A Bloodmoon Eclipse for 2022

Sorry to drop this on you friends. But tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th, at 5am Eastern time is a blood moon apocalypse. I have been feeling under the weather and preparing for a whole other Hurricane now. So here are the links for this. The following links came from Witch’s of the Craft newsletter.

Full Moon Rituals You Need To know in 2022

November Full Moon 2022 is also a lunar eclipse and it’s about to get chaotic – here’s what that means for your star sign

Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th

The Beaver Moon and Eclipse

Which Planets Are in Retrograde in 2022? The Chaos Continues

This one comes from Paradise Lost in Santa Barbara, California

This one comes from a very good friend named Purplerays. Titled Full Moon Faery Wish which is an interesting charm to use. I remember reading a similar charm used in England by Witches during the full moon in Gemma Gary’s spell book, The Black Toad.

From Pandora Astrology

Finally, I wanted to share this wonderful image from Andy’s Travel Blog. Andy actually took an image of a bald eagle on a tree branch! I almost couldn’t believe such an iconic image was caught! Take care everyone!

– M

Friday June 3rd 2022 Astrological Report : Rare Alignment of Planets as well as Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune Retrograde

The Conjunction of the Spheres,” The Witcher

I haven’t done these in a while. But I am so glad to have the energy to do it again! So here we are. Tonight is a rare planetary alignment.

Rule of the Gods

From left to right : The Roman Gods Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

This information comes from Magical Recipes Online. Apparently this is a 666 portal. The 6th day of the 6th month of the year resulting in 6 (2+0+2+2= 6). According to the article, these numbers align with the planets on Monday. Now even though the names of the Planets in Western Culture are of the Roman Gods, it could apply to other Gods as well.

For instance in Santeria it would Elegua, Ochun, Shango, Obatala, Iku for Kronos, and Olofi for Uranus. The point is the rulers of these cosmic forces are aligning tonight. So it’s necessary to work with them. To pray to them. To ensure that we can channel these energies for good.

Most people think of using power for themselves. Don’t do that tonight. Tonight think of humanity, the other non human animals, the trees and stones, and soil. The very air in fact. And call for a regeneration.

Ask your Gods whatever blessings they deem you are worthy of.


This number is super misunderstood by a bunch of people thanks to Christian thinking. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have at least one demonic connotation or definition. But most of the time the number is actually positive, image from this video

In China, 666 is the number of Prosperity. It brings great wealth. And many Chinese businesses utilize the number. In conjunction with special shrines to get more customers and make more money. I first learned of this after working in a restaurant for a Chinese business woman here in Florida.

Hell, it’s even used in Gamer Slang in China. And some people pay extra just to have those numbers in their personal phone number or license plate. So starting with that, it’s a vary prosperous number. And will bring blessings to everyone. So perhaps give offerings of six pieces of food, with six candles, and six incense sticks.

It’s a simple offering that can be used as a ritual to focus your intent. And to spread the healing energies and good things everywhere.

It should be also noted that some associate the number 6 with the Goddess Venus and the literal planet Venus (others believe it’s the number 5). Venus rules over love, prosperity, healing, peace, harmony, stability, and fertility. Mercury opens the Road for us. But it’s Venus, who is the second to first Deity in the line up, who brings us these things.


The alignment extends towards the month of June. The best time to watch the alignment of worlds is thirty minutes before sunrise. June is also the month of the highest spiritual light. Because it’s sacred to Juno, the Queen of the Roman Gods. So all of this brings blessings into the astrology.

Astronomically speaking, this type of event hasn’t happened since 2004. Tomorrow, the waning crescent moon will also be a part of the alignment. So now is the time to do all good workings. And let the Gods bless you as they will.

This is on the Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune Reyrogrades

From Pandora Astrology

That’s enough for now everyone. The only thing I will remind you is that the world will become extra liminal. This alignment will thin the veil of it hasn’t already. So protect yourself well. Spirits will try to trick you.

– M

Super Blood Moon, Flower Moon, and Scorpio Lunar Eclipse!

The Moon becomes full at 9:30pm EST

Tonight is the Blood or Flower Moon. Combined with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Here’s some info for you.

All magic will be stronger during this time. For good and for bad. Good and evil spirits wander the places. So beware. Also, pregnant women and women in their periods should not be outside.

According to my Godmother in Santeria, women who are pregnant and on a period are susceptible to spirits. And indigenous witches in Peru actually state that a woman in such conditions becomes liminal during this time. Like a walking doorway absorbing all energy. Wear red strings to avoid the evil eye and harmful spirits. And only be outside to ask for wishes.

Or to do magical work you know you can handle. This is a lot of power accumulated from just a few days. Don’t let yourself get in over your head.

When will the Eclipse start?

9:32pm EST

When will it peak?


When does it end?

At 12:54am and then the moon should be normal by 2:50am

Now is the time to charge charms and holy waters and oils. Necromancy and Astrological magics will be stronger. So will summonings and vanishings. Another good art to practice is divination. But be careful since a lot of nasty spirits will try to mess with you.

