The Healing of the Family Tree for Generational and Karmic Curses

I promised I would share my ritual for breaking Generational Curses. I forgot to mention that this ritual also removes regular karmic curses as well. A generational curse after all is just a mutated form of karmic curse. So long ago, I decided to just make one ritual for both curses. The ritual is divided in five parts :

0. Preparations : Meditating and becoming ritually pure.

1. Bowing to the Infinite by praising the Taijitu and the Ouroboros.

2. Calling the Master of Keys

3. Connecting the Family Tree, to the Tree of life.

3. The Aqua Vita (water of life).

4. Sealing the ritual and leaving it in divine hands.

Long ago I made a pact with a Native American Deity. I won’t say who it is. What I will say is that in exchange for my worship, I asked for the power to break any curse. This Deity accepted and now through them I have learned how to break down even the worst spells. That is my master of keys. 

A gatekeeper from the Srivaikuntanathan Permual Temple

The being I call upon to preside over my rituals. Basically, my master takes control of the ritual before I do anything. As long as this God is in control, nothing and no one can mess with the ritual even if I am compromised. The Deity also keeps me safe and protected. Even guiding my hand during the rituals.

That way I know exactly what to do. This God is the one who taught me this ritual. You’ll think it’s weird because the things in here aren’t native. But this Deity told me that some things trascend cultures, she used what I already knew to do this. So before you do anything, you need to decide who your master of keys will be. Will it be the Buddha? Jesus? Isis? Nemesis? Will it be a Saint perhaps? Or even a regular spirit who is powerful enough to break the hex. 

Sometimes people have Guardian spirits who are powerful enough to break a curse. You can if you wish, add more than one master of keys. Make the ritual your own. For while this is what sas revealed to me, it’s flexiable. When that has been decided, you’ll need a few things.

 For one, you need to know exactly what you are removing. Is it generational or a straight karmic curse? How did it start? Why did it start? Is there an entity or entities involved? If there is, you need the names. While you could just say “remove all curses both generational and karmic” and I am sure it would handle the weaker ones. But the stronger ones will remain. You need to be specific.

Which is why traditional healers always do a divination first. Once you have learned from a specialist why you have such a curse, you can take action. And even then you should ask what action? Because as I mentioned in my last post, full rituals aren’t always needed. If a God or spirit was offended, sometimes you can get information on what to do to appease them. Which will effectively kill the hex.

Other times all you need to do is a simple candle or incense prayer. Then ask whoever you believe in to remove it. Curses are not all equal. If you absolutely need the removal of a curse through this ritual, then and only then should you proceed. This is a Gnostic inspired ritual so it holds elements of various cultures. 

Ingredients :

1) A potted plant or tree, the size doesn’t matter

2) The symbols of the Taijitu or Ouroboros on a plaque or pendant.

Or a pencil or some other tool to draw the symbols. You could use eye liner or a sharpie. The type of writing utensil doesn’t matter. 

3) A vessel for holy water 

4) An offering of some kind. Such as, but not limited to : bread, candies, tea lights, incense sticks, or even a decoration for the tree or plant. 

You can also add anything else you wish to add. You can have a prayer book with you. You can have images of Gods or saints or a spirit that is your friend. You can be as creative as you wish. Once you have all of these things, it will be time to do the ritual.

Part 0 : Becoming pure

Cumdeamor, commonly reffered to as ‘bitter melon’ has magical and medical properties. An example of physical and spiritual Purity.

Now is the time to become cleansed of all negative or old energy. Not only in the physical sense, but in the spiritual. This is important because it will allow you to open a channel with the divine. You must clear your energy by clearing your mind. Connect to the energy of the divine.  

You can do this by meditating with your master of keys. Call to that person and ask for guidance. Close your eyes, sit crossed legged at the foot of a tree somewhere and visualize that being. Ask them to help you prepare. Once you have felt them and heard them, it’s time for confession.

Confess any sins you may have committed. If you haven’t done anything sinful enough to confess, then use a special prayer. You can get your iPod and listen to mantras. You can also just go on YouTube and find a prayer you like and begin visualizing water, or fire, or even air or earth cleansing you of any worldly energy. You will know when you are ready for the ritual. 

If you fall asleep, good for you. That means you achieved a level of spiritual calm. So you were purified through sleep. You should fast and not eat when you do this ritual. Only drink water. 

You can eat two hours before the ritual if you like. But eat light, such as fruit, vegetables, or bread. Drink water and only water. You should not do anything sexual either. Not even kissing someone or masturbation. 

This is meant to be a sacrifice to purify you. Not to mention Jesus who I view as a mighty Magician, said this is very good for rituals. He mentions that some spirits are so powerful that one needs to fast and pray to cast them out. Also, other cultures including the Native Americans point out that fasting and purification allows one to be clean from the inside out. And that the person retains more of their personal energy when doing it. 

Which has the effect that a ritual becomes more powerful. And generational and other karmic entities are very strong. You’ll need all the help you can get to face them. Once you feel that are you ready proceed to the next step.

Part 1 : Bowing to the infinite

The Taijitu or “dark bright” the original version.

Magicians like me are usually seen as masters of witchcraft. However, more often than not, we are just students of the divine. Like other witches, we are constantly in tune with the natural energies around us. So we all bow to the divine or to the infinate. I first learned that term from a Hindu friend.

