The Dead Received : St. Mark’s Eve Results 💀

Ghost in a church by Shanta4

This year I did not divine on the Eve of St. Mark. Apollo came to me in a vision clad in black and told me there was no need. They would be revealed to me in a few days. And sadly he was right. Because by the next day (St. Mark’s Day) it was revealed that my uncle’s wife has an aunt who had a massive stroke.

And she’s expected to die. Yesterday I was told by my uncle that my great uncle was also hit by a stroke. We were told he’s expected to die within a matter of hours. Despite all of that, I am not upset. Mostly because I wasn’t too close with either.

But also because after my grandfather’s death predicted by St. Mark’s Eve, I am not scared or shocked anymore. It would have to be someone really close to me. Maybe that’s callous but it also happens to be true.

From Remsphoto

The shadow of death has fallen. In conjunction with Lord Hermès entering his retrograde. And with St. Mark and St. George who I believe are riding the winds in a sort of invisible wild hunt. The energy is changing all around us.

A reaping in Spring is what I call it.

When my relatives pass I might not be able to do readings or magic. It all depends on my emotional or spiritual state. I am also going to ask my high priest what is or isn’t allowed during mourning. For the ancient Greeks, there was a 13 day morning period in which the Gods could not be worshipped. The reason for this is because we are spiritually and energetically unclean during that time.

Not because we are “unworthy” but because death is a powerful negative force. And it leaves a temporary spiritual taint even in people surrounded by death. That lasts at least that long. For the Romans it was 9 days.

Chthonic Hermes (Hermes Khthonios)

I am not sad but I do feel numb. So much death and so fast. Last year there was no one I knew who was going to die at that St. Mark’s Divination. So it’s been at least a year since I didn’t lose anyone. And lately I’ve been thinking about my pain.

And how to make it stop. I keep thinking about going to therapy again. Maybe I should. I think I need to refresh my brain. And truthfully what I really need is a vacation.

A real fucking vacation. Maybe Cuba. Go there and visit the Sierra Maestra mountains and meet the indigenous people there. Get a cleansing done. Visit the other spiritual people there.

Or Haiti. I have dreamed of Haiti since I started practicing Voodoo and Hoodoo. Since I have worshipped the Loa. And even had a strange dream about going there that had a lot of religious significance. I feel like Haiti is as much home as Cuba is.

Write my stories again. Gods know I would love that. If only I could fucking afford it. I just need a day off. A real day off.

At this point the dead have more of a vacation than I do. Hermes is their tour guide. How sad is that?

I have decided to do shadow work again. It’s been a long time since I confronted my shadow self. I need to listen to him again and see what the root of my problems are. And also apologize to him for not being the best caretaker. I care about everyone else but not me.

I think things were better when I was selfish. Then I didn’t need to care about anyone else. Just me and whatever I wanted. I look back on my earlier life. And I started thinking : I may not have accomplished much but damn it I had some fun.

More fun than I’m having now. Ever since I became Mr. Save the world I don’t have as much fun. You know there was a funny fortune cookie that once said,

“Nostalgia is realizing things weren’t quiet as bad as we thought before,”

Or something like that. I wonder if I will look at this time with nostalgia. I have a feeling of impending doom almost. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. The waiting is killing me. And what’s worse is thinking I am crazy for waiting for something bad to happen that might not happen at all.

I need a cruise….whoops, sorry Charon not that kind of cruise

Sorry for being Emo. Its annoying as hell I know. But I can feel a mass reaping coming on. Maybe it’s the war in Ukraine or maybe it’s something else. Either way now is the time to prepare and do rituals and prayers to ward it off.

If you are into apotropaic magic now is the time to do special rituals to protect yourself. I would also recommend special cleansings. Since both Saints Mark and George’s feasts passed recently I think I will appeal to them. Well that’s all for now. Take care of yourselves is all I can say.

I have to go Adult and actually treat myself good (damn it)

– M

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4 thoughts on “The Dead Received : St. Mark’s Eve Results 💀”

  1. About the 13 day period, be sure to note that in Hellenic tradition you may not be allowed to worship the Gods during that time, but that’s absolutely not the case in Celtic tradition. I’m sorry you’ve been through so much!

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  2. I know you’re not on Facebook but if you were, you would have seen my post and smiled. Someone posted a video clip of a horse on a beach. It suddenly spins and leaps into the air and takes off at full gallop.
    THAT DID IT! I’m a Wood Horse and have been incredibly stiff and very broken hearted as you know from my emails. And in one leap, I went online and calculated the driving distance to the Oregon coast. I picked a route, posted it and asked my friend in Weed, California what she thought about Klamath Falls – worth stopping to break the drive up? Nah
    And then I got GOD smacked. Wendy lives at the base of Mt. Shasta!
    I called her up. Got Google Maps to show me the southern route to Florence, Oregon and found a very affordable motel to stay at so I can visit Wendy and wake up staring at one of the world’s most famous portals.
    I even wrote my new friend, the Metal Whisperer, and asked if HE can get here and I’ll drive us to the beach because he misses the ocean (Cajun ).
    And now for the same offer. If you can get a bus ticket to travel across the country to Salt Lake City (no bus to Elko), then take the train (it’s cheap but only one a day), I’ll drive us to the beach and do what I can to heal you along the way.
    We can talk, call on the gods, have them come with us.
    I need to walk in an ocean – I can’t get to the Atlantic but I can get to the Pacific in 11 hours without stopping which is not possible.
    I can get to Mt. Shasta in 8.5 hours by driving I-80 to Reno. I could pick you up or my friend Jo Jo in Reno. Everyone goes there because it’s the airport for Lake Tahoe.
    I threw out all my photo albums. Kept one photo of my dad and 3 of myself. All but my first cousin are dead. The photos of the cruise I went on with my parents in 1964 and the other one in 1965 to Nassau were all faded. I only had one photo of the cruise to St. Thomas and Martinique with my aunt in 1971 is somewhere but it’s just us at a dining table.
    I’d kill to see the Caribbean again but I will not fly ever unless someone has a private jet and picks me up. Commercial flying sucks the soul out and i find it triggers memories of slave ships and steerage. People WILLINGLY subject themselves to that? NO. I won’t.
    But I can drive!
    The book contest deadline is June 5, 2022. I plan on taking off on June 6th.
    The price of a motel room is the same if I stay in it alone or with a travel companion. The gas is the same. I can cover the cost of an extra meal provided no one orders lobster!
    I’m going to book reservations this week and arrange pet sitters.
    I even found where I want to eat my meals.
    We’re on the same wave length just a different coast!

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    1. Haha oh Barbara, that really does sound amazing. But due to both of those relatives and some other personal issues I am not sure I can make it. I’ll email you about it.


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