More information from Time and Date.com

– M

Major Reaping for the Earth this Thursday : Solar Eclipse, New Moon, & Mercury & Juno Retrograde

Remember when I said the Earth was purging him/herself during this period? I knew it was going to more or less end with the New Moon. But damn, I didn’t realize it would die so hard. Eclipses of any kind bring out the shadow self. New Moons do it to lesser degree in comparison. Retrogrades really bring out the shadow.

This is some serious reaping being done. I hadn’t even realized there was a Juno retrograde in progress. Which is actually worse. Because Juno is the Queen of the Roman Gods. Queen of the Universe.

So everything is backwards. The New Moon which is a time for the dead as well as shadow work, is the sign of Gemini. Gemini being the twin already deals with the duality of the soul. So this is perfect time for Shamanism, Introspection, and anything that requires deeper spiritual insight. Those born under this sign will obviously be effected more than usual.

And of course any dark art including necromancy will be at its strongest now. When I say dark art, I don’t mean evil magics or consorting with demons. I mean any energy or magic attuned to the darker spectrums of energy. Whether it’s talking to the dead, using special forms of divination like a scrying, or calling on the Winter Court of the Fae (Dark Fae). That’s what I mean.

I’m not advocating any form of harmful magic. Though you should be forewarned that harmful spirits, energies, and magics will be powered up at this time.

Now this is sort of a weird one. The bloodmoon was still stronger. But a New Moon with an added Solar Eclipse increases the darker energies of nature. Add in the retrogrades and this is a far stronger time for the emergence of our shadow selves than before. I’m beginning to think that the danger I alluded to in my other blog post was the shadow of the bloodmoon and its aftermath effecting us all.

I suspect that this is another time where the veil is thin. And we may yet see deeper into the other side is coming. So do the same as before. Salt all doors and windows after a cleansing and blessing. Use either dark wards or nature based wards for protection.

White wards for lighter energy won’t do it.

If you’re a Christian it doesn’t matter. Because the cross is a multifaceted system. It is a symbol of nature to some, a chthonic symbol of the dead to others, as well as a symbol of spiritual light. You just need to make sure it’s attuned with special prayers against the eclipse. Specifically mention in your prayers the victory of life against death or Christ against original sin etc..

Recite Psalm 91, the Psalm of Protection. And keep a Bible under your pillow after reading the psalm. You might still have the nightmares or undergo whatever was happening when the bloodmoon got here. But it will go away. In addition to this, we have the Phita Khon Festival from Thailand.

It’s a variation of the Ghost Festival of the Chinese, only more positive. Instead of angry ghosts or dark ghosts, this focuses on happy and positive ghosts. Essentially, the Buddha had gone in a journey for a long time. No one knew if he was alive or dead. When he finally returned, everyone became so happy that even the dead rose from the happiness.

So every year the Phita Khon Ghost Festival is celebrated where people rejoice for three days. They wear ghost masks and party. As well as give offerings for the dead. So this adds both light and dark energy to this time. It is a good time to call on the Buddha and his disciples for protection.

So that’s all for now. Please take care of yourselves. I am going to observe what happens these days as they follow.

Let the light guide you

Dreams of Blood and Gore

Last night was filled with dreams of blood and gore and zombies

It was almost a fever dream. It was an amazing experience actually. I performed a controlled experiment during the blood moon. I used specialized wards to keep myself safe and protected. I performed apotropaic rituals as well.

I protected myself from all malign influences. I prayed to Hermès Khthonios (Terrestrial Hermès, Hermès of the dead). And I asked that I work with the bloodmoon instead of becoming its victim. So I had a very weird almost 80’s horror movie dream. I dreamt that I was younger than I am now.

And I lived in an alternate version of America. where a Zombie apocalypse had already happened. But we were used to them now. We even had high fences to keep the dead trapped inside of their resting places. They only came out at night.

To make it stranger, the zombies couldn’t abide the light of the sun, almost like vampires.

But at night they reigned supreme

The rich had turned their neighborhoods into secure and fortified cities. But the middle class and poor had shit. I was in Liberty City I think. But a much darker version of it. I mean it’s a rough neighborhood in real life.

But it’s Disneyland in comparison to this place. All they had were a few high fences. Specifically around cemeteries to keep the dead trapped in their own areas. But even then, Zombies still made it out in the open. And people had to be on their guard at night.

But despite the dangers, all these little old ladies were still on the street at night, talking like it was nothing. I even tried warning a few of them not to get too close to the fences. They just looked at me like I was getting excited over nothing. I actually laughed when I woke up from my dream. That definitely sounds like real life.

Not only would we adapt to an apocalypse, but we would treat it like it was nothing. That’s what we did to smallpox, and the bubonic plague. That’s what one day we will do to cancer and to aids. It’s not a dream. Science has produced both horrors and miracles.

It all depends on the level of resources and application applied to it. In Cuba for example, they ended mother to child transmission of aids. And they also developed a skin cancer vaccine. Those interested can read about it here. So it is possible, if the US like Cuba, could use science as the only decision making factor.

(Yes I fully realize that sounds weird coming from a Pagan magician that talks to dead people and spirits. But sometimes religion really does get in the way. And science should have its way).

