The Mourner

I was supposed to have written this account last year. But I was so busy with everything that I couldn’t write a single word. So here I am finally committing words to blog. This happened to my baby cousin. And I was called in to help her.

What I am going to talk about is probably one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had. It even tops the Witch Bird case from a few years back.

Let me start by saying that the term Mourning Women is an umbrella term for a special type of spirit. They are the opposites of the Llorona or Wailing Women, they can be good or bad, human and non-human. The good or at least neutral ones, are always human souls.

Women who for whatever reason have decided to stay behind because they are mourning another person. And they decide they have to perform funerary vigils for that soul even when they themselves are dead. There’s one famous Mourning Woman in Mexico called La Dama Enlutada from San Luis de Potosi, who visits several churches just to pray for the souls of the dead. This class of Mourner are obviously good spirits, and they may even be psychopomps (guides of the dead) who cross them over.

A Mourning Woman ready for a soul. From the fake “Spirit Photography” of William Hope. Still cool though.

However, there’s a second class of Mourning Woman who are demonic. Either human souls that have been demonized in death, or pure demons that have never been human beings. For whatever reason, they enjoy the motif of a mourning woman.

They take this form as a way to mock their victims. These tend to be what Paranormal Investigators call “Soul Collectors”, evil spirits that capture the souls of the dead who have not crossed over, and enslave them. These poor souls from that point on, are bound to the soul collector until someone is able to bind the entity and free the souls. Unfortunately, this was the type of Mourner that was haunting my cousin.

For a few weeks, I started to get a bad feeling about my cousin. The dread slowly began to build. Until I finally decided to text her. I figured I was being silly right?;

Hola Mama, ¿Cómo estás?

(Hey Mama how are you?)

Eh more or less. Hanging in there,”

What’s wrong?”

I keep seeing this woman dressed in black. I don’t know if it’s for real or if I’m going crazy. But I can barely sleep. She’s in my nightmares too,

Now obviously when she said that, I said screw the texting and called her. I asked her why the hell didn’t she pick up the phone and call me. She said she wanted to but couldn’t seem to find the time for some reason.

It should be noted, these beings can manipulate humans into forgetting. Making us too tired to seek help, or making us second guess ourselves. I have no doubt that’s what was happening here. Especially with how fatigued she sounded over the phone.

I got all the details surrounding this spirit. Which wasn’t much. It was just that it appeared seemingly out of no where and didn’t leave. Then my Mom, who doesn’t practice, but has the gift said the name of a deceased family member. A nasty family member.

It’s Leona, she’s there for some reason,”. Now this family member was a witch in life. A bad one. She was my great aunt. Despite all her claims of being an Evangelical Christian, she was well known in our neighborhood and in our family as being a black witch. My mother’s side of the family are full of practitioners. So they don’t go around calling people “devil worshippers” unless they mean it.

They really meant it with her.

In pretty much every culture, when an evil witch dies, they can become these demonic or semi demonic spirits in death, then haunt the living. Some hurt the living by feeding off of their vital energy. Others just seem to be happy tormenting and killing people in strange ways.

They gave her a Christian burial thinking that would be enough to put her to rest. But even before she was buried, she had been causing trouble. Her spirit returned to haunt my cousin’s mother. It had violently pushed her to the ground.

It kept making trouble in her house with Poltergeist activity, all this before she was even buried. My older cousin suspected it was Aunt Leona. But she pretended it wasn’t real. It wasn’t until I told her that the strange activity was was due to Leona’s presence that she finally admitted she wasn’t imagining it. Leona had raised her.

So she loved her, but she also wasn’t a fool. She knew what kind of person Leona really was. Still she had no idea why Leona was attacking her in death. I had to do a major reading and call some of my strongest spirits. In life I’d never dared gone against her.

In death she would be twice as powerful. I didn’t want to face her with just my normal spirits. I conjured some extra help. The spirits told me that Leona had made a pact with something nasty. It was never officially revealed to me what that was.

Faust selling his soul to Mephisto

Not a demon per say, but something else. Maybe something that serves demons. Maybe some kind of mutated spirit. But whatever it was, it demanded one thing in exchange for the powers she sought. It wanted my cousin and her daughter.

At first, because she was my relative, my cousin asked me not to banish her. But to do special funerary prayers for her. Try to pacify her in death. For a few months it worked. But then she came back.

And this time she didn’t come back alone.

She had completely infested the house with scores of evil spirits. Some former humans and others were clearly never human to begin with. It was one room in my cousin’s house. A room, filled with Leona’s old things. It was shrouded in a dark field of energy.

As thick as pea soup even for my sight. I could not see through whatever was in that room. My cousin and her family was physically sickened just by being near it. Something attached itself to a teenage friend of my little cousin, and before you knew it she was being spiritually oppressed.

Again, it was fucking Leona whom I had seen there. With that nasty, smug, smile. Victory was practically written over her face. In death, she looked like she was in her twenties. Not the 80 yr old whom we buried months before.

The spirit was too strong to enter her friend’s body. But via oppression, it gave her enhanced strength. I had to call on the Hindu Gods and the Ancestors to force this entity to release her. She was finally freed. I told them they needed to dump all of Leona’s stuff on a crossroads far, far away from there.

That time, I had consigned Leona to hell in the name of Lord Shiva. I told her to stay there and be judged by King Yama, the judge of the dead. That time, I saw her spirit sucked into a vortex of infinite darkness. Finally she was gone. Or so I thought.

I finally know now why ancient peoples went to such extremes to keep the dead, dead. Putting boulders on their corpses. Placing blades around their necks to decapitate themselves. The whole nine. It’s because of people like her.

The dead who won’t stay dead.

My banishing and binding had worked for a few months to a year. But then, my older cousin died under mysterious circumstances. Without going into detail, we think foul play was involved. But an autopsy showed nothing out of the ordinary.

It was still a strange death though. We think to this day that it was murder. But we could never prove it with forensic evidence. So it was officially labeled an “accidental overdose” and the case was closed.

But soon after, her daughter, my little cousin began seeing that a tall strange women dressed in black mourners clothes was in her house. This happened out of the blue. It was always around her, she was afraid to sleep. Because when she did, this thing was in her sleep.

And as stated above, it was my mother who revealed the entity’s true identity.

Leona herself. But she looked so different. So different in fact that when I saw her in this form I had no idea it was her. I would never have known this was her. She had changed so much, looked so different.

When I saw Leona the first time as a ghost, she was in her younger form. She was 20 years old, dressed in a short black dress, with long reddish brown hair. She would have been beautiful if not for that sinister smile.

But that had been back when I banished her. This time was different. I had sent her straight to Hell where she belonged. Now I could see that the time spent in the abyss had perverted even more than before.

She was taller than she was in life. Unnaturally tall. Her face was covered by a black mourners’ veil. Human no more. Now she was something else.

I kept seeing her in my mind. And I couldn’t shake this horrible feeling. The feeling that if she lifted her veil, the face underneath would be something so ugly. So deformed, that it could scarcely pass as human. But then I had an even worse thought.

