A Hallow’s Eve Visitation

Black Butterflies, or Brujas

Hello everyone, I thought I’d give you a heads up on an interesting experience I had this Halloween. Something fascinating. I wanted to share it with all of you. As you know, these last few months, my neighbor Mr. Molina died. But about three weeks ago, his wife Daisy also died, which is why I haven’t been on here for a while.

I was distraught but couldn’t waste time to mourn for Daisy. I knew that Hallowsmas was coming. And that it’s not a good idea for a normal spirit to be hanging around for too long. But near the autumn it’s damn near dangerous. All manner of dark spirits flying around, looking for ghosts to mess with.

So Roberto my mentor whom I mentioned here in my post (The Witch Bird) and I did the necessary rituals for Molina when he died. I called upon the God, Erebus to waken him from the sleep of death. Some ghosts remain in suspended animation within their own bodies. Sleeping in death till they wake up and separate from their corporeal bodies. For that, I invoke Erebus and call his power to wake the ghost up gently.

After that, I asked the guides of the dead to help Mr. Molina enter the lands of the dead. A good place with ancestral spirits I know who could watch over him. As time passed, I saw that Daisy was getting worse. The poor woman had two strokes and was in a vegetative state. I asked Mr. Molina to prepare to cross her over if need be.

His spirit stayed with her in the nursing facility. But despite the doctors and prayers she died. It still came as a shock to me though. I thought she would overcome this somehow. But often times the pain of losing your companion for life is unbearable.

So much so that death becomes a better alternative for some. Molina had crossed her spirit over in the instant she stopped breathing, separating her soul from her body. And he elevated her to the ancestral lands as I call them. After that, I began to see Daisy and Molina as younger versions of themselves. Molina I recognised, but not her at first.

And I now see Daisy’s spirit outside the balcony near the flowers of her daughter and grandson’s home. She is one of the most realistic looking spirits I have ever seen. Not the spectral forms I am accustomed to seeing. I almost forget that she’s dead sometimes and wave at her. But on Halloween, literally in the early evening of Hallowsmas, I got another confirmation that they were around.

In Cuba, we call this particular species of black butterfly Brujas, Spanish for witches. Sometimes they can even be confused with bats for a moment or two due to how to how leathery their wings look. They are considered omens of witchcraft and death. My mother came home from work on Hallow’s Eve. It was actually near the evening time.

I asked her to try and come home early due to the spirits that were out and about. That’s when she sees them : this beautiful pair of Brujas loitering around a spot that had a special significance for me. There was a large magical plant I had in that spot once. It was an altar to protect my front door. There were even Pagan idols and special charms inside of it.

These people from my apartment complex removed it without my consent. Stating it was too big and unkempt. But the fact that these two butterflies were loitering in that spot, a spot that low to the ground and once helped my altar had meaning for me. And it caught my mother’s attention. She said that they were waiting for her.

They seemed possessed of an almost human-like intelligence. They waited for her to notice them. Then they flew over to Molina and Daisy’s apartment and stayed on the railing. My mom freaked because she thought it was a death omen. And I also had thought that as well.

I had ended up consulting some friends of mine and one of them a psychic said,

“I believe it was those two elderly people you helped crossover. They paid you a visit on Hallow’s Eve. They’re letting you know they’re alright. And they wanted to thank you,”

When she said that, it got me teary eyed. Many of you will say,

“It’s just two insects that happened to be loitering there,”

But the dead can possess or influence animals. Especially dead witches. I once helped a lady who had a dead Wiccan in her home. He was able to use spiders as his familiars. No matter how many exterminators she brought they would still come back.

When we appeased him and crossed him over they all left in the next three days. And Butterflies are the animal of Psyche, Goddess of the Soul. Mr. Molina and Daisy both believed in Santeria. They weren’t the same kind of practitioner I was. I am deeply into the African side of things with or without the Christianity.

They were more Christian, but their home had idols even of Hindu Gods. I still haven’t done a professional divination to be sure of it or asked my masters yet. But I get the very odd, yet comforting feeling that two very loving souls came our way. They came to wish us a very happy All Hallow’s Eve.

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