Instead of religion and personal bias, we could have miracles like this available to us. But I got lost in telling my story. The point is, I could see that even with a zombie apocalypse, we would adapt. We might even make it a part of our class system, with the wealthy being the most fortified. And the rest of us making due with a few silly fences.

That’s what this world was like. I remember that I was some kind of young biker. I broke off with my father and step mother and step sister. I turned against them for some reason. In this world, the poor didn’t have cars anymore.

The aftermath of the zombie apocalypse was still very recent. We had to walk in caravans similar to how the ancients did. It was weird, modern in some ways and in others we were right back to how we started.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor by Studio Décollage

A true nightmare scape

It was like a modern retro version of the ancient societies. I met a girl on the road. I knew her. She worked as a waitress but left due to the apocalypse. I grew up with her I think.

We rekindled an old romance and spent time on the road. Hot nights on the street, hiding under rubble to not be seen. Wondering how my family was. It was strange. I smelled like crap too.

This must have been what it was like to live hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Never taking a bath, or if you did it was with regular water. No soap. Nasty as hell. Now imagine that with rotting corpses walking around.

And the police forces were turned into a small army. They were combined with the national guard to protect to middle class and rich. Of course in this world there is just wealthy and poor. The regular police handle the middle class as a militia. National Guard and private mercenary forces handle the rich.

The politicians are at the top of the totem pole. With cities that have everything. The rest of us are screwed. The homeless are divided into two categories. Those who kill and those who are killed.

Some of the homeless formed their own militias. Others either died or became zombies. Those homeless militia became our protectors. We started merging with them. Gone were the days when the homeless were mistreated or even homeless.

They became our own national guard. Street Killers or Slayers is what we called them. After a while they started looking like the picture of the zombie survivor I put up there. The Gangs were all wiped out because they tried using brute force. They thought they could kill them all.

Instead they lost the battle before anyone else did. Which taught the police and other armed forces and even civilians a valuable lesson : brute force wouldn’t do it. We could only win through proper organization. By making fortified Holmes and restricting the zombies to certain areas. The problem again, was that the poor were left to fend for ourselves.

We were the acceptable sacrifice. When we had fortified homes, then we focused on militarization. Slayers wore olive green uniforms or coats. And they made weapons of whatever they could find. Some had smugglers that stole high tech weapons from the official armies and police.

If we were lucky we would bump into slayers. Some were corrupt and others good. But they kept us safe from the zombies. And that had no price.

That girl and I ran away to a Mall that was still operational. It still showed movies and had things. But it had also become a kind of shelter or sanctuary from the zombies outside. Whoever ran this alternate liberty city had ordered the malls and other structures be turned into nighttime sanctuaries. Places of respite for weary travelers.

From Ribbon Around a Bomb

We were excited to be there. She and I were being all romantic. We were in this massive movie theater. About to watch a movie and I was about to slip my hand up her skirt. But I also remember the fear of being there.

Because even in this world, COVID was still a thing. And this place was cramped and filthy. In the end it didn’t matter. Because the girl and I had contracted the Zombie virus. We became the living dead.

Someone had betrayed us. That’s what I was thinking before I completely succumbed to this thing. Someone had actually let these things in. Or maybe even allowed enough of the contagion in here. It was the only thing that made sense.

Maybe they wanted to wipe out as much of the poor as possible. Who knows. I wasn’t even sure who “they” were. I just knew that this was no accident. A few other people got it as well. The last thing I remembered, was seeing a really annoying blond neighbor.

A real Karen. And I said to myself, well I’m a zombie already, I might as well kill her. My mouth opened unnaturally wide. And I took a large chunk out of her flesh. I realized more or less that the virus changes you.

That you can still think. But you aren’t really you anymore. I would never have been so nonchalant about killing someone. I was even worried about old women that were too close to the fences. But now I had no inhibitions.

I didn’t care about killing someone just because I could. Especially if they annoyed me. It was like being drugged. It was all a game to me now. It was some of the strangest feelings I ever had.

A predatory instinct. But not an animal instinct. Animals kill to eat. Zombies didn’t have to eat, they just wanted to. And I felt that we hunted for sport.

We even had a weird telepathic link to one another. Similar to a hive mind but we also had an individual mind. But the hive mind controlled us all. Like a master and we were it’s servants. And with that, the last of my humanity died away.

I ate the still screaming neighbor. I fought hard not to laugh as I was doing it. I now found it funny. And as time passed, I began to lose all of my memories. My loved ones and all whom I cared for.

All of them, gone. My soul was dead and gone.

By Dark Art

And that was it. It was strange. Like seeing an alternate universe. I remember that Shamans used different techniques to attain altered states of consciousness. They would see many strange things and all of it carried a powerful meaning.

Whenever natural phenomena like the bloodmoon happens, we all get a taste of that. I thought it was fascinating. The main take away I get from this is death. The death of the old world of the old life, of a putrid and corrupted society. To be replaced by something else.

I think this was a vision of society as a whole. Not just of myself, but of the world we live in. That’s why it took the form of an altered world. This is how the spirits and Gods view our society. Maybe it wasn’t a mere nightmare vision after all.

