“Please O Shining Ones, bring to us the cold,” Reflections of a Noumenia in Miami

My current view

Cue all the disgruntled people in the more Northern states and countries. Coming here to tell me that I’m lucky that I live in a place that has the same temperature as Dante’s inferno. But I will say something of this place, the clouds tend to be beautiful.

Doesn’t he look like a Great White to you?

I was celebrating the second day of the Noumenia here. And as I went through the litany of prayers that I have been doing today, I suddenly looked up. And I began to think. Was it thinking? No, I think I was praying again without being aware of it.

The Tuatha de Dannan often appear as mist

I was partially thinking of another group of Gods I worship, the Tuatha de Dannan. Not only the Gods and Faeries of Ireland, but one of the most ancient pre-human races that lived there once. Maybe it was because of the clouds. Both they and the Theoi and Theaia are called “the Shining Ones”. And in my mind I prayed in my own way,

“Please bring back the cool, the gentle winds with their fresh air. Please bring back the cool weather. Bring back those beautiful clouds I used to get up and see in the mornings in Miami. That fresh cold air when we did have cold here. One of the only good things I remember from my childhood.

Please bring back the morning mists. The damp dew of the early mornings. Bring back those sweet cold mornings with the frost of the old winter, which still rides the new spring air, bring back that which brings light to my life,”

I stopped, realizing I had accidentally said this in the middle of my official prayers. Or maybe it isn’t a mistake. Nothing done during ritual is ever a mistake. That’s what one of the Priests at my Hellenic temple always tells me. Maybe the ritual brought out what was in my heart.

So I went back to saying the words with an open mind.

“Let me relive the wonderful feelings of joy I had in school when I woke up on a cold morning. One of the few joys I had as a child. Let me feel alive again with these wonderful clouds and allow my soul to soar. Grant me what I ask. Please I beg of you.

Please O Shining Ones, bring to us the cold,”

The Tuatha de Dannan
My Totem Pole of the Celtic Gods, not just the Tuatha de Dannan but also other Celtic Gods

For my Druid Master Nicole and my Hellenic Priest Tim, thanks for always being sources of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

– M

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Bone Caster, Card Reader, apprentice Santero, Magician, Hellenic, Student of Druidry, and Pagan. Also, I'm a pain in the Ass

13 thoughts on ““Please O Shining Ones, bring to us the cold,” Reflections of a Noumenia in Miami”

    1. I’m glad you loved it! You can’t see it from this angle, but the witch bell with the pentagram has a small pewter Triquetra and all three bells come from it. And of course the abandoned Christmas bell I found is at the bottom. The feathers are recent. Each was blessed for days by special rituals and for the Tuatha de Dannan in general. Lately they have asked for libations of whiskey. I’m trying to buy a used cow bell next for them.


    2. And I’m glad you like the art work! I spent some time trying to find stuff that I thought complimented everyone. For the Tuatha de Dannan I didn’t want to focus on something so solid. I wanted something spiritual and ethereal like they are. That could be open to interpretation: is this a God or is this a Faerie? What is it? I treat these blogs like works I dedicate to my divine family.

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    1. Yeah though here we have adapted (at least in Miami) to having hurricane parties and getting drunk in the middle of the storm. Cubans fire up the barbecue like it’s a family get together. It’s amazing how prepared we are for a storm that big. But then a little cold weather drops in and suddenly no one is tough anymore lol.


  1. I hope you got your cooler weather 🙂

    Interesting that you worship both Hellenic Gods and the Tuatha de Danaan. I’ve read suggestions here and there of a connection between Ancient Greeks and the Tuatha de Danaan– have you read anything along those lines?

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    1. Well it basically goes this way : First the Romans merged their religion with Greek Religion. Then Greco-Roman Religion was brought to Celtic lands. And the Celts started to make Celtic versions of Greek and Roman Gods. Basically the Hellenic Gods and Romans became part of the Celtic pantheon. And we even have instances of brand new Gods that didn’t exist before the Celts and the Greco-Romans merged.

      Which raises the question of whether these new Gods are the descendants of both. Also, the Celts claimed that they were descended from Herakles who traveled to Ireland and mated with a nymph named Kaeltini. And thus they were born. So there are many instances of it. But you will especially find a link between Hellenic and Celtic Gods in France.

      Remember that “Celtic” isn’t just Irish or Scottish. It was an umbrella term for a whole bunch of civilizations that had similar Gods or practices. And sometimes worshipped the exact same Gods under different guises. The term Celtic from Greek “Keltoi” means “the hidden people”. But the Celts never called themselves Celts.

      They identified by country, nationality, or clan. So some were the Welsh, others were Irish and Scottish clans, still more you had the Gauls of France. Which they also believed that a warrior princess of the Gauls mated with Herakles as well to create the Gaulish race. So there are Celtic forms of Zeus and Apollo both in France and in the UK. For instance, Apollo was seen as a God of the Hunt by the Irish and they named him Apollo Cunomaglus (Hound Lord).

      Although some say this was a synchronization with another God. I believe at the very least that Apollon also had this title. He also had a temple in Wiltshire. The irony is that they merged even while being so different. Caesar and the Romans saw the Celts as beasts.

      And invented all sorts of ridiculous stories about them murdering people inside the Wicker Man effigy. And the Celts thought the Greeks and Romans were silly for having statues of the Gods. They believed the Gods were so mighty that you couldn’t possibly know what they looked like. So instead they used representations.

      Like me for instance, I have a Celtic totem pole with bells, feathers, and other charms. In fact in one of my posts I believe I have a picture of it. The Tuatha de Dannan love bells. Especially cow bells if you can get them. I recently got a bunch of smaller bells to tie to the totem pole.

      But I needed a bigger staff for the charms. Or sometimes they would use swords. Etc..sometimes they did have images of the Gods but it was rare.

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      1. Wow–thank you for all the info! That was much more than I expected.

        Interesting (to me anyway) fact, the Hellenes knew their representations of the Gods weren’t really accurate. According to Julian the Apostate, they only made their Gods look human so that they could better visualize them when worshipping; they didn’t really believe the Gods looked human. The way he stated it sounded like this was a long-known fact, not just something he came up with.

        Anyway, I definitely need to do a lot more reading, especially on cross-cultural influences.

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      2. Thank you, you might especially be interested in Romano British Religion or Gallo Roman Religion. In fact it’s believed King Arthur was Romano-British and lived while the Empire was in its dying years. Which is why many suspect that Myrrdin had his name Romanized as Merlinus.

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