Astrological Report for Wednesday July 13th Supermoon in Capricorn : The Thunder and Buckmoon

A supermoon years ago in Florida. From Pinterest Photo taken by Melissa Mederos. Location: Peacock Park, Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida

Pricus the Seagoat rides the night. He influences all who are born under the sign of Capricorn. Long ago, Kronos was the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. This was back when Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades were still children. Like Ouranos before him, Kronos was a mighty creator God.

And he delighted in his creations. Yes I know he’s mostly remembered as a God of evil and darkness. And especially an eater of children. But he wasn’t always that way. He was once loving and kind.

And one day, he decided to create a race of Seagoats. Creatures who were half fish, and half goat. And they were masters of magic. They could even manifest their thoughts and will without need of spells or rituals. But most of the seagoats longed to be on land.

From the Myth of the Seagoat

Pricus was the most loyal and the best of all the Seagoats. The elect of his species. And Kronos’ favorite child. He loved the sea while his brethren loved the land. One by one, the Seagoats began to leave the waters and go to the land.

Until Pricus was the only one left behind. He mourned for his loneliness. And begged his God to take his life. Instead, Pricus was gifted with immortality. He was lifted into the stars to live amongst the other constellations.

Thus, he became the Zodiac beast of Capricorn.

Capricorn is a master of balance and to a certain point even duality. He’s a contradiction. Specifically emotional and intellectual intelligence merges on this moon. Because of that, everyone has a different take on Capricorn’s Full Moon. So here we have an article from Paradise Lost. They collected a little something from every website.

Here at Atlas Horoscope we have a whole astrological play by play of the 13th-17th of July. Then we have this from Pandora Astrology.

It’s also called the Thundermoon because of the showers in July. This is also the Buckmoon told due to the bucks regenerating their antlers at this time. This information comes courtesy of Cherokee Billie.

Both the names talk of rejuvenation for nature. This is all I have been able to gather on the Supermoon in Capricorn.

Here is a Full Moon Guide for 2022 from Magical Recipes Online. And an article from them on the full moon. I hope you all enjoyed the info I gathered. Here’s some science related articles on both the moon and comet.

K2, the brightest comet in our solar system, will swing by Earth. Here’s when to see it

A supermoon, aka buck or thunder moon, to rise in evening sky Wednesday. How to watch


The Great Reaping

So, yesterday and the day before we had a Blood Moon in a Mercury Retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse. The longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. The Bloodmoon is a phenomenon that happens this lunation where particles in the atmosphere cause the illussion of a red full moon. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. I haven’t seen one of those in a while even when it’s supposed to be red.

It’s also the Native American Thunder Moon in July. When rainstorms are at their worst. We also have a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Leo. This lends to something that the Blood Moon as well as the Lunar Eclipse is also helping us out with : Reaping. More on that later. So, for those who don’t know, a retrograde is the illussion of a planet going backwards.


When Retrogrades happen, that means that the Gods said planet belongs to; enter their Reaper (God of Death) aspect. Not every God has one, but during a retrograde even one that doesn’t have one is slightly darker. Mercury (Roman) also known as Hermes (Greek) and is the God of business, languages, time and space, trade, and a bunch of other things too. But what he is more famously known for being the Messenger of the Gods. He’s also a God of intellectuals.

So when Mercury enters retrograde all of that goes backwards. It is a time of bad luck for most people. And considered to be the worst of the Retrogrades. You are not supposed to marry during a Retrograde, and do not do any important decisions either. Especially business desicions. You’re supposed to lay low and relax as much as possible.


That’s usually hard to do during a Retrograde. Also, arguments are at their worst. Because speech becomes confusing to people at this time. You think you’re saying one thing but you’re really saying another. Usually things that you’re trying to keep a secret but your subconscious wants it all out.


Or instead of hearing what the person is saying, you’re misunderstanding them. Retrogrades are good for the Shadow side of human beings. The Sasa as the Obeah men and women call it. The fundamental thing you need to know is : Do not start anything new. Retrogrades of any sort are bad for that.

Of course there’s always an exception to the rule. Retrogrades are good for removing mental clutter. For focusing on the things you were trying to do before it happened. In some cases, people find inspiration to get work done. I’m one of those people.

Because I learned how to navigate through retrogrades. How to work with the energy instead of against it. Now I have seen people do some weird shit. Like using curse reversing candles to send the retrograde energy back to the planet (😂). As if the planet gives a fuck. At best you’re just looking like an idiot, at worst you’re insulting the God and spirits of that planet.

That just encourages them to wreak havoc on you. I have seen some creative things however. A Philippine friend uses a Tiger’s Eye, he wears around his neck to absorb or project energy. When Retrogrades show up, he uses a piece of the energy to adapt the crystal to generate an immunity field around him. But, as soon as he takes it off he gets hit.

He solved that issue by placing the same type of stone in his car and home. His house was the only place he didn’t wear it so getting bulkier stones for his home worked out for him. People ask him what the secret to his good luck during Retrogrades are. Little do they know there’s a loud mouth Cuban guy writing about it on his blog. Others use baths or anti retrograde potions.

I do something a little different. I learned it from another Magician who wrote about it on his blog. I do a Cthonic ritual (necromancy) with Hermes through his reaper aspect as guide to the dead. I do this for three nights and I am okay. This allows me to work with Hermes for whatever changes must happen.

