Dreams and Personal Prophesy

Portrait of a farm by Paul Detlefsen and two baby tree swallows

Last night, I dreamt a strange dream

That’s par the course for me though. But this dream seemed to at least have some kind of message. I dreamed I was with my family. Only I was someone else. I looked very different.

I guess I was disassociating myself in the dream. I found two baby birds at the very bottom of a palm tree. And my Dad used a strange whistle I had never heard him use before. It was a bird cry of some sort. And the mother bird at the top of the tree had replied back.

He told me to put the birds back. And I said, “Can you get the mother bird to come down for her children with one of your whistles?” And he replied, “She sees them already,” but when I looked the baby birds continued to cry at the bottom of the tree. And the mother acted as if she couldn’t see them. I asked him why that was. And he said, “You can’t help someone who won’t help themselves,”

That’s when I realized the reason I looked different is because my appearance was a sign of my depression. And the bird mother and the baby birds reminded me of those lost in their own sadness. Whether alive or dead. It was a strange dream. And my father spoke with such wisdom.

Let me clarify, my dad in real life is about as wise as a jackass jumping off a cliff. He and I do not see eye to eye. And he still acts like an 18 year old. It makes me wonder if this was someone else in my dream taking his form to speak to me. I have been battling depression for a while now.

I think one of my spirits gave me a bit of a reality check. Plus the way he spoke and his bird call makes me think he was someone else in my father’s shape.

“Dreamtime Dingo at the Crossroads,” By: Mirree

One last thought. It was cold. Winter had finally come. And while I said nothing, I knew it was the Wild Hunt. The breath of the Wild Hunt I thought.

I knew that while we were in September, they were already coming. In the dream it was normal. But I think it’s very strange. I live in Florida and have never seen ice or snow on the roads before. But I knew the Wild Hunt was on its way here.

So it looks like Winter is coming early. But the sweet little birds are still singing their tunes to guide us.

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