There are some amazing things in our world. In our universe. So you need to mentally and spiritually prepare for opening up to all of that. Let the Earth and the Universe be your guide. Now, if you are using a tree rooted into the ground, you should have pendants with the Taijitu (yin and yang symbol) and the Ouroboros (the serpent who eats his own tail). 

One is infinity and the other duality. Place the pendants onto the tree roots as a decoration. Or if you are using a small potted plant, draw the symbols on the pot. One in front and the other in the back. Or you can print the symbols out and resize them to be able to fit on the pot. 

What I used, was this candle holder. It’s in the image of an Evergreen Tree for Christmas. The Evergreen has powerful magics within. What it does is purify.
I drew the Taijitu inside the Ouroboros on the bottom of my tree of life idol.

Then you can cut them out and glue them to it. It’s up to you. Be as creative as you want. All that matters is that you believe. Once you have done this, feed the tree holy water that you blessed with your own prayers.

You have to bless it yourself. It can’t be done by a priest. The whole point of this is to connect to the divine through faith. It’s you opening yourself up to whoever you believe in to give you the power to bless the water. You can even bless the bottle itself to automatically bless the water when it is filled.

It’s not you doing the blessing. It’s your master of keys. You are being used as a conduit for the blessing. Once this is done, bow before the tree as a form of acknowledgement. The word “namaste” means “The divine in me bows to the divine in you,” so acknowledge the tree as a divine being.

Not just a decoration in the ground, but your equal in creation. Sense the spirit inside of it. Sense it’s wisdom. And ask it in your own words to become another master of keys and aid you in your ritual. Once that is done, you should feel a strange spark, an invisible energy field connecting you to the tree.

You may even see it in your mind as a green field of energy. This is the life force of the Earth. When the spark finishes or stabilizes you will feel it. And now you are ready. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a potted plant or a tree. What matters is the faith and the love you share with that entity. 

Part 2 : Calling your Master of Keys

At this point I would call my Deity. But in your case you would call in whoever you have chosen to guide you. Sit under the plant or tree or right next to it. Or in front of it by facing that direction and sit cross legged. Now you call out to the master of keys. 

Ask this person to help you remove the hex on yourself personally or on your bloodline. With the information you have, briefly explain to your situation to the master of keys. Obviously, they know already. The point is that in magic you have to request for the help and be specific with what you need or want done. However, if you need help with what to say, here is a guide.

Practice Statement

“Oh holy spirit/God/saint name here I ask for your holy intercession in my affairs. I am suffering from a Generational/Karmic curse. It started when explain the situation here (when you’re done explaining move to the next line).  I have bared myself to you. I have denied myself food and any drink that is not water in your honor. 

 And I have denied myself other pleasures. I pray thee divine master of the keys name here, do not ignore my plea. I need your help to remove this curse. Please drive away from me this horrible pattern/spell,”

If an entity or a witch or God was involved say the next part. 

“The God/Demon/unknown witch if name here has bewitched me and my line. I call on you name of masterto set us all free. To cleanse all of our karmas and energies from highest to lowest. To break these dark patterns and codes in our very being. Even those patterns that have become luck, destiny, disease, or any form of misfortune both worldly and unworldly alike. 

Great name of master I call on you to remove these and all other harmful things from me and mine. Heal us as you see fit. If there is anything I do not know or have forgotten to add, please add it to this ritual. In your name (or in the name of a Deity if you working Amen/Mote it be/Aho/Ashe or Ache etc..

You can even say Namaste or whatever other word you wish to use as a prayer seal to remove the curse. If it is just a karmic curse also add,

“And as my karma is cleared, may it not pass down to my relatives. Free them as well,”

That prevents it from becoming generational to someone else. You should feel the powers working on your behalf now. Something strong aiding you. When you feel that it’s done, move on. 

Part 3 : Reconnecting the family tree, to the tree of life

Now this is a very interesting concept. I was taught by a Kabbalist once that each of us carries a part of the tree of life. Similar to the concept of namaste. But we can become disconnected from it sometimes. By our actions or by sins or baleful energies that head our way. 

A Christian spirit once told me that we all carry a piece of the tree of death too. Also known as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But this tree is parasitic. It binds us to past sins and the curse of death. When a person has a generational or karmic curse, that tree grows powerful in the person’s karma or line. Basically, imagine a weed growing near a tree or a garden. 

Like a dead vine and weed piercing each ancestor and descendant and spreading suffering to new generations. To kill the tree of death, one needs the tree of life. Each bloodline has it”s own trees and rivers and other things. In the world of the dead I have seen ancestral spirits with lands they created for themselves.
I have seen beautiful afterlifes that people’s ancestors live in.

Not just a heaven in the skies but in many ways a Heaven on Earth. And likewise, I have seen people on the other side live in the spiritual equivalent of a waste land. 
Like a broken down neigboorhood. Or a third world country or even a frozen cold mountain. People huddled together in caves for warmth.

But I digress, every family has a main power center. A Tree that is a small clone of the original tree from the beginning of time. You must call on your master of keys to guide your soul to the lost lands of your ancestors. Sit down and visualize the master of keys and say,

“Master name here, I ask you to show me where my original ancestral tree is. Not the one full of sin, but the one full of grace.”

Then wait for the master of keys to show you that place in your mind. They will be guiding your spirit to that place. At first you may have trouble finding it or seeing it. Particularly if something negative is in your way. Pray against the negative energy and your way should be free again. 

Once you finally see it, you may see it not as dead but in a state of disrepair. It may need special care. So now sit crossed legged beneath this tree and pray to your master of keys. 