But instead a judgement from above of the world we live in now. I don’t know for sure. I plan to do a divination to see if the dream had any practical information for me. Besides the symbolic. So I will be doing a part two of this showing the results of the divination.

But tonight as you close the doors, maybe put some salt on them. You never know what hungry thing could be lurking in the dark. – M

By Dark Zombie

The Full Wolf Moon🐺 Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon🔴 : Walk on the dark side

My calender says it falls Manni’s Day (Monday) the 21st of January. But everyone says it’s on Sunna’s Day (Sunday) the 20th. The truth is, we feel the energy since this Saturday the 19th. The energy is felt three days before and after the actual moon. So whichever day you choose to observe it within this timeframe should be fine.
To Europeans it was known as the Old Moon and Moon After Yule. To some of the Native Americans as the Wolf Moon.

This moon is the cold frost of the old year’s final vestiges dying away. And by the same token the harsh, bare reality of the new year in it’s full manifestation. The Full Wolf Moon, according to other astrologers, causes a person to focus on internal relationships and on family matters. This is true enough since wolves are social animals that hang around in packs. It was said that on this moon, they would usually surround First Nations communities.

Probably to see who would stray far enough away for a meal. I can imagine the scenes playing out before me. Loved ones who held each other tight in the cold. Keeping one another safe from the wolves who came to find food. Armed guards probably keeping watch at night with fire to keep warm and weapons to keep them away.

Watching each other’s backs. Yeah I can definately see how such a moon would cause a person to want to be closer to loved ones. It’s almost an influence of survival. Of barricading oneself at home against all dangers, both real and imagined. I always had the sense that this Moon brings out the inner survivalist in us all.

That it prepares our psyches for threats in the cold. But given the New Year’s reports, I think the threats aren’t just in the cold anymore. This moon is here to wake us all up and prepare us for the year ahead. The Blood Moon I know only too well. This is a Moon that causes a person’s inner fears and dark side to manifest.

Just as surely as the crimson color of nature is illuminated by this moon. At first I was overwhelmed by it. But after practicing what I call shedding or reaping for a while, it became like any other moon. I use my bloodstone as an anchor to keep me balanced while I reap the traits that no longer work for me. It helps me keep my shadow self under control.

Speaking of that, we have the Lunar Eclipse to discuss. The eclipse in a sense is the death of the Moon Deity later to be reborn. This has an influence over the Shadow Self. The shadow self is the part of your soul that contains your anger, resentments, and fears. All the things that need to be cleaned out.

Most of us just shove these things into boxes until we can deal with them later. But as is usually the case, people forget what they surpress. Lunar eclipses bring all of that to the surface. Just not as violently as a blood moon can. The moon represents our souls or psyches.

A lunar eclipse and a dark moon rule over the subconscious. A lunar eclipse causes the repressed feelings of the shadow self to subconsciously manifest in us all. That means : be careful and pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. It will bite you in the ass then and there. Especially with people you love. But don’t surpress your voice.

Figure out what you’re trying to say and then re-word it in a delicate way. That way you get to say what you really want without losing control of yourself. Be honest. Also do Shadow Work with yourself. Meditate and imagine your darker self across from you.

This is you, just another part of you. The angry part. Don’t be surprised if he/she is angry with you. Mine was angry with me because I never listened to him. Eventually, if you’re doing it right, the shadow self is no longer angry.

It only uses passion and aggression in a positive way. It helps one to be peaceful and centered. Your shadow becomes your ally. And you become more centered and focused on your goals. 
You need to ask your shadow how to let go of your anger.

How to get over fears and unbind yourself. Once you do this, you should be fine. You’ll feel lighter and better aligned with yourself. But doing this with a blood moon is unpredictable. So it may be easier for others to do this work in the days after these lunar phases have ended.

Maybe two or three days after. It will still be fresh in the air but not unbearable. So we have the Full Wolf Moon which already bares our realities to the world. We have a Blood Moon (supermoon) which forces our anger and fear out.  And we have a Lunar Eclipse which works with our shadows.

And it starts on a Saturn’s Day (Saturday) which is a day of reaping. It continues into a Sunna’s Day which already contains has fire energy. And finally finishes in Manni’s Day or “Moon Day” which continues to keep it’s power working to perfection. This is shapping up to be an interesting and very long weekend.

Warning : Once the Eclipse starts, the whole world becomes a “thin place”. This means all creation is an in between or liminal space. Like a crossroads or some other sacred place, the spirits will have greater power and influence over us than usual. And both good and evil spirits will be able to enter us if they wish. Once the eclipse starts, go outside to invoke the Gods and benevolent spirits.

Lift up your hands and pray to your higher powers and spirits for good health, abundance, love etc.. But once you are done seal it with a prayer and walk into your house backwards. This is done to avoid spirits following you into your house. Then stay in doors for the rest of the night if possible. If you must go out wait for at least an hour after the eclipse to leave. Pregnant women should not under any circumstance be outdoors during this time.

