Mercury Retrograde, New Moon in Pisces, & IFA Calendar

Yes, you read that right. As if the begining of this year wasnt Cthonic enough (holidays of the dead all over February) now Hermes (Mercury) enters his Reaper aspect of Terrestrial Hermes in retrograde. He does this on the 5th of March. The day before the New Moon which is also for the dark spirits of the dead. It seems that no matter what, the dark forces of winter are dying hard. 

On the Retrograde, it only lasts until March 28th :

My grandfather died last month. Which is why I have been gone for so long. And the reaping seems to continue till now. The New Moon is in 15° Pisces. You can read about it’s effects here :

According to Jamie Kohl of Pandora Astrology :

Best Day For Relationship Healing (Venus sextile Chiron)

 March 2nd Best Day For Creative and Spiritual Inspiration (Sun Conjunct Neptune)

 March 6th Best Day For Acting on Your Intuition (Mars sextile Neptune) March 10th

So this is what’s happening now. Also, here is the IFA Calender for this Month here :

I believe that takes care of all things magical and Astrological for now. Talk to all of you later.

– M


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