“Oh good spirit/saint/God name here, I pray for you to please show me how to reconnect this poor seedling to it’s mother tree once more. May those abandoned and scattered seeds find their way home again, Amen,”  

You should feel strange rush of energy. As if something within you has awakened. When it stops, you should know within your own heart what you need to do. Then just do it. Reconnect your tree to the Tree of life in a visualization however you have been told it need to be done.

If it’s a karmic curse on you, imagine your Karma as a large tree and do similar prayers.

Part 3 : The Aqua Vita

Depictions of the Alchemical child are numerous in ancient texts. This image reminded me of that.

Soon you will feel the power of the Tree of Life flowing inside your bloodline. Once this is done, it’s time for the mass purification using the water of life. In the world of the dead, visualize empty river beds that became dry long ago and pray to the master of keys.

“O divine name of master please intercede on our/my behalf with the Goddess Ganga Devi. Let the Living Waters flow through these empty river beds. Make them all teem with life eternal. And may the dead, even those sleeping in death or those in torment for sins be awakened and free. Let them be bathed in holy water and washed clean.

Let them partake of the waters of life and be refreshed. May the past be forever washed away. May all pacts and promises, may all guilt and crime, may all the mistakes we/I have made or harm sent against us/me by others be washed away now. May all the bad karmas be washed away. May everything impure be now made to leave.

And may all bad spirits also be washed in the water of life and put to rest in the mother trees roots. May anything negative be forever removed from us body and soul amen.”

Even ancestors trapped somewhere nasty will be set free. Unless they committed sins that were too great or some other circumstance that is beyond our control. If that is the case you may want to do a consultation with me. Ganga Devi is the Goddess of the River Ganges in India. She has the power to free even the most evil souls from Hell.

Part 4 : Sealing the Ritual

To end everything, you should have some kind of offering ready to serve the master of keys. Both of them since the plant or tree is a part of this as well. For the tree/plant you are using the holy water you blessed to feed it. Once that is done, give the other offering (candles, food etc..) to the master of keys you choose at the beginning.

Then say

“Holy Masters, thank you for this great work you have done with me and for me. I ask you now to take control of the rest of this ritual. I now leave it in your hands and as I feed you both this offering, may you both now feed my ancestors and guides on the other side, Amen,”

If it’s actual food leave it outside somewhere in nature. And it’s done. Even if you made a mistake, the masters of the keys will handle it all. In many cases the loss of negativity will cause a “healing crisis” where things get worse before they get better. This could be a flu like sickness, “bad luck” which is actually your karma reforming etc..

If it does happen to become too intense, give another offering to the master of keys. Explain that it’s too much and you need help baring the load. They will help everything slow down and things should improve. However, if that’s not the case, contact me for a consultation. If you have any questions contact me. 

– M


This is an account of my earlier novice years in my 20’s. Back when I was an idiot and was sure I could take on the world like Superman. It has to do with a very evil spirit that tries to lure people into places to harm them. I was staying over my Godmother’s House at the time. She’s my teacher in Santeria.


This is an Afro Cuban religion. Think of it as similar to Vodou, but different. Her son is my best friend. I met her through him. I would stay up late at night to binge on movies and shows online.

Specifically anime, he introduced to death note and in later years persona. It was about to be 3am and I was going to leave. But my Godmother kept trying to convince me to stay the night. I was like “Madrina chill out, I only live a few blocks away,” She kept saying no because it was 3am and we live near many crossroads. Crossroads are gateways into the realm of spirit.

Doorways into the otherside. And 3am is the Hour of the Beast. It’s when black witches and their demons are at their strongest. I knew this already.
But I was cocky. I already had a few exorcisms under my belt.

I was used to dealing with nasty stuff in the paranormal. I figured I could handle it. Plus I had my medicine pouch. It was something I based off of European charm bags and native medicine bags. A real medicine bag is something only a Shaman carries.

And it’s large, almost the size of a purse and worn like a vest in the front of the body. Made out of buffalo hide. It is used to carry several objects that the healer uses to do his magic. My other master, a Medicine Woman from Connecticut was already training me at the same time. She encouraged me to be creative.

So I tried to think of a way to have a Medicine Bag with me that didn’t draw attention. I didn’t need an enemy witch knowing I was protected. Nor did I need people coming up to me to touch what I had. I also needed something light to carry with me for everyday travel. A sort of eclectic invention of mine.

I kept magic charms inside it, they were everyday items and it was small and could fit in my pocket. I was stubborn and told her I was too tired to sleep on the couch. Besides I needed a good had.ovr first. When she realized that I would not be disuaded she finally let me go. I imagine she probabaly prayed for my protection.

So being the fool I was, I thought she was just being overly cautious. After all, we’re witches for goodness sake! Spirits should fear us, not the other way around (Forgive my arrogance my Gods). Yes, we should not fear them or give power to malignant entities of any kind. However, I soon learned that neither should one be overconfident in his or her power either. I walked the road anyways. I was used to seeing spirits around her part of the neigboorhood.

My side doesn’t have as much activity. I think it’s because her home is literally on one of the corners of the Crossroads. I’ve had random dead people try to follow me home sometimes. People so lucid and vivid I almost thought they were alive. One time it was a dead Spanish man.

He wore jeans and a yellow shirt. I even saw his facial features. I am half way down the road, when I hear what sounds like children crying. It was down the other side of the road which was full of shadows. My first instinct was to run down there.