What if there’s no face under there? Not all Mourners have a face. The ones who are faceless, are the worst ones. More powerful for some odd reason. I think the ones who are faceless are given a higher authority. Maybe the lack of a face symbolizes the lack of humanity or compassion.

I know this sounds like a horrible thing to say about a relative. But I just wanted her to go to Hell and stay there. Permanently. So I called my cousin and we did a remote ritual together. First I sent her images of my indigenous spirit.

A near identical replica of the statue I have. I won’t take a picture of mine because the spirit inside doesn’t like it. This one was made by Samuel Lightfoot

He’s inside a statue. His soul resides there, I don’t actually know if he’s a warrior or not. I can’t tell. What I do know is he has powerful magic. He must have done many great deeds in life because he has many feathers in his headdress.

Regardless, he has never failed me. I sent an image of him and of a Animal Spirit that he has with him, a separate statue. I told her to look into his eyes and enter and accept him there with her. Moments later, she felt him and his animal appear.

The Mourner formally known as Leona was very angry. She started trying to attack my cousin. Which was a mistake. Both my spirits took the opportunity to absorb her attack and turn it on her. Restraining her in the process, but Leona wouldn’t leave.

Some power was allowing her to stay. So I needed to upgrade to an even stronger guide. I had them restrain her while I called him down. For this I used a sort of Jewish-Christian and Muslim ritual that I devised. All three religions worship the same God.

So I called on my Guardian Angel in the name of Jesus, Enoch, and Muhammad. I drew the symbols of all three faiths with Cascarilla chalk on the floor. And did separate prayers to God for each faith. Then I just sat kneeling and asking Yahweh for help. Yes, Yahweh.

The God El’s incarnation as a God of war. That’s the version of El that Christians worship. Hence why he’s kind of bloody in the Bible. But I digress. I beheld my Angel, he was cold and hot at the same time.

A warm heat on a cold day. But also a refreshing arctic wind on a hot day, an aura that reminds me of the aurora borealis. I told him the cliff notes version of what was happening, and he instantly departed.

When he did I heard my cousin give a huge sigh of relief.

From Fine Art America

This is the closest representation I could get to what he looks like. But his body is weird, he looks like a giant, like a human with the giant disease. That gives them a bigger frame.

His wings are golden and emit a kind of solar energy. But the center of his body emits a white and cold light. When he turns down his bioluminescence for me, I have seen that he looks like a dark skinned middle eastern man. His black hair slicked to the back. His eyes also glow golden.

“I can feel him,” she said as she sighed. “I feel so good right now,”. The Mourner tried to run. But even if my two other guides weren’t restraining her, she didn’t stand a chance. My Angel is too powerful.

My cousin said she felt his presence like a warm wave of positivity wash throughout the house. Like all the trouble and problems she had just washed away under that warmth. He removed her at once. This time for good. That’s what I should have done in the first place.

But I believed my necromancy and my banishing was strong enough to keep Leona down. No matter how strong in life she was. This time she wouldn’t be allowed to return. Since she had such fun in Hell and clearly had a lot of friends, we sent her somewhere else. I asked him where else in the afterlife could she be sent.

He replied.

“Her demonization must be lifted first. That will take some long time. And when it’s done, we can send her into the void of reincarnation. Let her live life times with her karma as judge and jury,”

So that’s where he took her. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let her own sins become a burden to her when she comes back to Earth.

I also requested he stay with her for a week, healing her and removing all bad energy from her. She said she slept good for the first time in a long time. A few months had passed and she encountered another Mourner in her house. She thought it was Leona.

This one was weirder than Leona herself. But it wasn’t her. My guardian is too strong, and the place he sent her is sort of like Jewish Purgatory. Before she is to be reborn. See Jewish Reincarnation.

The Curse of the Faceless Woman,” by Urban Legends Online

I interrogated the entity and discovered she was a familiar spirit to Leona. She told us Leona had worked with Mourner Spirits before. And that’s when they met. Shortly thereafter a pact was formed between witch and her new guide. But this guide like I said before, was strange.

Leona had ordered this familiar spirit to appear as her, to act like her, and to have all her memories. In case one day her spirit would be bound or banished somehow. It was interesting to hear this from her familiar.

That Leona had become so obsessed with immortality, that she ordered her Mourner to become a backup of her. Almost like a clone. Her mind and memories absorbed by another Mourner prior to death. And unleashed the moment Leona was taken out for good. I also learned that she kept setting her free every time I banished her.

Leona ordered her to hurt my cousin. To kill her in fulfillment of some pact. On the off chance that she didn’t finish it herself. I ordered her to tell me who the pact was made with and how to break it. And she told me the name of a Demon whose name I will not repeat.

But this entity is female and well known in Jewish lore. You probably already know just by that. She’s also a demon in ancient Sumer. So I called on the Angels Sanvi, Sansanvi, and Semangelaf to empower my curse breaking ritual. It’s the same ritual for breaking generational curses that I wrote about here.

The curse was broken. But something still felt off. Turns out my cousin still had some of Leona’s belongings with her. A cross or a Bible that turned out to be cursed, can’t remember which. I told her to bury them in a separate crossroads.

After that, the hauntings had stopped. No more Mourners. Everything went back to normal. But that was one of the strongest entities I ever had to banish before and I hope to never see one again.

If you see a Mourner, know this; prayers and the normal stuff you use, won’t work. These are really nasty, and really powerful demons. Even protection spells can fall short here. Because these are the children of that demoness that I won’t mention here. But those three Angels can banish and bind her and her children.

The Mourners serve her, they are a type of hag or demon-witch hybrid like she is. So you’ll need to step up your game if you’re going to face off against one of these beings. That’s why since then I have tried to learn all that I can about fighting them back.

The names of those three Angels and also the names of Adam and Eve can be called to drive her out. Especially when written around a Star of David. Of all the Hags or demon witches I have studied, Mourners seem to be the top tier ones. I don’t know why, but they are.

I will keep you updated when I find better defenses against them. But for now, my cousin is better.

– M

Before the Craft

Image from Parisian photographer, Laure Fauvel

I’m sure by now, a lot of you wonder what life was like for me before the Craft. Well let me tell you, it was so different from now that it might as well have been another person. When I was a child I used to get tormented by an entity I think was a demon. It used to shape shift as my father. In my dreams my dad would be in the open door of my room in the dark.

This thing looked and sounded like my father. Except for his red eyes. In my dreams he’d just laugh repeatedly and sinisterly. And that’s all he’d do. Yet somehow it scared the shit out of me.

At the time I just thought it was weird ass nightmares. I had stranger experiences than that. Including this weird bulbous entity that looked like the monster from the Alien movies. I saw it move faster than my eye could blink. I was out of my room at the time. In the living room.

I saw the pale light from the outside come in through the window. And suddenly I saw this black mishappen silhouette. My God I couldn’t believe it. But I saw it as clear as I could see a person. A friend at school told me that it was probably someone outside the window.

And the shadow was just exaggerated in the light. Yeah, because the idea of someone who could cast a shadow like that, outside my window was so much better. Throughout my Christian life I had strange experiences just like that. I remember this one entity would change the channels on the tv. I got it into my head as a kid that someone must have been screwing with me. Maybe changing the channels from far away using a device.

