Imbolc and Ascent of Kore Tommorow Saturday Feb 2nd, Feast of Oya, Candlemas and Nut’s Birthday

Pretty much everything in the title describes what is happening Saturday. And I haven’t even finished mentioning the other holidays. And it’s Shani Pradosha in the Hindu Calender for Shiva. Which means we have a massive holiday and feast this Saturday. The Sky Goddess Nwt (Nut) of Ancient Egypt is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

Briganti (Brighid) the Goddess of Fire, Poetry, Healing, and so much more is being celebrated on Imbolc. This is the second year that the Astronomical feast of Imbolc falls on the same day as Candlemas. Originally, Feb 2nd was turned into Candlemas because that was the day Imbolc was celebrated that one year. But the Catholics either didn’t realize or didn’t care, that some Pagan holidays change with the seasons. So they kept celebrating the Christian version of Imbolc on the same day.

While the actual day kept changing days every year. Whenever Imbolc and Candlemas coincide, I notice an alignment of energy between the Christian and Pagan faiths. All that faith concentrated on one day. Imbolc begins at Sunset tomorrow and ends Sunset on Sunday. If the weather is bad, that means the Winter will end soon and Spring will come faster.

If the weather is good and sunny, we’re in for a long Winter. For nature’s sake I hope that Persephone can leave with Hekate early from the Underworld so that she can become Kore the Maidan Goddess of Spring again. The polar vortex has already killed too many people. And the animals are afraid. They need the seasons to become normal again.

Sadly, for that to happen we need politicians to stop denying Global Warming. We need real action. Yemaya also has one celebration tomorrow (dates vary). And it’s Inventor’s Day and National Hedgehog Day in the US! Yay! No matter what feast you choose to celebrate, make sure you do offerings for spring to hurry the Hell up and get here already. I will be performing a special forecast on events for you tomorrow. Doing all the proper Divinations and services and letting you know what turns up.

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