Because it sounds like children. My instinct is if it’s a kid or an animal, go protect it. But no matter what I did, my feet stayed glued to the street. Not physically, but psychically. Some emotion connected to self preservation was keeping me trapped to the spot.

And try as I might I could not will myself to move. It was then that it dawned on me that my Angel was stopping me. Yes my literal Guardian Angel. So I asked with my mind,

“Why are you stopping me?”

He answered me with a voice that sounded like the deepest thunder. As if it were both echoing through the skies and in my skull at the same time.

“Because that thing is not a child,”

Naturally, that statement made me go numb. Sometimes when I’m really shook, I will feel like my stomach is a lump of coal. Or a cold streak is up my spine. This time it was the cold. I could only contemplate what entity was so strong that it could make physical noises in the air.

Because I was sure it was actual physical noises being made. Not psychic. I can normally tell though there are spirits who can fool anyone. I felt his energy begin to manifest behind me. Helping me stay calm as he always does.

I started to turn back to walking home. And the voices of the ‘children’ started turning angry, and distorted, and demonic. But I ignored it. These creatures are called Calling Spirits or Calling Ghosts. They aren’t always ghosts.

They could be faeries, demons, or just really strange spirits from other realms. People think demons are the only evil spirits out there. They aren’t. And contrary to Disney, there are faeries out there that prey on humans for pleasure or even food. Not all of them are like that, but enough that even a faerie should be approached with caution. 

A Caller is an entity that changes it’s voice to mimic a child, man, or woman in distress. Sometimes they pretend to be animals. This is to lure people into dark alleyways, or a lonely spot in the country side, or abandoned places. They either kill or possess you. Or just follow you around to haunt you for the fuck of it.

They can even sound like people you know. That’s why my grandma told us that when spirits call out your name, you shouldn’t answer. Because you don’t know if it’s good or evil or what intentions it might have. And to be wary even of people you think you know calling out your name until you see them. Answering is seen as an invitation to mess with you.

It grants a spirit some level of authority over you. I turned to walk home again but that entity followed me halfway there. I knew then that I had to do something. Otherwise it might follow me into the house. I turned around to look at it.

I only did it because my Angel was behind me acting as a buffer between us. You should never turn around to look at any spirit unless you have protection from another. Otherwise they can hurt you. It looked like a black sphere of energy the size of a beach ball. Just floating off the ground. I took out my medicine pouch.

I opened it and I took out a small piece of red brick. I used it as a red chalk. I drew a cross with an eye in the center. In Mexico, its called the “Eye of God”.  I said a prayer. I can’t remember exactly what I said now.

But I ordered it by the power of the symbol on the side walk and he who empowered it, to be bound and not be able to follow me further. I was going to walk away but my Angel spoke to me through feelings and had me add,

“Even if you can break free, you cannot cause me harm,”

Now I placed my red brick piece back inside my pouch and in my pocket again. I walked back down the road until I reached my complex. I saw my security guard there and we started talking like usual. Then he stopped and looked at a spot in the dark where there were bushes. I looked and we both saw what appeared to be a woman in a sort of 1950’s blue dress.

Like what house wives would wear. 
I shit myself because something was eerie about her, just standing there facing the bushes. He started to call out,

“Señora, ¿necesitas ayuda?”

(Ma’am, do you need help?)

And without thinking I blurted out,

“Don’t talk to it! It isn’t human,”

He just looked at me like I was crazy. I thought that it was a woman that got possessed by that thing. Inside myself I was like “great I’m gonna have to do another removal.” It didn’t occur to me that it was strange for someone to wearing a dress of that fashion. Or to be wearing it at 3:30am. It’s only now that this particular detail comes to mind.

Instead, ‘it’ because I still don’t know what I saw, turned around suddenly and there was a black hole where the face should have been. And as suddenly as “it” stood there, it suddenly vanished before we could even have a full minute to truly take in what we saw. It all happened in the blink of an eye. He started freaking out. And I began to go on my phone and look up St. Benedict’s Prayer.

We spoke the prayers several times till we both felt okay. Just seeing bad spirits can give a person bad energy. So, I figured a prayer for protection and cleansing would help us. After we were both cleansed, and shielded with prayer, my Angel spoke in my mind and I felt a warm, safe, energy. He told me that it was gone.

He knew it would break free from my binding and that’s why he had me end the spell with “even if you escape you can’t harm me,” I had the guard look up prayers and he calmed down too. But the next night, he didn’t report for duty. He quit. And a series of guards would take on the shift and leave until the final guard we have now stayed. I think it’s because he and his family are Santeros like me.

So he had his own protections. I wondered if the other guards saw that thing too. Because for a while security was always vacant here. And that’s my story. I did eventually relate these events to two YouTubers.

I was too lazy to write about it until last night. Before them and this post, it’s never been shared before. Neither one of them ever added my story to video. I think maybe they both thought I was crazy when I shared my story. I mean, what else do most people think when you tell them you talk to spirits and do witchcraft? That you’re fucking insane of course.

So here I end my tale. I don’t know why, but I wanted this damn story out. As a way to clear air. The moral of my story is : don’t be arrogant. Pride is what brought the Devil down and almost took me down that night.

But my faith and my Angel didn’t allow this thing to cause me harm. It was only by the grace of the Gods that I am safe and sound today. Because now I realize, those guards kept seeing it because it kept visiting my complex until roughly a few months after the event had taken place. But thankfully I never saw it again.