If I saw visions of things then it was my imagination. I remember I spooked my father once. We were at a building and I described a black shadow person there. In detail I told him what kind of clothing the man wore. My dad told me as an adult that the hairs on his arms stood up.

He got me out of that building fast. I didn’t think it was an evil spirit. It didn’t give me that vibe. I think perhaps it was just a ghost. I also had a vivid dream of a Faerie woman.

Now this spirit was positive. I trusted her right away and for some reason felt like I knew her. My grandma slept beside me. And all the adults never stirred as I spoke outloud. I remember knowing that she had bewitched them to remain asleep.

So no one would hear us both. Because she wasn’t a non-corporeal entity. She was physical. I held her in my hand the way I could hold a solid object. She didn’t look like what people assumed Faeries looked like.

She had no butterfly wings. She wasn’t Irish. She was an English woman in her mid 30’s with blond hair. Beautiful lady. Dressed in gray medieval rags like what bar wenches are depicted as.

She was small though. Slightly shorter than a barbie doll. I had believed it was just a dream. I remember telling wild tales of Faeries at school for a while. Saying they’d visit me at night. My teacher thought I was mentally ill.

My parents said it was Disney Cartoons. But the cartoons never portrayed a Fae in that form. And I think my specific details on what she looked like scared my first grade teacher. Years later, when I studied under my first master, she introduced me to a high priestess. I don’t know why I had bothered asking the older woman this question.

But I told her about the Faerie and asked what she thought. And she revealed to me this was a spirit guide bound to me. And she explained that Fae come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and cultures. I knew her because guides follow you across reincarnations. And what I thought was a “dream” had actually happened.

That’s why it’s still so vivid. But the Sidhe (pronounced she) can fog the minds of humans. Make you forget things. That was my first physical, visual encounter with a spirit. Not a dream or a fast silhouette.

But an actual manifestation. I had other such strange encounters all the way till I became a teen. Later I just buried them in my mind. BecauseBecause I was raised in a fringe christian sect we thought God was giving us “special protection”. And that only Angels and Demons exist.

So when weird things did happen, like invisible entities turning off the tv or things vanishing from one spot and be somewhere else, we always had “logical explainations”. Because God is with us so nothing paranormal can touch us right? Wrong. Everyone, even friends said they felt creepy vibes around me all the time for years. Wiccans and Christians sort of treated me as persona non grata. The Wiccans seemed as bad as the Christians.

Things I’d see when eating alone in restaurants. Spirits can be anywhere,

They just assumed I was some malevolent psychic who would hurt people with my gifts. Or some weirdo incel type. But as I wrote on here in another post, it was a Western Mage, a Romani healer, and a Pagan Witch who helped me. It was later when I became a Pagan magician and entered the Paranormal, that a psychic had told me she believed that most of these weird experiences were entities coming to me as a child. The light bulb in my head sort of switched on.

And I suddenly figured out none of these things were my imagination. Nor dreams or whatever. The three I have mentioned met me separately in the same year. Something higher than me had fixed it so that we would meet. Of that I am sure now.

I was a college drop out, had no job, and I whored around with whoever. I was semi atheist even though I was vaguely aware of my gifts and to an extent used them. Because no one was there to guide me, I would instantly absorb negative energy from other people. They felt better and would seem to shine. But I didn’t know I was doing it.

I would carry the negativity. People saw me as a mirror for their own shadow aspects. And they hated me because they hated that I reflected their darkness back at them. Forced them to see what was inside. Other people would take advantage of me.

They knew I was gifted. So instead of telling me, they tricked me into giving them consultations. I had no idea Itoths a seer or that I could fortell things. They did. I could accurately predict events ahead of time.

All those years I consulted people for free. And I had no idea these lazy bottom feeders were using me as their private crystall ball. In other cases I learned quickly how to turn someone’s negativity against them. These were the more aggressive uses of my powers. The three practitioners who guided me for years taught me to be in balance with darkness and light as well as nature.

And the importance of not letting myself be taken advantage of. As well as how to help myself. I learned that psychic kids, and people in general attract nasty entities. That spirits see who is magical and who isn’t just by our auras alone. We burn brighter than most people.

As well as spirits who need help like ghosts. I also learned from Santeria and IFA that a lot of what I had were evil ancestral spirits. I had ancestors who pacted with dark things. And these things expected me to obey and worship them. Evil spirits hate us unless they can use us.

If they believe a person can’t ever be turned, then they torment them as a child. Scare us away from magic. If you’re greedy they offer you money and whatever else you want in order to corrupt you. But there are also good spirits who will guide and aid you. As soon as I learned how to drive them away I did.

I learned to clean my ancestral bloodline. And to live a happy and balanced life. I’ve used my experience to find people who need help and aid them where I can. Mostly people like me, who are treated like freaks of nature because it’s easier to abandon someone than help them. I do get compensated, but I do this to help people who need the help.

I was trested like I was evil for years. Judged and isolated. So I learned to appreciate the company of the spirits and the Gods. And Elders of various traditions. People say I sound like an old man trapped in a young man’s body.

And it does feel that way sometimes. I don’t feel like I belong here. I feel that I am displaced somehow. Not from reality but from time. Like I took a huge leap forward in eras and I am a confused caveman trying to find my footing.

I don’t know how else to describe it. I think I started blogging here not so much to find clients, but to open up. These are my personal musings. My way of talking to someone about these things because the truth is, I have no one to talk to. My Elders never had experiences like this growing up.

I think it’s because most of them gained power through training. Where as I just had the power on all the time. A natural witch they call it. Or a sensitive. And other Sensitives never experienced things like this either.

Many people think I am crazy or making it up. So I just stopped talking to people about it. Only those who I believe have answers to my questions get to hear this stuff. And now you, random internet people who no doubt think I am crazier than a blind, gay, hipster, Republican. Maybe I just want something left behind for others to use as reference some day.

Maybe one day I’ll find I’m not the only weird one out there. There’s a lot of new agers I think are on acid. People who talk about otherkin, and star seeds, and all this other shit that makes me think of a Jim Jones’s cult. I want to find someone real. And yet I made this damn blog private. I am selective about who reads my inner thoughts.

And this was my life before the Craft. Not before magic. The magic was always around me and in me. But life before the wisdom of teachers. And experience of others to help me find myself and my path.

What better time than the final days of Hallowmas to talk about these things ?

  • M

Werewolf by Ed and Lorraine Warren (Book Review)

While listening to the Phantom of the Opera, I also decided to listen to this book. I finished this one first as it’s shorter. My thoughts as both a book lover and Paranormal Researcher.

The Pros of this book.

For those who enjoy shorter books, you’ll love this. It isn’t quite as long as the others. It took me two days (two hours each) to finish. I listened to it rather than read it. Off the bat, what I like the most is that this story is way more believable than most of their cases.

