And even now as I write this I can feel my spirits facepalming themselves. As if to say we told you what it was already, why are you doubting us? But logically speaking I can’t prove that’s what it was. Any skeptic reading the blog would see this as a mere hysteria on my part. The common nightmares? A shared delusion between my mother and I.

Even though she doesn’t know anything about Ghost Month. The scratching noises that didn’t yield any scratch marks? The wood is obviously sturdy enough to resist despite the loud scratching. So it was just an animal. Tada! It’s explained away. The animal not being scared off by our voices or my mother repeatedly hitting the door to scare it away? Nothing.

And it’s just a coincidence that a sutra and some religious music was used by me at the moment the animal in question stopped. But I’ll say this, skeptics be damned. They aren’t here when the night falls and strange things come out of the shadows. Something strange is in the night shade. And if you should find that a package is on your door step or at your neighbor’s step, leave it behind.

Wait until the morning. Or else you might hear a strange, rhythmic scratching at your door. Scratch, then stop. Second scratch then another stop. Third scratch and a longer pause.

Only to start again…..


This is an account of my earlier novice years in my 20’s. Back when I was an idiot and was sure I could take on the world like Superman. It has to do with a very evil spirit that tries to lure people into places to harm them. I was staying over my Godmother’s House at the time. She’s my teacher in Santeria.


This is an Afro Cuban religion. Think of it as similar to Vodou, but different. Her son is my best friend. I met her through him. I would stay up late at night to binge on movies and shows online.

Specifically anime, he introduced to death note and in later years persona. It was about to be 3am and I was going to leave. But my Godmother kept trying to convince me to stay the night. I was like “Madrina chill out, I only live a few blocks away,” She kept saying no because it was 3am and we live near many crossroads. Crossroads are gateways into the realm of spirit.

Doorways into the otherside. And 3am is the Hour of the Beast. It’s when black witches and their demons are at their strongest. I knew this already.
But I was cocky. I already had a few exorcisms under my belt.

I was used to dealing with nasty stuff in the paranormal. I figured I could handle it. Plus I had my medicine pouch. It was something I based off of European charm bags and native medicine bags. A real medicine bag is something only a Shaman carries.

And it’s large, almost the size of a purse and worn like a vest in the front of the body. Made out of buffalo hide. It is used to carry several objects that the healer uses to do his magic. My other master, a Medicine Woman from Connecticut was already training me at the same time. She encouraged me to be creative.

So I tried to think of a way to have a Medicine Bag with me that didn’t draw attention. I didn’t need an enemy witch knowing I was protected. Nor did I need people coming up to me to touch what I had. I also needed something light to carry with me for everyday travel. A sort of eclectic invention of mine.

I kept magic charms inside it, they were everyday items and it was small and could fit in my pocket. I was stubborn and told her I was too tired to sleep on the couch. Besides I needed a good had.ovr first. When she realized that I would not be disuaded she finally let me go. I imagine she probabaly prayed for my protection.

So being the fool I was, I thought she was just being overly cautious. After all, we’re witches for goodness sake! Spirits should fear us, not the other way around (Forgive my arrogance my Gods). Yes, we should not fear them or give power to malignant entities of any kind. However, I soon learned that neither should one be overconfident in his or her power either. I walked the road anyways. I was used to seeing spirits around her part of the neigboorhood.

My side doesn’t have as much activity. I think it’s because her home is literally on one of the corners of the Crossroads. I’ve had random dead people try to follow me home sometimes. People so lucid and vivid I almost thought they were alive. One time it was a dead Spanish man.

He wore jeans and a yellow shirt. I even saw his facial features. I am half way down the road, when I hear what sounds like children crying. It was down the other side of the road which was full of shadows. My first instinct was to run down there.

Because it sounds like children. My instinct is if it’s a kid or an animal, go protect it. But no matter what I did, my feet stayed glued to the street. Not physically, but psychically. Some emotion connected to self preservation was keeping me trapped to the spot.

And try as I might I could not will myself to move. It was then that it dawned on me that my Angel was stopping me. Yes my literal Guardian Angel. So I asked with my mind,

“Why are you stopping me?”

He answered me with a voice that sounded like the deepest thunder. As if it were both echoing through the skies and in my skull at the same time.

“Because that thing is not a child,”

Naturally, that statement made me go numb. Sometimes when I’m really shook, I will feel like my stomach is a lump of coal. Or a cold streak is up my spine. This time it was the cold. I could only contemplate what entity was so strong that it could make physical noises in the air.

Because I was sure it was actual physical noises being made. Not psychic. I can normally tell though there are spirits who can fool anyone. I felt his energy begin to manifest behind me. Helping me stay calm as he always does.