A child can be born dead, or have some sort of defect from this. Beware,

  • M

Ogum, Orixa Regente (ruling Orixa) of the year 2019 according to Brazilian traditions, with Co Rulers Obá and Oxaguiã

As you remember a day ago, I translated the Letra del Año from Cuba explaining who the reigning Orishas are. Like the Cubans, Brazil also has a major influx of Yoruba slaves as well. They’re religion is slightly different with some similarities. And of course, due to the Portugese language instead of Orisha, it is written as Orixa just as Ogun is Ogum.

To read the Letra go here :


I have found a great article online explaining the roles of all three (with Ogum as the main Orixa in power). It’s interesting to me that Ogun/Ogum is in control this year in both faiths. It’s also interesting to me that in videos, I see practitioners of Ubamda also warning of confrontations and violence. This year has a definate theme of conflict. Without further adieu, the article :


The phone translated the article into English right away. If it doesn’t do that for you, let me know and I will try to provide a translation. – M


Astrology, Spiritual Warfare, and the Hunter’s Moon for this week

This is a picture of South Beach while the Moon is starting to become full. So, the Hunter’s Moon is just one of the many names for it. Thanks to Billie, who’s article is here I learned a few other names. I didnt know the Bloodmoon was the same moon. So why was I at South Beach? I had a Paranormal case that couldn’t wait till the full moon on Wednesday.

Last night, a friend of mine and I went to the Beach. He drove me and aided me through the ritual (sorry for that gigantic mellon you had to carry brother). The mellon was for Yemaya, the Orisha of the Ocean. It was also for Orishas Inle, Oshun, Olokun, and Nana Buruku. As well as Theoi Amphitrite and her husband Poseidon.

The Celtic Goddesses Elen of the Roads, Brighid, and Rhiannon. It was a massive Eclectic working under the light of the nearly formed moon. To make the long story short, the Mother of the family has an asshole ex boyfriend who refuses to leave her be. So he keeps hiring new witches to cast on them. This family is constantly beset with bad luck and bad spirits.

Their dryer almost exploded in their apartment. Glasses and dishes seem to break over nothing. One actually disintegrated with only a large piece still in her hand. And members of the family having broken objects and even birds literally crapping on them no matter where they went. I admit that these things were new for me.

I have never met spirits powerful enough to break almost anything or to make bad luck find a family anywhere. I have heard of it from the Elders in Santeria and Vodoun. Never experienced it. I was crapped on four times in one day when talking to them. The glass of my phone shattered while it was still in my pocket.


I hadn’t even heard or felt it. I stabbed my thumb and bled on one of the pieces. The message was clear : You are not welcome here. Leave or else. Then they found a dried up rose on their door step. After divining and talking with a few people I know, I discovered it was a false funeral.

A funeral ritual for a living person to call the dead to take a living person with them. It opened a gigantic gate which I learned later was effecting the entire apartment complex. So I called on one of my Native American spirits, a strange entity that appears as a ball of light, to aid me. He told me to get my copy of “Six Says” by Aidan Watcher and do a little Bibliomancy. What I discovered was that I had to use this full moon to seal the gateway.

The spirit planted visions in my head of how I was to do it while I read the passage in Watcher’s book about lunar energy and a practitioner. I was told to gather dirt from the four corners of the complex and take it along with a few Idols to the beach. There I had to toss the dirt into the waters with the idols. Thus establishing the Connection of the land to the sea. I took a water bottle to use as a Situla (Pagan holy water vessel) and took ocean water blessed by the Moon’s light.

I tossed the mellon into the waters and filled the bottle. Then somewhere between all of my invocations and spells, an idea entered my head. I have needed to get a stone from the Ocean for my Elegua idol. Every Santero has an Elegua to protect them. My Godfather said I needed a sea stone for my Elegua.

But I have had a hard time finding one. So I began to beg the Deities for the most beautiful stone to give, and I found maybe 5 or 7 of them. When I returned to the complex, I baptized each member of the family in the water, then I poured the waters over each of the four corners. I saw in my head like a flash, pillars of light and sea creatures appear on each corner.  But I felt one of the pillars was weaker.

The one close to the river behind their complex. I realized then : the new witch was using the water to open a door way. Native Americans and other Nations believed since time immemorial that water was a gateway. Even Pen, who was one of my mentors in the beginning told me that water was a conduit for spiritual energy. The sneaky bastard opened a doorway this big on purpose.

What I had assumed was them being fools and accidentally opening a vortex that would engulf the complex by mistake, was on purpose. They didn’t care that a whole mess of people were being effected. My spirits told me to file that away for later and focus on the last corner. Finding the last corner was hard because the fence of the complex is crooked. But I let my spirits aid me in finding the proper spot.

Once I finished it, the beams all grew stronger, even the weakest one. They converged like a geometry equation and met at the center. Walls of energy, so thick I half expected cars to crash. Sea Nymphs appeared and began to chant and speak in a language I did not recognize. And I saw the portal for the first time.

It was Invisible for me until that moment. A huge worm hole or a black hole with blue green light. But instead of pulling things within it, it seemed to be expelling creatures from it. Ugly supernatural entities. It looked like something out of Lovecraft.

At that moment what appeared to me as a tidal wave of energy, swept over the whole complex. It was only after I felt it, and heard in my mind the entities screaming, that I knew it was holy water. Blessed by the Gods themselves. I saw their Astral forms react as if scolding water had blistered them. They all fell back in mass into the gate.