– M

Witch Bird

I promised all of you that I would write about what happened with my last client. So here is what happened. It takes place with an ex-girlfriend who called me out of nowhere at four in the morning. Now when I first started out, I used to get calls all the way from Hawaii at that time to help people. But it had been a while before someone had actually contacted me at that hour.
Both my dogs rolled over and looked at me like ‘Do you really need to have that thing on at night?’ I got up, saw the time, I walked in the dark to my desk to pick up the cell.
 “Um, hello?”
“Manuel? Is that you?”
Manuel is actually my middle name, but she’s Brazilian and has the strange habit of calling me Manny or Manuel. She’s one of only two people I let that slide for.
“Yes…. it’s me. Can we talk?”
“Can I take a piss first?”
She started laughing instead of sounding like a train wreck. That was good at least. So, after I did that and washed my face awake; I got a little annoyed and picked up the phone.
“Mija, why are you calling me at this hour? New York has the same time zone as Miami. Are you drunk? Or did someone die?”
She said something in Portuguese which I assume was her cursing me out, then said,
“You know I never drink.”
“So, is somebody dead? Because that’s the only explanation I can think of for waking me and my dogs up.”
“You still sleep with them in your bed?”
“Hey! Don’t insult my fur children.”


She made that annoying throat noise when she tried to hold a laugh in, then got quiet. I really didn’t understand the late call but she asked,

“Have your consultations fees changed?”


“No, same price as always.”

That’s when she started telling me about a friend of hers who had a creepy ex that was stalking her. Guy was a mean drunk from Tennessee that people said was a “witch”. Now in the American South, specifically people who practice Appalachian Mountain magic or Powwow from Pennsylvania, a witch is not a healer like me. To them, a witch is a Satanist. And if he or she is a Pagan, they fall under the same heading. And by “pagan” they mean any non-Christian faith.

I study and practice Powwow and Appalachian folk magic as well, I’m still a novice at it. But I have never subscribed to that ignorant Christian bias about witches. The word witch comes from a variety of backgrounds in Europe. But the most accepted origins state that the word comes from English and German. The brothers Grimm actually believed it came from the German word “wikkōn” (sacred).

Others claim it comes from the word hægtesse or “hedge rider” which is the original version of the word hag. For we ride the hedge or intersection between this world and the next. Regardless, even though what a lot of these folk healers in the mountains and in Pennsylvania practice is magic, they don’t see it as witchcraft (confusing right?). Instead they view it as an extension of God’s power. They view what they do as something separate and witchcraft as always black magic.

Her friend lives in one of these old Southern areas where they still practice the ways of their ancestors. She started to suspect this man was a (Black) Witch sometime after dating him. Gabby told me that he had the uncanny ability to know what she was thinking.

“So, he’s intuitive, that could be anything. Lots of people are good at figuring other people out, especially when you date.”

“She says that he sends something to spy on her.”

That one made me stop. “Okay, start from the beginning.”

“She says that after she stopped answering his calls, a crow would just show up in the night or the day and spy on her through her window.”

“Animals often do things like that. A lot of local animals do that with my neighbors.”

“Yeah but it doesn’t even caw. It doesn’t look for food, and it’s there whenever she doesn’t answer his phone calls,”

I looked at my nice, warm bed and thought “fuck my life.” I really wasn’t in the mood for this shit. However, if something happened to this woman later on I would never forgive myself. Gabby wouldn’t either.O

“Okay, give me a few hours.”

After hanging up with her. I got dressed. Put on my Key Charm. And then I took a Lyft over to one of the local cemeteries on Flagler street. I waited till it was open after dawn.

Got some breakfast, bought a few offerings and I pretended to go there to “grieve”. I dropped nine coins at the gate for Orisha Oya for her blessing. After I got in, I left food under a Tree. Then I walked the cemetery going deeper down into it. People mistakenly believe that you need to do this at night. The dead are active all the time.

The offering was for the Ghede or Guardian of the Cemetery (Haitian Vodou). I’m not an initiate but I know enough to ask the keeper of the dead for permission to talk to someone there. After leaving the food and a cigar as well as pouring a libation of rum over the tree, I let myself be guided by the Ghede. “Protector the Dead, child of Papa Ghede, reveal to me the dead who will answer my questions,” I walked deeper and finally found three Graves that called me to them. A family grave.

Two parents and one child. I felt a deep sadness that made tears run down my cheek and then realized it wasn’t me. It was residual. I started using the Key Charm I consecrated to Papa Legba to shield. The sadness left me.

I sat down with the flowers as an offering, pretended to be praying, or rather I didn’t pretend. I was calling on the family to rise and speak to me. Their spirits rose. I didn’t see anything, but I felt them. I felt them ask what I wanted and I sent the feeling to them that I would aid them if they aided me.

A nice old lady walked around me with her granddaughter and said, “Pobre Niño,” (Poor Boy). She thought I was in prayer for my family. As bad as I felt I might as well have been. I think all three of them died in an accident. But I can’t be sure.

I just felt them having a normal day. Nothing special. Mother was conversing with the father about what they needed to buy. I think groceries. Kid was playing with a toy.

Then, suddenly, someone plowed into them. I am not seeing any of this. Just feeling it. Feeling the extreme shock in my chest like a bullet. One minute you’re going for groceries or whatever, next minute you’re dead.

It happened quickly. None of them felt it. They were in the dark void somewhere. They didn’t know where they were and hadn’t figured out that they were dead. Or that it was 2018 and not 1980.