Once this is done, I spend the rest of the retrograde in deep meditation and contemplation of my life and where it’s headed. I do meditations and dream work with Herme. I wouldn’t recommend dream work now unless you are ready to see some ugly truths about yourself though. I also carry Hermes guidance and protection with me wherever I go.
After this is done, I always do a Heavenly ritual to welcome Hermes back into Olympus after the retrograde is over.

This is to heal and reverse the after effects. I do like a good spiritual cleaning of my house and animals and myself as well. Not with sage but with holy water. I invoke Lupercus, the Roman Wolf God aspect of Pan for the cleaning. That aspect of Pan drives bad spirits and energies away.

It’s usually done in February (his month) for spring cleaning. But we can call on him whenever. On the Blood Moon : they’re for Reaping. For Shadow Work specifically. For any form of introspection, dark healing, cursing, curse breaking, anything that is of the dark side of nature is what this lunation is for.

That also includes charging really strong charms. Just becareful. I would never charge a love charm under this moon.
You’d either have the worst break up you’ve ever had, or you’ll attract a complete psychopath. Dont use it as an empowerment spell either.

Use this for dark, yet beneficial things. Try to avoid hurting anyone. So what can be done with this?

1) Shadow Work

Shadow work is a really intense and sometimes dangerous Shamanic or semi Shamanic work. In which a person talks to their Shadow self. The dark version of ourselves we all have. This is sort of like a Doppleganger, except it’s only the darkest part. Of course that’s just how it starts out.

Overtime, a witch that knows how to balance their darker self can have a much more balanced shadow. One that isn’t angry at all and that can even be happy.

2) Reaping also known as a Purge. A Shaman once called it a Shamanic Death Purge. What it means is, that you begin consciously and unconsciously destroying everything in your life that isn’t working anymore. Once you do this, you get the dead weight off and you suddenly have room for good and better things. It is an intense and not very pleasant experience at first.

But over time you end up getting better at it. It is a Karmic process of cleansing out the old. So you see karmic shifts in real time. Suddenly people you thought where your friends start leaving you. You get fired from a job.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend leaves it looks a lot like bad luck at first. But then you start to realize things. Those people who left weren’t really your friends. They kept you around for their own agendas. Maybe they were using you for something.

The most obvious reason is probably money. The job you had? Paid you crap. You were busting your hump off and it was destroying you. Or maybe it said good but it was still destroying you. Working who knows how many hours a day. And in the end you are running on steam, possibly having a nervous break down or about to.

You don’t see your family and friends very often and so on. And this could be causing damage to your body already. You just don’t know it yet. Your bf or gf? Is toxic and leading you down a bad road in life. Getting you into drugs that will destroy your life later.

Or maybe they physically and emotionally abuse you. Or they’re just a lying sack of shit who doesn’t know how to keep their pants on. You won’t know till after the fact. But everything happens for a reason. After the first initial shift, you should be able to weather any future storms.

It’s like Mercury Retrograde on speed. But it’s personally for you. I’ve noticed the presence of underworld animals around me when it happens. Cockroaches, black flies, toads, certain types of lizards can all be agents of the underworld. This means that the Divine is working on your behalf to remove this negativity through these animals.

Let’s say that it isn’t an animal you normally think of as dark. Let’s say it’s a duck or. If you suspect it’s a reaping, you need to research the folklore and legends associated with the animal.
For instance, one client kept getting flocks of robins in her front and backward all of the time. I’ve heard people say that these are departed loved ones.

I cast the bones for her, and the spirits told me that her sister who died recently. She was protecting her all the way from the ancestral lands. Because her other sister was hexing her. And that the birds were also signaling a Reaping in her life assisted by her and the animals she used as her Messengers.So a wonderful little creature I would normally associate with Spring and Life in her case was an animal that signaled a Reaping event.

Later I did some more research and discovered that every animal has a shadow side like us. My first thought was duh! Why hadn’t I thought of that? The shadow side of the animal can be a Shadow Totem. Shadow Totems are darker totem guides for a person. Usually an animal you’re scared of. When you see visions of them they’re trying to tell you something.

Sometimes warn you of something. Even nice looking “light animals” have a shadow side. So when doing a Reaping, keep your eyes peeled for a common animal that seems to appear during your purge. It could be anything from the common house fly to a bird or a butterfly. Or even a squirrel or a bee.

Just because you are purging doesn’t mean that you going to have a shadow totem appear.

3) Charging powerful charms or potions.

Specifically those that would feed on this type of magic. You can even make some really powerful holy water using black sea salt. Powders too.

4) Cursing or Curse removal.

Now this, I would save unless I absolutely had to do. Unless it’s someone really bad who needs a hex or a hex that is really strong that must be removed, leave it alone. Because it could go either way. Remember that hexes will grow stronger around this time. Don’t push it.

Now, remember my last posts about Light Restoration and my spiritualist session with John Dee on Friday 13th? It turns out that it aligns with this post very well. I will be writing on this soon. Because all of this has connected. See you soon. Also, here is the Cthonic ritual I do for Hermes.


Except that I don’t cover his image at all. I rather just work with him than shield myself from him.

Recollection in its Proper Time