The Wolf Moon in Cancer Sunday 16th until Tuesday 18th 2022

Wolf Moon Jan 17, 2022
This image came from a Wolf Embroidery that I found here

Most sites will claim the full moon will be on Monday. And yes that is when it comes into its full power. But the moon itself will actually appear tomorrow. Also called the Severe Moon and the Hard Moon by the Dakota, due to the harsh cold. For those of us on the East Coast like Florida, it will reach its full phase at 6:48pm, while others say not until 6:51pm.

There are some who actually claim it won’t reach its fullness until Tuesday night. Which I generally agree with. I have noticed that the moon only really becomes full on the third night of when it appears on the calendar. By Wednesday it will go back to 98% and start losing steam from there. It’s also called the “cold moon,” the “old moon,” the “great spirit moon,” or the “moon after Yule,” .

It’s also a good time for charging Moon Water. A holy water blessed by the energy of the moon. It’s also a good time to draw down any blessings you want from the moon through simple rituals or prayers. According to Gemma Gary in her spell book “The Black Toad” some of the English held up their empty wallets and opened them up asking the Man on the Moon to fill it with prosperity. Though I imagine it works that way even if it isn’t empty.

This is the Zodiac and the Wolf Moon’s influences for 2022 on our signs here. In addition to this, Full Moon’s were sacred to the King of the Roman Gods, Jupiter. They were originally his Ides, until changes in how the ides of each month were done. But I go by the original way. I intend on preparing candles and drink for him.

Asking for his blessings. And boy do we need them. I don’t know about you, but this month has been turbulent as hell. Still not as shitty for me as last year though. But since January 14th we have been in a Mercury Retrograde.

So Chthonic Hermès is doing overtime.

Chthonic Hermès aiding souls to their final resting place. From Hellenistic Paganism

He enters the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. This moon, combined with the retrograde is meant to make us release all our anger and frustrations. Things we have held onto since Uranus went into retrograde last year in August. Which speaking of Lord Ouranos, his planet goes direct on January 18. So things are looking up.

All this is leading is to healing. This is a time to look within yourself. Every retrograde is about reassessment of what does or doesn’t work in your life. This is also a good time to do work and some prayers to the Great Crab spirit Karkinos (Crios) the Crab of Cancer. In one story Poseidon ascended him to the stars as a powerful spirit for protecting the sea while he battled Typhon.

In the more well known story, Hera ascended him after he tried to stop Heracles in a battle. Heracles stepped on him, thus killing him. And Hera raised him to the stars. Either way he is a powerful divine being. So asking for his guidance during this lunation is a good idea.

Finally we have the people at Paradise Lost with a look to the stars this moon. And some other links from Witches of the Craft. Details on the full moon. And the Wolf Moon Tarot spread. That’s all for now.

Take care of yourselves,

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