It was sad. They felt my sadness. They asked what was wrong and I replied again with feeling rather than thought,

“Nothing, I just need some help. Think you can help me find answers?”

“What do you need?”

The feeling came from the woman this time.

“A lady is in some kind of trouble. But I don’t know what. Can you take a look for me?”

I realized the strangest thing. The way they saw me in the spirit world was that I was a lost child. They thought they were alive and helping out someone’s stray kid. I suddenly saw the family in detail. I saw the little girl too.

And I could hear them and talk to them. And I realized that this was limbo, because the void was gray and stormy with a ball of light behind the clouds that looked like the sun in the air.

“¿Qué necesitas papi? ¿Estás perdido?”

(What do you need Papi? Are you lost?)

The woman cuddled my face close to her and for that moment I almost cried in my physical body. So sweet and so kind. They should never have been taken from this world. I realized how I needed to do this.

“Tengo miedo, creo que el nuevo novio de mami es un hombre malo. Creo que está haciendo magia negra. ¿Cómo puedo saberlo?”

(I’m scared, I think Mommy’s new boyfriend is a bad man. I think he’s doing black magic. How can I tell?)

I felt so dishonest doing it like this. But they saw me as a child, and I knew then that if I told them the truth they wouldn’t believe me or they would have a violent reaction. I needed to wait till afterwards. The woman looked through my mind. It was weird, like someone using the internet.

She ignored everything else and then finally found the piece of information she needed. She used my ex as a connection to find the young model and her ex. She pulled free of my mind and she asked her husband for help. He held her hand and then we were Astral projected from limbo to the girl in question. She has nice curly dark red brown hair.

Pale skin with a dimple. Beautiful. She had that Southern style accent that I had only heard a few times in my life. We had gone across time and space to see her sleeping. This couldn’t have been happening right then and there.

I saw her going to sleep scared every night. I felt her heart beat extra fast like a cardiac arrest. And by her window was that crow. Only it wasn’t the poor crow. The animal was being used as a vessel for something else.

It was entering her dreams at night. Giving her nightmares. It fed her fear to the man. Like her fear was nourishment for him. Then the crow stopped, it looked around as if it felt someone watching it.

And I heard a man’s voice say,

“Ain’t polite to stare right?”

I saw the thing smile with human teeth and we were suddenly back in limbo. The little girl looked at her Mom and said.

“Mami, ¿qué fue esa cosa fea?”

(Mommy, what was that ugly thing?)

I already knew what it was; the parents as well, they just weren’t going to say it in front of the child or me because they saw me as a child. I interrupted and said,

“Do you want to talk to my older brother about it?”

They shook their heads yes. I prayed to Legba to send a spirit who looked like the child me, to play with the little girl and to change my form to my adult self. I sent the children away to play. I asked what was wrong and they told me. The woman spoke to me in English this time.

“That man is a Satanist. The thing he has with him is a demonic helper. We used to hear of things like that in Cuba all of the time. In the old days, my grandma used to say that the helper was an extension of the witch’s soul. It’s always done with a pact. You need someone strong to break this from your mother. Maybe a priest or a Babalawo or…”

“A Palero” the man interrupted, “A good strong Palero,” The woman didn’t like the suggestion, but she nodded.

Palo Mayombe is a religion originally from the Congo area in Africa. The Slaves brought it to the Americas. Palo is a Spanish word for “stick” because of the magic sticks they use. Most people have a nasty opinion of them because a lot of people misuse the religion. Of course I have seen Christians misuse Christianity for a long time.

Killing or maiming in the name of Jesus. I told them I knew someone who could help and they seemed to sigh in relief. The woman told me to talk to him fast or my “mother” could die or go crazy one day and kill herself. I prayed to Legba again and asked him to open a gateway to cross them over. He did, and it looked like the mirage of a supermarket.

“Sorry for taking so much of your time, I need to get my brother home. Weren’t you going to get a few things?”

The woman looked like she had a sudden revelation. Like it was the most important thing in the world for her to remember. The man suddenly snapped out of it and remembered too. They had come for groceries. How could they forget? I asked Legba to guide them to the gate.

They walked towards it and the little girl said bye to me. They entered as if in a trance, the image became a huge gateway of light. Like a reverse black hole. A hole in time and space that was gold and white and just felt clean and pure. And suddenly it blew up into light and I was back inside my body.

I snapped out of it. My body had slept while I did this. Or maybe I didn’t sleep but simply entered a trance. Whatever it was, I reached out with my energy to see if they were there. But it was all gone.

The pain, the sadness, all of it gone. No trace of anyone having ever inhabited that grave. A truly dead grave is what I call it. A grave that is just a grave. Devoid of anything else.

There might as well have no longer been bodies inside of it. If a black witch had tried to steal the bones or bind their spirits now it would be useless. You can’t do that with someone who has crossed and if you do, it goes bad. It rebounds on you. Crossed Souls only return when they feel like it.

I learned that much right away. I had my answer, an actual demonic familiar. Jesus. This one was old school. I noticed how hot it had been and that the sun was up higher than before.

I was gone for maybe two, or three hours? I left the cemetery and asked Oya to close the doorway stating that my business was now concluded. I walked across the street to the same bakery and ordered some food. I also ordered a water bottle. I went to one of the trees in the back and used the water to cleanse and ground with the tree. Then I drank some of the water and poured the rest of it on the road to expel negativity.