When the last one fled, what appeared to be spiritual bolts of lightning itched in the ground itself formed chains blocking the gate. I was told when the full moon reached it’s Apex the gate would close. No sooner than that. No new creatures  have appeared since last night. The activity in the home has stopped.

Now they’re just having nightmares. I divined again today and my spirit told me that it was the banished entities. Since they can’t appear anymore, the only thing left they could do is disturb dreams. When the portal closes fully, they won’t even be able to do that. They have made threats to the family in dreams if they don’t re-open the gate.

I have told the family to use their Christian prayers and church music. That should be strong enough now to block the dark spirits. I’ve also called upon armies of Poseidon to invade the realms they were sent back to and attack if they persist in causing harm to the family. I believe this will be enough to stop further Activity. Unless called, I’ll be taking a rest until Friday night.

I’ll be planning my attack on the new witch or wizard being paid by the boyfriend. I’m trying to find a way to permanently get rid of them. I’ve avoided doing a counter death spell if only because the ex has children. I’m doing something interesting with Reiki that I hope will do the trick. Anyways that said, your links for this week.

Astrology for this week


How to make Magic Candles with the Full Moon

Hand Poured Candles for the Full Moon

On the Hunter’s Moon this Wednesday


I forgot to add that the Hunters Moon brings out nasty things within our psyches. So you might be prone to paranoia or sudden bursts of anger. Combine that with Venus Retrograde and the Reaping will be an extra pain if you haven’t learned to work with it. Have a blessed week everyone. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to do consultations again after this family.

– M











The Radagast Moment

In the Lord of the Rings prequels, we were introduced to Radagast the Brown. An ardent nature lover, he focuses mostly on animals and plants. In the Hobbit, we see him trying to save a hedgehog named Sebastian using medicine. But no matter what he uses or does, it’s not working. “Why isn’t this working? It’s not as if it’s witchcraft,” and there, in that moment he realizes that it is witchcraft.

The darker kind. He then uses a powerful stone from his staff, along with a chant and sucks out the magical poison from Sebastian’s body thus saving him. This is what I call the Radagast Moment. Realizing finally, that sometimes the reasons things go wrong isn’t just because of nature or bad timing. It’s because there are powerful forces hidden in the background where no mortal dare tread.

Now that statement may seem worthy of a tv series than reality. But sadly it isn’t and I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I remembered a few years ago I even told someone that I believed their illness wasn’t just a regular illness. There’s another blog I follow. The man is a modern Beserker.

The beserkers were Norse shamans who could channel animal spirits in order to gain extra strength in battle. Some stories say they were shape shifters. Well, one day this particular beserker, had grown very ill. And the doctors could find nothing wrong with him. He entered mad space, a sort of shamanic state and was able to purge the mystery illness from his body after two days.

The second day he felt like he was dying. I suspected that whatever it was, had been resisting his efforts and fought back. But after two days it was banished from his body. He was well again. He believed that it was just an infection and that his beserker powers allowed him to root it out and expel it.

I do believe in magic helping the body to heal itself. But the doctors didn’t find anything and there was never a rational explanation for what he had. When this happens, sometimes you need to start looking at the more undefined aspects of life. I told him that he may have been suffering from a hex. Or even an entity that had been causing his illness.

Now, give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m not completely nuts. I understand that just because a doctor or scientist hasn’t discovered the source of a problem, doesn’t mean that it’s the supernatural. What I’m saying is, just because we live in a modern society, doesn’t preclude an issue could be supernatural. Things that were once thought of as witchcraft have now been proven real by science. Such as Biofeedback, the method of talking to the body.

But I digress. When you have a disease, you get a second and third opinion right? Sometimes you check with specialists. Doing that with Occultists is no different. When my godfather in Santeria read me the first time, he discovered diseases that none of my doctors had known about. After being examined they discovered a bacteria eating away at the lining of my stomach and a diaphragm hernia.

Before they had insisted all I had was an irritated colon. Shango had told my padrino there was more to it than that. That I needed to insist on them giving me a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Only then did we finally figure it out. Also, my padrino didn’t know me or my disease history back then.

This was my first meeting with him. He knew all of this and other personal details about me after reading me with Shango. If you suspect something is wrong but your mind keeps telling you you’re being paranoid, tell it to shut up. What do you have to lose by listening to your own intuition? Nothing. But what do you have to lose by not following it? A lot more than you realize.

For some weeks now, I had suspected something was wrong and I intentionally ignored my own intuition. I’m used to the Paranormal method of debunking everything and using straight science. It’s a habit I need to start kicking. Just as it’s bad to think everything is the devil or a bad spirit, it’s also bad when you ignore the signs and still don’t follow them. So now we come to my Radagast moment.

When I started doing my Light Restoration, it set a process in motion. Then last Friday the 13th came which was also John Dee’s birthday, I tried to do a session with him. I called his spirit using my necromancy. I invoked Papa Legba to contact his soul and ask if he would meet with me. I felt an energy of manifest.

