Astrology, Reaping, Seeding, and Heavy Acitvity this week

As a magician, I like to study from different sources. All Magi originally were Astrologers. But I confess that I am unable to tell from the stars and seasons by myself. What I can do though, is play to my strengths. Namely I can see patterns in various forms of information.

My favorite Astrologer Ben Collins has entered semi retirement this month. He’s only taking private clients now. But there are other sources that I draw from. And I noticed one or two very interesting things. For one thing, Thursday of this week has a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse on the same day.


And apart from it being a day of wealth and prosperity*, it’s also joined to two other holidays as well. It is Yom Kippur Katan, a minor day of atonement in Judaism. One can clean away negative karma through a sin offering (1). New Moons are particularly conducive to cleaning up karma and destroying negative energy. Solar eclipses magnify this even more.

Add to that, the fact that it’s happening on Thor’s Day, and you have a cocktail of energy working on your behalf for a deep cleanse. But hold on, we have more. The IFA Calendar for this week gives us something else. This Thursday is ruled by Sango and Oya. Sango is the Yoruba Orisha (Deity) of magic, masculine sexuality, fire, thunder and lightning, and sorcery of all kinds.

He carries a double bladed axe and dresses in red. In life, he was the fourth Alafin of the Oyo empire of the Yoruba people. His human name was Jakuta. He died in battle and rose as a God after his death. Though many like myself, believe the Orishas reincarnated as humans to live for a time on Earth.

Death causing the Gods to regain their powers once more. His Wife, Oya also lived a human existence. So both are not only Gods, but historical figures (much like Jesus himself). Oya is the Orisha of storms, the market Place (2), wind, and the door of the cemetery (3) to name just a few things she represents. So imagine a God who used to be an Emperor in life, and his wife embodies wealth.

Then, both of them are warriors. Oya even rides into battle alongside her husband to destroy their enemies. So the reaping (4) is also accompanied by prosperity. In some forms of Wicca and in Astrology, New Moons are used to make wishes or sow seeds of intent. I had a spell in my book of shadows somewhere that mentions burning a candle for 13 days to get wishes.

I think I’ll have to bust it out for this week.

Even for Thursdays, a lot of luck will be concentrated here. But everything seems to align here. Even the IFA calendar; which is not set in stone but is carefully created by IFA Priests with Divination is aligning with it. This is synchronicity at it’s best. On Solar Eclipses amulets and other powerful charms are cleansed and recharged.

New moons can do it too but not as good as the eclipse can. The combined energy with so many powerful Gods and the ancestors makes this an interesting event. All this has just been one day. The next day is a Friday the 13th. In Cuba and in a few other countries, friday the 13th and tuesday the 13th are Days of mystical power.

Italians believe in Friday the 17th being the bad Friday. The older generation of Santeros I’ve met use this day for magic. Especially charging of resguardos (Spanish “safe guards”) or our version of Wards. Others use it for good luck and still more draw on the negtive side of the magic for hexing their enemies. Or breaking hexes as the day can do both.

Or even the banishing or summoning of dark spirits. Given what is happening the day before, I think I know what I should be focusing on. To add even more power to it, it is the birthday of Dr. John Dee. John Dee was a Magus of great repute during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He as well as his colleague, Edward Kelly, were pioneers in the field of Sorcery.

Their magic earned them an endless chorus of financial backers for years.
Until Kelly grew greedy and split from Dee thinking he could use the powers they had learned to make money. This led to his death. You see Dee was more interested in enlightenment and the betterment of humanity. Kelly just wanted money.

But as powerful as they were separately, together they had amassed a level of occult power that few magi before them had ever gained. The magi had learned how to communicate with Angels and Archangels in Heaven. Kelly was the Angelmancer. It was his ability to speak with them that allowed Dee to take such great strides in his magical experiments. They learned the language of the Angels and their various secrets and powers.

This system of magic was later called Enochian Magic after the Prophet Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, the prophet had gained such divine favor with GOD that he ascended into the skies. He became the Archangel Metatron. This Archangel coincidentally also rules Thursday. Metatron is considered almost equal in rank to Michael.

It was Metatron, Uriel, and a few other Archs who revealed their secrets to the pair of Magicians. So, John Dee on a Friday 13th? Let’s see what would a good Santero (or let’s face it, witch in general) do? Hmm. Sounds like a Spiritualist session is in order. I know what I will be doing these next few days. Now, the power of a New or Full Moon is felt for three days. The day before the actual day, the day of the Moon, and the day after it.

So today (Wednesday) we should already be feeling the power. And Jupiter went direct yesterday I forgot to mention that. I think I will stop here, because there are a few other days to look at but I have already written about these two days to fill a whole post. What I will do though is finish off with my new Astrologer’s link here :

This is Jamie Kahl, her forecast for the Month of July. Check out her website Pandora Astrology. I love her work as much as I loved Ben’s!

Also forgot to mention that this New Moon is in Cancer. Here is another website I like to use for Astrology :

What Life takes away, it also replaces.

So if you’re a practitioner like myself, you’ll be busy for a while. Have a great day everybody.

– M


* Thursday, literally, Thor’s Day, Color of this day is purple. It is a day normally used for Prosperity magic. Especially finances.

(1) The offering need not be an animal sacrifice. Modern Jews sacrifice other things like candles. You offer up a candle or incense to Yahweh and say “This is sacrifice, this is my payment,” and then light it as a modern version of a Burnt Offering. As Yahweh takes away the Sins and bad energy, his holy energy fills the void. But the day before (in this case Wednesday) Fasting is needed before hand.

(2) Oya embodies business. She literally lives in the Market Place.

(3) Oya does not live in the cemetery contrary to popular belief. She is a Psychopomp, leading the dead to their place of rest.

(4) Reaping is when a person’s old life dies away to make room for the new.


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