After taking another Lyft to go home I still felt dirty. Like Limbo was so impure that I needed a spiritual bath. I cleaned with lavender and sea salt and bathed. Then I took a nap. I needed it.

When I woke up it was 1pm. I did my day to day chores and then decided to research what kind of Demon that could have been. When you know the identity of the creature being used it helps you know who the pact was made with. Then I remembered what the dead woman and man had said: Get help. I called in Roberto.

He’s an older Santero from Cuba. He practices something a little different though. He was like my grandma, a sort of Eclectic Santero. That’s a term I invented for older white Cuban families that mixed different religions together with Santeria. They used Palo and heavy doses of Spanish Witchcraft in their Santeria.

He had a guardian that was of Palo Mayombe, given to him by his teacher. However, he wasn’t a Palero. Like my grandma he mixed various African religions and even the Order of Arara (Cuban Vudu) together with Santeria and European witchcraft from Spain. These are small families that do this. Not a whole new religion or anything. My grandmother knew how to do it because she was related to slaves who married their former masters once slavery was abolished in Cuba.

They put their knowledge together. It was taught to her that way. I suspected something similar for Roberto’s heritage. My actual Madrina from Santeria had known a woman from a similar background. She used a dead Gypsy and would gaze into a black scrying mirror to know things.

I let my research go and went down stairs to knock on his door. He answered and I walked in. I told him the whole story and with those serious pale blue eyes he said.

“Yes, we have animals and other creatures that help us out in our faith. My Godfather had a dead dog. He gave it to me in a pot and said it would protect me. And he does. That’s who I call on to fight for me. But this man isn’t a Cuban, is he?”

I shook my head no.

“Okay cause I was about to say, that doesn’t sound like Santeria to me. That sounds like pure diabolical shit,”

I had to chuckle at the way he said it and I asked.

“Will you help me out? We can split the profits,”

He smiled and told me he’d have done it for free. But I always give people their due. I asked what we should do now, and he said it was time to ask his Animal Guide to look into it. Now at this point I need to censor what happened: One, because he had to perform a ritual that is secret and I swore to not divulge it and two, because even if I could speak on it, I have no idea what he was saying or even the significance of the things he did. He spoke not in Lukumi, because I have heard that language before but in another tongue altogether.

I knew it was of African origin but that was it. He took the Pot out and I saw the Guide. I will not be too descriptive now because all of this is to be kept as secret as possible but the animal spoke to me and asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to know the identity of the creature that cast me out of the woman’s bedroom. He showed me an image of a monster with three heads: The head of a man, a raven, and an owl.

He showed me a seal for summoning the Fallen and I knew it had to be a Goetic Seal. He told me the man made a pact with this creature for money specifically, but that it can be called upon for other things as well. The Guide told me that Owls were special animals gifted in Astral Projection. And that the entity was partially inside the man, using him as a vessel sometimes but most people didn’t know or realize that. This was because the man needed the charisma to be a good businessman and it allowed the Demon more access to the human world by using the person as a doorway.

It gave him unnatural powers. The entity becomes a raven when it’s going to torment someone, and a man when possessing a human. The three-fold nature of the beast. It takes these many forms to mock the Trinity he explained. I wondered if it could be possibly in an owl but it told me not to worry.

Roberto left me his entity to care for me. It followed me back up the stairs and I started researching demons that took on the appearance of those two animals, a man and “demon of wealth” because he told me that it helped him with money. I had a lot of false starts. Many demons handle money and promise treasures and more than one take on those type of animal forms. Finally, he gave me a piece of advice: Look for just one type of animal the demon appears as and forget the wealth part.

He told me to use a raven. There were two demons that appeared but when I saw the Seal for the second one, I knew I had my man. The entity in question is named Stolas. Besides astrology, he handles the understanding of “precious stones.” I figured it was time to call Gabby and tell her what I had found.

After describing the part about precious stones, she informed me that the guy made his money in a pawn shop and is very good at getting the best Jewelry. He seemed to make most of his business on that. Now I had him. She also confirmed that the young woman with curly reddish-brown hair and accent is her friend and that she hasn’t had a good night sleep because she was racked with nightmares.

“You didn’t think to tell me that part earlier? It could have made a difference.”

“Why? You got advice straight from the dead of the cemetery.”

“Gabby, the fact that it was causing nightmares could have helped me figure out how to find it and bind it faster.”

“You’ve bound it already?”

“No, I needed to let you know and get a few confirmations first. Now I am certain this is the thing bothering your friend. Question is, how are we going to deal with it?”

“Beats the shit out of me,” she said.

“Your friend needs to have her house exorcised by a Pastor.”

“It’s in her house?”

“No, but it will clean out the bad energy and help block it from returning. It isn’t actually entering her dreams, it’s going near her rest. We need to block it from her property.”

I explained to her that some churches will nail crosses on every corner of a wall. Anoint areas with holy oil and pray out loud as well as bury crosses or saint medals in the ground to prevent and block entry from something there. I also told her to get anointed once a week by her priest or pastor to bless her. Therefore, if it tries to enter her dreams through the dream world, it won’t be able to. We needed to teach her to fight.

Lots of Christians are under the mistaken belief that prayer is all they have. Prayer is the basis of what they have along with faith. Exorcisms can be used to counter negative witchcraft. Medals and crosses can act as warding charms. Anointing can block spells from even touching you.