The Werewolf spirit that possessed William David Ramsey (Bill Ramsey) has basis in Folklore and Pagan magic. Originally, the first Werewolves were people that didn’t transform into wolves physically. They did so mentally and spiritually by channeling the souls of dead wolves or other animals. Or channeling the residual energies of the animals in question to cause a practitioner of shape shifting, to spiritually shape shift into the animal. Which thus causes a mental transformation in the practitioner.

 The final tranformation is the adrenalin rush and the way the person moves and behaves. This fits in with Mr. Ramsey’s possesion. This man was not a practitioner of Were Wolfism. He became entangled with this entity at a young age. I don’t believe he was possessed as a child, because a child can’t get possessed.

But I do believe Mr. Ramsey was Oppressed by this entity when he was a child. That it attached itself to him. And then later entered a possession into adulthood. There are are way more facts and eye witness testimony from Cops he attacked and other people. Including staff in the mental hospital he was in.

So many credible people couldn’t be wrong. He was tested up the wazzo for a “logical explanation” and none of these attempted debunkings ever worked. At one point, some quack doctor tried to say his condition was Alcoholism. Despite the fact that he only occasionally drank and became possessed while he was sober. Bill himself didn’t actually believe that he was possessed by a supernatural force or entity and he tried to get his family away from the media.

So that shows that he wasn’t looking for fame. It wasn’t until Ed Warren told him he was possessed that he first pondered that it could have been Supernatural. So that tells me that he was not a hysterical man given to strange flights of fancy. He was a well grounded individual and so were the members of his family. When Ed Warren first told him he was possessed by a wolf spirit, he and his Wife thought the Warrens were nuts.

But because they had reached the end of their rope, they allowed the exorcism by Traditionalist Catholic Bishop, Robert McKenna. Which proved successful and put a definate end to the phenomenon. 


I am DEFINATELY one of those people who love big books to read. After Satan’s Harvest which was a much longer and complex read, I was left hungry for more of this. Something I found very distasteful, was the beginning of the book. It was laden with all sorts of stereotypes you would expect from people of the Warren’s era. The racist belief of Gypsies having beliefs in Werewolves (Romani people have beliefs about many supernatural entities, but this seemed more based on Hollywood than anything else. 

Part of the book read as publicity for the Warren’s (an issue I find in every book of theres). I get it : they are down to Earth people and look at how amazing their work is blah, blah, blah. But that kind of shameless self promotion leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Imagine me, self promoting myself like that in this blog? Would you bother to read anything that I wrote? I know these were quotes from people who interviewed them. But they could have simply left that out. 

They did have power to remove certain things. All in all, my biggest con beside the shortness of the book is the inclusion of the stereotypes on Werewolves mentioned before. And I felt that more detail could have been added to the book via the perspectives of his children and friends. Perhaps they simply didn’t wish to be interviewed. But I am sure at least a few would have.

That would have enriched this book more. I am also critical of how they handled this case.

1) They assume it was a Demon

Yes it could have been. Wolf-like demons in Folklore abound. However, it’s also possible that this was a Beserker Spirit (human practitioners of shape shifting) or even an actual dead wolf spirit. And it may have been appeased by something less confrontational and violent than an Exorcism. A simply cleansing or a spiritual mass by a medium using certain rites (normally Christian) could have been done to gain more information on what or who was involved in this and why.

The issue could have been solved in England this way. Or one of the many Druids and other spiritual people still practicing there could have handled it in England. Taking the time to get him to America was very dangerous. The entity could have killed him or his wife now that it knew what was going to happen. 


2) With Lorraine’s psychic gifts, she could have asked her Angels and Saints why this spirit choose Mr. Ramsey. So why didn’t she?

She’s admitted to having seen divine beings like Padre Pio before. Why didn’t she pray and ask for answers? To go after a child like that is out of character for most entities. It brings up the question of whether or not the streets he was living in had a nasty history. Or even a generational curse linked to his family. To me, an investigation is not an investigation unless you find a skilled reader to figure out the why of a haunting. Otherwise it could simply stop for years and restart again. 

Or worse yet, jump to someone else. I get they believed things like this are common place because of their belief that “satanic forces operate in our lives everyday”.  But him being targetted as a child is a huge red flag. It was an interesting read. Although sometimes, I found myself a little bored with certain details to really pay attention. 

A good book all in all. It wasn’t as sensational as I would have expected. Satan’s Harvest was packed with some stuff I wouldn’t have believed unless I’d seen it first hand. This book at least was believable. My heart goes out to poor Mr. Ramsey and his family. 

He seems like an okay man. And what the news papers in England did to him and his family is no short of criminal. They should have sued. The only other thing that bothers me is that this exorcism was way too easy. So either it was a weak spirit.

Or, it abandoned Ramsey because the jig was up and it went to someone else. Or perhaps it’s a generational spirit. An entity waiting for a new generation to haunt or cause harm to. 

The Folklore of the Hag and Crone.

Fascinating subjects I’d like to share with you all.

Eric Edwards Collected Works

The origin of the term ‘hag’ is from the Old English for witch or haegtes, which in Middle English is hagge, and is akin to the German hexe meaning witch. The hag is also seen as being derived from the Anglo-Saxon maera which has its roots in ancient German superstition. The term is connected etymologically with the Scandinavian word mara. The image of the crone in fairy tale and folklore is also of a malicious and sinister old woman. Etymologically the word crone ,’ known from around 1390, is derived from the Anglo-French carogue meaning an insult. This in originates in the Old North French word carogne or caroigne which means carrion and is applied to a disagreeable old woman or hag. The crone known as Elli personifies old age in Norse mythology and, in a similar vein, the Baba Yaga crone of Slavic folklore is really a guardian…

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Consultation with the Babalawo

Priests of IFA engaging in Divination

I promised all of you, that I would keep you up to date on what came of the child. I have very good news to share with all of you. Since the banishing of the negative spirits was done, it would seem that her health has greatly improved. She is doing better and for the moment seems stable. However, this also comes with some bad news.

I began receiving visions of a woman, a nasty one. I got the feeling that someone had cursed the child’s mother to cause a miscarriage. That was what I had suspected in my last post near the end. I received confirmation from a medium that I was correct. We combined our powers and I began to perceive two other women. 

The end result is something so horrible that I am not going to post my suspicions here because the family reads my blog. The news was shocking to the medium and the baby’s grandmother. We believe there are three women involved. But who they are we still don’t know 100%. Someone has done a lot of hardwork to cover their tracks and the illusion spells they cast are too strong for us to see through. 

They had formed a coven of three to gain power. And while there is a generational curse, it seems that they had also cast a spell upon the child while she was in the womb. But nothing could prepare me for what the Babalawo I went to informed me of. A Babalawo is a high priest of the Orisha (God) Orula. The God of Divination and Magic. 

One of the highest deities of the pantheon. Babalawo or simply Awo means “father of all things material and spiritual” or “father of the mysteries”. These are the primary diviners of traditional Yoruba faith. We go to them for some of the most complex cases there are. I had decided to go to a special Babalawo that I met less than a month ago.