It told me that it was one of his attendant spirits. That he was too busy most of the time but that he himself would gladly aid me. I asked my own spirits if this was a good entity and they informed me yes and that he was able to aid me. The entity was invisible to my sight and spoke through a strange empathy. I can only call this “heart speech” he spoke to me with emotions and I interpreted them.

He then told me the source of my problems. Besides my own mundane issues, there was also a person close to the family who was causing trouble. Not just for me but for everyone of us. He wanted to be the source of our attention. So he was sabotaging everyone in my family.

I started thinking back to how it started as one person in my family. Then it was another and another and finally me having issues with money, with success and many other things. It revealed the identity of said person. I performed every divination I knew how to make sure. I didn’t want to believe it. I even asked my godmother in Santeria and got the same answer.

And I started planning on how to expose him. So, I prayed to Nemesis the Goddess of divine vengeance to aid me. I did a Hellenic ritual asking for her aid and for her wrath to fall on the source of the problem (I didn’t say the name of the person). Almost immediately that individual started losing weight, having nightmares, and telling us he felt something in his room just starring at him at night.

Soon our problems just stopped. They didn’t go away, but they stopped in their tracks as if paralyzed. And then they started shifting to him instead. Now he’s going through all of our problems all at the same time. On this retrograde and bloodmoon I have used this work with Hermes to purge the negativity in our lives.

I have asked him to send his spirits to help us remove these road blocks and obstacles. It has taken on the form of bad luck. Just like I mentioned in one of the last posts. Except that upon closer inspection, I realized the retrograde was taking away things that weren’t helping us, and putting us on the path to fixing all of our issues. So with the passage of time, we are getting closer to resolving our problems.

Not everything that happened to us was because of his curse work. It was because his work made problems that were already with us worse. I checked in with the same spirit and he said that before any true restoration of light could happen we need a reaping in our lives. So now I’m working with this retrograde to clean house. I’ve also seen that Mars is in retrograde and Uranus will go into it’s own retrograde as well.

So I need to prepare. I’ll let all of you know more about that later. Oh and here is the scene from the movie.

The Great Reaping

So, yesterday and the day before we had a Blood Moon in a Mercury Retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse. The longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. The Bloodmoon is a phenomenon that happens this lunation where particles in the atmosphere cause the illussion of a red full moon. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be. I haven’t seen one of those in a while even when it’s supposed to be red.

It’s also the Native American Thunder Moon in July. When rainstorms are at their worst. We also have a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Leo. This lends to something that the Blood Moon as well as the Lunar Eclipse is also helping us out with : Reaping. More on that later. So, for those who don’t know, a retrograde is the illussion of a planet going backwards.


When Retrogrades happen, that means that the Gods said planet belongs to; enter their Reaper (God of Death) aspect. Not every God has one, but during a retrograde even one that doesn’t have one is slightly darker. Mercury (Roman) also known as Hermes (Greek) and is the God of business, languages, time and space, trade, and a bunch of other things too. But what he is more famously known for being the Messenger of the Gods. He’s also a God of intellectuals.

So when Mercury enters retrograde all of that goes backwards. It is a time of bad luck for most people. And considered to be the worst of the Retrogrades. You are not supposed to marry during a Retrograde, and do not do any important decisions either. Especially business desicions. You’re supposed to lay low and relax as much as possible.


That’s usually hard to do during a Retrograde. Also, arguments are at their worst. Because speech becomes confusing to people at this time. You think you’re saying one thing but you’re really saying another. Usually things that you’re trying to keep a secret but your subconscious wants it all out.


Or instead of hearing what the person is saying, you’re misunderstanding them. Retrogrades are good for the Shadow side of human beings. The Sasa as the Obeah men and women call it. The fundamental thing you need to know is : Do not start anything new. Retrogrades of any sort are bad for that.

Of course there’s always an exception to the rule. Retrogrades are good for removing mental clutter. For focusing on the things you were trying to do before it happened. In some cases, people find inspiration to get work done. I’m one of those people.

Because I learned how to navigate through retrogrades. How to work with the energy instead of against it. Now I have seen people do some weird shit. Like using curse reversing candles to send the retrograde energy back to the planet (😂). As if the planet gives a fuck. At best you’re just looking like an idiot, at worst you’re insulting the God and spirits of that planet.

That just encourages them to wreak havoc on you. I have seen some creative things however. A Philippine friend uses a Tiger’s Eye, he wears around his neck to absorb or project energy. When Retrogrades show up, he uses a piece of the energy to adapt the crystal to generate an immunity field around him. But, as soon as he takes it off he gets hit.

He solved that issue by placing the same type of stone in his car and home. His house was the only place he didn’t wear it so getting bulkier stones for his home worked out for him. People ask him what the secret to his good luck during Retrogrades are. Little do they know there’s a loud mouth Cuban guy writing about it on his blog. Others use baths or anti retrograde potions.

I do something a little different. I learned it from another Magician who wrote about it on his blog. I do a Cthonic ritual (necromancy) with Hermes through his reaper aspect as guide to the dead. I do this for three nights and I am okay. This allows me to work with Hermes for whatever changes must happen.