I started to turn back to walking home. And the voices of the ‘children’ started turning angry, and distorted, and demonic. But I ignored it. These creatures are called Calling Spirits or Calling Ghosts. They aren’t always ghosts.

They could be faeries, demons, or just really strange spirits from other realms. People think demons are the only evil spirits out there. They aren’t. And contrary to Disney, there are faeries out there that prey on humans for pleasure or even food. Not all of them are like that, but enough that even a faerie should be approached with caution. 

A Caller is an entity that changes it’s voice to mimic a child, man, or woman in distress. Sometimes they pretend to be animals. This is to lure people into dark alleyways, or a lonely spot in the country side, or abandoned places. They either kill or possess you. Or just follow you around to haunt you for the fuck of it.

They can even sound like people you know. That’s why my grandma told us that when spirits call out your name, you shouldn’t answer. Because you don’t know if it’s good or evil or what intentions it might have. And to be wary even of people you think you know calling out your name until you see them. Answering is seen as an invitation to mess with you.

It grants a spirit some level of authority over you. I turned to walk home again but that entity followed me halfway there. I knew then that I had to do something. Otherwise it might follow me into the house. I turned around to look at it.

I only did it because my Angel was behind me acting as a buffer between us. You should never turn around to look at any spirit unless you have protection from another. Otherwise they can hurt you. It looked like a black sphere of energy the size of a beach ball. Just floating off the ground. I took out my medicine pouch.

I opened it and I took out a small piece of red brick. I used it as a red chalk. I drew a cross with an eye in the center. In Mexico, its called the “Eye of God”.  I said a prayer. I can’t remember exactly what I said now.

But I ordered it by the power of the symbol on the side walk and he who empowered it, to be bound and not be able to follow me further. I was going to walk away but my Angel spoke to me through feelings and had me add,

“Even if you can break free, you cannot cause me harm,”

Now I placed my red brick piece back inside my pouch and in my pocket again. I walked back down the road until I reached my complex. I saw my security guard there and we started talking like usual. Then he stopped and looked at a spot in the dark where there were bushes. I looked and we both saw what appeared to be a woman in a sort of 1950’s blue dress.

Like what house wives would wear. 
I shit myself because something was eerie about her, just standing there facing the bushes. He started to call out,

“Señora, ¿necesitas ayuda?”

(Ma’am, do you need help?)

And without thinking I blurted out,

“Don’t talk to it! It isn’t human,”

He just looked at me like I was crazy. I thought that it was a woman that got possessed by that thing. Inside myself I was like “great I’m gonna have to do another removal.” It didn’t occur to me that it was strange for someone to wearing a dress of that fashion. Or to be wearing it at 3:30am. It’s only now that this particular detail comes to mind.

Instead, ‘it’ because I still don’t know what I saw, turned around suddenly and there was a black hole where the face should have been. And as suddenly as “it” stood there, it suddenly vanished before we could even have a full minute to truly take in what we saw. It all happened in the blink of an eye. He started freaking out. And I began to go on my phone and look up St. Benedict’s Prayer.

We spoke the prayers several times till we both felt okay. Just seeing bad spirits can give a person bad energy. So, I figured a prayer for protection and cleansing would help us. After we were both cleansed, and shielded with prayer, my Angel spoke in my mind and I felt a warm, safe, energy. He told me that it was gone.

He knew it would break free from my binding and that’s why he had me end the spell with “even if you escape you can’t harm me,” I had the guard look up prayers and he calmed down too. But the next night, he didn’t report for duty. He quit. And a series of guards would take on the shift and leave until the final guard we have now stayed. I think it’s because he and his family are Santeros like me.

So he had his own protections. I wondered if the other guards saw that thing too. Because for a while security was always vacant here. And that’s my story. I did eventually relate these events to two YouTubers.

I was too lazy to write about it until last night. Before them and this post, it’s never been shared before. Neither one of them ever added my story to video. I think maybe they both thought I was crazy when I shared my story. I mean, what else do most people think when you tell them you talk to spirits and do witchcraft? That you’re fucking insane of course.

So here I end my tale. I don’t know why, but I wanted this damn story out. As a way to clear air. The moral of my story is : don’t be arrogant. Pride is what brought the Devil down and almost took me down that night.

But my faith and my Angel didn’t allow this thing to cause me harm. It was only by the grace of the Gods that I am safe and sound today. Because now I realize, those guards kept seeing it because it kept visiting my complex until roughly a few months after the event had taken place. But thankfully I never saw it again.

– M