Tuesday June 11th 2019 Feasts of St. Bartholomew and the Roman Goddess FortunaHour : 3:30pm-4:00pm

The Bablawo who was initiated into IFA faith of Orula in Nigeria, spoke with me and the Grandmother. His master is the head of the Aworeni family, basically the Pope or Dali Lama of the IFA sect. He performed a long series of prayers to the Orishas. After a little under an hour he mentioned a much older generational curse. One that causes strange deaths in the family.

 The Grandmother told us the baby’s grandpa died from a very strange work related accident at a young age. The details are not fully known. I had not seen this. But it made sense. He also mentioned that the state and town the baby’s family has lived in are full of nasty spirits. 

Ghosts of people who have died from horrible diseases and sudden deaths. The Babalawo said that if the child does not leave that area, that it would be good for special idols to be sent. One of Babalu Aye (God of disease and healing) and the other of Orisha Oro to be fed offerings of animal blood. But we explained that the girl’s mother is very stubborn and will not allow such a thing. Oro is a God of Necromancy and the ancestors. 

He is invoked to stop Eggun Buruku (dark ghosts) from harrassing the living. He also punishes criminals. He is served by his cult in Nigeria who have their own woods to meet. This is not an Orisha to call upon for no reason. If he is mentioned by the priest, it means that the spiritual atmosphere of the area must be dark and toxic indeed. 

He also mentioned that the child’s soul does not wish to be on Earth. Her Ori or doppelganger wants to depart to Orun (heaven). This is a common theme in Yoruba faith. There are special magical children called Abiku. They have pacted with friends and family from their previous lives to rejoin them in heaven soon after reincarnating.

That they will only live for a few hours, days, months, or years on Earth and then return quickly to their old family. 
Now, neither he nor I am stating she is abiku. I am just explaining that this is one of the common beliefs about such children. We agreed upon him doing the Ebbo ritual himself here in Miami, Florida. This include one animal sacrifice, food, fruit, and special prayers. 

He will is also sending and preparing a bracelet of IFA and a special soap with herbs inside of it to the child. The herbs will cleanse the child of any and all negativity. The Mano de Orula (Hand of Orula) bracelet will keep her grounded to Earth so she doesn’t pass away. The ritual which was also be video taped so that the family could see the rituals impressed me and them alike. Upon researching the area where the family has lived,  I discovered that there is a history of epidemics.

 Such as typhoid fever, scarlet fever, but most of all cholera. When I told the Medium this, she decided to have a closer look with the angel Uriel. Uriel began sending her visions. She said she saw men and children working in factories with long pipes and black smoke. She also saw people sick in beds. She thinks the two are related. 

I believe these individuals may have died from the smoke inhalation. I personally recieved something about coal factories or coal miners in the 1800’s. After making some inquiries online I found images that seem to coincide with what she saw. It seems to have happened all over that state. Not just the family’s town.

 This took place during the Industrial Revolution. I provided the Grandmother with links showing the historical research. I have asked my Shaman friend Michael Robishaw of Alexandria Paranormal Investigations if his researcher can look up odd deaths in the area. But so far everything the priest mentioned is backed and verified. Including strange deaths even in the baby’s family.

 Michael also did Shamanic healing for the child while all of this occurs. I continued my banishing now to include a Pagan Christian funeral mass for the Angels of Death to cross over as many lost souls there as possible. Finally, today the grandmother showed me a video of Penny and she is becoming a normal baby. Growing fast. You wouldn’t have known that she was ever a premature baby. 

The doctors still have no idea what caused her disease or even why she is suddenly getting better. But it worked. That’s what’s important. The banishing ritual and the funeral mass will continue until the spirits are fully removed. If anything changes, I will keep you posted.

– M

Generational Exorcisms and Summonings

Lucifer as a serpent, deceiving Adam and Eve with the Forbidden Fruit

I had the odd feeling when I wrote my last two posts on Generational Curses that I wasn’t done. But I said I was anyway.

“What else is there to say?” 

Apparently a lot more. I have said this before and I will say it again : mages are masters of nothing. We are all students. Constantly learning, constantly upgrading. I was used to doing the Tree of Life deliverance that I showed you before. Or simply doing a seance to be a peace keeper for the spirits.

Up until now, this has always helped me.
But recently when aiding a family that needed my help, I learned it was time to go back to school and dig a little deeper. The problem was : there was nothing in any of my books or in any online articles that could asist me. Nothing that covered something like this. I had to open myself to the Gods and to the spirits to truly understand what I needed to do. 

New Case : Penny and her family

Information :

Premature child who requires healing. The doctors don’t seem to understand her problems.

Final Analysis : 

Disease accompanied by spiritual draining.

Penny isn’t the child’s real name. Her actual name is hidden for her family’s privacy. Penny was born early and suffers from an unknown illness. Even the specialists the parents in Virginia have gone to don’t seem to know. Her Grandmother who is a long time client and friend of mine called me. 

She asked me to use my faith and my prayers to do healing. I do faith healing yes. But I was apprehensive. After all, would I essentially be giving false hope to the family that I could save the child? The spirits almost at once began telling me that the doctors were incompetent bureaucrats who do the bare minimum. I advised her to take the child across statelines for better care. 

She told me that I was correct. She suffered from Lupus for years and the doctors in Virginia claimed she didn’t have it. Now she lives in Tampa. And there she learned from our Florida doctors that she does have lupus. She is playing catch up with treatment now. 

She also informed me that the mother doesn’t wish to take the child anywhere else. She seems to hang on these doctor’s every word like gospel. Blind faith is bad, whether it’s in religion or in science. The mother cannot be swayed. But the father of the child knows what I do.

 He has given permission for me to at least try with magic. Normally, I concentrate on sending healing energy to help a person’s body heal. At other times I give an offering to the family spirits and even to outside spirits for healing. And like any good Santero or Spiritualist, I do a seance asking for deceased healers and doctors to aid the modern living doctors by influencing them. Psychically conveying to them what the problems are. 

But this time, nothing I did worked. It was like hitting a literal brick wall. So I opened myself to the spirits and they told me to use my bones. For those who don’t know, before we had dice, we had bones. Knuckle bones to be precise, each with numbers or symbols on them.

Over time, it dawned on someone, somewhere to use the knuckle bone game for divination. So each number or symbol drawn on the bones meant something to the diviner. Numerology often playing an important part in this form of divination. That’s where our dice comes from. In my case I use any bone I can find. 

I did find Knuckle Bones in one of the places I do my nature worship in. I placed my blanket on the floor. And there I closed my eyes, did my prayers and cast the bones. Something powerful messed with my divination and I had to do an extra powerful vetting against the entity on the other side. When it started working properly, this is what came to me.

1) Inversion of the Tree of Life

2) Have Faith

3) Be Patient

4) The Symbol for an Animistic Force appeared telling me such an entity was at work here

5) Stroke of Luck

6) Good Luck

What this meant was that a powerful force beyond my understanding was holding on to the girl generationally. Have Faith and Be Patient meant I needed to have faith in the Gods. And to be patient with whatever lesson I was learning. Good Luck was them wishing me luck and Stroke of Luck meant they are with me through all of this. Stroke of Luck also meant I finally more or less figured out of the problem.