You just need to have faith. All of these things are magic. Simply, Christians call it faith or the power of God. And all of these things are true. It is Faith.

It is the power of the God. But it can’t be limited to a single explanation. There’s too much to explain. If God or whatever you call the divine can be explained, chances are it isn’t the real thing. After giving her a crash course in spiritual warfare which I had her take notes on extensively, she called up her friend.

Repeated all the info to her and the same evening, called on the Minister of the local church. He didn’t have time to organize a Prayer Warrior meeting where they did the things described, but he gave her a plain wooden cross given to him by his mentor as a gift and told her to nail it over her bed at night. That Jesus would protect her. Later when that thing showed up it was pissed. It was barred from being near the window at all.

It couldn’t enter her dreams either. She was scared of the frustrated noises it made. Almost man like. But other than that, slept well after she played religious music on her phone. It flew away. She used the YouTube app on her phone to put the music on loop so that if it returned it would hear the same music over and over again.

It tried to return at three in the morning and she said that the power it radiated was strong enough to put pressure on her ears. But it couldn’t enter the house. The cross and the faith she put in it was too powerful. It fled again. She slept like a baby and as the days passed, it couldn’t re-enter her dreams.

The Prayer Warriors had a meeting. They didn’t like that I was advising her since they believed I was “of the devil”. But they at least agreed that yes there was a demon that had to be cast out. They camped out on her property for days and warded it up with crosses and holy oil. It appeared again and this time he was met with the leader of the Prayer group calling on Jesus to remove it.

Meanwhile, the man we all suspected of this mess, was having a very bad time. As I mentioned before, Christian exorcisms can be used as a form of counter-sorcery against a warlock. His business started to tank and fast. His health got worse. And one day he was pulled over by the Cops for driving under the influence.

I let the Christians weaken him while Roberto and I formed a plan of attack. We finally decided to do an Eclectic ritual on a Railroad at night. Railroads are also like a type of Crossroads in our religion. And this one was just far away enough from people that we could operate privately. I took a piece of jewelry I bought at a dollar store and charmed it with a spell to bind an entity to it.

After that, he began the conjuration of the entity which again, is secret. All I can say is that it uses religious songs to make a spirit appear. I started to feel nauseous. I closed my eyes and saw the poor bird screaming as this shadowy thing was leaving his body. I started to pray to Oshun the Orisha of love who also rules animals and begged her to protect the animal and shield it from pain.

I can only pray it survived. Then I saw a man in the dark somewhere outside with his car. He doubled over in pain too. The thing appeared from them both as a huge black shimmer in the dark. Like a heat vapor made out of darkness.

I did my part next. I started using a special wand for cursing, binding and commanding spirits (blasting wand). I commanded the entity inside of the jewel and to be bound as long as it was not destroyed. Over and over and over I did this while using the wand as well as a bell, a spell book, and a candle to compel it. He used the songs to force it to want to enter.

While I used coercion, he used desire. Until finally the last of the shadow slide inside and the pressure on our heads stopped. We then put everything away. We cleansed the ground and blessed it with holy water while grounding and cleansing ourselves. We went our way.

We couldn’t go to a church. All the churches here have security cameras.

“What do you want to do about the thing in the bracelet then?”

I thought about it, then it hit me.

“Can you take us to the cemetery at this location on Flagler Street?”

I showed it to him on Google Maps and he took us there. I hate jumping a wall, especially in the middle of the damn night when there are businesses and homes. We parked the car in the back of the cemetery. I apologized to Oya for not coming in the front and left her a special offering. He’s surprisingly agile for an older man.

I’m not. I am chubby. And short. And I lack coordination. But I eventually climbed up there.

Nearly busted my ass doing it as a matter of fact. I took the mini flash light out and hoped their security sucked. It did (thank the Gods). And we found the Graves I had used weeks before to get my answers. I started to pray and I asked La Virgen del Carmen (The Virgin of Mount Carmel) to intercede on our behalf with the people that were crossed over.

To ask them to speak to us. They appeared again as strange lights in the air above us. They almost looked like bioluminescent light from underwater animals, but in the shape of humans. We felt a peace and a calm and I asked them if they could bless the ground with the Virgin and bind the entity within their grave as a Prison. They said yes. He took out the gardening tool he brought and dug not too deep, but deep enough to bury the jewel.

Once there, I prayed,

“In the name of Jesus Christ by virtue of his Mother, the most Holy Virgin Mary, ever immaculate, I release you to the custody of these, your jailers. By the Holy Cross, Amen,”

Roberto spoke the Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s to finish it all. With the item buried on holy ground and guarded by three Heavenly Spirits empowered by Mary, we knew it was done. Getting out was harder for me than getting in. Roberto ended up grabbing large rocks for me to stand on and pushing me up first. Then took the rocks away and practically parkoured his way up and out.

We drove home and that very night, the raven didn’t return. After a few days, the warriors and minister believed that it was done. And I agreed. Today I found out the man in question lost everything and was arrested for unpaid parking tickets. And the young model moved away from that house to another city.

She’s decided to lay low. But she now attends church and makes sure she wards her car and her home with holy items. All this went on for weeks before my post on the consultations. Therefore, it is still very recent. The model herself gave both me and Roberto a hefty reward.

We didn’t have to split anything because she both equally gave us the same amount of money. Gabby also decided to tip us for the advice and the information. That is why I needed at least a week of rest before doing consultations again. But something is still bothering me about this. I wonder if there is an Owl out there with a third party of the entity inside of it.