Ritual & literal death in 2023 : Otura Niko strikes again

It looks like the long winter goes on, as death continues to reap the living. After the intense period of the Super New Moon in Aquarius, we have all been left shook. New Moons are times of the dead and bad luck. But a Super New Moon is like Mother Nature was on her period and flushed all the nasty negative shit out. And you better watch out that you don’t get swept in it too. s

As mentioned this year we are in the sign of Otura Niko, the Foreman of Death. And this year is full of death in every which way. My friend just lost his other friend to a car accident. I had to perform a ritual to cross him over last night. And there is the incident of the dead woman who was attached to a statue I had gained.

The irony is that the signs of the spirits are all saying the same thing : drop your to-do lists, relax, be present. Don’t worry about the next thing to do. It’s kind of hard to do that when you have friends and family dying off. Or when you have to constantly watch your ass to make sure the sky isn’t falling. I have a headache.

But not a normal headache. It’s more like a spiritual headache. And I need a pill that lasts the whole year.

Oya the Orisha who escorts the dead to the Cemetery

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Bone Caster, Card Reader, apprentice Santero, Magician, Hellenic, Student of Druidry, and Pagan. Also, I'm a pain in the Ass

4 thoughts on “Ritual & literal death in 2023 : Otura Niko strikes again”

  1. I am sorry for your friend’s passing.

    I can attest to what you write since I did die and was revived during my brain injury. (A wall fell on me, crushing me.) I ended with Anubis and Hekate taking me places. They decided that I needed to talk to the newly dead and counsel them to crossover.

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    1. Thank you my friend, this time it was a friend of a friend. But for the first half of the year I lost two of my neighbors. One of them was a mentor of mine. So this year has been filled with heart ache. This year is already getting from bad to worse. I wish we could skip it.

      And that’s interesting, I almost died at birth. And I have seen spirits since I was a child. Maybe that has something to do with it. I sort of just assumed I chose this line of work myself. Maybe that was naive of me.

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      1. In my experience, the Gods take advantage of our circumstances. I don’t believe that either Anubis or Hekate planned my brain injury, other than to use it. Two months before, both had appeared to me – Anubis in the form of a Seidthworker and Hekate who used my body in a Seidth ritual.

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      2. I know what you mean. I had a health crisis a few years ago that forced me to leave college. I also lost my small business. My ex left me. My life went into the shitter.

        And the condition I had was painful. I actually told the Gods,

        “If you can’t heal me, just kill me please,”

        My sister overheard me begging for death. Out of this came something else though. I started working with Incubation. I hadn’t known what it was or even what the word meant. But just as people would go into caves to sleep and be healed, I did that by being alone all of the time.

        Dreaming and working with spirits in vision. As I pulled away from friends and family, I started talking to spirits of the land. Forming relationships with them. Talking to my guides. They took a painful part of my life and transformed it into something worth while.

        I also had a spiritual crisis because I had family members that told me my gifts “come from the devil” and I began to second guess myself. And almost no one was there for me. Except the Gods, and a fellow blogger on here who is now like a brother. Owe him everything.

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