So now I understood what was going on. I couldn’t see it because even for spirits, Animistic entities are non corporeal. So for a physical being like me, it was damn near invisible. It is within the girl’s genealogy which means it is so rooted inside her body and blood. 

Not just her energy. And that it had to be extracted somehow. But it’s so powerful that my normal methods of extraction weren’t going to work. I began to pray for answers and eventually I saw visions of me performing an Exorcism. Now before we continue remember : exorcism is nothing more than banishing energy.

Whenever you cleanse yourself with anything, that is an exorcism. It’s a ritual for expulsion of negative energy. That’s it. It doesn’t always mean your throwing sacred symbols into someone’s face and going,

“The Power of Christ Compels you!”

Also, for many ancient cultures and their sciences, cleansing a space of negative energy is the same as exorcising a spirit. Because all energy is spirit. And it is all sentient. So those who trained me always told me the that the smoke bowl ritual or “smudging” is about releasing bad spirits or unhappy spirits away from a place or person. Those spirits could be disease or bad luck.

 Spirits aren’t just ghosts or demons. All energy is a collection of spirits assigned a job by the Great Spirit to do something. The energy keeping us alive right now is also a spirit. So is fire or water or electricity. The baby is not “possessed” by a full on entity with a humanoid form.

Someone who doesnt have a fully developed psyche, like a child or a mentally unbalanced person cannot become possessed by anything. 
They can have an attachment and or become oppressed, but not possessed. And even then attachments are rare for children. Down right impossible for a baby. An Exorcism doesn’t have to be for a possessed person.

What is commonly reffered to as a Banishing, where you exorcise an entity that is in a place or thing is what I was being told to do. The entity was ‘possessing’ the bloodline in the same way a virus or bacteria can infect a body. It was half in the spiritual world and half in the physical bodies and genes of the family. Like a parasite being shared between multiple people. I had to fight it in the spirit world on it’s own ground.

The physical component is whatever genetic illness the family has. Faith healing can’t undo that. Only a secular medical doctor can with time find treatment for such an ailment. Once something becomes physical it is bound to the rules of the physical world. But going back to the spiritual, my work wasn’t done yet.

I needed to see what the hell I was fighting. So I did a special Muslim conjuration. It’s a spell that a Muslim Pagan once taught me. It invokes Allah (God) and the Holy Prophets. As well as all good Jinnis to reveal the entity via a black scrying mirror. 

I use a holy white candle for the light. But this thing fought me even there. 

“I command you to show yourself now either in the mirror or by some sign or omen. Obey me by the Prophets and by Allah Almighty,”

I saw a single green eye. And then I realized that whatever it was, must have been so big that only an eye would appear in the mirror. The candle kept swaying by itself and burning my red cup filled with water. It partially melted the cup from the side. I thought I had failed.

 Except that when I started cleansing my instruments which included the Cup. It was then that I noticed something way off. As you can see by these pictures, the candle left a letter “H” through it’s wax. I took a picture and waited till the next day when my mind was fresh. Then I cropped the “H” to see it better. 

That’s when I saw it. Part of the “H” looked like a serpentine dragon. And later I also noticed after showing it to someone else, that part of the wax looked like a human throat. The girl kept choking and vomiting her formula. She has esophagus issues. 
The ritual worked.

The entity had been forced to reveal itself via an incantation as I had been taught. So I began to research, what kind of Dragon entity looks like a snake and it’s name starts with a letter H? I kept going crazy looking it up. Then something did appear in the search. The Hydra, and it clicked with me. A similar entity had haunted the baby’s grandmother before.

Both a dragon and appearing as a throat

I also got the feeling that someone in the family was worshipping this thing. A warlock who uses Greek Magic. But they serve malevolent spirits rather than the Theoi (Gods). As time went by, the spirits revealed more things to me. I began to see that someone not only was working for this creature, but that a pact had been made : power, for a life.

Specifically that the “weakest” in the family would be sacrificed. The girl is a premature baby. That counts as weak for a predator. The entity was trying to kill the baby before her time. And someone else was getting power from this.

Someone in the family who knows about it and actively serves it. Now I knew what I was dealing with. I attempted a banishing first via a summoning or sending as we call it in Santeria. I called upon a powerful spirit. Gave him the appropriate offerings, and off he went.

He destroyed a large force of spirits. And as he did this, the girl got better. She stopped choking as much. Not a huge improvement but at least stable. 
Unfortunately I eventually learned that it wasn’t enough.

I needed to actually exorcise this thing. I didn’t have a choice. So what I had to do first was to fast, pray, meditate, and purify. Several cultures believe in fasting or denying themselves worldly pleasures to become spiritually pure. Even Jesus said that some demons can only be driven out through fasting and prayer.

This could be by becoming hungry or simply not eating rich foods. Eating bland foods instead. And drinking only water. Eating only enough to be full, not over eating. Spending time in spiritual contemplation in a holy place, mine is nature.

I would meditate and pray to the Gods asking them for answers. Then finally, I would purify with Zeus Meilichius or Meilichios (easy to be entreated or accessible one). Soldiers in ancient Greece who went to war, came back with miasma (negative energy). To be clean and not to bring conflict home, they needed to purify with Zeus Meilichios. Only then could they enter the city.

Otherwise they could bring pestilence or bad luck, conflict or even dead soldiers with them. I would bathe in holy water with cascarilla and confess my sins to Meilichios. Asking him for forgivesness and sanctity. I would feel lighter and whatever I was feeling guilty about left me. Then and only then would I engage in exorcism.

I would take a Cascarilla chalk and draw a cross to represent both Christianity and Pagan Gods symbolized by the cross. And I would say,

“Protege mi energía,”
(Protect my energy)

This was to shield me from negative attacks. I would invoke my spirits and ancestors and call up a protective force to keep me safe and to aid me. Circles and other such protections power the sorcerer up for magical aid. It isn’t just for protection, but for the wizard or witch to gain power for a ritual. I took a small statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe with a rosary around it.

 I began invoking the queens of heaven in Mary’s name. I also invoked the divine female spirits of all realms. I invoked several different heroes and guardian spirits of the family including my own. Asking Mary to empower them for battle. And night after night, I would feel something, not an energy per say, but a feeling of spiritual righteousness. 

I felt safe, secure, and confident. The entity sent erotic dreams with women who spoke English backwards. It tried to get me to masturbate or become aroused to break my fast. I prayed against it. At other times it tried to get me to eat before the exorcism making my hunger worse. 

I just offered up the hunger to Mary as an offering. They have done all they could to mess with me. But to no avail. It took three nights. I asked for whoever worshipped this thing to be handled by the Gods personally. I was happy that it wasn’t powerful enough to take a month to banish or cast out.

Sometimes it takes two weeks or more. But every once in a while, there are entities that can be banished in just three days. Each time I was given Revelaciones (Revelations). The Gods and holy spirits revealed to me that I needed to heal the girl with an Ebbo. Now, everyone has a different opinion about what an Ebbo is.

 Some say it’s only an animal sacrifice. And that a small food offering is actually an Adimmu. Or an Ebbo is a larger offering with food. But in the end all are a form of Ebbo or sacrifice. Now that the exorcism is over I am going to speak with my Godparents and ask which Ebbo is needed.

