Random Links for April!

You all seem to respond well to my Random links. Since the first time I posted them. So here, I have some more for you. This includes the Astrology for the New Moon in Aries ♈ of Thursday-Friday this week.

In the spirit of randomness, my Grandmother’s Christmas nightlight as today’s image

Paradise Found (Monthly Newsletter) they always have some amazingly uplifting information :


The New Moon in Aries :


The Proberbs of IFA : It is the Ant who digs patiently

Who maintains the Ancestral Altar? (This one is in Spanish)

How Egyptians celebrate Spring : The Deadly Fish

Bodiam Castle

Women Archeologists, who discovered great things and were still ignored

Unsolved Mysteries

Thomas Pursell, and the Escape Burial Hatch : How this retired Pennsylvania Firefighter created a secret way out if he or his family were buried alive

Egyptian Egg Ovens :

How New York City Dumps old Subway Cars into the bottom of the Ocean as an artificial reef (More polluting)


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