The Carnutian Nemeton

Goddess of the Carnutes Tribe
Acionna is known from an inscription discovered in 1823, 35 meters deep in a well. The well-named Fontaine l’Etuvée at a place known as Clos de la Belle-Croix outside of Orleans. the inscription reads. “Sacred to the August Acionna, Capillius, son of Illiomarus, (offered) this portico with its ornaments and paid his vow willingly and deservedly.”
It supplied all the baths and swimming places with water until the 18th century. The spring of l’Etuvée was the result of the rains falling on the wooded lands, likely that the spring was lavish in ancient times.
Acionna’s name is known from two other fragments found in the Roman wall of the city of Cenabum(Orléans). and in an ancient wall situated at the corner of the streets of the Ecrevisse and of the Hôtelleries. The two fragments being significantly damaged, their reconstitution is uncertain. The first one reads:…

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