Although I have an idea already from divination. I think it will be an Ebo Ti Abo. That’s a special offering where you ask for an Orisha (Yoruba Deity) protection from danger. It’s done for people with life threatening illnesses or jobs that are dangerous. I think I know who among the Orishas is the one needed for this too.

I will ask them if they wish to do the Ebbo or if they believe I should do it. I may be an aleyo but I am no stranger to magic. 
I also have a slight suspicion about something concerning the girl. But for that I need to wait until all rituals are done. I will keep all of you posted.

But I hope this new post also sheds light on how certain generational curses must be removed.

– M

The Healing of the Family Tree for Generational and Karmic Curses

I promised I would share my ritual for breaking Generational Curses. I forgot to mention that this ritual also removes regular karmic curses as well. A generational curse after all is just a mutated form of karmic curse. So long ago, I decided to just make one ritual for both curses. The ritual is divided in five parts :

0. Preparations : Meditating and becoming ritually pure.

1. Bowing to the Infinite by praising the Taijitu and the Ouroboros.

2. Calling the Master of Keys

3. Connecting the Family Tree, to the Tree of life.

3. The Aqua Vita (water of life).

4. Sealing the ritual and leaving it in divine hands.

Long ago I made a pact with a Native American Deity. I won’t say who it is. What I will say is that in exchange for my worship, I asked for the power to break any curse. This Deity accepted and now through them I have learned how to break down even the worst spells. That is my master of keys. 

A gatekeeper from the Srivaikuntanathan Permual Temple

The being I call upon to preside over my rituals. Basically, my master takes control of the ritual before I do anything. As long as this God is in control, nothing and no one can mess with the ritual even if I am compromised. The Deity also keeps me safe and protected. Even guiding my hand during the rituals.

That way I know exactly what to do. This God is the one who taught me this ritual. You’ll think it’s weird because the things in here aren’t native. But this Deity told me that some things trascend cultures, she used what I already knew to do this. So before you do anything, you need to decide who your master of keys will be. Will it be the Buddha? Jesus? Isis? Nemesis? Will it be a Saint perhaps? Or even a regular spirit who is powerful enough to break the hex. 

Sometimes people have Guardian spirits who are powerful enough to break a curse. You can if you wish, add more than one master of keys. Make the ritual your own. For while this is what sas revealed to me, it’s flexiable. When that has been decided, you’ll need a few things.

 For one, you need to know exactly what you are removing. Is it generational or a straight karmic curse? How did it start? Why did it start? Is there an entity or entities involved? If there is, you need the names. While you could just say “remove all curses both generational and karmic” and I am sure it would handle the weaker ones. But the stronger ones will remain. You need to be specific.

Which is why traditional healers always do a divination first. Once you have learned from a specialist why you have such a curse, you can take action. And even then you should ask what action? Because as I mentioned in my last post, full rituals aren’t always needed. If a God or spirit was offended, sometimes you can get information on what to do to appease them. Which will effectively kill the hex.

Other times all you need to do is a simple candle or incense prayer. Then ask whoever you believe in to remove it. Curses are not all equal. If you absolutely need the removal of a curse through this ritual, then and only then should you proceed. This is a Gnostic inspired ritual so it holds elements of various cultures. 

Ingredients :

1) A potted plant or tree, the size doesn’t matter

2) The symbols of the Taijitu or Ouroboros on a plaque or pendant.

Or a pencil or some other tool to draw the symbols. You could use eye liner or a sharpie. The type of writing utensil doesn’t matter. 

3) A vessel for holy water 

4) An offering of some kind. Such as, but not limited to : bread, candies, tea lights, incense sticks, or even a decoration for the tree or plant. 

You can also add anything else you wish to add. You can have a prayer book with you. You can have images of Gods or saints or a spirit that is your friend. You can be as creative as you wish. Once you have all of these things, it will be time to do the ritual.

Part 0 : Becoming pure

Cumdeamor, commonly reffered to as ‘bitter melon’ has magical and medical properties. An example of physical and spiritual Purity.

Now is the time to become cleansed of all negative or old energy. Not only in the physical sense, but in the spiritual. This is important because it will allow you to open a channel with the divine. You must clear your energy by clearing your mind. Connect to the energy of the divine.  

You can do this by meditating with your master of keys. Call to that person and ask for guidance. Close your eyes, sit crossed legged at the foot of a tree somewhere and visualize that being. Ask them to help you prepare. Once you have felt them and heard them, it’s time for confession.

Confess any sins you may have committed. If you haven’t done anything sinful enough to confess, then use a special prayer. You can get your iPod and listen to mantras. You can also just go on YouTube and find a prayer you like and begin visualizing water, or fire, or even air or earth cleansing you of any worldly energy. You will know when you are ready for the ritual. 

If you fall asleep, good for you. That means you achieved a level of spiritual calm. So you were purified through sleep. You should fast and not eat when you do this ritual. Only drink water. 

You can eat two hours before the ritual if you like. But eat light, such as fruit, vegetables, or bread. Drink water and only water. You should not do anything sexual either. Not even kissing someone or masturbation. 

This is meant to be a sacrifice to purify you. Not to mention Jesus who I view as a mighty Magician, said this is very good for rituals. He mentions that some spirits are so powerful that one needs to fast and pray to cast them out. Also, other cultures including the Native Americans point out that fasting and purification allows one to be clean from the inside out. And that the person retains more of their personal energy when doing it. 

Which has the effect that a ritual becomes more powerful. And generational and other karmic entities are very strong. You’ll need all the help you can get to face them. Once you feel that are you ready proceed to the next step.

Part 1 : Bowing to the infinite

The Taijitu or “dark bright” the original version.

Magicians like me are usually seen as masters of witchcraft. However, more often than not, we are just students of the divine. Like other witches, we are constantly in tune with the natural energies around us. So we all bow to the divine or to the infinate. I first learned that term from a Hindu friend.

There are some amazing things in our world. In our universe. So you need to mentally and spiritually prepare for opening up to all of that. Let the Earth and the Universe be your guide. Now, if you are using a tree rooted into the ground, you should have pendants with the Taijitu (yin and yang symbol) and the Ouroboros (the serpent who eats his own tail). 

One is infinity and the other duality. Place the pendants onto the tree roots as a decoration. Or if you are using a small potted plant, draw the symbols on the pot. One in front and the other in the back. Or you can print the symbols out and resize them to be able to fit on the pot. 

What I used, was this candle holder. It’s in the image of an Evergreen Tree for Christmas. The Evergreen has powerful magics within. What it does is purify.
I drew the Taijitu inside the Ouroboros on the bottom of my tree of life idol.

Then you can cut them out and glue them to it. It’s up to you. Be as creative as you want. All that matters is that you believe. Once you have done this, feed the tree holy water that you blessed with your own prayers.

You have to bless it yourself. It can’t be done by a priest. The whole point of this is to connect to the divine through faith. It’s you opening yourself up to whoever you believe in to give you the power to bless the water. You can even bless the bottle itself to automatically bless the water when it is filled.