Once this is done, I spend the rest of the retrograde in deep meditation and contemplation of my life and where it’s headed. I do meditations and dream work with Herme. I wouldn’t recommend dream work now unless you are ready to see some ugly truths about yourself though. I also carry Hermes guidance and protection with me wherever I go.
After this is done, I always do a Heavenly ritual to welcome Hermes back into Olympus after the retrograde is over.

This is to heal and reverse the after effects. I do like a good spiritual cleaning of my house and animals and myself as well. Not with sage but with holy water. I invoke Lupercus, the Roman Wolf God aspect of Pan for the cleaning. That aspect of Pan drives bad spirits and energies away.

It’s usually done in February (his month) for spring cleaning. But we can call on him whenever. On the Blood Moon : they’re for Reaping. For Shadow Work specifically. For any form of introspection, dark healing, cursing, curse breaking, anything that is of the dark side of nature is what this lunation is for.

That also includes charging really strong charms. Just becareful. I would never charge a love charm under this moon.
You’d either have the worst break up you’ve ever had, or you’ll attract a complete psychopath. Dont use it as an empowerment spell either.

Use this for dark, yet beneficial things. Try to avoid hurting anyone. So what can be done with this?

1) Shadow Work

Shadow work is a really intense and sometimes dangerous Shamanic or semi Shamanic work. In which a person talks to their Shadow self. The dark version of ourselves we all have. This is sort of like a Doppleganger, except it’s only the darkest part. Of course that’s just how it starts out.

Overtime, a witch that knows how to balance their darker self can have a much more balanced shadow. One that isn’t angry at all and that can even be happy.

2) Reaping also known as a Purge. A Shaman once called it a Shamanic Death Purge. What it means is, that you begin consciously and unconsciously destroying everything in your life that isn’t working anymore. Once you do this, you get the dead weight off and you suddenly have room for good and better things. It is an intense and not very pleasant experience at first.

But over time you end up getting better at it. It is a Karmic process of cleansing out the old. So you see karmic shifts in real time. Suddenly people you thought where your friends start leaving you. You get fired from a job.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend leaves etc..so it looks a lot like bad luck at first. But then you start to realize things. Those people who left weren’t really your friends. They kept you around for their own agendas. Maybe they were using you for something.

The most obvious reason is probably money. The job you had? Paid you crap. You were busting your hump off and it was destroying you. Or maybe it said good but it was still destroying you. Working who knows how many hours a day. And in the end you are running on steam, possibly having a nervous break down or about to.

You don’t see your family and friends very often and so on. And this could be causing damage to your body already. You just don’t know it yet. Your bf or gf? Is toxic and leading you down a bad road in life. Getting you into drugs that will destroy your life later.

Or maybe they physically and emotionally abuse you. Or they’re just a lying sack of shit who doesn’t know how to keep their pants on. You won’t know till after the fact. But everything happens for a reason. After the first initial shift, you should be able to weather any future storms.

It’s like Mercury Retrograde on speed. But it’s personally for you. I’ve noticed the presence of underworld animals around me when it happens. Cockroaches, black flies, toads, certain types of lizards can all be agents of the underworld. This means that the Divine is working on your behalf to remove this negativity through these animals.

Let’s say that it isn’t an animal you normally think of as dark. Let’s say it’s a duck or. If you suspect it’s a reaping, you need to research the folklore and legends associated with the animal.
For instance, one client kept getting flocks of robins in her front and backward all of the time. I’ve heard people say that these are departed loved ones.

I cast the bones for her, and the spirits told me that her sister who died recently. She was protecting her all the way from the ancestral lands. Because her other sister was hexing her. And that the birds were also signaling a Reaping in her life assisted by her and the animals she used as her Messengers.So a wonderful little creature I would normally associate with Spring and Life in her case was an animal that signaled a Reaping event.

Later I did some more research and discovered that every animal has a shadow side like us. My first thought was duh! Why hadn’t I thought of that? The shadow side of the animal can be a Shadow Totem. Shadow Totems are darker totem guides for a person. Usually an animal you’re scared of. When you see visions of them they’re trying to tell you something.

Sometimes warn you of something. Even nice looking “light animals” have a shadow side. So when doing a Reaping, keep your eyes peeled for a common animal that seems to appear during your purge. It could be anything from the common house fly to a bird or a butterfly. Or even a squirrel or a bee.

Just because you are purging doesn’t mean that you going to have a shadow totem appear.

3) Charging powerful charms or potions.

Specifically those that would feed on this type of magic. You can even make some really powerful holy water using black sea salt. Powders too.

4) Cursing or Curse removal.

Now this, I would save unless I absolutely had to do. Unless it’s someone really bad who needs a hex or a hex that is really strong that must be removed, leave it alone. Because it could go either way. Remember that hexes will grow stronger around this time. Don’t push it.

Now, remember my last posts about Light Restoration and my spiritualist session with John Dee on Friday 13th? It turns out that it aligns with this post very well. I will be writing on this soon. Because all of this has connected. See you soon. Also, here is the Cthonic ritual I do for Hermes.


Except that I don’t cover his image at all. I rather just work with him than shield myself from him.

Recollection in its Proper Time