Christmas in January

Many don’t realize that Yuletide at least for some of us, doesn’t end on the 25th of December. Sometimes it carries on to the New Year. For example, we have Orthodox Christmas and Orthodox New Year. We have several Winter Holidays still in January. And technically it doesn’t really end till Spring. 

For me, it’s a special time because I get to commune with my ancestors. I enjoy seeing Christmas lights still up in January evenings, much like the one in this picture. This is the mail room for my complex. I still revere the Winter Gods, Saints, and the Dub Sidhe (dark fae) who rule the Winter. And the Cailleach Buer (blue crone) one of the Deities of Winter still provides us wisdom and a chance to reap all dark energies.

 This is also the time of the Three Kings, the Pagan Magi who visited a young Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph). Cubans in Miami and elsewhere have parades dedicated to them. I personally added them and La Befana their Witch friend from the Roman Empire. As well as the Fourth Magus King, Artaban. Here is a small bio dedicated to this great Pagan Saint,

Christians mostly try to claim they all converted to Christianity. And while some say the Magi were most likely Zoroaustrian, others claimed they still held on to their sacred ancestral teachings. Either way, they were Magicians. Which puts Christians in an akward position. The point is, January is a month of mysticism and miracles.

One need only be patient enough to see these things happen. Are you enjoying a January Christmas? If not, you should. And while you’re at it you should enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Do something at home to relax. Or make an everyday vacation after work. 

Something to relax you. That’s what I’m doing. Or if not, enjoy a little adventure in your time. There must be something you have always wanted to do. Also, enjoy this wonderful post from an English blogger :

January – A Month Out of Time

– M


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