It’s not you doing the blessing. It’s your master of keys. You are being used as a conduit for the blessing. Once this is done, bow before the tree as a form of acknowledgement. The word “namaste” means “The divine in me bows to the divine in you,” so acknowledge the tree as a divine being.

Not just a decoration in the ground, but your equal in creation. Sense the spirit inside of it. Sense it’s wisdom. And ask it in your own words to become another master of keys and aid you in your ritual. Once that is done, you should feel a strange spark, an invisible energy field connecting you to the tree.

You may even see it in your mind as a green field of energy. This is the life force of the Earth. When the spark finishes or stabilizes you will feel it. And now you are ready. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a potted plant or a tree. What matters is the faith and the love you share with that entity. 

Part 2 : Calling your Master of Keys

At this point I would call my Deity. But in your case you would call in whoever you have chosen to guide you. Sit under the plant or tree or right next to it. Or in front of it by facing that direction and sit cross legged. Now you call out to the master of keys. 

Ask this person to help you remove the hex on yourself personally or on your bloodline. With the information you have, briefly explain to your situation to the master of keys. Obviously, they know already. The point is that in magic you have to request for the help and be specific with what you need or want done. However, if you need help with what to say, here is a guide.

Practice Statement

“Oh holy spirit/God/saint name here I ask for your holy intercession in my affairs. I am suffering from a Generational/Karmic curse. It started when explain the situation here (when you’re done explaining move to the next line).  I have bared myself to you. I have denied myself food and any drink that is not water in your honor. 

 And I have denied myself other pleasures. I pray thee divine master of the keys name here, do not ignore my plea. I need your help to remove this curse. Please drive away from me this horrible pattern/spell,”

If an entity or a witch or God was involved say the next part. 

“The God/Demon/unknown witch if name here has bewitched me and my line. I call on you name of masterto set us all free. To cleanse all of our karmas and energies from highest to lowest. To break these dark patterns and codes in our very being. Even those patterns that have become luck, destiny, disease, or any form of misfortune both worldly and unworldly alike. 

Great name of master I call on you to remove these and all other harmful things from me and mine. Heal us as you see fit. If there is anything I do not know or have forgotten to add, please add it to this ritual. In your name (or in the name of a Deity if you working Amen/Mote it be/Aho/Ashe or Ache etc..

You can even say Namaste or whatever other word you wish to use as a prayer seal to remove the curse. If it is just a karmic curse also add,

“And as my karma is cleared, may it not pass down to my relatives. Free them as well,”

That prevents it from becoming generational to someone else. You should feel the powers working on your behalf now. Something strong aiding you. When you feel that it’s done, move on. 

Part 3 : Reconnecting the family tree, to the tree of life

Now this is a very interesting concept. I was taught by a Kabbalist once that each of us carries a part of the tree of life. Similar to the concept of namaste. But we can become disconnected from it sometimes. By our actions or by sins or baleful energies that head our way. 

A Christian spirit once told me that we all carry a piece of the tree of death too. Also known as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But this tree is parasitic. It binds us to past sins and the curse of death. When a person has a generational or karmic curse, that tree grows powerful in the person’s karma or line. Basically, imagine a weed growing near a tree or a garden. 

Like a dead vine and weed piercing each ancestor and descendant and spreading suffering to new generations. To kill the tree of death, one needs the tree of life. Each bloodline has it”s own trees and rivers and other things. In the world of the dead I have seen ancestral spirits with lands they created for themselves.
I have seen beautiful afterlifes that people’s ancestors live in.

Not just a heaven in the skies but in many ways a Heaven on Earth. And likewise, I have seen people on the other side live in the spiritual equivalent of a waste land. 
Like a broken down neigboorhood. Or a third world country or even a frozen cold mountain. People huddled together in caves for warmth.

But I digress, every family has a main power center. A Tree that is a small clone of the original tree from the beginning of time. You must call on your master of keys to guide your soul to the lost lands of your ancestors. Sit down and visualize the master of keys and say,

“Master name here, I ask you to show me where my original ancestral tree is. Not the one full of sin, but the one full of grace.”

Then wait for the master of keys to show you that place in your mind. They will be guiding your spirit to that place. At first you may have trouble finding it or seeing it. Particularly if something negative is in your way. Pray against the negative energy and your way should be free again. 

Once you finally see it, you may see it not as dead but in a state of disrepair. It may need special care. So now sit crossed legged beneath this tree and pray to your master of keys. 

“Oh good spirit/saint/God name here, I pray for you to please show me how to reconnect this poor seedling to it’s mother tree once more. May those abandoned and scattered seeds find their way home again, Amen,”  

You should feel strange rush of energy. As if something within you has awakened. When it stops, you should know within your own heart what you need to do. Then just do it. Reconnect your tree to the Tree of life in a visualization however you have been told it need to be done.

If it’s a karmic curse on you, imagine your Karma as a large tree and do similar prayers.

Part 3 : The Aqua Vita

Depictions of the Alchemical child are numerous in ancient texts. This image reminded me of that.

Soon you will feel the power of the Tree of Life flowing inside your bloodline. Once this is done, it’s time for the mass purification using the water of life. In the world of the dead, visualize empty river beds that became dry long ago and pray to the master of keys.

“O divine name of master please intercede on our/my behalf with the Goddess Ganga Devi. Let the Living Waters flow through these empty river beds. Make them all teem with life eternal. And may the dead, even those sleeping in death or those in torment for sins be awakened and free. Let them be bathed in holy water and washed clean.

Let them partake of the waters of life and be refreshed. May the past be forever washed away. May all pacts and promises, may all guilt and crime, may all the mistakes we/I have made or harm sent against us/me by others be washed away now. May all the bad karmas be washed away. May everything impure be now made to leave.

And may all bad spirits also be washed in the water of life and put to rest in the mother trees roots. May anything negative be forever removed from us body and soul amen.”

Even ancestors trapped somewhere nasty will be set free. Unless they committed sins that were too great or some other circumstance that is beyond our control. If that is the case you may want to do a consultation with me. Ganga Devi is the Goddess of the River Ganges in India. She has the power to free even the most evil souls from Hell.

Part 4 : Sealing the Ritual

To end everything, you should have some kind of offering ready to serve the master of keys. Both of them since the plant or tree is a part of this as well. For the tree/plant you are using the holy water you blessed to feed it. Once that is done, give the other offering (candles, food etc..) to the master of keys you choose at the beginning.

Then say

“Holy Masters, thank you for this great work you have done with me and for me. I ask you now to take control of the rest of this ritual. I now leave it in your hands and as I feed you both this offering, may you both now feed my ancestors and guides on the other side, Amen,”

If it’s actual food leave it outside somewhere in nature. And it’s done. Even if you made a mistake, the masters of the keys will handle it all. In many cases the loss of negativity will cause a “healing crisis” where things get worse before they get better. This could be a flu like sickness, “bad luck” which is actually your karma reforming etc..

If it does happen to become too intense, give another offering to the master of keys. Explain that it’s too much and you need help baring the load. They will help everything slow down and things should improve. However, if that’s not the case, contact me for a consultation. If you have any questions contact me. 

– M